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Six Feet Under

Formed: 1995
From: Tampa, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Six Feet Under News

Below is our complete Six Feet Under news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Six Feet Under, Nile, Finntroll European Dates

SIX FEET UNDER will join forces with NILE, FINNTROLL and BELPHEGOR for a European tour this coming fall. Here are the confirmed tour dates:

Nov. 29 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z 7
Nov. 30 - Lichtenfels, Germany - Stadthalle
Dec. 1 - Munich, Germany - Backstage
Dec. 2 - Lindau, Germany - Vaudeville
Dec. 3 - Tilburg, Netherlands - 013
Dec. 4 - Paris, France - Locomotive
Dec. 5 - Saarbruecken, Germany - Garage
Dec. 6 - Innsbruck, Austria - Hafen
Dec. 7 - Vienna, Austria - Planet Music
Dec. 8 - Linz, Austria - Posthof
Dec. 9 - Ludwigsburg, Germany - Rockfabrik
Dec. 10 - Graz, Austria - Orpheum
Dec. 11 - Frankfurt, Germany - Batschkapp
Dec. 12 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
Dec. 13 - Berlin, Germany - Postbahnhof
Dec. 14 - Leipzig, Germany - Hellraiser
Dec. 15 - Werl, Germany - Stadthalle (Satans Convention)

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Denial Fiend Recording New Album, "They Rise"

IBEX MOON RECORDS recording artists, DENIAL FIEND, recently entered the studio to record their much anticipated debut album, "They Rise." Guitarist Sam Williams offered the following update:

"Today we entered GL Studios in Brandon, FL to start recording 'They Rise!' We started with tracking drums. Curt 'the shark' Beeson blazed through three tunes before busting one of the studio's Shure SM57's. Indestructible, my ass! We thought it was pretty funny but the studio staff did not. That cut the session short. But not before we got 'Frankenstein Conquers The World,' 'Son of the Creature,' and the title track down to tape. We would have had 'Flesheaters' down (probably the fastest song on the album), except for the fact that you hear the snare mic getting hit and exploding somewhere during the take! Oh well. We'll be working on drums for the rest of the week, and then starting on guitar overdubs next week."

DENIAL FIEND is the Tampa FL based band featuring in it's ranks Terry Butler (SIX FEET UNDER, ex-MASSACRE, ex-DEATH), Kam Lee (ex-MASSACRE, ex-MANTAS), Curt Beeson (NASTY SAVAGE, LOWBROW) and Sam Williams (DOWN BY LAW, PSEUDO HEROES).

DENIAL FIEND's Dead Awakening 7" EP was released on May 21st, 2007 through IBEX MOON RECORDS. The EP consists of two alternate versions of the tracks "They Rise" and "Cover Me in Blood," which will appear on the band's upcoming full-length to be released this Fall. The pressing will be limited to a mere 500 copies and may be ordered now from the IBEX MOON RECORDS website.

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Six Feet Under and Malevolent Creation Cancel Tour

SIX FEET UNDER’s previously announced tour with MALEVOLENT CREATION and BELPHEGOR has been cancelled. The band is expected to tour later this year, while MALEVOLENT CREATION are looking at other touring options.

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SFU and Malevolent Creation Release More Dates

More dates have been released for SIX FEET UNDER’s North American tour this Summer with MALEVOLENT CREATION and BELPHEGOR:

June 15 - Ft Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
June 19 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
June 29 - Columbus, OH @ Alrosa Villa
July 1 - Mokena, IL @ The Pearl Room
July 3 - Sauget, IL @ Pop’s

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SFU Post 'Ghosts Of The Dead' Video Online

Florida death metal legends SIX FEET UNDER have made their new video, for the track 'Ghosts Of The Undead', available online at this location.

Six Feet Under released their new album, Commandment, via Metal Blade Records in North America on April 17th. The album was released on April 20th (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) and April 23rd (rest of Europe) in the following formats: Limited Edition Box with Six Feet Under flag and Limited Edition 180 gram red vinyl (666 pieces).

Commandment features the following tracks: 'Doomsday', 'Thou Shall Kill', 'Zombie Executioner', 'The Edge Of The Hatchet', 'Bled To Death', 'Resurrection Of The Rotten', 'As The Blade Turns', 'The Evil Eye', 'In A Vacant Grave', 'Ghosts Of The Undead'.

