"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1995
From: Boston, MA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Ravage News

Below is our complete Ravage news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Ravage Announces More US Tour Date Cancellations

Boston thrash metal band Ravage has issued the following update regarding the cancellation of two tour dates:

"Unfortunately the venue has had to cancel our show on Sept 24th at The Rock Star sports bar in Fort Worth Texas - so that show is not happening. If anyone wants to book Ravage in the Forth Worth area on Sept 23rd or 24th, send me a message or email swwrproductions@gmail.com" More...

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Ravage Reschedules Chicago Tour Date

Boston heavy metal band Ravage has issued the following update regarding how their recent cancellations has effected their tour schedule:

"The Chicago area show at Doug's Rockhouse in Aurora IL has been rescheduled due to the cancellation of the Canadian tour - it will now take place on October 27th"

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Ravage Explains Canadian Tour Date Cancellations

Boston metal band Ravage has issued the following message regarding the cancellation of their Montreal show on August 23rd:

"Ravage regretfully had to cancel last night's appearance in Montreal due to our not being able to obtain a work visa in time - we will still be making an appearance at The Reverb in Toronto, but all other Canadian appearances will have to be canceled. The Montreal show will be rescheduled for later in the year when we can obtain the proper documentation. All of the previouly scheduled shows will still happen but Ravage will not be appearing. We appologize to the fans in all these areas and hope to make it there soon."

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Ravage Announces Tour Date Cancellations

Singer Al Firicano, of the thrash metal band, Ravage, has issued the following update regarding some tour date cancellations:

"Ravage has unfortunately been forced to cancel appearances at The KC Power Fest and the August 18th show at Volume 11 in Raleigh, NC (this show will still be taking place, but without Ravage). Due to issues with the Ravage mobile, we've been forced to wait for repairs to take place in Missouri, so we will be delayed significantly and will have to pick up the tour in Allentown PA on August 20th - that will be the next show. We'd like to sincerely apologize to the fans and promoters for this and we hope to add a Kansas City show and a Raleigh NC show back to the tour before it is all over. Details will be announced when available." More...

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Tales From The Pit: Ravage Stops Moshing Kegs

We've been talking to bands around the world to get their best pit stories. This week's comes from Al, vocalist for Metal Blade band Ravage.

"Ravage was playing a thrash/ speed metal fest recently featuring Bonded By Blood, and some other touring and local bands at a place we call 'The Metal Hall' just outside of Boston - which was basically a glorified kegger party in a room with a stage. It ended up raining a lot before the show went on - and outside the hall is an unpaved road and industrial yard, so the crowd tracked a lot of mud onto the floor when they came in and the floor of the place became a slippery, muddy mess. When the bands went on, the pit became insane and people were sliding around like crazy, so it was a wonder no one got seriously hurt. The walls were padded with a lot of sound foam, so that probably helped.

"Toward the end of the show I was standing in the very back and filming the bands on a hand-held camera. All the kegs had been drained and a lot of people were completely blasted. I was standing next to the empty kegs and one particularly sloshed guy came up to me and slurred, "We need to inject a little CHAOS into this party!" He proceeded to pick one of the empty beer kegs up over his head and he tried to bring it down directly on the head of some little guy standing next to me. When I realized what he was doing, I grabbed his arm and was able to stop him from completely crushing the guy's skull (the shocked little guy escaped with just a glancing blow). I grabbed the keg from the crazy guy, put it down and pushed him back into the ongoing circle pit, where I thought he at least wouldn't be able to murder anyone. A few minutes pass and I'm still filming, not totally paying attention to the crowd, and from out of nowhere the same crazy guy comes back, grabs an empty keg from behind me and bowls it into the circle pit where it took down at least two unsuspecting moshers who fell backward onto the slippery floor and were covered in mud and beer. That was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen someone do in a pit."

Stay tuned for next week when we'll read about knocking out AFI vocalist Davey Havoc.

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Ravage Announces North American Tour Dates

Metal Blade Records artists, Ravage, from Boston, MA, has announced an extensive North American Tour in support of their forthcoming full-length CD, "The End Of Tomorrow," which due out on August 18th.

