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Band Photo: Cradle Of Filth (?)

Formed: 1991
From: Suffolk, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active


It all began in 1991, the first of an unholy trinity of demos was complete. The young lads knew they had started something dark; something evil; something out of this world. They didn't disappoint with the release of their debut album 'The Principle of Evil Made Flesh' in 1994 on the label Cacophonous. The full length CD was a menagerie of gothic keyboards, metal riffing and Vampyric imagery. In other words the ultimate hammer horror soundtrack.

Drawing from an incredibly infinite list of influences, including the likes of Bathory, Celtic Frost and Diamanda Galas, and also the literary genius of Lord Byron, Sheridan LeFanu, Friedrich Nietzsche, Bram Stoker and Charles Baudelaire, Cradle Of Filth have produced albums of ever increasing quality. Soaring, sonic masterpieces that envelop you and take you away into the darkest depths of the collective Cradle mind. A dreamlike place full of legend, myths and Vampyres.

With 10 years in the past, Cradle Of Filth only have the future to conquer. Their recent concerts have built a fan base they never dreamed of. They truly have withstood the test of time.

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Below is our complete Cradle Of Filth news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Katatonia Confirm Live Dates

Sweden's KATATONIA have psoted the following update:

"During the following 6 months, we'll be very busy with the making of our new album. Nevertheless, we won't be locked up in the studio the entire time as we have just confirmed 3 live dates in march - the Metal Mania festivals, that will take place in Hungary, Czech and Poland. Other bands appearing on the bill are CRADLE OF FILTH, APOCALYPTICA, MOONSPELL etc. This will be only opportunity to catch the band for a long time, so show up and rock with us! Check concerns section for details.

Upcoming Katatonia live dates include:

03/10 at Petofi Hall in Budapest, Hungary at Metal Mania Fest
03/11 at Novesta in Zlin, Czech Republic at Metal Mania Fest
03/12 at Spodek in Katowice, Poland at Metal Mania Fest

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New Atrocity & Leaves' Eyes Drummer

The new drummer of ATROCITY and LEAVES' EYES is Moritz Neuner (a.o. Graveworm, Darkwell, Abigor). The production of the new LEAVES' EYES record has just started and the first drumtakes are already done. Also ATROCITY work on songs for a new album.

On related news, Atrocity's frontman Alex Krull is currently working on a remix for the CRADLE OF FILTH's song "Nymphetamine" ( featuring guest vocalist LIV KRISTINE), which is one of the nominees in the Best Metal Performance category for the GRAMMY Award 2005.

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Is Metal Dangerous?

In an article on Valley Advocate, writer Katie Vrabel asks whether or not metal is dangerous. Did the murdering of Dimebag Darrell blacken the music industry? Several excerpts from the article:

Overall, the media treatment was respectful, but it also soon became clear that metal remains a black sheep. And maybe we like it that way, but sometimes the insults go too far. I'm a metalhead, so I take it personally. But in light of recent events (Abbott murdered; Satyricon's touring guitarists accused of rape; two stabbed at a Cradle of Filth concert) I've had to ask: Is metal really dangerous?

The science is on our side when it comes to the effects of "violent" music on daily life as well. Douglas Gentile, in his 2003 book, Media Violence and Children, concludes that listening to music has less of an effect on aggression than watching television and playing video games. He points out what should be obvious: that in cases where a metalhead commits an act of violence or suicide, real factors (depression, substance abuse, etc.), rather than musical taste, are to "blame." He notes that the majority of fans are not troublesome or troubled.

Today's metal is still dark, but is getting more sensitive, political, literary, mythology-inspired and nerdy all the time. Interest in Satan has waned. Bands that are basically white guys singing about graphic violence and violent sexuality exist, but are hardly a blip on the radar relative to what is popular and commercially viable.

As to the stereotypical portrayal of metal as the mouthpiece for the young, angry white male, critics should do themselves a favor and catch up with a genre that's moved beyond that.

Read the full article at Valley Advocate.