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SFU and Malevolent Creation Announce More Dates

More dates have been released for SIX FEET UNDER’s North American tour this Summer with MALEVOLENT CREATION and BELPHEGOR:

June 19 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
July 1 - Mokena, IL @ The Pearl Room

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SFU and Malevolent Creation to Tour North American

SIX FEET UNDER will be embarking on a North American tour this Summer with MALEVOLENT CREATION and BELPHEGOR. The first date to be released is as follows:

June 19 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx

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Stream Six Feet Under's "Comandment" Online

SIX FEET UNDER's new album, "Commandment", is available for streaming in its entirety at AOL Music.

"Commandment" is scheduled for release tomorrow (Tuesday, April 17) via Metal Blade Records. A video was recently shot for the track "Ghosts of the Undead", which will be included on the effort. Click here to view the video teaser.

"Commandment" track listing:

01. Doomsday
02. Thou Shall Kill
03. Zombie Executioner
04. The Edge Of The Hatchet
05. Bled To Death
06. Resurrection Of The Rotten
07. As The Blade Turns
08. The Evil Eye
09. In A Vacant Grave
10. Ghosts Of The Undead

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Six Feet Under Reveals Album Details, MP3

A brand new SIX FEET UNDER track, entitled "Doomsday", is available for download. The track appears on the group's new album, "Commandment", due April 17th from Metal Blade Records.

Here is the track listing for “Commandment”:

1. Doomsday
2. Thou Shall Kill
3. Zombie Executioner
4. The Edge of the Hatchet
5. Bled to Death
6. Resurrection of the Rotten
7. As the Blade Turns
8. The Evil Eye
9. In a Vacant Grave
10. Ghosts of the Undead

In a recent interview with Mark Carras of RockMyMonkey.com, SIX FEET UNDER bassist Terry Butler stated about the upcoming CD, "I would say, if I had to describe the new style, it would be 'Maximum Violence' meets 'Haunted'. . . I'm really psyched about it. I really liked it. We had a good writing experience. We wrote all the music in the studio and it just flowed through. It's pretty upbeat the whole time, but there's some really catchy, groovy riffs. I think SFU fans are going to like it a lot, especially some of the older, the people who've been around for a long time listening to us, it will satisfy them. The last couple records we've kind of, I don't want to say gotten off our style, but we've always tried to be a little bit different. We didn't want to always just put ten records that sounded like 'Haunted'. So we just kind of, I don't want to say experimented, but we just kind of messed around a little bit, certain styles, but I think this is kind of back to what our fans would expect."

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Terry Butler Discusses SFU and Denial Fiend

Mark Carras of Rock My Monkey recently conducted an interview with Six Feet Under and Denial Fiend bassist Terry Butler.

Rock My Monkey: How are you doing today, Terry?

Terry Butler: Good. How are you?

Rock My Monkey: Doing great. First off, why don’t you fill everyone in on how Denial Fiend came together, and how long has this band been in the planning stages?

Terry Butler: Okay. Denial Fiend came together actually through another side project earlier who had some of the same band members. Kam Lee, was on there, Sam Williams, myself, and a couple other people. It was more of a like a stoner rock kind of thing, but out of the ashes of that, Denial Fiend came to be. The band’s been in existence for about a year. It’s me, Kam Lee on vocals, Sam Williams guitars, Curtis Beeson on drums. Like I said, it’s been about a year since we’ve been together. There’s about ten songs written. We have a full album’s worth of material. We’re just rehearsing, and writing songs right now.

Rock My Monkey: Cool. Now, you just recently signed a deal with Ibex Moon Records. How did you guys find each other, and why were they the right label to launch Denial Fiend?

Terry Butler: Well, basically, we actually just made a press release that said that we were actually a band in existence. Ibex Moon contacted us right off the bat. They really wanted to work with us. We looked around some, but we just felt that this was the best place for us because it’s a new, up and coming label, and it’s got really good distribution. It’s John McEntee also in Incantation. He really knows the scene. We just felt this would be the best place for us.

Rock My Monkey: Cool. Is that going to get the band full distribution, and how hard will it be for the fans to find the record when it comes out?

Terry Butler: It shouldn’t be very hard at all. It’s got full distribution in Europe and in America. It shouldn’t be a hard thing at all to find.

Read the full article at Rock My Monkey.

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Denial Fiend Signs With Ibex Moon Records

Ibex Moon Records has inked a deal with the Tampa, Fla., band Denial Fiend, the new project that unites vocalist Kam Lee (Massacre, Death) with bassist Terry Butler (Massacre, Death, Six Feet Under), drummer Curtis Beeson (Nasty Savage), and Sam Williams (Down By Law, Pseudo Heroes).

