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Beyond Fear

Formed: 2005
From: United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Former Dio Members To Tour Europe

Former Dio members Craig Goldy (guitars,) Rudy Sarzo (bass,) Simon Wright (drums) and Scott Warren (keyboards,) has announced that they will be embarking on a tour of Europe together with Toby Jepson (Fastay, Gun) and former Judas Priest/Iced Earth and current Yngwie Malmsteen and Charred Walls Of The Damned singer, Tim "Ripper" Owens. The group will be touring under the name Dio Disciples and will be performing some of the late heavy metal legend's most classic material.

A message from Wendy Dio, the wife and manager of Ronnie James Dio, had this to say about the tour: "There will never be another Ronnie, but we want to keep his music alive and hope you will support the band and become one of the DIO DISCIPLES. We will post the UK/European tour dates as they are confirmed, and we are planning some US dates also. Hope to see you at one of the shows."

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Tim "Ripper" Owens Announces European Tour

American vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens has revealed the dates for his forthcoming headline tour of Europe. The former Judas Priest and Iced Earth vocalist will be hitting seven cities across eastern Europe on his "Screaming Through The East" trek. The list of dates, cities and venues can be viewed below:

Feb. 11 - Uzgorod Hall - Uzgorod, Ukraine
Feb. 12 - Lvov Hall - Lvov, Ukraine
Feb. 13 - Vinica Hall - Vinica, Ukraine
Feb. 14 - Odessa Hall - Odessa, Ukraine
Feb. 15 - Kiev Club - Kiev, Ukraine
Feb. 16 - [to be announced] - Slovakia
Feb. 19 - Zion - Pécs, Hungary

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Charred Walls of the Damned Kicks off Tour

The biggest oddity of Charred Walls of the Damned’s first tour is they are playing smaller venues – bars and small theaters and the like. With the amount of experience and reputation this supergroup has (although admittedly half of the studio members aren’t on the road), it seems like they should be playing arenas and ampitheaters, or at least opening for big name headliners.

But as it stands, Charred Walls of the Damned kicked off their first ever tour in Chicago at the Empty Bottle. The Empty Bottle is the type of old school dive where the air feels sticky, not to mention the restroom floors. Thus, it is perfect for an old school traditional metal show. And suffice it to say there wasn’t anyone in the crowd that became a metal fan after hearing “Nothing Else Matters” in high school, and nobody was rocking the latest Hot Topic sampler on the way to the show either. The folks here were all metal-for-life types, even the young ones. More...

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Ripper Owens Announces Mexican Tour Dates

Tim "Ripper" Owens, the former singer of Judas Priest and Iced Earth as well as the current vocalist for Beyond Fear and Yngwie Malmsteen, has announced a series of solo shows in Mexico this May, to coincide with the release of his debut solo album, "Play My Game."

The tour dates are as follows:

7 - Reynosa, Mexico
8 - Monterrey, Mexico
9 - Saltillo, Mexico
10 - San Luis Potosi, Mexico
14 - Aguascalientes, Mexico
15 - Leon, Mexico
16 - Queretaro, Mexico
17 - Mexicoico City, Mexico
21 - Puebla, Mexico
22 - Veracruz, Mexico
23 - Merida, Mexico
24 - Cancun, Mexico

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Tim "Ripper" Owens To Release Solo Album In May

Former Judas Priest and Iced Earth frontman, Tim "Ripper" Owens will be releasing his first solo album this May, entitled "Play My Game." The album boasts a large number of guest musicians including Jeff Loomis of Nevermore, Vinny Appiece of Heaven And Hell, Megadeth's James Lomenzo, Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich, former Megadeth/current F5 bassist David Ellefson, Michael Wilton of Queensryche and many more.

Says Owens: "I’ve gotten better as a songwriter. And I also write songs that the fans can really get into and get their fist pounding in the air. I’ve always been a great fan of the Black Sabbath line-up featuring Ronnie James Dio, and I love Judas Priest. Both bands delivered records that are straight forward and go directly to the bloodstream – which also happens to be my compositional approach."