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"Alone In The Dark" Tracklisting Revealed

Nuclear Blast has announced the tracklisting of "Alone in the Dark," the original motion picture soundtrack inspired and from the movie. "Alone in the Dark" is based on the best-selling Atari video game series of the same name. The soundtrack will feature some of today’s best Metal bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Shadows Fall, Fear Factory, Machine Head amongst others, and it will be featured on a double disc format. This is the first time a Hollywood production receives an all Extreme Metal soundtrack. The release date for the soundtrack has been set for January 25, 2005.

Edward Carnby (Christian Slater) is a private investigator specializing in unexplainable supernatural phenomena. His cases delve into the dark corners of the world, searching for truth in the occult remnants of the ancient civilizations. Now, the greatest mystery of his past is about to become the most dangerous case he has ever faced. With the help of his ex-flame, archeologist Aline Cedrac (Tara Reid), and his bitter rival, government agent Richard Burke (Stephen Dorff), Edward Carnby is about to learn that just because you don’t believe in something, that doesn’t mean it can’t kill you. More info can be found here.

There will be two different version of the soundtrack, one for European territories and the American version. Here are both tracklists: More...

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Dark Tranquillity Records Video Message For Fans

On November 15th 2004 Dark Tranquillity's new “Lost To Apathy EP” was released through Century Media Records and received praise all over the globe, even managing to enter the official Swedish single charts at a very good position 47. Now it’s about time to introduce the upcoming seventh studio album “Character”, to be released January 24th 2005. Expect the best - because you’ll get the best!

The new massive Dark Tranquillity album “Character” is likely to be the most awaited Melodic Death Metal record since a very long time. We can assure that this album kicks serious ass, but also contains tons of great hooklines and a well-balanced mixture of pure aggression and fantastic melodies made for eternity. With “Character”, the Swedish six-piece have raised the bar to an almost unreachable height for their style’s “competitors”. You will get to hear and approve it: Simply check out the new song “Through Smudged Lenses” in the download section.

Mikael Stanne (Vocals) and Niklas Sundin (Guitar) just recently visited the German Century Media office and recorded a video message for their worldwide fan base: http://www.centurymedia.de/specials/dt_greetings.rm. More...

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Arch Enemy Issues Statement On Cancelled NYC Show

Arch Enemy has issued the following statement regarding their cancelled show with Cradle of Filth at the Irving Plaza, New York on Dec. 14:

We're here at the Irving Plaza as you know, and we've just been given some devastating news. The show has been cancelled tonight, due to reasons entirely beyond our control. We have been told that Dani from Cradle of Filth has been taken ill and they cannot do the show tonight. When the promoter found out, he decided to pull the entire show, even though Arch Enemy was more than ready and to go ahead and just play the show anyway. We talked with our friends in Bleeding Through and Himsa and they thought the same as us - we all wanted to play.

We are totally, totally gutted about this. We cannot believe this decision from the promoter, but we've been told there is NOTHING we (or anybody else) can do about it. Worst of all, it's a sold out show, so we know how many people will be disappointed. The guys from Himsa even got on the phone to other promoters and venues in the area, to see if we could all go and play a three band show somewhere else, but with such short notice it just isn't happening.

I just don't know what else to say, we are all sitting here stunned right now. This has been one of our best ever US tours, and to end it like this, totally powerless, just SUCKS BEYOND BELIEF!! We are so on fire right now, the last week of shows have been amazing, this one was shaping up to be even better! Talk about a total let-down.

As you can imagine it's total chaos at the venue right now, I'm gonna get kicked off this machine soon - no doubt there'll be more on this subject from me soon but as you know we're flying to London in the morning for our big show (at least there's still that to look forward to)! Anyway, just wanted to say 'sorry' to all our fans in NYC who were coming along to see us; I'm sure you'll understand that there was nothing we could do here, but we will be back to see you next year...

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Moonspell To Support Cradle Of Filth

Moonspell were invited by long time friends Cradle of Filth to support them on their upcoming European tour all across Europe, from North to South, from East to West, between the end of February and the beginning of April.

Here are the dates: More...

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47th Grammy Nominees Announced

The 2005 Grammy Nominations are in, and Cradle Of Filth, Killswitch Engage, Nickelback, and Slipknot are all in the hunt. The Nominations for BEST HARD ROCK and METAL performances are as follows:

(For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances, with vocals. Singles or Tracks only.) More...

