"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1989
From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Vomitory News

Below is our complete Vomitory news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Vomitory Posts New Song Online

Swedish death metal band, VOMITORY, has posted the song, "Serpents," off their upcoming album, "Carnage Euphoria," on their label's MySpace page. The song can also be downloaded at this location.

"Carnage Euphoria" was recorded at Leon Music Studios in Karlstad, Sweden together with engineer/producer Rikard Löfgren. More...

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More Bands Confirmed For Summer Breeze Open Air

The following bands have now been confirmed for Germany's Summer Breeze Open Air Festival 2009:

Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Backyard Babies, Battlelore, Before the Dawn, Beneath the Massacre, Brainstorm, Callejon, Cataract, Corvus Corux, Dagoba, Entombed, Epica, Equilibrium, Evocation, Firewind, Ghost Brigade, Grand Magus, Grave, Hate Eternal, The Haunted, Katatonia, Legion of the Damned, Misery Index, Narziss, One Way Mirror, Opeth, Powerwolf, Raunchy, Sacred Steel, Unhelig, Unsun, Vader, Volbeat, Vomitory, Vried, Waylander, Wintersun.

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Vomitory Begins Recording Of New Album

Vomitory has issues the following recording update:

Today starts the recording of Vomitory's 7th album, entitled "Carnage Euphoria." Ten songs of relentless death metal will be immortalized at Leon Music Studios in Karlstad/Sweden, with studio owner Rikard Löfgren in the engineer/producer seat. A studio diary is up and running at the official Vomitory forum. No registration is required.

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Vomitory Announces Studio Recording To Begin

On January 5th, 2009 Swedish Death Metal band VOMITORY will enter Leon Music Studios in Karlstad/Sweden to begin recordings for their seventh (yet untitled) album. Studio owner Rikard Löfgren will once again engineer, partially produce, mix and master the new album like he did with its predecessor "Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize," the band's last album.

The new album is scheduled for a May 2009 release through Metal Blade Records in Europe. The release date for the US and the rest of the world is not set yet.

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Vomitory Announces European Tour Dates

Swedish death metallers, Vomitory, have announced the following European tour dates:

09/6 - DE, Stavenhagen - Arscholio Open Air
09/7 - DEN - T.B.A.
09/8 - DEN/SWE - T.B.A.
09/9 - DEN - T.B.A.
09/10 - DE, Hamburg - Marx
09/11 - DE, Berlin - K17
09/12 - DE, Bischofswerda - Morbide Festspiele
09/13 - DE, Festung Bitterfeld
09/14 - NL, Zaandam - Kade
09/15 - GER/NL - T.B.A.
09/16 - UK - T.B.A.
09/17 - UK - T.B.A.
09/18 - UK - T.B.A.
09/19 - BE, Vosselaar - Biebob
09/20 - FR, Paris - T.B.A.
09/21 - FR, Toulouse - T.B.A.
09/22 - FR, Marseille - T.B.A.
09/23 - FR, Strasbourg/Nancy - T.B.A.
09/24 -T.B.A
09/25 - NL, Rotterdam - Baroeg
09/26 - NL, Leeuwarden - Romein
09/27 - DE, Essen – Essen Death Feast 7/Turock
10/24 - Club Destroyer - Sundsvall/Sweden (support: Dead Awaken)
10/25 - Hårdrocksklubben/G:a Tingshuset - Östersund/Sweden (support: Dead Awaken)
11/08 - Trauma Fest 2008 - Madrid/Spain

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Book About Swedish Death Metal Scene Announced

A new book dealing with the Swedish Death Metal scene around 1990 called "Encyclopedia Of Svensk Dödsmetall" (Encyclopedia of Swedish Death Metal) is currently being printed and about to be released in the next couple of weeks, according to author Nicola Costantini. He began to work on this book in the end of 2005 and it deals with a wide range of known and unknown Swedísh death metal acts between 1988-1992. The book will feature plenty of interviews with important names of the scene from bands such as At The Gates, Bathory, and Vomitory. The book is professionally printed on 218 black and white A4 pages and captures the true oldschool fanzine-spirit with cut & paste layout and will sell for 40 €. For additional information check out the book's MySpace page.

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Vomitory Complete Work On New Album

Swedish death metallers VOMITORY have issued the following update:

"We have now finally completed our sixth album, Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize. I say 'finally' because it has been three long years since our last album, Primal Massacre, saw the light of day. We're totally satisfied with how it all turned out - the production is top-notch, the songs and our performances are at their best and the variation in the songs is better than ever before. The album has some of the fastest shit we've ever done as well as some of the heaviest. The album contains forty minutes of death fucking metal!"

