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Formed: 1992
From: Helsinki, Finland
Last Known Status: Active


Am I Blood originated in Finland, where the guitarist J.Cermine formed the band in 1992 with later to be Amorphis front-man Pasi Koskinen, who was originally the singer of the band. They parted ways with Koskinen in 1995, just one month before the recording of debut album "Natural Mutation´95" under the name St.Mucus.

Am I Blood picks up where Metallica's black album left off so many years ago, playing an intense brand of melodic metal with their own unique sound. After releasing two albums, they experienced some trouble finding the right record deal for their new material, and therefore had a large gap without a release. But Am I Blood are ready to storm the new millenium with a new release any day now that they've signed with Screeming Bannshee Records.

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Am I Blood Working On Physical Release

Finnish metal band Am I Blood has broken the silence and announced that they're working on getting their latest album, "Existence of Trauma," distributed in physical form. The band released the album as a free download earlier last year. Here's the update from the band:

We have been dead quiet few years now but once again we can reveal you a "secret".. We are working towards the release of "Existence of Trauma" in a physical shape. We cannot say about the schedule yet but at least everyone's intention is to make it happen fast, really fast if we dare to say. We want to thank you all for your nice comments and words you're sending for us. It's truly great to hear that you like our music and would like to see us playing live shows. Live shows are still far away but if and when the release of "Existence of Trauma" happens we're at least a one step closer to say everything is possible!!

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Am I Blood Offers New Album As Free Download

Finnish metal act Am I Blood has issued the following announcement about streaming the new album "Existence of Trauma" and offering the entire release as a free download:

"The things got complicated with the record labels, so we didn't want our fans to be waiting for any longer. We decided to release the whole album for free!

"You can download the album from our official homepage at this location or listen it from players located on Facebook and www.amiblood.com. Enjoy the ride!"


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Am I Blood Posts New Song Online

Finland's Am I Blood has issued the following brief announced about streaming a new song online via the band's official MySpace page:

"Am I Blood is still trying to figure out the best possible way to release the upcoming album 'Existence Of Trauma.' So meanwhile have a nice trip with the new track 'Follow Me On The Darkside'."

The song is also available via the band's ReverbNation widget:

Additional details on the new album's release date will be announced as they are made available. You can check out a previously released teaser for the "Existence of Trauma" album below:

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Am I Blood Seeks New Record Label

Finnish thrash metal band Am I Blood has issued the following update:

"So at the moment we're working really hard to get best possible way to release 'Existence of Trauma.' We truly want to make it possible for you all to get it if you feel so, so hopefully we'll find a good label who's ready to work with us in every aspect."

The band has also posted a teaser of the new album on their MySpace page.

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Am I Blood Completes Mixing of New Album

Finnish thrash metal band Am I Blood has issued the following update on the progress of their new album, "Existence of Trauma:"

"It took for a while to finish the mixing of our new album, but I'm relieved it's done now. We will start to map out potential options to proceed with the album, so right now there's no exact schedule for the release. We will inform about it later, so stay tuned."

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Am I Blood Posts New Song Online

As the mixing of their new album, "Existence of Trauma," is in progress, Am I Blood has posted a new song from the album on their MySpace player. The song is called "Devil Of Your Head." Like the recently released "The Dawn Became Their Pride," this song is also an unmastered and raw-mixed version.

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Am I Blood Finishes Recording New Album

AM I BLOOD has issued an update that they've finished recording their latest album, entitled "Existence Of Trauma." Here's the update from frontman Janne Kerminen:

"All the instruments and vocals for the upcoming album, which will be titled 'Existence Of Trauma' are done now and everything came as it was planned. Now there will be a short break to get some distance for the material before the mixing starts. So, later and stay tuned!"

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Am I Blood Posts New Song Online

Am I Blood, who has been working on a new album, has relaunched their website, which has been closed recently. With the new site is a music player that features a new rough cut of the song "The Dawn Became Their Pride," which is off their upcoming new album, "Existence Of Trauma."

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Am I Blood Frontman Gives Recording Update

Am I Blood frontman Janne Kerminen has issued the following update on the band's progress recording their new album:

"Hello Friends! All the shit with our album production is rolling on like a bulldozer. There's still tons of stuff to do, but all the 'hardest' sections are completed, sealed with the blood and blessed by the hand of metal.