The tour will be in essence, a collection of mini-tours featuring the best regional and local support acts appearing on short strings of dates. In the North East, Ravage will be joined by Las Vegas power metallers, SEVENTH CALLING, for a series of shows. Some tour dates will also include Heaven and Hell Record's East Coasters HELLRAZOR. Southern dates will include appearances by A LOWER DEEP, and in the Northwest, Ravage will be joined by SKELATOR for some dates. In addition, Ravage will make a special guest appearance at the Seattle tour date of STRATOVARIUS and will kick off the tour at the Mexico Metalfest in Mexico, Maine with PSYCHOSTICK. Further festival appearances will include The KC Power Fest in Kansas City with MANILLA ROAD, The Binghampton NY Metalfest with THE RODS and CAGE, The Iron and Steel Festival in New Jersey with ROSS THE BOSS (ex-MANOWAR) and FAITH FACTOR (ex-DEADLY BLESSING) and The Pathfinder Metalfest in Atlanta with HALLOW'S EVE. More...

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Ravage Announces Tour Date Cancellations

Boston metal band, Ravage, has issued the following update regarding some show cancellations on their upcoming North American tour:

"Unfortunately due to visa/scheduling issues, Ravage has had to cancel a couple of shows."

"Ravage will not be making it out to Winnipeg this year and will not be playing in Brandon MB or Fargo ND as a result of this." More...

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Ravage Posts First Single Online

Boston heavy metal band, Ravage, has posted the first single from their upcoming album, "The End Of Tomorrow," on their MySpace page. The album will be released on August 18th via Metal Blade Records. The single, "Grapes Of Wrath," first appeared on the band's last EP. The posted version is taken from the final master of the song featured on the album version. Ravage will be releasing a music video for this song as well.

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Ravage Reveals New Album Details

Boston Massachusetts metalers RAVAGE are ready to unleash their Metal Blade Records debut, "The End of Tomorrow" on August 18th. Artwork was handled by the famed artist Ed Repka who is known best for his Megadeth covers as well as cover art for Death, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, and Austrian Death Machine. "The End of Tomorrow" seamlessly intertwines the sounds of New Wave of British Heavy Metal, late 80's American Thrash Metal and late 90's European power metal to showcase the band's signature style. The album is sure to be enjoyed by metal maniacs young and old as it blends the soaring vocal and guitar melodies of Iron Maiden and Helloween with the raw power of thrashers like Testament and Kreator, presented in a crisply modern production-style courtesy of producer Peter Rutcho. More...

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Lineup Announced For Pathfinder Metal Fest

The Pathfinder Metal Fest is set to take place from October 23-24 in Marietta, Georgia. The currently announced lineup will be as follows:

Friday, October 23:

Saturday, October 24:

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Ravage To Play With Stratovarious

Boston thrashers, Ravage, have issued the following update regarding the details of their upcoming North American tour:

"So the tour schedule seems to be coming together slowly but... maybe surely. We've got a lot of good potential shows put together including a possible gig with the legendary Vicious Rumors, and confirmed shows with ROSS THE BOSS (Guitarist of Manowar and The Dictators) and STRATOVARIUS. We seem to be having an easier time putting together shows on the west coast for some reason - so if you have some contacts in the East and south, particularly florida and the carolina's - and Canada - let me know. I've had a devil of a time getting any Canadian gigs so far." More...

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Ravage Begins Booking North American Tour

Boston thrashers, Ravage, have issued the following update regarding their upcoming tour:

"Metal Blade Recording artists Ravage have begun planning an extensive North American tour for late-summer/ fall 2009 to bring their new album of trad heavy power thrash metal to the masses. A few dates have already been confirmed but we aren't ready to announce anything yet." More...

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New Bands Confirmed For Mexico Metalfest 2009

The Mexico Metalfest 2009 will take place on August 2nd in Mexico, Maine. The currently confirmed line up includes Ravage, Ripfence, Psychostick, In the Kingdom of Nightmares, Lost Conscience, Absence of the Sun, and Hatred Alive.

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Ravage Announces Free NYC Show

Boston thrashers, Ravage, will be performing a special free show in New York City at The Lit Lounge on Monday May 4th.

The band has also provided the following information about the show:

"This special event will feature the new singer of Anthrax Dan Nelson as a metal DJ, sets by Ravage, Hull and Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, a giveaway of a guitar signed by Toxic Holocaust and more! Get there early because RAVAGE PLAYS AT 8:30 PM SHARP!"