The tracklisting for Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize is as follows: 'Eternal Trail Of Corpses', 'Scavenging The Slaughtered', 'Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize', 'The Burning Black', 'Defiled And Inferior', 'March Into Oblivion', 'Whispers From The Dead', 'Heresy', 'Flesh Passion', and 'Cremation Ceremony'.

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Germany's Devil's Revenge Festival Cancelled

According to a posting on the web site of German thrashers DESTRUCTION, the Devil's Revenge Festival — which was to take place December 29, 2007 at Stadthalle in Lichtenfels, Germany — has been cancelled. "The band is dissapointed by this last-minute cancellation beyond their control 'cause this was supposed to be the last German show until summer/autumn 08," reads a posting on the site. "DESTRUCTION will now start working on the 25th anniversary album that will have a worldwide release in August 2008 on AFM, Candlelight and King Records!"

In addition to DESTRUCTION, Devil's Revenge was scheduled to include performances by GOREFEST, EVOCATION, DEMONICAL, IMPERIOUS REX, DEATHRONATION, VOMITORY and THE DUSKFALL.

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Vomitory Post New Song Online

The title track of VOMITORY's new album, "Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize", has been made available for download at this location.

"Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Leon Music Studio in Karlstad, Sweden with producer/engineer Rikard Löfgren during December. The CD will be released April 20 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and April 23 in the rest of Europe via Metal Blade Records. Check out the cover artwork at this location.

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Maryland Deathfest Running Order Announced

The running order has been confirmed for this year's highly anticipated Maryland Deathfest V, which will take place on May 26th and 27th at Sonar in Baltimore, MD. The running order is as follows: More...

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Vomitory Complete 'Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize'

Vomitory drummer Tobias Gustafsson checked in with an update:

"We have now finally completed our sixth album, Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize! And I say finally because it has been three long years since our latest album, Primal Massacre, saw the light of day. Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize was recorded, mixed and mastered at Leon Music Studio, Karlstad/Sweden during December together with producer/engineer Rikard Löfgren."

"We're totally satisfied with how it all turned out - the production is top-notch, the songs and our performances are at their best and the variation in the songs are better than ever before. The album has some of the fastest shit we've ever done as well as some of the heaviest. The album contains 40 minutes of death fucking metal, consisting of these songs:

1. Eternal Trail Of Corpses
2. Scavenging The Slaughtered
3. Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize
4. The Burning Black
5. Defiled And Inferior
6. March Into Oblivion
7. Whispers From The Dead
8. Heresy
9. Flesh Passion
10. Cremation Ceremony

"The artwork is being worked on at this moment by Chaos Media and this time it's really something extra! It is by far the sickest you've ever seen on a Vomitory album so far!


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Vomitory Begins Work On New Record

“On Sunday, December 3rd, we will enter Leon Music studios Karlstad, Sweden, to start the recordings of our sixth album, which will be entitled "TERRORIZE BRUTALIZE SODOMIZE". Leon Music's owner/founder Rikard Lofgren is our producer of choice for this album. Ten songs will be recorded during two weeks, then we'll take a break over the holidays, and during the beginning of January we'll finish everything with the mixing and mastering. The artwork is being made by Chaos Media and we can assure you that the title and the artwork will go hand in hand...”

"TERRORIZE BRUTALIZE SODOMIZE" is scheduled for a late April release through Metal Blade Records.

There will be regular updates and pictures from the studio in our online studio diary, which can be found in the official Vomitory forum at GlobalDomination.se.

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Vomitory Plan First US Show Ever

Swedish death metallers VOMITORY check in with the following update:

"Vomitory is confirmed for Maryland Deathfest, May 26th - 27th in Baltimore, MD, U.S.A.

This means that this will be the first show ever for Vomitory on American soil! We're working on getting some more shows confirmed around the festival dates. More info on this later."

As previously reported, the band will be entering Leon Music Studios outside Karlstad, Sweden on December 3rd to start recording the follow-up to 2004's Primal Massacre.

The album is planned to be released by the end of April next year through Metal Blade Records, and the title will be revealed soon.

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Vomitory Plan To Record In December

Swedish Vomitory will enter Leon Music Studios outside Karlstad, Sweden on December 3 to begin recording their sixth album, which is scheduled for release at the end of April 2007 through Metal Blade Records.

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Vomitory To Release Classics On Vinyl

The following update has been posted at the VOMITORY website:

"The first two Vomitory albums, Raped In Their Own Blood and Redemption will soon finally be available on vinyl!

