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Formed: 2001
From: United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

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Ex-CoF and Biomechanical Members Form Band

Former CRADLE OF FILTH guitarist James McIlroy — who left the band in 2005 — has joined forces with ex-BIOMECHANICAL drummer Matt C. in a new band called CHAOSANCT. The group is currently shopping a demo to interested labels and is hoping to begin work on its debut album later in the year. Among the songtitles that appear on the CD are "I of Goliath" and "Slither."


James McIlroy (ex-CRADLE OF FILTH) - Guitar
Matt C (ex-BIOMECHANICAL) - Drums
Dave R Kuchta - Vocals
Andrew Ongley (SAMAS TRAUM) - Guitar
Tilman Wolff-Moore (SAMSAS TRAUM) - Bass

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Biomechanical Become A Four Piece

The following has been posted by Biomechanical via their official Myspace:

"Biomechanical's live set up has now changed into a four piece comprising of Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums.
John said:"I think it makes sense having one guitarist as on both The Empires of the Worlds and especially Cannibalised we only had Chris Webb playing the rhythm guitars.
So the feel was coming from one guitarist and this will be better reflected now on the live set up."

"The decision came after Chris Van Hayden left Biomechanical as the work for his own band Chaosgenesis has intensified.
John:"It's really unfortunate he left but I completely understand where he is coming from.
I had the same problem with Balance of Power. I really enjoyed being with them but it meant that I had to give less than 100% to Biomechanical and I couldn't have that.Chris is an extraordinary guitarist and I'm sure he is destined for great things.Check out and support his band Chaosgenesis, these guys are great!"

"Biomechanical won't be looking for a new guitarist and will carry on with axeman Gus Drax as the only guitarist in the band.

"Gus, John Adrian and Jonno would like to wish Chris all the best!"

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Biomechanical's John K Speaks On New Album

Chad Bowar from About Heavy Metal recently conducted an interview with BIOMECHANICAL mastermind John K. Here are some extracts from the conversation:

Chad Bowar: What's the storyline of this CD ("Cannibalised")?

John K: "It ends the story that preceded 'Eight Moons' and 'The Empires Of The Worlds'. This album is talking about the human spiritual death and the decline of the human society. It's dealing with the issue of spiritual atrophy. As technology gets more advanced, the spirit gets more saturated with information, making any attempt to think impossible. Drowned in mundane things we've been turned away from the true state of our world and almost fed ignorance. And this can only lead to spiritual atrophy. On this album we use a character who realizes there is no way out of this reality, re-inserts himself into the Matrix, becomes one of the many and awaits his spiritual death. The album doesn't run like a story but it's a take on his emotions."

Chad Bowar: What are your expectations?

John K: "At this point I can tell you that a lot of things that I was hoping would happen have already happened. I'm really pleased and grateful that awesome magazines have not only given the album incredible reviews, but they have also went out of their way to write massive features on us, offer a cover (Metal Hammer Greece) and really praise BIOMECHANICAL. The same goes for the Internet press. Their words have been incredible. And last but definitely not least fans are coming back with awesome comments about 'Cannibalised'. To be honest I'm taken back from the reaction, again as I said because you just don't know how these things can go. You do what you gotta do and take it from there."

Chad Bowar: How did you first decide to combine technical Thrash with cinematic and orchestral elements?

John K: "I've been a huge film music fan since I was a kid. When I was introduced to Metal I very much instantly felt that the two styles can merge successfully. It would be stupid of me to say that this is something new when DEEP PURPLE played original material with an orchestra ages ago. What we can offer here is film music that comes from the classical composers who influenced the greats of film music, draw inspiration from the traditionalism of film music and avoid keyboard writing oriented orchestral music. It's not an easy thing to do. You have to respect the riff of the given song, but at the same time write orchestral music that doesn't just accompany the band. The orchestra is part of the song as opposed to it being a secondary element that enhances the sound."

Chad Bowar: How did you decide to work with producer Chris Tsangarides?

John K: "I had discussions with Earache about the production of the album. I told them that I was looking to work with somebody who has knowledge of good old-school mixing because I'm not really sold on modern productions. They sound too cold and separated. And 'Cannibalised' was going to be totally in the opposite direction; I wanted valve-driven sound this time around and to hear the room on the drums. Chris was excellent to talk with. He made me feel very comfortable when we first talked and agreed pretty much on everything. I realized that most of the things I wanted production-wise were because of what Chris has achieved, so it was a case of letting the man do what he does best!"

