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Formed: 1990
From: Long Island, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Suffocation Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Suffocation.


Suffocation: "We're Planning A Farewell For Frank"

There are some bands which will forever be loved by fans of the respective sub-genre. Most black metal fans love Emperor, most thrash fans love Exodus and most death metal fans love New York's own, Suffocation. The quintet are currently on the road in Europe promoting their eighth studio album, "... Of The Dark Light" and I was lucky enough to be in Bristol for the first show of the trek with Venom Inc., Nervosa and Aeternam, in addition to receiving the privilege of interviewing Suffocation guitarist and co founder, Terrance Hobbs (as well as members of Venom Inc. and Nervosa.)

Speaking about the position of vocalist Frank Mullen, who hasn't toured with the band for a while, Hobbs said;

"Frank wants to do a farewell tour but for him it's so hard, as well as for us, because there's so much of the world that he can't just take three months off work and come to Asia, South America etc. So what we're doing is working out the best areas that he'll be able to do in a short amount of time.

"Frank is screaming his lungs out and getting these bad headaches, which in turn makes it even harder for him to do the kind of touring a band like us needs to do. So yeah, we're working on a farewell tour for Frank and it'll be sad if he decides he needs to go. I'm almost never going to let him go! Hopefully we can get him back out here (the United Kingdom.)"


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Aaron Mendiola Discusses The Goregrowler's Ball

Aaron "Goregrowler" Mendiola owns his own concert promotions and booking company, Goregrowler Entertainment. While Mendiola tirelessly works throughout the year to bring San Antonio the best in the metal underground, no event presents as big of a challenge or elicits as much gratification as his Goregrowler’s Ball Festival. After a year of planning and promoting, Mendiola can finally take a deep breath, step back and admire his accomplishment…then, it’s back to work.

As a proud sponsor of this head banging extravaganza, Metal Underground.com has chronicled the festival’s news as it breaks. We have given the scoop on the festival’s headliners and co-headliners—Suffocation, Exhumed and Hirax, as well as announcements of new additions such as Phobia and Brutal Truth. Now, it is time to give the floor to the man, Aaron Mendiola, who makes The Goregrowler’s Ball possible. More...

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Terrance Hobbs Of Suffocation Talks Guitars

Suffocation is a name that certainly needs no introduction. Since the band's debut, 1991 releases “Effigy of the Forgotten” and the “Human Waste” EP, bands all around the globe have aspired to growl as low, beat their drums as fast, and groove as hard as Suffo. If you see a sprawled out, illegible logo on a name befitting brutality, most likely said group has a Suffocation poster in its practice space.

In 1990, Suffocation recruited drummer Mike Smith and guitarists Doug Cerrito and Terrance Hobbs from the disbanded local group, Mortuary. Both Smith and Cerrito later left the group (Smith later returned and is their current drummer), but Hobbs has stayed with the group since their inception. Along with Frank Mullen’s trademark bowel-bursting vocals, Hobbs trademark style has become synonymous with the Suffocation brand. He has the ability to quickly changes gears from slow, slam-stomping rhythms to screaming solos and blurring speed, all the while hooking the listener.

Terrance Hobbs is truly a living legend in the realm of death metal, and the guitar industry is finally recognizing his greatness. Hobbs recently signed an endorsement with B.C. Rich guitars. The guitar-making titan is honoring him with a signature-series, Warlock guitar.

Hobbs spoke with Metalunderground.com via the InterWebs on a number of topics, including his love for guitars and his forthcoming product. More...

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Interview with Suffocation's Mike Smith

Drummer Mike Smith has had a fundamental influence on the death metal genre by his idiosyncratic drumming. He has pioneered some of the most innovative drumming of the death metal genre known by fans as the "Smith Blast," which utilizes the bass drums, cymbals, and snare, all in unison. I would consider Mike Smith to be very versatile in the music industry because he has an eclectic catalog of musical talents. Indeed, Mike Smith is very talented. He can play drums, guitar, bass, vocals, and even is a producer and engineer. Even though he has contributed to Suffocation for twenty years, Suffocation still is awaiting for the opportunity to play on bigger tours like Mayhem Festival and more Ozzfests. Despite missing some of the bigger experiences, like Mike Smith says "Suffocation still bashes other bands know matter how big they are." More...

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Interview with Suffocation

Suffocation has had the world in a chokehold for the past 20 years. They are currently headlining the Summer Slaughter fest with many notable bands in tow. The latest installment in their arsenal of albums is "Blood Oath," and you can pick it up at the show before it is released in July. I had a chance to talk to Frank Mullen, Terrance Hobbs and Guy Marchais when the Summer Slaughter Fest stopped in New Orleans on their day off to rock our city. More...

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