The release dates for "Play My Game" are as follows:

Germany / Austria / Switzerland: May 15th
UK / rest of Europe: May 18th
USA / Canada: May 19th

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Joey Belladonna Announces Tour Dates

Former Anthrax vocalist Joey Belladonna has lined up a string of tour dates beginning next week. You can check out the band at the following shows:

19 - El Paso, Texas - Club 101 (with BEYOND FEAR)
21 - Chihuahua, Mexico - Arena Chihuahua (with Beyond Fear)

21 - San Juan, Puerto Rico - La Respuesta
27 - Rochester, New York - Montage Music Hall

4 - Southbridge, Massachusetts - JAGFest at The Artist Development Complex

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David Ellefson Comments On Dimebag Tribute

As previously reported, SHADOWS FALL drummer Jason Bittner, current F5/former MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson, ex-JUDAS PRIEST/ICED EARTH and current Beyond Fear/Yngwie Malmsteen singer Tim "Ripper" Owens and DAITRIBE guitarist Tristan "1690" Grigsby have joined forces to record a song for the upcoming tribute album to late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. Entitled "Leave It Alone", the track features solos by special guests Nick Bowcott (ex-GRIM REAPER) and fan Brian Cashmore. It was recorded and mixed in Chicago at Farview Recording by Jason Walsh, with additional tracks recorded at Saltmine studios in Phoenix, Arizona and Galahad Studios in Cleveland Ohio.

David Ellefson states "Ironically, it led to a really cool metal jam we did for Rockhouse at WNAMM this past year, a gig which brought in our friend "Ripper" to really tear it up on vox. "Leave It Alone" is not only a cool song but it was also the beginning of a great working relationship with me and Jason Bittner doing clinics, jams, and so forth.

"Leave It Alone" will be released to radio in April and will be made available for download exclusively via iTunes. All proceeds from the song will go to the Little Kids Rock school program.

An audio sample of the track is available at this location.

Little Kids Rock believes that all children in our public schools deserve music education as music education is a transforming force in children's lives. Dimebag had the same philosophy with always sharing his passion and love of music to the world inspiring kids to pick up a guitar.

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Metal Artists Unite For Dimebag Memorial Song

"Leave it Alone" is the song that features a number of heavy metal artists including Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner, F5 bassist David Ellefson, DaiTribe guitarist Tristan '1690' Grigsby, and recently announced Yngwie Malmsteen (ex-Iced Earth, ex-Judas Priest) frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens. The song was written for the upcoming memorial album to Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott. "Leave it Alone" features solos by special guests, Nick Bowcott (ex-Grim Reaper) and fan Brian Cashmore. The song was recorded and mixed in Chicago at Farview Recording by Jason Walsh with additional tracks recorded at Saltmine studios in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Leave it Alone" will be released to radio in April and will be made available for download exclusively via iTunes. All proceeds from the song will go to Little Kids Rock. A preview of the track can be heard on its MySpace page.

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Tim "Ripper" Owens Speaks On Malmsteen Job

As reported yesterday, Tim "Ripper" Owens" (ex-ICED EARTH, ex-JUDAS PRIEST) has officially joined Swedish guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen as his new lead vocalist. D.X. Ferris from Cleveland's Scene spoke exclusively to Owens where he had this to say:

"Yes, it is official, I will be singing on the next Yngwie Malmsteen CD, and I couldn't be more excited about working with him. We have known each other for a while and we have never had the opportunity to work together (aside from the 'Mr. Crowley' song) until now. Back when I was in PRIEST, we had tried to get together to do something but we couldn’t get our schedules to align."

In addition, Ripper told the Cleveland Scene that he'll just be singing for the project, and won’t be writing material, but expects to tour behind the record. He says he's learning old and new material including "You Don’t Remember".

As far as his other band, BEYOND FEAR, is concerned, Owens added: "I'm still doing BEYOND FEAR [a group of locals that records for international indie Metal label SPV Records], but not sure of the timing of everything. To all the fans who are writing in expressing their congrats and concerns, please know that BEYOND FEAR will always be a main focus of mine, but I now have a great opportunity to work with one of the greatest guitarists ever... I AM A VIKING... LOL!"

A message previously posted on Malmsteen's website stated: "Yngwie's long-awaited CD is now in its final stages of creation, with a tentative release date of July 2008. The new lineup that will take Yngwie's new album on the road will be Yngwie on guitars (of course!), Tim 'Ripper' Owens on vocals, Bjorn Englen on bass, Michael Troy on keys, and Patrik Johansson on drums."

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Tim "Ripper" Owens Seeks Musicians For New Band

Sadie Rene's nightclub in North Canton, Ohio and Canton/Akron's Rock 106.9 are forming Northeast Ohio's "ultimate band." According to a press release, "Tim 'Ripper' Owens [ex-JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH] will be the lead singer and we want three instrumentalists to join him — a bass player, a guitar player and a drummer.