Chad Bowar: How was he to work with?

John K: "Fantastic. He not only listened to what the band needed direction-wise, but he also made me feel really welcome. It was great working with him. We worked a lot on the album, and I am very grateful for all the hard work he put into it. I have to say he has totally converted me in to a valve-maniac. Can't beat the valves, man. No amount of digital technology can replace them."

Read the full article at this location.

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Sikth and Ex-Biomechanical Members Form New Band

The following message has been posted by ex Biomechanical guitarist Jamie Hunt via Myspace:

"My project with Pin (Sikth) and Dan 'Dood' Veall has now been named - Within the Void!!!! Music shall be appearing asap.

Add our official page www.myspace.com/withinthevoiduk

We are looking for a drummer and vocalist to complete the line-up, if you want to be involved please email us at withinthevoid@googlemail.com but be aware this project is extremely challenging and you will need the talent and dedication to cut the mustard."

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Biomechanical To Guest on Bruce Dickinson Show

Biomechanical will guest on Bruce Dickinson's BBC6 Rock Show this Friday 25th Jan at 10pm UK time. Recorded in London last week, Dickinson talks to John K and new Biomechanical guitarist Chris Van Hayden about the new album, flying planes, recording and drum sound as well as playing tracks from "Cannibalised."

Biomechanical mainman John K states:

"I have been a huge fan of Maiden and I never had the chance to meet any of the members so it was a big deal for me to meet Bruce. He has also been a huge influence on me so it was just a great experience and a bit surreal talking about 'Cannibalised' with him.

"The show was great fun, I went with guitarist Chris Van Hayden who is also a fighter pilot. So Bruce and Chris had lots to talk about in the studio and I was trying to follow the flying discussions with a baffled look on my face! Cheers to Bruce for having us, it was awesome meeting the main man!"

Listen in to hear tracks from the forthcoming new album "Cannibalised," released 11th Feb 2008. The limited edition first pressing comes with 4 exclusive bonus orchestral tracks.

Here are the latest Biomechanical tour dates (with Outcryfire):

18.02.08 The Underworld, London
19.02.08 Joiners, Southampton
20.02.08 Junktion 7, Nottingham
21.02.08 Cathouse, Glasgow
22.02.08 Rio's, Leeds

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Biomechanical Announce U.K. Shows

UK epic- thrash metallers BIOMECHANICAL have announced a string of UK live dates alongside OUTCRY FIRE. Dates are as follows:

18 - The Underworld, London, UK
19 - Joiners, Southampton, UK
20 - Junktion 7, Nottingham, UK
21 - Cathouse, Glasgow, UK
22 - Rio's, Leeds, UK

As previously reported, Biomechanical's new album, Cannibalised, mixed by famed producer Chris Tsangarides (JUDAS PRIEST), will be available via Earache on February 11th, 2008.

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Biomechanical Album To Feature Orechestral Tracks

The forthcoming release from UK extreme progressive metallers BIOMECHANICAL is set to feature four exclusive orchestral tracks. These expanded and reworked orchestral versions will only be available on a limited edition first pressing of "Cannibalised", which is due to be released on February 11, 2008 in Europe and February 26 in the USA.

These exclusive orchestral tracks have been masterminded by BIOMECHANICAL mainman John K and include the songs "Imperium (Absolution Parts I+III)" and "Through The Remains (Consumed)" taken from "The Empires Of The Worlds" and two tracks adapted from "Cannibalised", which include "Beyond The Descent (Fallen In Fear/Regenerated)" and "Reborn Into Darkness (Through Hatred Arise)".

Mixed by the legendary producer Chris Tsangarides (JUDAS PRIEST, BRUCE DICKINSON), "Cannibalised" showcases an aggressive and confrontational side of BIOMECHANICAL, which is complemented by the addition of epic and cinematic-sounding orchestral tracks, adding to an exhilerating listening experience. With a fresh new lineup, which sees John K joined by Chris Van Hayden, Gus Drax, Jono Lodge and ex-DRAGONFORCE bassist Adrian Lambert, this release marks a new era for BIOMECHANICAL.

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New Biomechanical Bassist Speaks

Following the completion of their eagerly anticipated new album "Cannibalised", UK metallers BIOMECHANICAL have confirmed a fresh lineup with the exciting addition of ex-DRAGONFORCE bass player Adrian Lambert.

Commented frontman John K: "It's no secret that it's a bit of a bitch to find good bass players and I was thrilled when Adrian contacted me. I also had people from Europe and the UK applying for the job and some of them were of very high standards. But after checking Adrian's playing I realized the logical next step would be to welcome him to the band!"

