"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2000
From: Charleston, WV, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Byzantine News

Below is our complete Byzantine news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Byzantine Part Ways With Guitarist

West Virginia-based "tech-metal" band BYZANTINE have parted ways with lead guitarist Tony Rorhbough. "Tony is a founding member and has been an integral part of BYZANTINE since its conception in 2000," the band write on their web site. "Tony's musical ability, technical prowess and overall mastery of the language of guitar will be missed immensely and we in BYZANTINE wish him all the best with all his future endeavors.

"The upcoming Under The Underground Tour in October with HALO OF LOCUSTS and THE DREAM IS DEAD will continue as planned. BYZANTINE has hired longtime friend Eric Seevers (LIECUS) to fill in temporarily for this tour. After that, BYZANTINE will look for a permanent replacement for the lead guitarist position."

BYZANTINE's sophomore album, "...And They Shall Take Up Serpents", was released in July via Prosthetic Records. The follow-up to "The Fundamental Component" was produced by the band and Aaron Fisher and was mixed by Brad Divens (FU MANCHU, WRATHCHILD AMERICA) and Drew Mazurek.

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Under The Underground Tour Announced

Byzantine (Prosthetic Records), Halo of Locusts (featuring D. Randall Blythe of LAMB OF GOD), and The Dream is Dead (Escape Artists Records) are teaming up this fall for the "Under The Underground Tour" This tour will be a 3 week run through the Midwest, South, and Northeast and will kick off October 13. Chris Ojeda (Byzantine) states "We are truly ecstatic about hitting the road with Halo of Locusts and The Dream is Dead. D. Randall Blythe and Lamb of God gave us our start three years ago and now to be able to tour with his other band Halo of Locusts is amazing. We have truly came full circle and cannot wait to take this 3 ring circus into your town and destroy it." Judd Prather (Halo of Locusts) states "We are excited to be on this tour and look forward to traveling with our good friends in Byzantine. We’re going to bring the fucking ruckus and I know they will do the same. Its going to be good times."

As previously reported, Byzantine were expected to take part in the International Extreme Music Tour, which they were later dropped from under questionable circumstances.

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Byzantine Explain Dropping Off Of IEMF Tour

BYZANTINE have posted the following message on their official website regarding dropping off the International Extreme Music Tour:

"OK. Just so everyone knows exactly what is going on with us, here is why we are not doing the IEMF tour. We were screwed by Jeffrey Churchwell at Digger International. There we no internal problems with the band. Yes, OJ had a death in the family. That’s not the issue. No, no one in the band is addicted to anything. We were fully prepared to do this tour. We have signed contracts with the venues. We just ordered new merchandise. We were in the process of securing more reliable transportation for the tour. In short, we have been taking all the steps necessary to do this tour. I will state this again clearly: We were screwed by Jeffrey Churchwell at Digger International. That is why we’re not on the tour.

Stating that there were “circumstances beyond our control” is nothing but PC horseshit. More...

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Rockpile Fest Postponed Until October

The Rockpile Festival, which was set to take place at the Palace in Saugus, Massachusetts on August 27th, has been postponed until October 15th. More information TBA.

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More International Extreme Music Festival US Dates

More dates have been announced for this fall's "International Extreme Music Festival" North American tour. The five-week trek, which is scheduled to begin in September, will include appearances by GOD DETHRONED, NIGHTRAGE, BYZANTINE, EPOCH OF UNLIGHT, HELL WITHIN, THINE EYES BLEED and LILITU. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

Sep. 08 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Ten Bells
Sep. 10 - Denver, CO @ Bluebird
Sep. 11 – Salt lake City, UT @ Combat Acedemy
Sep. 12 - Boise, ID @ The Core
Sep. 14 - Seattle, WA @ The Core
Sep. 15 - Portland, OR @ Rockand Roll Piazza
Sep. 17 - Long Beach, CA @ Vault 360
Sep. 19 - El Paso, TX @ Lucky Devils
Sep. 20 - Albquerque, NM @ Launchpad
Sep. 22 - Houston, TX @ Fitzgearlds
Sep. 23 - Seminole, FL @ Boomerz
Sep. 24 - Ft.Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
Sep. 25 - Jacksonville, FL @ Jackrabbits
Sep. 27 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
Sep. 28 - West Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
Sep. 29 - Charlori, PA @ VFW
Sep. 30 - Detroit, MI @ Harpos
Oct. 01 - Chicago, IL @ Metro
Oct. 03 - Rochester, NY @ Penny Arcade
Oct. 07 - Toronto, ONT @ Opera House
Oct. 09 - Worcester, MA @ Palladium

