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Formed: 1995
From: Boston, MA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Ravage news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Ravage Posts New Song, "Shredder" Online

Boston thrashers Ravage have posted a new song, "The Shredder," on the band’s MySpace page. the song comes off their latest release, "The Freedom Fighter EP."

The "Freedom Fighter EP" track listing is as follows:

1. Freedom Fighter
2. Damn Nation
3. The Shredder
4. Grapes Of Wrath
5. Captive Of Sin
6. Be Quick Or Be Dead (IRON MAIDEN cover)

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Forbidden and Sebastian Bach Drop off TMT Festival

Upstate New York's TMT festival has been temporarily postponed. The organizors have issued the following update:

"Due to an unagreeable situation that has arisen with the venue, we are forced to postpone - TEMPORARILY this event. We are currently spending every waking moment searching for a replacement venue that will satisfy both our needs and please all of the bands and fans. The lack of basic cooperation on the part of the venue is what has prompted this decision. We tried in vain to make every effort necessary, but in the end - they failed us."

"There will be two lineup changes - Forbidden had a problem between management and booking, they decided to play another gig that weekend. Metal Mike contacted us when Sebastian Bach decided to go on tour, this tour conflicted with the concert date. We wish both bands good luck in their endeavors."

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Ravage Posts New Song, "Freedom Fighter," Online

Boston thrashers, Ravage, post the song "Freedom Fighter" on their MySpace page. "Freedom Fighter" is the title track of the new Ravage EP and will be featured on the band's forthcoming album entitled "The End Of Tommorow," which is due out in late 2008.

The EP release date has been delayed and the current official release is set for June 5th.

The "Freedom Fighter" EP track listing is as follows:

1. Freedom Fighter
2. Damn Nation
3. The Shredder
4. Grapes Of Wrath
5. Captive Of Sin
6. Be Quick Or Be Dead (IRON MAIDEN cover)

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Ravage Release New EP Tracklisting

Boston thrash metal band, Ravage, issues the ofllowing update on their MySpace page:

"Greetings all,"

"It's been a while since you've heard from us, but there are some big changes afoot."

The new Ravage album will no longer be called 'Damn Nation'. The new title is 'The End Of Tomorrow'. The song 'Damn Nation' will still appear on the album."

"We will be recording 2 more songs for the album and it will be released in late 2008." More...

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Ravage Post Iron Maiden Cover Online

Boston, Massachusetts metallers, Ravage, post the following update on their Myspace page:

"Greetings all,"

"The 'Damn Nation' album’s mastering is finally all done. It seems like it’s taken forever and a day...but that day has passed and it’s almost time to rock!"

"We’ve posted a cover of the Iron Maiden song 'Be Quick Or Be Dead,' which we recorded during the 'Damn Nation' sessions. We will not be including this song on the CD, so we thought we’d throw it out there for now. Original songs will be posted when there is a label announcement and release date...along with more videos and blah blah. It won’t be long now."

"- Al"

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Ravage Post Video of Judas Prist Cover Online

Boston, Massachusetts power metallers, Ravage, issue the following update on their Myspace page:

"RAVAGE VIDEO NOW ON YOUTUBE... ALSO Pictures from last night Thanks to all the great bands that played last night... though the sound was not the best, the fury was there and the show was a lot of fun."

"Pictures are up courtesy of the Reverend and ReturnToThePit.com"

"You can view them here"

"ALSO, the video for our cover of Judas Priest's "Nightcrawler" (directed by legendary film maker Johnny "Kubrick Brasscomb" Koziol) is now online... this is not the exact audio that will be on the CD (we are using a different mix of the song) but check out the video clip here" More...

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New Ravage Album "95% Done"

RAVAGE vocalist Al Ravage has posted this message on the band's MySpace page:

"Greetings all,

Things are going well with the recording of the 'Damn Nation' album. The album is we started it is now 95% done...we need only record the vocals for 'Damn Nation', 'Freedom Fighter' and 'Reign Fall'...but...the album isn't going to quite be finished the way we started it. We actually decided to add two more songs...plus the cover song we are doing....so there are a few more tracks to record. The goal is to complete all the recording by the end of August...so we'll be busy.

Speaking of the end of August...we have a great show coming up at The Goodtimes Emporium in Sommerville, MA with Metal legends MELIAH RAGE and MASS...August 24...mark your calendars.

New RAVAGE t-shirts have been ordered and will be available by the show, if not sooner. We'll also have RAVAGE shot glasses and mugs coming soon as well, so you can drink RAVAGE jello shots and drink George Bellofattos.

So at this point we are not far away from posting some teaser sound clips...because some of the songs are already ready to be mixed. There will be a lot coming in the near future...a new website...new audio obviously...videos for the new album...videos from our trip to Germany...lots of goodies, and once this album is done we'll be going right into writing for the next CD and hopefully touring or playing some festivals next summer. So stayed tuned!