"The contest takes place at Sadie Rene's on Whipple Ave. each Sunday night.

"Doors open at eight on Sundays and the competition starts at 9 'till midnight.

"Everything kick[ed] off on February 24 when the Ripper [had] a concert at Sadie Rene's. Then March 2 the contest begins with the first auditions. There will be three judges each week. The judges will be all professional musicians."

Below is the list of songs that will be randomly chosen each night for auditions:

JUDAS PRIEST - "Green Manalishi"
JUDAS PRIEST - "Grinder"
JUDAS PRIEST - "Breaking the Law'
KISS - "Cold Gin"
PANTERA - "Walk"
ALICE IN CHAINS - "Man in the Box"
MEGADETH - "Peace Sells… But Who's Buying?!"
BLACK SABBATH - "Paranoid"
GODSMACK - "Awake"
GODSMACK - "Forever"

For more information, go to this location. More...

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Tim "Ripper" Owens To Front Yngwie Malmsteen Band

Guitar World Magazine reports:

Rumors have been circulating for some time, but Guitar World has confirmed that TIM 'RIPPER' OWENS is indeed the new lead singer for YNGWIE MALMSTEEN.

Yngwie announced the news to the Guitar World staff today when he came to the magazine’s New York headquarters for an exclusive interview and photo shoot.

Malmsteen and Owens, who formerly fronted JUDAS PRIEST, are hard at work on a new CD, which is currently scheduled for a July release.

Visit yngwie.org for more information.

As reported earlier today, according to The RAINBOW Fanclan Legacy, vocalist Doogie White and Malmsteen decided to part company after six and a half years together. Doogie joined the band in September 2001 and recorded two albums: Attack and Unleash the Fury.

"I had a long chat with Yngwie today and it is clear that he wants to move musically in a new direction. It's great news that he will be expanding on his undoubted talents both as a writer and guitarist. I just want to thank, publicly, Yngwie and the many band members past and present that I have worked with. It seems appropriate that we started our working relationship in South America in September 2001 and finished in South America in December 2007. Now anyone need a singer??"

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Annihilator Guitarist Speaks On "Ripper" Owens

Chad Bowar from About Heavy Metal recently conducted an interview with ANNIHILATOR guitarist Jeff Waters. Here are some extracts from the conversation:

Chad Bowar: "Metal" has been out for nearly a year in Europe. What was the delay in getting a North American release?

Jeff Waters: "I've been away from the states since 1993. My home country Canada hasn't seen us tour there since '93, nor has the U.S. So we haven't really had a proper release there. This is more of a proper release, although it's not going to get us out front and get us in all the magazines there. But SPV will try to get us a little momentum. We've had a good following in Europe and Asia since the first record in 1989. The first three records did pretty well in North America, then in 1993 Metal went out and we decided stay overseas where we were doing well, and that's where we've been all this time. I've tried to get Canadian and U.S. deals for many albums over many years. This is the 12th studio album, and after the third one it was almost impossible because in the '90s traditional Metal went out. It was only in the underground. No promoters and clubs would book anything with 'Metal' in it. And now it's really tough for us, because we an 'older' band, and labels would rather sign the newer stuff. We don't have that guaranteed big sales thing, where overseas we keep getting resigned and getting good deals and doing good tours because we do have the sales over there."

Chad Bowar: You sang lead vocals on a track on "Metal" and you were actually the full-time vocalist for ANNIHILATOR for a while in the '90s. Do you miss being the vocalist?

Jeff Waters: "No. I did it on 'King Of The Kill' (1994), 'Refresh The Demon' (1996) and 'Remains' (1997). I just did it because I couldn't find anyone around where I was living. Friends of mine conned me into giving it a try. 'King Of The Kill' was a big album everywhere except North America, and we did three videos for the album. I was laughing because I was very insecure as a singer. I'm not really a singer. I just picked it up at the age of 26. But it worked well. Eventually it became too physically demanding. I wanted to concentrate on guitar and we brought back an old singer, Randy Rampage. Once in a while I'll sing on a record. It's fun to do, but I'm not great at it and it's very physically demanding. When we're doing touring, I do three or four songs if we're the opening act, and six out of 18 in a headline set."