Adrian, who played bass on the last two DRAGONFORCE albums, has a fast and furious bass style that matches BIOMECHANICAL perfectly and he appears equally thrilled about joining the band at this stage. He states: "It's really exciting to be playing with a world-class act like BIOMECHANICAL. I've been into the band since I got 'The Empires of the Worlds' album back when I was still playing in DRAGONFORCE, so it's quite incredible for me to be playing with BIOMECHANICAL now. John K's assembled an insanely talented new lineup — he's had to get the best because of the complexity and scope of the new album 'Cannibalised'."

Commenting further on the band's third album, which is set for a February 2008 release date, Adrian states: 'You've got the bombastic film score stuff, you've got the crushing extreme metal riffs and solos... Hell, you've even got some heart-breaking vocal melodies in there as well as John's trademark screams! I think there's more of a groove to this album than 'Eight Moons' and 'Empires....' but it's also even more extreme and brutal than previous releases. I feel that BIOMECHANICAL are breaking a lot of boundaries with 'Cannibalised' and I'm proud to be a part of the team taking this album out on the road'.

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Biomechanical Recruit Former DragonForce Bassist

U.K. epic thrash metallers BIOMECHANICAL have announced the addition of bassist Adrian Lambert (SON OF SCIENCE, ex-DRAGONFORCE, INTENSE) to the group's ranks. "His fast and furious bass style is exactly what the band was looking for!" BIOMECHANICAL said in a statement.

BIOMECHANICAL will release its new album, "Cannibalised", on February 11, 2008 through Earache Records.

"Cannibalised" was mixed by famed producer Chris Tsangarides (JUDAS PRIEST). An exclusive advance track, entitled "Fallen In Fear", is available on the band's MySpace page. More...

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Biomechanical Set Release Date

Biomechanical have announced that the release date for the new Biomechanical album titled Cannibalised has been set by Earache Records for the 11th February 2008

The line up is now nearly complete and the band are looking forward to hitting the road soon

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Biomechanical Post New Song Online

British epic metallers Biomechanical have posted a new song entitled "Fallen In Fear" on their official Myspace. The song can be heard at this location.

Biomechanical have recently experienced a complete line up change bar frontman Jon K. The band is currently looking for a new, permanant bassist to complete the new line up.

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Biomechanical Announce New Second Guitarist

The following message has been posted via Biomechanicals official Myspace:

Metal axeman Chris Van Hayden has just joined Biomechanical! His awesome solid rhythm playing and solos convinced us that he is the man for the job! Chris is also the main collobarator of the band Chaosgenesis.

Chris has been a fan of the band and is very exited to be joining Biomechanical. The excitement is mutual and we are looking forward to completing the line up and going on the road .

So we would like to welcome Chris in the band and let you guys know that we have started working on the new set!

The band is now looking for a bass player to complete the line up. If interested e-mail info@biomechanical.co.uk

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Biomechanical Announce New Guitarist

The following message has been posted via the official Biomechanical Myspace account:

"We are very pleased to announce that Gus Drax a very talented guitarist from Greece has joined Biomechanical!

Gus started playing since he was 14 and has been Influenced by Dream Theaters John Petrucci also Mike Romeo, Rusty Cooley , Steve Vai, Jeff Loomis, Marty Friedman, and many more great guitarist.

John K: Was blown away by his performance. 'This guy has a great future. I am absolutely thrilled he has joined Biomechanical and can't wait to get together and gig Cannibalised!'

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Biomechanical Vocalist Adresses Departed Members

BIOMECHANICAL vocalist John K. has posted this message on the band's MySpace page regarding the recent departures of Jamie Hunt (guitar), Chris Webb (guitar) and Jon Collins (bass):

"I didn't want this situation to come to this. There is a long history of unpleasant feelings but I never thought that these guys would go so low and attack me publicly. I can say alot of things that could hurt their reputation but I am not going to.

I feel though that I have to explain myself to all the fans who have embraced BIOMECHANICAL. Right from the beginning when I picked each musician for BIOMECHANICAL I explained my self that this was my baby. They all knew what the score was. However I was always open to suggestions and input.

I have to make clear now that I have written, arranged recorded and co-produced all the music for BIOMECH. Artistic direction, lyrical content direction wise, internet content, guitar solo direction, record label relationships were all done by me. I never asked for any recognition for all this. All I asked was to at least respect some decisions that I had to make as a band leader.