Your fiend in Metal,


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Ravage Vocalist Talks About New Album

RAVAGE vocalist Al Ravage has posted this message on the band's MySpace page:

"Hello all,

So, I've been a bit lazy with the journal... mostly due to my not having a computer at this point, so this entry will include the goings since the last entry... which has included multiple sessions.

At this point we have all the drum issues squared away and the drums are sounding quite awesome. Definitely the best quality drums of any RAVAGE recording at any point... by far. The drums are even better sounding than the 'Curse Of Heaven' drums... which were a drum machine... so that takes care of a big headache for the band... our never being able to get a decent drum sound.

The vokills: So far the main vocals are done for 'Shattered Dreams', 'The Nightmare's Hold', 'Captive Of Sin', 'Rite Of The Night' and the cover of 'Be Quick or Be Dead' (IRON MAIDEN). There have been vocal harmonies galore and layer upon layer of vocals. I don't know how much will show up on the final mix, but this is by far the most singing I've ever done on a recording, so I've been busy. This album will probably have a very 'studio' sound and be somewhat polished, but I think the songs are high energy enough to ensure it won't be sterile sounding... it is us, after all... it will never sound too polished.

Some interesting crap from the studio... I had 'original Coors' for the first time the last time I was over there. Pete had a mini-fridge full of the stuff… and surprisingly it wasn't too bad. It goes down smooth like a rocky mountain stream... or a slightly thicker, grittier stream than that from which Coors light flows. It also comes in a hilarious yellow can which advertises it's 'extremely wide mouth' all over it, and tries to suggest that the beverage inside becomes more flavorful when imbued through this enlarged hole. Hilarious stuff.

As I was taking a little break in the middle of recording some harmonies in 'Captive', Brian Fair from SHADOWS FALL walked in to shoot a little shit with Pete. He apparently was packing up his stuff to go out on the Sounds Of The Underground tour and just had to tell everyone about this great bong hit he just had. Funny stuff.

So far the best sounding songs are 'Captive' and the cover of 'Be Quick Or Be Dead' (the later of which probably won't make the album). But we haven't finished up some parts and we haven't tackled 'the big hits' yet... like 'Damn Nation', 'Freedom Fighter' and 'Shackles'... the next couple of weeks should be fun.

In other news... we have some more shows booked... details TBA... and... my Pet Demon and Tony the Metal Duke are moving into our practice space... let the madness... begin!

Happy birthday to drunken Jace Alfonso"

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Ravage Issue Recording Update

Boston, Massachusetts based thrashers, Ravage, have issued an update on their Myspace page regarding the progress of their upcoming album as well as their situation with their bassist:

"Greetings all,"

"There have been a number of things going on behind the screams in the world of Ravage, so this should fill y'all in satisfactorilly."

"RECORDING - Recording of the vocals has begun! The other night Eli and I trekked out to Fitchburg to begin the vocal tracks at Damage Studios with Pete Rutcho. Things went fairly well. We have "Rite Of The Night" pretty much in the bag, and did a little bit of tracking for "Freedom Fighter". Things are sounding pretty kick axe at this point, and I hope to have things wrapped up by mid-summer." More...

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Ravage Part Ways With Bassist

RAVAGE have issued the following announcement:

"Bassist Howie Snow has decided to leave the Boston MA based heavy metal band known as Ravage. The split was amicable, and based on 'musical differences'. The band wishes Howie the best of luck with his future musical projects.

Ravage will continue on with a fill-in bassplayer until a suitable replacement can be found and the band will be holding auditions soon. Interested parties should contact ravaged@rocketmail.com. Ravage will still be appearing in support of METAL CHURCH and MELIAH RAGE at Mark's Showplace in Bedford NH on January 27th. Tickets for the event are still available by contacting ravaged@rocketmail.com.

Ravage's new CD entitiled Damn Nation will be released later this year."

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Ravage To Support Metal Church, Work On New Album

Ravage, the heavy metal band from Boston MA, has been added to the bill in support of 80's classic metal icons METAL CHURCH and MELIAH RAGE at their appearance on January 27th at Mark's Showplace in Bedford NH. Advance tickets can be purchased by contacting ravaged@rocketmail.com

Ravage is currently at work on the band's second album "Damn Nation" - slated for release some time in early 2007. The band's "Spectral Rider" album was released through Karthago Records in October of 2005.

You can hear some of their previous material on their MySpace page.

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Ravage Make International Debut This Weekend

RAVAGE, the melodic heavy metal band from Boston, will make its international debut this Saturday, September 16 at Germany's Swordbrothers Festival in Adernach. The band will showcase a nearly hour-long set of their brand of blistering American-style melodic metal and will appear alongside the likes of veteran metalers ATTACKER and DEADLY BLESSING, among others.

RAVAGE's "Spectral Rider" album was released in 2005 on Karthago Records and the band's new album, "Damn Nation", is currently in production.