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Ravage Signs To Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records has announced that they have signed up Boston based group Ravage to their label. Speaking about the signing, vocalist Al Ravage said:

"Everyone in the band is thrilled to have the opportunity to have our music released by a record company that is not only one of the greatest heavy metal record labels ever, but also a label that is currently home to many of our favorite bands (such as Lizzy Borden, Cannibal Corpse, King Diamond etc). Metal Blade has released some of the classic metal albums of all time and Ravage welcomes the opportunity to make our own mark on the scene. Only Brian and Metal Blade had the guts to put this deal together with a band that has never bowed to trends or used gimmickry to fit in, a band that has always forged ahead toward fresh musical ground in the face of those who wanted us to become some sort of goofy retro-act or clone of whatever was hip. So on behalf of the band, I’d like to thank all the fans in the local scene, national scene and abroad who have stuck by us thus far, the promoters who’ve dared book us, the small labels who dared release our early work, those in the press who dared stand up to the feeble-minded trendmakers, the [few] DJ’s who’ve played us, and all the great bands we’ve played with. This is just another step on a long road as we continue our mission to put out some quality, no-bullshit, heavy metal music that real metalheads can be proud of. Keep headbangin’ with us and RAVAGE IN PEACE!!!"

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Ravage Films "Grapes Of Wrath" Music Video

Boston thrashers, Ravage, have issued the following update regarding the filming of their upcoming music video, "Grapes Of Wrath:"

"Tonight we filmed the performance footage for a new music video we are doing for the song 'Grapes Of Wrath' from the forth-coming full-length. We are working with famed filmmaker John 'Johnny Kubrick' Koziol, who is one of the minds behind the forthcoming action comedy film 'Lawson: White Heat' which should be out later this year, and he also has worked on an Agnostic Front video and our 'Nightcrawler' video - which also should be fixed up and rereleased when the full-length comes out. The video features both a story-line as well as performance footage so it should be pretty cool when it's all said n' done. " More...

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Ravage Recruits Ed Repka For New Album Cover Art

Massachusetts thrash band Ravage has issued the following statement:

"Today I'd like to announce that we have secured the services of the legendary Ed Repka (MEGADETH, THE MISFITS, DEATH, SANCTUARY etc) to complete the cover art for the new full-length album. It's amazing to be working with Ed, whose art I have enjoyed since I was a little kid. Just from the preliminary sketches I can tell this is going to be exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to go all out and have the best possible presentation for this album and give the most possible value to our fans - we won't fuck the fans! And this is just the beginning, there is more to come. We will be playing in places we've never played before and playing with some great metal bands - those announcements will be made shortly as well as an announcement about the release date for the new cd and other details. Stay tuned."

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Ravage Provides End Of Year Update

Boston based thrash band Ravage has issued the following end of year update and info about their upcoming album release:

"Greetings all,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support of Ravage this year and through the years. 2008 was a productive year for us.

- finished recording our album "The End Of Tomorrow"
- shot a video for the song "Nightcrawler"
- released a new EP, "Freedom Fighter"
- played in Germany again
- appeared on a Warlock Tribute album "A Tribute To Steel: A Tribute To Warlock" released by Pure Steel Records
- appeared on a Heavy Magazine sampler CD
- saw Howie rejoin the band on bass and played some shows and had a good time

what's up next for us in 2009
- we're going to finally release "The End Of Tomorrow" album (we are currently taking offers from labels)
- Al and Eli will make a cameo in the movie "Lawson: White Heat" (http://www. myspace. com/lawsonwhiteheat) which will be released some time next year
- Al will appear on the new Steel Maid CD which will be released some time next year
- we're going to make some more videos
- we're going to record some more - probably a lot more
- we have a lot of archival footage, so a DVD of some sort may be on the way, either packaged with the new CD or on it's own
- we're going to play some more shows - hopefully in a state near you More...

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Ravage Announces the Return of Former Bass Player

Ravage, the heavy metal band from Boston, MA, announced today that former bass player Howie Snow has returned to the band to complete the band's rhythm section. Howie played on a track on the band's 2005 full-length release "Spectral Rider" and performed with the band at The Swordbrother's Festival in Andernach Germany in 2006. More...

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Ravage Vocalist Checks In

RAVAGE vocalist Al Ravage has posted this message on the band's MySpace page:

"Thanks to everyone who came out to the show in Allston. I know some people couldn't get in because it was a bit overcrowded, but that is what happens when you have a free show. We appreciate your effort to come - especially Phil who had to jump a fence to get there and all who traveled long distances especially.

I've been told that Kathy's Korner will do a write-up about the show and we gave some CDs to John 'The Metal Madman' so listen in to his show and you may be able to win a free CD. Also some clips are being posted on YouTube...starting with this one.

George had this little idea to do YouTube interview shows every month or so... and now that idea has been implemented...sort of. Every once in a while we'll be posting new episodes of 'RAVAGE TV' which will bring you behind the scenes to witness all our goofing off, random stupidity, and any important or interesting events that might transpire in the midst of it. The first episode is now online... check it out.
I've also posted a video of the song 'Reign Fall' from Friday's gig."

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