I told the guys the band was going to become a project as I was ferociously attacked over my decision to not do the SIKTH gigs due to the fact that the work load for the new album 'Cannibalised' was way too heavy for me and I was clearly going to get ill. It was a simple decision: album or gigs.

I was continuously attacked and cornered to commit into something I couldn't do and on top of this I was told that they outvoted me to go and perform without a singer (which as far as I am concerned it's highly unprofessional unless there is a second singer in the band or enough instrumentals to cover a set) I had no other choice than to tell them this will now be a project on my terms so that I wouldn't have to be subjected to any other attacks again.

I have to thank the guys for leaving the band as they made some decisions a lot easier for me.

BIOMECHANICAL will not be a project as I am now looking for band members.

I am pleased to say I have a drummer Jonno Lodge and I am for looking the rest of the guys to get BIOMECH on the road after the album will be released.

Again really sorry the other members of the band stooped so low but believe it or not I still wish them good luck."

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Biomechanical Announce New Drummer

U.K. epic progressive metallers BIOMECHANICAL have announced the addition of 18-year-old drummer Jonno Lodge to the group's ranks. Lodge joins the band as the replacement for Matt C., who left BIOMECHANICAL last week due to "personal reasons."

Commented BIOMECHANICAL frontman John K: "I can't quite believe that we got somebody in just a few days!

"The response for the drumming position has been overwhelming and I would like to thank all who contacted us.

"Jonno is an avid DREAM THEATER fan which makes it easier for us to gel with him in terms of time signature changes etc. Has been playing the drums since the age of four and is classically trained.

"After watching his solo, [we] realized the potential of this collaboration could be awesome and the only logical thing after hearing him play was to offer him the job!

"So [we] would like to welcome the dude in the band and to say that we are looking forward to working with him!"

BIOMECHANICAL's new album, "Cannibalised", is due to be released early 2008 via Earache Records.

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Biomechanical Pull Out Of Sikth Tour

The following message has been posted on Biomechanical's Myspace:

"Really sorry to say that Biomechanical have unfortunately had to pull out of the Sikth tour at short notice.

This is due to a fire that broke out in the recording studio last week, Leading to the mixing being postponed, which sadly has been rescheduled at the same time as the Sikth tour leaving Biomechanical no option but to pull out of the tour."

Biomechanical, are extremely sorry to disappoint any fans and would like to apologise to Sikth who picked the band personally.

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Fire In Studio Halts Biomechanical Recording

U.K. epic progressive metallers BIOMECHANICAL are currently putting the finishing touches on their new album, "Cannibalised", with legendary producer Chris Tsangarides (JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH, THIN LIZZY) at Ecology Rooms in Kent, England. The group's bassist, Jon Collins, has issued the following update:

"John K and Chris Tsangarides were recording Chris Webb's solos when a strong smell of electrical fire started to fill the room. Right after that, smoke started coming out of the desk's power supply and it eventually caught fire! Chris ran out of the main room and grabbed the fire extinguisher. Thankfully it was put out straight away. Just a few more minutes and the whole thing would go up in flames! Just a small glitch…"

Both the band and the studio tapes are safe and sound. BIOMECHANICAL will re-enter the studio and continue recording "Cannibalised" in a few weeks.

"Cannibalised" is slated for a September 21 release in the U.K. The U.S. will receive the album later this fall.

BIOMECHANICAL will embark on a limited run of U.K. dates starting tomorrow, July 7 at London's Islington Academy.

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Biomechanical Set To Mix "Cannibalised"

Biomechanical are scheduled to begin the mixing process of their new album ‘Cannibalised’ with legendary producer Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy) on the 18th of June. The band will enter the Ecology Rooms in Kent, England to begin work on the brand new epic slated for a September 17th release date.

Front man, John had the following to say on the collaboration:

“This is the second time we will be working with the legendary Chris Tsangarides! We have had several discussions about the direction of the sound and I feel that he is the one to create the sound I have in my head as a producer. Also even though Chris is very much a modern producer he can bring old school sensibilities on the sound front and this excites the hell out of me!! I honestly can't wait to get started!"

"To get to Cannibalised we looked back to our previews albums and made sure that the Biomechanical sound wouldn't evaporate on a firewall of heaviness. Cannibalised is heavier than our other albums but at the same time melodic and does incorporate the film scoring orchestral type of work that defines the sound of our band”.