"In the near future Ilves and our new excellent guitarist Tomi will take charge in AIB HQ and play the lead guitar parts. The idea of those upcoming moments is giving a big smile coz I have heard what guys got in their sleeves, and that's all pure murder!"

"Okay, let's cut the BS this time and start to focus on unfinished business."

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Am I Blood Drummer Posts Studio Diary

Am I Blood drummer Mickey has posted a new studio diary about recording the drums for the band's upcoming new album:

"As I promised you, there's a somekind of diary for you about recording the drums for our upcoming album.

"I arrived to Am I Blood's HQ and a very own studio in the middle of August. I recieved all the demoversions of the songs a couple of months ago so I had a lot of time to practise all the beats down..so Janne and I were both very optimistic and full of energy.

"Because almost all the guitars and basses were already recorded with the demo-drums I only had to lay down all the drums perfectly on my own. More...

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Am I Blood Posts Album For Free Download

Am I Blood has posted their entire album, "The Truth Inside The Dying Sun," as high quality MP3s on RevebNation since they are sold out of the current pressing. Included with those songs is a demo version of "Shadows With The Colors" from Am I Blood's upcoming album. More...

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Am I Blood Issues Update On Production Of Album

Am I Blood frontman Janne Kerminen has issued the following update on the band's progress with the new material:

"So, things have started to move on quickly once they got started, at last! This week I spent some time with my good friend Aki Räty in the forest cabin and we were doing some production work for a new album. Intermissions we spent kicking shit out of Bigfoot. It was very productive session and great moment to reset all the meters after the drum session with our new brilliant drummer Mickey T. I'm more than pleased and grateful to have him on board. But as Mickey said, that's another story and we'll let you know about line up change later.

"We will close our website until new site is ready, but you'll find us here in myspace and all the info about every situation what's happening in AIB camp."

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Am I Blood Begins Recording New Album

Drummer Mickey T, of finnish thrash metal band, Am I Blood, has issued the following update:

"This is Mickey, a new drummer of Am I Blood. I guess it's time to tell you what's happening in Am I Blood camp at the moment. Undisputed leader, songwriter and mainchief Janne Kerminen has been writing new songs for upcoming album since the beginning of 2007. In same time he asked me to help him with the drums and I'm pretty sure that in same second I somehow joined Am I Blood. But that's enough about that."

"Much bigger news is that…"

"Am I Blood is at the moment in the studio recording upcoming album!" More...

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Thomas Vee Joins Roddick Bleu

Since his departure from IconofeaR, Thomas Vee has joined up with Roddick Bleu. The band formed in 2007 with Darth Helander, EZMoe and Pexi Sauvolainen (Ajattara, Am i Blood, Hate Division) and Thomas Vee on vocals. Roddick Bleu performed it's first live show and recorded 8 tracks at Matias Helle's (Sear) Studio to be released in the future. A couple of tracks are free to download here.

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Mehida Signs To Napalm Records

MEHIDA, a new band of Mikko Harkin (ex-Sonata Arctica) and Thomas Vikström (Therion, ex-Candlemass) has signed to Napalm Records. Ex-Am I Blood guitarist Jani Stefanovic (ex-Am I Blood) is also involved in the project. "MEHIDA manage an extraordinary feat by converging their progressive roots and technical prowess with strong, memorable vocal lines and first-class songwriting," states the label.

The release of the band's debut album, "Blood & Water" is set for 31.8.2007.

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Am I Blood Finally Release New Album, MP3s

Finnish metallers AM I BLOOD have released their long-awaited fourth album, "The Truth Inside the Dying Sun", through the A1Metal label in Finland. Two full-length MP3s from the album ("Gone with You" and "Lies Wrote Mysteries"), plus a non-album cut , "Nothing Realistic", can be downloaded from the group's official web site, amiblood.com.

'The Truth Behind the Dying Sun' was originally slated for release in 2002 through US startup Screaming Banshee, which disolved before releasing the album. The "non album cut" of "Nothing Realistic" for download was originally on that version of the album as well.

Earlier this year, the band had some lineup changes, adding guitarists are Max Karling and Ilves as well as a new drummer, Pekka Sauvolainen, who used to play the band in 1998-99.

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