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Exhumed Photo

Band Photo: Exhumed (?)

Formed: 1990
From: San Jose, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Exhumed Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Exhumed.


Exhumed Dissects Latest Cadeveric Offering

Exhumed has left a twenty-plus-year-stinky stain on the extreme metal community. Starting with their 1998 platter of splatter, “Gore Metal,” Exhumed has become one of the more recognized acts on Relapse Records’ roster of atrocities. Recently, the group released the pun-heavy-titled “All Guts No Glory,” its first proper album in eight years. The punk-laden album subsides on a heavy diet of blistering drums, sharp guitars, ghoulish voices and dark humor.

Vocalist, guitarist and partial Exhumed brain child, Matt Harvey spoke to Metal Underground via phone about his “It’s Alive”-shaped baby. In addition to providing details about recording “All Guts No Glory,” Harvey spoke about playing two Metal Underground-sponsored events. The day of the interview he had just started Exhumed North American tour with Goatwhore and Havok, and also commented on the group’s upcoming performance at The Goregrowler’s Ball. More...

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Aaron Mendiola Discusses The Goregrowler's Ball

Aaron "Goregrowler" Mendiola owns his own concert promotions and booking company, Goregrowler Entertainment. While Mendiola tirelessly works throughout the year to bring San Antonio the best in the metal underground, no event presents as big of a challenge or elicits as much gratification as his Goregrowler’s Ball Festival. After a year of planning and promoting, Mendiola can finally take a deep breath, step back and admire his accomplishment…then, it’s back to work.

As a proud sponsor of this head banging extravaganza, Metal Underground.com has chronicled the festival’s news as it breaks. We have given the scoop on the festival’s headliners and co-headliners—Suffocation, Exhumed and Hirax, as well as announcements of new additions such as Phobia and Brutal Truth. Now, it is time to give the floor to the man, Aaron Mendiola, who makes The Goregrowler’s Ball possible. More...

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Matt Harvey Dissects Exhumed

From any number of different standpoints, be they social, financial, mental, or even physical, being in a metal band has never been an easy path to take. Sure, there are far more difficult circumstances a person can find themselves in than enduring 14 hour drives between shows and living off $5 food buyouts every day, but these and many other factors can add up over time, and what they usually add up to is a classic case of burnout.

That was the situation Exhumed's Matt Harvey found himself in six years ago when he decided to lay the goregrind band he founded in his mid-teens to rest. For a decade and a half he had put the full weight of the band almost solely on his shoulders, and in 2005 he was done—burnt to a crisp and bound for the blissful, perpetual waking coma that is otherwise known as the real world.

But this sojourn into the realm of slack-jawed, doe-eyed suburban middling, with musical projects existing only in the periphery, was to be only a temporary one for Harvey. Having stepped away from Exhumed for a few years and tasted what life was like without it, the passion for the demands of being part of the underground elite network of road tramping metal warriors he thought had been forever lost was allowed to return naturally over time. Now, Exhumed is back with a literal and figurative vengeance, and recently released an album that, despite Exhumed's long hiatus, lacks nothing of the psycho-carnivorous edge the band held in its forceps-like grip back in the day. In fact, many critics have hailed “All Guts, No Glory,” as Exhumed's finest hour, past or present. Period. Harvey spoke to Metalunderground.com about Exhumed's resurrection, and how things are different this time around. More...

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