Chad Bowar: What do you think about ICED EARTH bringing back Matt Barlow and replacing Ripper Owens?

Jeff Waters: "It's good and bad. It's good for Jon (Schaffer). I know where Jon's coming from, because sometimes you have to make decisions where half the people think it's a great thing and half the people don't. But there is a lot of stuff behind the scenes that you don't know go on, and Jon has to make decisions. I was very close to those guys on the ICED EARTH tour. We were all friends and hanging out for over a month. Everybody got along. Jon and Ripper were best of buddies. There was no negativity at all. It was actually one of the best tours I've ever done for getting along with the other band. It was a really close, cool tour and they are all nice guys. It's sad to see a great singer like Tim leave that gig. But at the same time Jon feels it's going to put some extra life in the band, a kickstart. It's cool to see Matt come back, too. I hope Ripper does some really good things, because he has one of the best voices in Metal."

Read the full article at About.com.

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"Ripper" Owens Speaks On New Beyond Fear Songs

Vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens (BEYOND FEAR, ex-ICED EARTH, JUDAS PRIEST) has issued the following update:

"Things are good on this end. The new BEYOND FEAR songs are really sounding great. I really can't wait to get in the studio! Also, I have a really cool project that I will be working on real soon, the news will be released in due time, it should be a lot of fun. But this will not change the timing of BEYOND FEAR.

"A big thanks to the thousands of emails that have come in with nothing but support and kind words! I thank you all for that."

Owens was dismissed from ICED EARTH in December — three months after the release of the group's latest album, "Framing Armageddon - Something Wicked Part I".

ICED EARTH mainman/guitarist Jon Schaffer issued a press release last month announcing that the band was parting ways with Owens and was once again working with Tim's predecessor, Matt Barlow, who originally left ICED EARTH in 2003.

According to the Cleveland Scene, Owens is still being managed by Wendy Dio, wife of metal legend Ronnie James Dio. BEYOND FEAR remains signed to SPV Records, which also handles ICED EARTH's recorded output. The singer may move forward with a new WINTERS BANE album and tour, if the project generates label interest; BANE bassist Dennis Hayes was dismissed from ICED EARTH along with Owens.

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Tim Owens Issues Last Words About Iced Earth

Singer Tim "Ripper" Owens (ex-JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH) issues the following statement:

"My last words on my departure from Iced Earth. Well, first off I would like to wish good luck to Jon (Schaffer) and the band. The news did come at a bad time (being two weeks before Christmas) and I really think it could have been handled in a much better way but I do completely agree that it needed to happen for IE and for myself. 'The Winds of change' really are upon me and that is exactly what I needed. With BEYOND FEAR being one of the best reviewed CD’s I have ever done, I'm really looking forward to getting the new CD recorded and released. The new one is sounding nice and heavy and it really is a step up from the last one, it's just straight forward metal. Myself, along with my manager Wendy Dio and all at Niji management are excited about the future. Once again, good luck to all the guy's that I've played with in IE over the last few years but let’s all just leave it alone now and end this chapter and close that book!"

"Thank you and keep it heavy,

"PS. I do think this attached poster says it all. Also, for all the WINTERS BANE fans, you can download the Heart Of A Killer CD on my MySpace page and also get the last Beyond Fear cd and a few other things as well!"

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Tim Owens Discusses Being Kicked Out of Iced Earth

Singer Tim "Ripper" Owens spoke exclusively to D.X. Ferris of the Cleveland Scene about his surprising departure from ICED EARTH three months after the release of the group's latest album, "Framing Armageddon - Something Wicked Part I."

ICED EARTH mainman/guitarist Jon Schaffer issued a statement last week announcing that the group was parting ways with Owens and was once again working with Tim's predecessor, Matt Barlow, who originally left ICED EARTH in 2003.

Speaking to the Cleveland Scene, Owens stated about his split with ICED EARTH, "I was told 30 seconds before the news hit Blabbermouth that I was let go — two weeks before Christmas. I don't think it was handled right. It's a shame it ended like that. With JUDAS PRIEST, at least the way it was handled, I'm still good friends with the band. The good thing is, I don't have to discuss ICED EARTH anymore. I can move on. I wish them luck. We're ready to go to the future." More...

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Iced Earth Vocalist Talks Illegal Downloading

Sweden's Metalshrine conducted an interview with ICED EARTH/ex-JUDAS PRIEST singer Tim "Ripper" Owens on October 25, 2007 in Stockholm. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Metalshrine: Do you see any fear of not being able to make a living out of releasing records and playing live, since people are just downloading these days and artists don't sell as many records as they used to?