“I'm proud to work with these metal and death metal pioneers and I look forward to Denial Fiend putting out a great release,” said Ibex Moon owner John McEntee. “I feel that they will appeal to old school and newer metal fans alike.”

The band’s debut album, which will also mark Lee’s first full-length recording in over a decade, is planned for a June 2007 release. The album is tentatively titled “They Rise.”

“I think Denial Fiend will surprise a lot of people,” said Butler. “This is not a ‘flash-in-the-pan’ side project. It’s a band that is dedicated and ready to bring metal to the masses!”

Denial Fiend draws on elements of its members’ individual pasts to create an edgy yet classic sound of its own. A demo recording of the track “Cover Me in Blood” is available on Denial Fiend’s MySpace page.

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Six Feet Under Pull Out Of X-Mass Festival Tour

Floridian death metallers Six Feet Under have issued the following update:

"We will not be appearing on this year's X-Mass Festivals in Europe. To all our European fans, please accept our apoligies. We are currently in this studio 'till the end of the year working on our new CD - which will be released in spring of 2007.

"On a side note - thanks to Krisiun, Decapitated and Abysmal Dawn for a great tour in the States this past month, and thanks again to all of our fans in the U.S.A for all of the support and great times on the road!!"

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Chris Barnes Checks In Following European Tour

Just checking in with you all- especially our European fans, to thank you for your undying dedication. We had an incredible time on our most recent tour of Europe !

First off - Wacken- what a killer festival!! It was completely surreal to stand on that stage in front of the biggest crowd of my career and witness the brutality that took place that afternoon, unfuckingbelievable! Thank you all so very much!!!

And just when we thought it couldn't get any better ...there was Party San, probably the best show we have played in 2 years, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making us feel so welcome that night! I would also like to thank Jarne, the festival promoter for all of his help, and hospitality-and for giving us the opportunity of headlining the show -we had a killer time-you rule bro! And while I'm at it I'd like to take the time to thank Michael Trengert and all at Metal Blade Europe for all of their help and hard work, on this tour and over the years, without them we wouldn't be where we are at right now -and we appreciate it fully!! We would also like to give thanks to all of our fans who came out to all of the shows in between the festival dates, we were pleasantly surprised with the turn out and had a great time, and we will see you this December for The X-Mass festivals!!

As for upcoming shows... we are currently getting ready for the onset of the Monsters of Death Tour here in the States with Krisiun, Decapitated, and Abysmal Dawn. We are really stoked to have such a killer line up on this tour and hope all of you U.S. SFU fans get fucking brutal like it was the last death metal concert on the planet- because we are totally ready to KILL!

See you all soon, and thanks again Europe !!! –Barnes

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Heavy Metal Gets Socially Conscious

"Heavy Metal Gets Socially Conscious" is an AP article that's been making its rounds through the papers around the country. It's good for heavy metal to get some exposure like this, much less in a positive light for a change. Here are some excerpts:

"Heavy metal singer Chris Barnes didn't know what people would think of "Amerika the Brutal," an anti-war song he wrote after his cousin deployed to Iraq in 2003."

"He heard a number of complaints, but also received supportive e-mails from American troops in the war zone."

"It kind of sent a shiver up my spine because those are the guys I didn't want to offend by sounding anti-war," said Barnes, vocalist for the death metal band Six Feet Under."

"Other metal bands are finding similar inspiration."

"Lamb of God's albums criticize American foreign policy. Cattle Decapitation are ardent vegetarians who use explicit album covers and songs like "Veal and the Cult of Torture" to condemn the meat industry. Serj Tankian of System of a Down is co-founder of a nonprofit organization that works on social issues."

Read the full article at WashingtonPost.com.

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Born From Pain To Support Six Feet Under

Dutch metalcore act BORN FROM PAIN has been confirmed as the support act for SIX FEET UNDER on their European summer dates. The details are as follows:

Aug. 05 - Wacken, GER @ Wacken Open Air
Aug. 06 - Haarlem, NETH @ Patronaat
Aug. 07 - Stuttgart, GER @ Röhre
Aug. 09 - Vosselaar, BEL @ Biebob
Aug. 10 - Rotterdam, NETH @ Baroeg
Aug. 11 - Düdingen, SWI @ Bad Bonn
Aug. 12 - Bad Berka, GER @ Party.San Open Air

BORN FROM PAIN'sthird full-length album, "In Love with the End", was released last year via Metal Blade Records.

