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Six Feet Under

Formed: 1995
From: Tampa, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Six Feet Under Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Six Feet Under.


Chris Barnes Interview Part II: Cannibal Corpse

Part two of my discussion with Florida Death Metal Legend Chris Barnes goes back to the early days of Cannibal Corpse. We discuss topics such as early support for the band and Chris’ influences as a writer. Murder is a main topic and we discuss several serial killers, or “dissect,” as one could say. First, though, we need to step back in time and relive my intro to Cannibal Corpse first authored here, in my first column of an ongoing series I’m going to present on “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” This excerpt was taken from the column “The Golden Years of Death Metal: 1985-1995.”

“It was the fall of 1992 my friend and I were waiting to see Metallica for the first time. We were still figuring out metal and listening to mostly popular bands, but this crazy, Satanic metal head at school let me borrow Cannibal Corpse’s “Butchered At Birth” (1991) and “Tombs of the Mutilated” (1992) The lyrical content was especially offensive.

You just don’t paint pictures of zombies cutting up babies and hanging them on clothes lines out to dry. We heard songs of war, personal strife, Satan, etc, but never having sex with corpses, putting people on meat hooks or smashing in someone’s face with a hammer.

The music was too fast and the vocals weren’t clear, even with the lyric sheet. It wasn’t until three years later when a buddy in college let me borrow “The Bleeding” (1994) that I began to understand Cannibal Corpse. This album featured understandable lyrics and refrain that wasn’t as apparent on earlier efforts.

While not losing a step, or a foot, in their quest for semi-stardom, the group brought out it’s crown opus—the one that produced their theme song that they also close their set with, “Stripped, Raped And Strangled.” In 1995, during recording sessions for a new album, singer Chris Barnes was dismissed and replaced by Monstrosity singer George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. Barnes rose from what may have seemed his tomb and formed one of the most popular death metal bands in the coming years, Six Feet Under, which also featured members of Obituary and Massacre.” More...

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Chris Barnes Discusses Six Feet Under's "Torment"

“Torment” is the ultimate culmination of death metal legend Chris Barnes’ career. It encompasses some of the best elements of the cookie-monster-voiced singer’s storied career from not only Six Feet Under, but also Cannibal Corpse. It has the technical prowess of Cannibal Corpse, the sharp, lancing bass lines and battering drums of CC, but also SFU’s infamous groove. Much of this has to do with Barnes collaborating with Jeff Hughell (bass/guitar) and Marco Pitruzella from Brain Drill, a band I always felt was helping carrying the all-consuming torch “burned” by CC.

Finding great players from the DM underground has never been a problem for Barnes. Starting with the classic Florida-death-metal stylings of “Haunted” (1995), Barnes joined forces with such vaunted artists as Obituary alums Terry Butler and Allen West. Butler certainly had a foot hold in the Florida scene, having played in Massacre and Death as well as Obituary. These two definitely brought the Obituary sound to life, but with CC’s former singer at the helm. Other great artists that have played with the graveyard cowboy include Kevin Talley—a drummer’s whose resume is too long to even touch upon on this article, and Swedish DM royalty in Ola Englund and Victor Brandt who has played with Entombed and Firespawn.

SFU hasn’t always been every death metal fan’s dream band, in that so much of their music has been, at least in the past, mid-paced and even doomy and Barnes’ didn’t execute his vocal pukings to the extent of the first three Cannibal records, but, trust me, “Torment,” which comes out today (February 24, 2107) will have naysayers saying yes! Read further to learn more about how these audio ghouls dug in and created what will be, arguably, a top five DM album of the year! Also, play the audio to hear Barnes’ voice. I edited the language to allow for a greater flow.


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Six Feet Under Brings Forth The "Unborn"

A year after the rise of "Undead," the iconic deathsters in Six Feet Under are already gearing up for the sequel "Unborn." Pre-orders are now available through Metal Blade here, and the latest auditory assault from the band is due out March 19th, 2013.

For Six Feet Under fans who can't get enough and need to hear more before the album's release, we got in contact with the quintessential death metal vocalist Chris Barnes to hear what he had to say about "Unborn." Read on to find out how these latest two albums are connected and get an inside look at how "Unborn" came together. More...

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