Animate Records will release them both as strictly limited vinyl versions of 666 (surprise, surprise!) copies each.

No final release date is set yet, but everything is in the works now so check this section later for a release date."

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God Among Insects Issues Update

Sweden's GOD AMONG INSECTS check in with the following update:

"We have absolutely nothing to report so we report just that. No new songs are being written since we won't record a new album before VOMITORY's finished their next one. Some tunes are finished though, demoed and stored away safely. We'll dig them up when the time comes.

In the meantime we'll just do some gigs as they come up and bring some awesome death metal to the people."

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Vomitory To Headline Holland's Stonehenge Festival

Swedish death metallers VOMITORY will headline the Stonehenge festival in the Netherlands on July 29. This will probably be the band's only live appearance this summer.

VOMITORY are currently busy writing material for the follow-up to 2004's "Primal Massacre" and have reportedly completed "about one third/half" of the songs for the upcoming CD. Newcomer Peter Östlund (guitar) has contributed with two songs so far, one of which is said to be "in the typical VOMITORY vein" and the other "a bit heavier than the usual VOMITORY song." Tobias Gustafsson (drums) has written three songs so far but has four more in the works at the moment. Erik Rundqvist (bass and vocals) is solely focusing on writing the lyrics.

VOMITORY's fifth album, "Primal Massacre", was released in April 2004 through Metal Blade Records. The follow-up to 2002's "Blood Rapture" was recorded at Studio Kuling in Örebro, Sweden and was mixed at Berno Studio.

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Vomitory Announce First Gig With New Lineup

Vomitory have announced their first gig with the new lineup -- guitarist Urban Gustafsson, bassist & vocalist Erik Rundqvist, drummer Tobias Gustafsson and new guitarist Peter Östlund. The show will be held at Metal Clüb in Karlstad, Sweden on January 20th. Also playing that evening (which will be Metal Clüb's last show at Kåren) are old friends Gehennah.

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Vomitory Announce New Guitarist

Vomitory have announced that Peter Östlund has joined the band as a permanent guitarist after Ulf Dalegren's departure a couple of months ago. Peter is known from the bay-area influenced thrash band, The Law.

This is drummer Tobias Gustafsson's comment:

"I am really happy that Peter Östlund has joined Vomitory! We in the band have known him for some years now and we knew that he's a kick-ass guitarist, a riff-machine and a really cool guy, so I'm sure he will fit perfectly! Peter's skills will add a new side to our sound in a very positive way and I am thrilled to start working on the new material for the next album with Peter in the band."

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God Among Insects Expects Album Cover To Be Banned

GOD AMONG INSECTS, the Swedish "old-school" death metal band featuring vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula (DARK FUNERAL), guitarist Lord K (a.k.a. Kenth Philipson) (THE PROJECT HATE), bassist Tomas Elofsson (SANCTIFICATION) and drummer Tobias Gustafsson (VOMITORY), have posted the following update on their sophomore album, "Zombienomicon", tentatively due in early 2006 via Threeman Recordings.

"Not much to report at the moment since not a shit is happening in the INSECTS camp. We are still waiting for Threeman to hand us a definite release date for the album, but shit is happening with that as well. They have asked us not to hand out an mp3 of a tune just yet, we'll see for how much longer we'll play along since we definitely want you guys to hear something off the coming slab of death.

"We were offered a European tour some time ago and finally had to decline since Caligula will be out with DARK FUNERAL at the time planned for the tour. Bummer, but fuck it. Lord K Philipson is currently out touring with Swedish death metal veterans VOMITORY as well so for the third or fourth time in this news thing, there's simply jack-fuck happening with the INSECTS at the moment.

"But... We have recieved the complete lay-out for 'Zombienomicon' now and you could say we are ecstatic by having one of the ugliest damned covers ever on a metal album. If this fucken thing doesn't get banned, something is wrong. As soon as we can we'll hand it out to you as well. Maybe at the same time when we decide to give you a tune for downloading, we guess we just have to do the mastering first — and no date is set for that either, of course.

"We'll try to see what Threeman's up to with everything so we can inform you guys. No matter what, the album is worth the wait. In the meantime we might just start working on album number 3."

GOD AMONG INSECTS' sophomore album was recorded at Abyss Studios with producer Tommy Tägtgren. The group's debut CD, "World Wide Death", is available now on Threeman Recordings via Plastic Head Distribution. An MP3 of the album cut "A Gush of Blood" can be downloaded at this location.

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