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Krisiun Speak About Upcoming U.S. Tour

Brazil’s Krisiun prepare to once again assault the U.S. Supporting this year’s incendiary new album, AssassiNation (MP3’s available here), vocalist/bassist Alex Camargo sent this message to fans, "We in Krisiun would like say thanks to our North American death metal brothers for the great support through the years. Due to the great response we had to our latest album, we are coming back for another U.S. tour in September. This time around we are going to be direct support... which means that we are gonna have more time to play a longer set. Six Feet Under is going to be the headlining band plus Decapitated, Cattle Decapitation and Abysmal Dawn are on the bill too; a fuckin’ brutal tour. We hope to see all you death metal maniacs, without you we are nothing.”

Having toured North America earlier this year with The Monsters Of Chaos Tour (Morbid Angel, Behemoth and Despised Icon), Krisiun released the AssassiNation CD and Live Armageddon DVD on February 26.

KRISIUN tour dates with Six Feet Under, Decapitated, Cattle Decapitation, Abysmal Dawn are as follows: More...

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Krisiun, Decapitated, Cattle Decapitation Tour

Six Feet Under, Krisiun, Decapitated, Cattle Decapitation, and Abysmal Dawn will be touring together this fall. The following tour dates have been confirmed thus far:

9/12 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
9/13 St. Petersburg, FL @ The State Theatre
9/15 Houston, TX @ Java Jazz
9/16 San Antonio, TX @ The White Rabbit
9/21 Los Angeles, CA @ The Key Club
9/22 Corona, CA @ Showcase Theatre
9/23 Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
9/25 Portland, OR @ Rock N Roll Pizza
9/26 Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
9/29 Ogden, UT @ Club Boom VA
9/30 Aurora, CO @ Iliff Park Saloon
10/01 Omaha, NE @ The Rock
10/03 Mokena, IL @ The Pearl Room
10/06 Somerville, MA @ Goodtimes Emporium
10/07 Manchester, NH @ Mark's Place
10/08 New York, NY @ BB King's

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Six Feet Under to Tour with Krisiun

Six Feet Under, Krisiun, Cattle Decapitation, Decapitated, and Abysmal Dawn will be teaming up for a North American tour later this year. The first confirmed dates are as follows:

September 12 - Ft Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
October 8 - New York, NY @ B.B. King Blues Club

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Thumbscrew Sign With Imagine It Records

Imagine It Records have announced the signing of Houston, TX chaos machines Thumbscrew. Thumbscrew was formed in 2003, and released their debut full length "All Is Quiet" in 2005 via Counterintelligence Recordings.

They will begin recording their Imagine It debut, a 3-4 song EP this week at Orphic Studios in Austin, Texas with Josh Wardrip and plan a late May release date. "The new material is much heavier and pissed off then our older stuff." says their singer Daniel. "Herb (Imagine It) has really took us under his wing and made us feel right at home, making us very comfortable. I'm sure good things will come from this friendship as well as our partnership."

After recording, Thumbscrew will do a stint of shows on the Six Feet Under, Sworn Enemy, Animosity, Job For A Cowboy tour. Here are the dates Thumbscrew are playing:

w/ Six Feet Under, Sworn Enemy, Animosity, Job For A Cowboy
Mar 17 2006 @ Java Jazz Houston, TX
Mar 18 2006 @ Phoenix Music Complex Dallas, TX
Mar 19 2006 @ The Ballroom Corpus Christi, TX
Mar 20 2006 @ The White Rabbit San Antonio, TX

After that, they will then begin booking their summer tour. Here are the tentative tour dates. Send an email to booking@thumbscrew1.com to help setup a show. More...

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SFU, God Dethroned Confirmed For X-mass Fests

Six Feet Under have been confirmed for this years X-mass Festivals, with God Dethroned as direct support. The tour dates announced so far are as follows:

Dec. 08 Berlin, Germany - Fritz
Dec. 09 Engeldorf (Leipzig), Germany - Hellraiser
Dec. 10 Vienna, Austria - Planet Music
Dec. 11 München, Germany - Backstage
Dec. 12 Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
Dec. 13 Ludwigsburg, Germany - Rockfrabrik
Dec. 14 Frankfurt, Germany - Batchkapp
Dec. 15 Strasbourg, France - La Laiterie
Dec. 16 Antwerp, Belgium - Hof Ter Loo
Dec. 17 Tilburg, Holland - 013
Dec. 18 Essen, Germany - Zeche Carl
Dec. 19 Paris, France - La Locomotive

More bands TBA.

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