Owens: Definitely, yeah! It's definitely something that hurts. I don't think people realize what they're doing to the industry. It gets silly, really, that people even think that it's right to download stuff for free. But I think it's starting... now they have so many sites where you pay to download, so I think that people more and more have done that. You have iTunes and the sites where you pay to download. It hurts. I mean, it definitely takes more away. It scales down touring budgets and they don't realize how much it scales down everything. It's a shame. You just release them and see what you can do.

Metalshrine: Do you see it like totally getting away from the record companies and releasing stuff by yourself, through a website or whatever?

Owens: I don't know. Maybe there will end up being more specialized companies that sell records. Maybe labels are gonna try to be more "online labels." I think they are trying to do both now. Labels obviously have to focus on the Internet and making albums. I don't know. It's hard to say. I think there will always be CDs for quite a while. People still want some CDs, they want the artwork, so people will still buy them. It's hard. I buy a lot of my stuff, the majority of it, from iTunes, but I'm still buying it, though, that's the difference.

Metalshrine: Do you have any other projects going on? Have you ever thought of releasing a solo album?

Owens: I have been kind of contemplating it. Maybe trying to make some type of album and get a bunch of different musicians to do it with me. My idea would be kind of neat to just try and get 5 or 6 different guitar players, or just different people who each of them write a song for the album and then I write the lyrics and the melodies. Just try to release an album like that, would be kind of cool. Try to get Scott Ian [ANTHRAX] on a song.

Metalshrine: Yeah, I read about that. Scott Ian and Jon Oliva [SAVATAGE].

Owens: Yeah, Jon Oliva. Have him do some songs with me and maybe get Michael Wilton from QUEENSRŸCHE to do a song and maybe even Jeff Waters from ANNIHILATOR to do a song. Get Chris Caffery [SAVATAGE] to do a song. I think it would be kind of neat. I'd also like to make an album with Jon Oliva. I think that would be fun. But I've got the BEYOND FEAR thing now and I have some other things in the works. I have some people who have sent me some music and I've worked on some songs with them, so we'll see what happens with that.

Metalshrine: You've got an awesome voice, did you ever take lessons or are you totally self taught?

Owens: I started singing when I was a kid and I was in choirs and had some good teachers. Something I was born with, you know. I think I would've rather been born to be a brain surgeon, then my wife would've been a little happier (laughs). It's something I was born with and had the natural ability to do it, but then I've taken care of it and worked on it. It's not I just took for granted. OK, I've got this gift, but I'm not gonna run it into the ground, which I've seen a lot of people do. A lot of practice have gone into it.

Metalshrine: Just a few things about your JUDAS PRIEST days. Do you know if there's anything recorded with you that hasn't been released?

Owens: No, I think everything's been released. There's nothing. No extra tracks or no extra things that hasn't been released. I'm certain that nothing's left.

Metalshrine: If you got the chance, would you open up for JUDAS PRIEST?

Owens: Ah, man, we would open for them any day. I mean, I think it's a great combination and I think the fans would love it. I think ICED EARTH supporting JUDAS PRIEST on a tour would be a good thing and I know Jon says the same thing. There are bands that you want to open for. JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, HEAVEN AND HELL. Anybody that's big. You know, METALLICA, that would be the opportunity of a lifetime to open up for anyone of them.

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Iced Earth Vocalist Talks New Album & Beyond Fear

Rich Catino of Metal Asylum recently conducted an interview with ICED EARTH/ex-JUDAS PRIEST vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Metal Asylum: So before we start talking about the forthcoming ICED EARTH album "Framing Armageddon", I wanted to ask how your other band BEYOND FEAR was received by both fans and critics?

Owens: It went good, man. Probably that was one of the best reviewed albums I had been part of. I know I really liked that debut album. To go over how well it did with the fans and critics was great. We didn't get to tour as much as we would have liked, guess since it was our first album, but it was a good surprise. The next one is gonna be even better. We're gonna do what we did with the last one, take the best parts, and continue on.

Metal Asylum: Do you think you may try something different on the next album?