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First International Extreme Music Festival Dates

The first dates have been announced for this fall's "International Extreme Music Festival" North American tour. The five-week trek, which is scheduled to begin in September, will include appearances by GOD DETHRONED, NIGHTRAGE, BYZANTINE, EPOCH OF UNLIGHT, HELL WITHIN and LILITU. The initial dates are as follows:

Sep. 18 – Boise, ID @ The Core
Sep. 24 – Seminole, FL @ Boomerz Boileroom
Sep. 30 – Detroit, MI @ Harpos Concert Theater
Oct. 01 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
Oct. 07 – Toronto, ONT @ Opera House

For more information, and to visit the official "International Extreme Music Festival" message board, visit IEMFtour.com.

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Nightrage Guitarist Comments On IEMF

NIGHTRAGE guitarist Marios Illiopoulos has commented on the band's participation in this fall's "International Extreme Music Festival" North American tour. The five-week trek, which is scheduled to begin in September, will include additional appearances by GOD DETHRONED, BYZANTINE, EPOCH OF UNLIGHT, HELL WITHIN and LILITU.

Stated Illiopoulos: "We are very happy to announce our participation on the fifth time of the IMEF. This is a first time for NIGHTRAGE having the chance to explore the USA territories and we feel extremely excited about this offer. We are going to give the best we are capable of and make everybody love our performances.

"NIGHTRAGE is coming, my friends, in full speed. Prepare for the best."

Exact cities and dates - which will include stops in Mexico and Colombia - will be announced soon.

NIGHTRAGE recently parted ways with vocalist Tomas Lindberg (ex-AT THE GATES, THE CROWN) due to scheduling conflicts. Replacing Lindberg on the microphone is Jimmie Strimell.

NIGHTRAGE's sophomore album, "Descent Into Chaos", was released earlier this year via Century Media Records. The follow-up to 2003's "Sweet Vengeance" was mixed at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden with producer Patrik J. Sten and was mastered at Tailor Maid Production in Stockholm with Peter in de Betou.

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Nightrage, God Dethroned Confirmed For IEMF

God Dethroned, Byzantine, Nightrage, Hell Within, Epoch of Unlight and Lilitu are part of the "International Extreme Music Festival." This is the 5th time the tour has launched in North America and is one of the most respected avant-garde Metal tours of its kind. IEMF is sponsored by Metal Edge / Metal Maniacs / Blabbermouth.net / Blistering.com and info can be found at: www.IEMFTour.com. Dates to follow shortly.

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Byzantine and Hell Within To Tour US

Byzantine and Hell Within will be touring together in August. Here are the dates confirmed thus far:

8/5 Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Music Terminal
8/6 Locke, NY @ Hardcore BBQ Festival
8/7 Loraine, OH @ The Red Parrot
8/8 Detroit, MI @ Alvin's
8/9 Grand Rapids, MI @ Ten Bells
8/10 Davenport, IA @ Quad City Live
8/11 Cedar Falls, IA @ The Reverb
8/13 Springfield, MO @ The Rockwell
8/16 Boise, ID @ Boogies
8/17 Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven

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Dwell in Darkness Festival Details

The Dwell in Darkness festival will take plance in Elbos, Ohio from June 10-11. Bands are as follows:

Friday, June 10:

Black Trinity

Saturday, June 11:

Into Eternity
All Shall Perish
REV. 9
I Died Trying

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New Six Feet Under Video Available Online

Metal Blade Records have posted the video for SIX FEET UNDER’s ‘Shadow Of The Reaper’ online. Check it out here.

‘Shadow Of The Reaper’ comes from Six Feet Under’s latest release, 13.

Also, the band have confirmed a North American tour in July to support the album, out now through Metal Blade. Joining Six Feet Under will be openers BYZANTINE, BLOODSIMPLE and GIZMACHI. More details as they become available.