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Ravage Begin Recording Second Album, "Damn Nation"

Boston, MA-based metallers RAVAGE have begun recording their second album, tentatively entitled "Damn Nation". The follow-up to "Spectral Rider" (2005, Karthago Records) will be produced by Peter Rutcho (VOMITRON, GRAVEHEART, BLISTERED EARTH, RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE) and will feature "at least 10 tracks of the scortching brand of high-energy melodic metal the band is known for," according to a press release. Cover art will be provided by Matt Andersen, who completed the cover for the band's successful "Curse Of Heaven" demo in 2003. The band has already completed the tracking of the drums and hopes to have the album completed by mid-summer.

"Damn Nation" tentative track listing:

01. Into the Shackles
02. Captive Of Sin
03. Damn Nation
04. Freedom Fighter
05. Rite Of The Night
06. The Nightmare's Hold
07. In Shattered Dreams
08. The End Of Tommorow
09. Reign Fall
10. On Through The Madness

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Ravage to Begin Recording 2nd CD

Boston heavy metal band, Ravage, post the following update on their myspace blog regarding their upcomming album:

Ravage will begin recording the band's second CD on April 30th 2006. The band will be working with producer Pete Rutcho (guitarist of Graveheart and Vomitron) who most recently produced the Random Acts Of Violence EP.

The CD will be a concept album, tentatively titled "The Realm Of Shattered Dreams"...the tentative tracklisting is as follows...

1. Into The Shackles
2. Captive Of Sin
3. Damn Nation
4. Freedom Fighter
5. Rite Of The Night
6. Out of The Depths (Instrumental)
7. Master Of Evil
8. The Nightmare's Hold
9. In Shattered Dreams
10. The End Of Tommorow
11. The Mourning Light (Intrumental)

Some of the songs which will be recorded have appeared on early Ravage demos such as the "Out of The Depths" demo and "The Wicked Way" demo, but all the songs have been reworked and these will be brand new recordings.

The Ravage website, www.RavageTheEarth.com or www.665.org/ravage is being revamped and the new site will be available soon. For now look to www.myspace.com/swwr for updates and the latest Ravage news. Ravage will be playing the Swordbrothers Festival in Germany in September, but have no local shows booked at this time. Look for local shows in and aroudn New England to be booked in the near future.

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Ravage - CD Release Party, Live Recording Schedule

RAVAGE, the power metal band from Boston MA will play a special show on Friday, January 6th, 2006 to mark the North American release of the band’s Spectral Rider album (now available through Karthago Records). The show will take place at the fabled Middle East Club in Cambridge MA at 8pm and will feature all-female hard rock act JADED as well as local rockers OFFSET, OFFICIAL and more possibly TBA. Ravage’s set will be recorded to be included on a future live album or EP. More details will be available at www.myspace.com/swwr and tickets can be purchased at the Middle East Box office, online at www.ticketmaster.com or by calling (617) 864-EAST ext 221.

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Ravage Sign Record Deal / New MP3 Posted

Boston Massachusetts heavy metal act Ravage has signed a deal with Germany’s Karthago Records to release the band’s debut album ‘Spectral Rider’. The album will be released worldwide on October 4th 2005 with distribution by Twilight Distribution. http://www.twilight-vertrieb.com The album is the follow up to the band’s 2003 demo ‘Curse Of Heaven’ and features a unique mix of classic metal, power metal and thrash.

The final track listing for the CD is as follows.

1. Turn The Screw
2. Spectral Rider
3. The Wicked Way
4. The Masque Of Black Death
5. Ravage Part 1: Damage
6. Wyvern
7. Incantation Of The Necromancer
8. Wake The Dead
9. The Wasteland
10. Bring Down The Hellhammer
11. The King Forgotten
12. Curse Of Heaven (bonus track)

An mp3 of one of the album’s heaviest songs ‘Ravage Part 1: Damage’ has been posted at Ravage’s myspace site www.myspace.com/swwr

The cover art will be revealed at a later date. A presale will begin in late August. More details will follow soon.

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Ravage Complete Work On 'Spectral Rider'

Boston, MA-based metallers Ravage have completed the mixing of their debut full-length album, "Spectral Rider", and the mastering process will commence shortly.

Ravage singer Alec "Al Ravage" Firicano described the album as a mixture of "Painkiller"-era Judas Priest, "Number of the Beast"-era Iron Maiden, '80s DIO and '80s Metallica. "It's an eclectic yet traditional mix," he said.

"Spectral Rider" track listing:

01. Turn the Screw
02. Spectral Rider
03. The Wicked Way
04. The Masque of Black Death
05. Incantation of the Necromancer
06. Wake the Dead
07. Ravage Part 1: Damage
08. Wyvern
09. The Wasteland
10. Bring Down the Hellhammer
11. The King Forgotten
12. Curse of Heaven (Bonus Track)

The album will be released in late August 2005. A label announcement, sound clips, cover art, and specific release dates are forthcoming.

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