Owens: It will always be classic metal, but I think a lot of the later songs that we recorded for the debut, like "Scream Machine", became favorites for fans. And lyrics to a song like that were not so serious and more cliché metal lyrics, you know about a metal machine. (Laughs) so I think some of the new songs may go in that direction. We are still gonna have songs like "Save Me", but I think it will probably have some more aggression. We have been writing now, John Comprix [guitar] and I, for a while. I have a lot of ideas and melodies in my head that I really can't use anywhere else (laughs). It's nice I get to use 'em for BEYOND FEAR. I mean, I have been a writer for many years but I don't get to do it as much as I would like, and ICED EARTH just keeps me so busy, but it's nice that every once and a while I get to do my thing with BEYOND FEAR. And we get to take our time with this band and practice together. I mean, that's what I want to hear with all my influences on one album that's what I like to do with FEAR.

Metal Asylum: Do you find that "Framing Armageddon" is closer to what the fans, and critics, expectations may be for ICED EARTH than what came our of "The Glorious Burden"?

Owens: I don't know, really. (Laughs) To me it's the same type of thing that happened when I was in JUDAS PRIEST. And it's the fact the I'm in a band that has never really been the same with every record. I mean, with ICED EARTH musically you could tell, but musically things changed — choruses were different, moods were different. But I think this one as a whole is more back to the roots of ICED EARTH and taking everything they have done up till now and mixing it in one record. You know, people say ICED EARTH is really a heavy band but they do have a couple balls out heavy songs per album, and then you have a couple slow ones, and then there are the mid-tempo ones. I think "Framing Armageddon" is a great CD and I can't see an ICED EARTH fan not liking it.

Metal Asylum: Since "Glorious Burden" was the first ICED EARTH album you sang on, what is different the second time around now for you as a singer.

Owens: It's similar vocal-wise because Jon [Schaffer, guitar] has always said he always writes the same. He said he always wrote for a singer like me. He said in a lot of interviews that Matt [Barlow, former singer] use to write lyrics but Jon writes all the melodies and vocal parts. And he doesn't write 'em for the singer in the band at the time, he writes them the way he thinks they should be sung. I know I naturally have a higher voice but I do wish I could sing more of the lower parts. I know with this album I was there when it was written, I went in there and did the demos and sang the parts. Jon said, "Here's the lyrics and melody and I want you to deliver it. Here's what I would like you to deliver it like, but you do what you feel." So that's what was cool about this album. "The Glorious Burden" was probably an easier album for me to sing than this one, even though it was already written when I came into the band. But when I go back and try to sing some of the stuff on "Framing Armageddon", I'm just like, "Holy shit, what did I do?"

Metal Asylum: Speaking of what you are singing on "Framing Armageddon", I was going to ask was there anything challenging to do on this record?

Owens: Definitely. I think there is a difference between a songwriter and a singer and Jon is a songwriter and I think he forgets sometimes that I have to breathe. (Laughs) And I do to I have to remember also in the heat of the moment while I am in the studio recording, so it's my fault, but then again when I have to go back and sing some of this stuff again, you know… It's like, "Ten Thousand Strong", that's just balls-out and when we were doing it in rehearsal I was like, "Man, this is tough." It's a natural high voice with no room to breathe; it's fun and challenging. There was stuff we did for BEYOND FEAR that was the same way but the difference is we rehearsed those songs first before we recorded those. I mean, with the new ICED EARTH album there are some registers that Jon has me reaching that I don't use that often, that I used in the past but not so much of recent. Two singers that were always like that were Bruce Dickinson [IRON MAIDEN] and Ronnie Dio, those are two guys that were always tough to do.

Metal Asylum: Do you think the ICED EARTH fans at this point have become more comfortable with you as the new singer?

Owens: I don't know. I mean, the real ICED EARTH fans know that Jon Schaffer was always the driving force of the band. And Matt Barlow [former ICED EARTH vocalist] was a great singer, but decided to make a career change. If they don't accept me, then listen to someone else, I guess; it doesn't really hurt my feelings. I know Jon is doing exactly what he wants to do and it's still classic ICED EARTH. I mean, people have to realize that I followed Halford in PRIEST and coming into ICED EARTH now doesn't hold that much pressure.

Metal Asylum: Contributing vocals to any other projects?

Owens: Not right now. ICED EARTH keeps me pretty busy, but I would like to. I would love to do a project with maybe Scott Ian from ANTHRAX, Vinnie Paul [PANTERA, HELLYEAH] on drums. I mean, there are so many people I would love to work with. You know, someone else I would love to work with down the road is Jon Oliva [SAVATAGE, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA]. I mean, his style and my vocals would be a phenomenal mix, I think. I mean, imagine Jon Oliva, myself singing, Scott Ian doing rhythms and bring in Chris Caffery [SAVATAGE] on leads. That would be awesome!