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More Info On Ohio's Dwell In Darkness Festival

June 10th-11th will mark the return of the nationally acclaimed 'Dwell in Darkness' festival that is set to bring a dark cloud over the city of Dayton, Ohio for two straight days. In a waning metal scene, SMNnews.com in conjunction with JagerMeister, and The End Records will be breathing new life back into Dayton, Ohio for a two day metal extravaganza that will feature a myriad of international, national, regional, and local bands.

The 2 days of pure metal fury will be unleashed at Elbos, a premiere Dayton venue that will be housing most diverse festival that North America has to offer. Located in the heart of the "Oregon District", Elbos features an outdoor patio, pool tables, vendorville and merch areas, and a full bar.

Headlining Day One (June 10th) of Dwell in Darkness II, all the way from Norway will be Century Media Records' mighty Extol. The band will be performing in support of their May 3rd release "Blueprint Dives" as they trek across North America. Co-headlining with Extol will be Listenable Records' road-warriors Incantation who will be making a special one-off appearance before heading out on a full US tour with Hate Eternal. Like a turd in your easter basket, Friday's lineup wouldn't be complete without the almighty grindcore quartet of Circle of Dead Children. Day one of terror continues with the addition of the incredibly brutal black metal stalwarts Summon, regional powerhouses Estuary, and Cleopatra Records artists Wehrwolfe. Also flying in from Norway to make a rare one off US performance, will be up and coming death metallers Judas Goat. Fusing the best of the mid-west and east coast with a flavorful touch of European metal delight, June 10th is set to make metal history in Dayton, Ohio. Throcult will also be making there way across a few states to debut some new material for all to see and hear. On top of that…preparing to send a bold, powerful statement to their local metal community, rounding out the day's lineup will be Blackmetal.com artists Sin Origin, regionals Black Trinity and Skullcap, New York's Fecal Corpse, Kansas Metal Awards winners Evermourn, Kentucky's Day I Dread, West Virginia's Premature Burial, and locals Elusive Travel.

If Friday wasn't enough - prepare for the unstoppable lineup of Saturday (June 11th)…Headlining the 2nd day of this amazing event will be the insane, intense, musical powerhouses who recently inked a deal with TVT Records and go by the name of Bobaflex. Known for their brutal live show, and onstage intensity, the band will be taking time out of the studio to headline this prestigious Ohio event - so start preparing yourself. Adding to the tally of the east coast's biggest names in rock and metal that will be appearing at Dwell in Darkness II is Artemis Records' Dog Fashion Disco. DFD will be making a special one off appearance to take to the stage in Dayton, Ohio as they continue to work on their major label debut. Century Media's finest Canadian act, progressive-melodic-death metallers Into Eternity as well as one of Nuclear Blast Records latest signings All Shall Perish will be storming the front, part of an all out main stage Ohioan aural assault.

Also diverging away from their regular touring schedule, from the white-hot West Coast label, Prosthetic Records (Lamb of God, All that Remains, Himsa, etc.), will be one of West Virginia's most merciless and forthright acts - Byzantine. Alas, what would a true festival be without a bit of female spice? Broadzilla, who have toured the world, will also be stopping by to tear the house down. Jetting over from Illinois, with bottles of Jager in hand, and plenty of free merch, will be Metal Blade Records artists and rock and roll virtuosos the Heavils - expect a set-time full of surprises! The pit doesn't stop there. Upping the ante and flying in from New York City to wreak havoc upon the city of Dayton, a band who will be making their second Dwell in Darkness appearance, is former Century Media/Kingfisher Records hardcore artists 4 in tha Chamber. Also making the trip from the East Coast, a group who has taken to the stage at European Festivals such as Wacken, and have toured relentlessly all over Germany, will be Twisted Tower Dire. Other namesakes rounding out the billing for Saturday, June 11th will be doomsters Avernus, who recently inked a deal with Flood the Earth Records, Lifeforce Records' Hell Within, New York City's Mr. Bungle Fast Eddie, as well as, A Waking Nightmare, The Messiah Complex, Rev. 9, Project 44, Jackalopes, I Died Trying, Morphic Resonance, Splitt, Caje, Lowchain, Ludavico Technique, Seconds from Disaster, Enslaved to Mercy, South Gate, Regiment, Dissonant Hatred, Krimson Reign, Needless Guilt, Rewind, Diskreet, Metaphysical, Woe of Tyrants and Fourty Tour.