The full track listing for Cannibalised is as follows:

1. Fallen in Fear
2. The Unseen
3. Cannibalised
4. Breathing Silence
5. Predatory
6. Slow the Poison
7. Consumed
8. Reborn in Damnation
9. Through Hatred Arise
10. Violent Descent

Biomechanical will be on tour in July with Sikth and Architects.

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Sikth Parts Ways WIth Vocalists

SIKTH's FORTHCOMING tour in July under the 'This Ain't The Summer Of Love' banner will be the last with singers Mikee Goodman & Justin Hill.

The decision for the frontmen to part company with the North London troupe is an entirely amicable one, with Goodman leaving to pursue other musical activities, including his longstanding Sad Season project, another brand new outfit (based in Brighton) plus work on the production side. Hill, meanwhile, is going to focus on the production work that is becoming increasingly successful for him.

The remaining four members, guitarists Dan Weller & Pin, drummer Dan 'Loord' Foord & bassist James Leach, are now well underway with the writing of the third SikTh album; already they've amassed a great deal of fresh material guaranteed to further extend the boundaries of progressive metal music. Simply, the future for SikTh continues to be an exciting one.

Needless to say, SikTh is now on the look-out for a new singer or singers, and applicants should contact the four musicians at sikthmail@googlemail.com. More...

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Biomechanical Frontman Gives Post-Tour Update

John K, front man of BIOMECHANICAL reports on the European tour with Exodus:

"It’s hard to put everything that happened over the past 42 days into a few paragraphs. All I can say is that we had an awesome time, travelled through shit loads of countries in just a few weeks, witnessed a man turn black (and I mean totally black, face, teeth, the lot!) with the help of black markers and various band members (for Christ’s Sake, if on tour never pass out!! Guaranteed you will wake up full of graffiti) and met some amazing people along the way. Hung out with the guys from Lamb of God, In Flames, Kerry King members of Dimmu Borgir and the legendary Venom!!

But most off all we were glad to get off this tour knowing that we have made friends with the legends that are Exodus!! Those guys not only tear the shit out of every stage night after night but they also shared all their stuff with us. Their dressing room was our dressing room. Hell, Paul Bostaph even let Matt C use one of his kicks when his kick drum called it a day.
Total respect to the guys , they are absolute fucking Thrash legends!!

Unfortunately bad luck was all around us but we managed to escape it somehow! Jamie and Chris did escape a car crash in Bradford but the shit didn’t really hit the fan until in Sweden when customs officers ripped the fucking handle off our bus !! With all our equipment and our shit locked in. It was a crucial moment ‘cause we had no idea if we were going to make it for the rest of the tour. The officers fucked off and left us staring at a broken handle!! Then we nearly lost the ferry and one of our members had a severe asthma attack. All in 45 minutes.!! Never before have I seen a situation turn so crazy in such a short space of time!

When it all seem lost a dude stopped next to us and he had 60 kilos of (I know what you think but no, it wasn’t) Turkish sweet pie type of thing!! WTF?? It must have been a good sign ’cause the guy offered us shiploads of that thing and then our Tour Manager made a couple of phone calls and it was all sorted. Just like that! We managed to strike a deal with the bus owner so that we could fix the bus in Finland , got on the ferry and carried on with the tour!!

The shit didn’t stop there though, a broken cab, fucked up head, cracked kick drum skin, broken camera and other little bits and pieces kept happening after that moment. But we did carry on in to the rest of the tour with the necessary help of Jager and beer!! Thanks to Exodus for the tons (and I mean TONS) of beer and to Jagermeister for providing us with the much necessary liquids!!
And after all, what's tour without a few good tour stories?

So what kept us alive was: ham & chee(se), Jager, Beer, Vodka, Petrol, Bo-Selecta, the A-Team, Family Guy, Aliens, Jurassic Park, Revenge of the Sith (for me), Revenge of the Sith (me again), Revenge of the Sith (erm…me), Star Wars Trilogy (Original & Unaltered), Anchorman, Nutella, Cocopops , bus under floor heating, Craig (the man is a legend, drove 18 hours from Germany to Serbia), and the crazy fuckers who made it all worth while.

Best gig for me was in Belgrade. It was also quite an emotional moment seeing the bombed out buildings and the bullet holes all around. It did put things into perspective. The reaction there was truly awesome and were greeted with much enthusiasm from every place we have been.

Thanks to all who supported us! It was the first Biomechanical full European tour and a massive thanks goes to our fans for making this an experience we won’t forget! We'll be back soon - on that you can be sure!"

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