Metal Asylum: Now that you mention Jon Oliva, I think you would sound great singing the old SAVATAGE stuff. And have you ever considered doing some vocals on a TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA album?

Owens: Man, I love that old SAVATAGE stuff. If they ever get it back together again, I would love to jam with them. Concerning TSO, I did speak with Paul O'Neill [TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA mastermind] but he just didn't pursue the idea. It was really surprising. I mean, I think it would work pretty well and I would sing what fits TSO's music. That band has some great singers that travel with them as it is. I mean, I would love to be part of that.

Read the entire interview at www.metalasylum.net.

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Beyond Fear Announce U.S. Tour Dates

BEYOND FEAR, the new band featuring former JUDAS PRIEST and current ICED EARTH frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens, has lined up the following U.S. dates prior to its upcoming European tour with VICIOUS RUMORS:

Sep. 23 - Peabody's - Cleveland, OH
Sep. 29 - Club Infinity - Williamsville, NY
Oct. 21 - The Crossroads Concert Club - Akron, OH

BEYOND FEAR's tour with VICIOUS RUMORS is scheduled to kick off October 31 in Budapest, Hungary. More...

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Beyond Fear Post Live Video Online

A video of BEYOND FEAR, the new band fronted by former JUDAS PRIEST and current ICED EARTH singer Tim "Ripper" Owens, performing the song "Human Race" live at the Monterrey Metal Fest on May 28, 2005 at the Auditorio Coca Cola in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, has been posted online at IcedEarth.com.br (.MPG, 25 MB).

BEYOND FEAR members Owens and John Comprix (guitar; SPAWN, 13 FACES) recently traveled to Florida to put the finishing touches on the band's debut album, tentatively due in early 2006 via SPV Records. The final recording and mixing sessions are taking place at the legendary Morrisound studios in Tampa under the watchful eye of Jim Morris (ICED EARTH, DEATH, JAG PANZER). Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "I Don't Need This", "And You Will Die", "It Is Me", "Telling Lies", "The Faith", "The Human Race", "Your Time Has Come" and "My Last Words". Joining Owens and Comprix in the new group are Dennis Hayes (ex-WINTERS BANE, SEVEN WITCHES) on bass, Dwane Bihary (MISSING SKIN) on rhythm guitar, and drummer Eric Elkins (CRYPTKICKER, ALL YOU FEAR).

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Ripper Owens' Beyond Fear Signs To SPV

SPV Records has announced the signing of BEYOND FEAR, the brand new hard-hitting metal outfit founded by current ICED EARTH and former JUDAS PRIEST vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens. The band is preparing to enter the studio with producer Jim Morris (ICED EARTH, DEATH) to record their debut album for a 2006 release. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "I Don't Need This", "And You Will Die", "It Is Me", "Telling Lies", "The Faith", "The Human Race", "Your Time Has Come" and "My Last Words".

"It feels great to sign with SPV," Owens commented. "I have been with them for quite some time now with ICED EARTH, so I know what they can do. It is always nice to have a label that makes you feel like family, and that's what SPV does for you!"

The band is off to a fast start, having recently announced their participation in a series of American dates with SAVATAGE leader Jon Oliva (JON OLIVA'S PAIN) and SAVATAGE axeman Chris Caffery. The tour kicks off on September 9, 2005 in Cleveland OH, with remaining dates pending.

Never one to sit still for long, Owens began forming BEYOND FEAR last year during breaks in the ICED EARTH touring schedule. The band also features John Comprix (SPAWN, 13 FACES) on lead and rhythm guitar, Dennis Hayes (ex-WINTERS BANE, SEVEN WITCHES) on bass, Dwane Bihary (MISSING SKIN) on rhythm guitar, and drummer Eric Elkins (CRYPTKICKER, ALL YOU FEAR). "This band means a lot to me and I'm having the time of my life doing it," continued Owens. "It's fun when you finally get to do what you want. That being said, let's get this machine called BEYOND FEAR out there for the world to hear and see."

SPV Managing Director, Manfred Schuetz, explains, "Tim is one of the five best singers in metal. He will deliver an album that will convince everyone. SPV is excited about the worldwide commitment."

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