This two day phenomenon, that features artists from Ferret Records, Metal Blade Records, Century Media Records, Prosthetic Records, Cleopatra Records, TVT Records, Listenable Records, and Lifeforce Records, with bands coming in from Norway, Pennsylvania, Kansas, West Virginia, California, Illinois, Kentucky, and New York. The show will ONLY cost a mere $15 dollars a day, with two-day passes running for a discounted rate at $27. Bringing in genres of music from all across the world, and from all across the United States, Dwell in Darkness II provides the best in hardcore, metal core, heavy metal, black metal, death metal, doom, industrial, and much, much more all for the cost of a 3 band club show.

There will also be hourly giveaways, raffles, contests, festival shirts, merch booths, autograph sessions with performing artists, vendorville areas, and much, much more. Also on hand to complete your two days of metal will be SMNnews.com and SMN Promotions Staff, who will be flying in to meet and greet fans, and MC the event. Discounted hotels rates are available for traveling parties through the Red Roof Inn in Miamisburg, Ohio @ 937-866-0705 - just mention the group name of 'Dwell'!

More show information is available at: http://dwellindarkness.SMNnews.com.

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Byzantine To Release New Album On July 12

Acrobatic thrashers Byzantine will release their second disc, "And They Shall Take Up Serpents," on July 12. The album's the follow-up to the West Virginians' 2004 debut, "The Fundamental Component," and was produced by the band with Charles A. Fisher.

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Byzantine Bassist Departs

Byzantine have announced the departure of long-time bassist, Chris Adams. The split was "very amicable" and "due to musical differences." The group will soon begin looking for a replacement.

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Byzantine Plan May Release

Byzantine will release their next album for Prosthetic Records in May 2005. Entitled "...And They Shall Take Up Serpents," the effort will consist of ten tracks, nine of which will be new.

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Beyond The Embrace & Byzantine Announce Tour Dates

Beyond the Embrace and Byzantine join forces and co-headline the "Sofa King Metal Tour 2004" with special guests Children of Tragedy. For a printable version of the tour poster click here. Beyond the Embrace have also confirmed a show on October 16 at the Palladium in Worcester, MA with Seemless, Burn in Silence Oma and Screams of Erida.

Confirmed Sofa King Metal tour dates are as follows:

9/24 Charleston, WV The Sound Factory
9/25 Uniontown, PA Schubydoo’s
9/26 Morgantown, WV 123 Pleasant Street
9/28 Athens, OH The Union
9/30 Grand Rapids, MI Club North
10/01 Cleveland, OH The Odeon
10/05 Johnson City, TN The Hideaway
10/06 Tallahassee, FL Big Daddy’s
10/07 Jacksonville, FL Thee Imperial
10/08 Sarasota, FL Rockerfellas
10/09 Seminole, FL The Boiler Room
10/10 Wilmington, NC Lucky’s

10/19 Worcester, MA Palladium w/ Seemless, Burn in Silence Oma, and Screams of Erida

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Instil And Byzantine To Tour Europe This Fall

Dutch metal/metalcore band Instil (NL, Garden of Exile) are going to tour Europe with Byzantine (USA, Prosthetic records) in November. Byzantine are first going to do a few shows with Eden Maine and later on from the 17th Instil will hook up for 11 shows in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and maybe Denmark till the 28th of November. This tour is booked in cooperation with Glambookings.com and Loud Noise Bookings. More information will be available soon.

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Byzantine Track Available for Download

An mp3 of the lead track from BYZANTINE’s forthcoming Prosthetic Records release The Fundamental Component, entitled ‘Hatfield’, is currently available here.

As previously reported, Byzantine recently announced their upcoming live dates through their official website (www.byzantine1.com). Confirmed dates include: More...

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Byzantine Line Up Live Shows

West Virginia-based metallers Byzantine have lined up the following dates during December/January: More...

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