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Another Cradle Of Filth Tour Report From Bassist

Cradle Of Filth is still on tour in the US in support of their latest release, "Nyphetamine." What's the latest from the road? Bassist Dave Pybus checks in with the following: More...

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Cradle Of Filth To Release Nymphetamine w/ Bonus

Cradle Of Filth are to release an expanded version of the 'Nymphetamine' album in March. This will feature a bonus disc with two new songs – 'Prey' and 'Soft White Thread' – three covers (including a cover of Cliff Richard's 'Devil Woman', with guest vocals from King Diamond), plus two re-mixes.

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Diver At CoF Concert Critically Injures Woman

Manny Gonzales of the Denver Post is reporting that Denver police are on the lookout for a man who dove into an audience during a Cradle Of Filth concert at the Ogden Theatre, critically injuring a 28-year-old New Mexico woman.

Valarie Markle, a waitress from Farmington, N.M., suffered a broken neck and was in intensive care Saturday at Denver Health Medical Center, her husband said.

Markle had undergone surgery recently, and there is concern she might be left partially paralyzed, her husband said.

"It didn't happen until the last few seconds of the last song," husband Tige Markle told the Denver Post Saturday. "We didn't even realize what was happening till the band walked off the stage."

The incident occurred late Monday (Nov. 22) during a performance by Cradle Of Filth, presented by MTV2 "Headbanger's Ball", at the venue at 935 E. Colfax Ave., police said.

A man described as heavy-set climbed atop a guard railing near the stage and jumped on top of the 5-foot-5, 150-pound woman, driving her head to the floor, police said.

The man then ran into the crowd and could not be found, police said.

Tige Markle said he was upset with concert security for not preventing the man from diving into the crowd. A representative of the theater could not be reached Saturday.

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Cradle Of Filth Confirms Vancouver In-Store

Cradle of Filth will be making an in-store appearance at Vancouver's Scrape Records on December 1, 2004 at 4 PM to meet and greet fans and sign autographs. The in-store signing session will be a great opportunity for everyone to get out there and meet the band. This marks Cradle of Filth's second appearance at Scrape Records.

Later that same night, Cradle of Filth will be performing live at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, headlining the MTV2 Headbangers Ball Tour. Supporting acts will be Arch Enemy, Bleeding Through, and Himsa.

For more information on the in-store, go here.

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Cradle Of Filth Tour Report From Bassist

How are things going on the road for Cradle Of Filth? The band is currently touring the US in support of their latest release, "Nymphetamine"...and bassist Dave Pybus writes in with the following:

Sun 31 October - Quebec, Le Capitol Theatre More...

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Cradle Of Filth To Do In-Stores

Amongst their current tour travels, Cradle of Filth will be hitting Rolling Stones Records for an in-store on December 9th. Details are as follows:

Rolling Stones Records
7300 W. Irving Park Rd
Norridge, IL
Ph: 708-456-0861
Thursday, December 9th at 4pm

...and for those of you in Denver, let this serve as a reminder for the in-store this coming Monday (11/22) at Independent Records. Details are as follows:

Independent Records
937 E. Colfax St.
Denver, CO O80218
November 22, 6-8:30 pm

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Headbangers Ball Tour Report & Pics: Worcester, MA

The queue was winding around the corner when I arrived at The Palladium. It was around 7 and the venue was already packed. I was amazed to find out that the crowd was predominantly made up of hardcore kids. I saw only a few painted faces here and there. I remember thinking during the day that it's a very brave decision on behalf of the organizers to mix black metal and hardcore fans and I was convinced ( judging from my overseas experience) that a bunch of fights would ensue. Fortunately, this didn't happen. The American fans seemed tolerant of other people's musical tastes. More...

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Cradle Of Filth Concert Stabbing Details

The two people that were allegedly stabbed by a security guard at the Cradle of Filth concert in Cincinnati Monday night (Nov. 8) have been identified as Chris Alsip, the frontman of the Ohio-based brutal straight-edge hardcore band Suffocate Faster, and James Shestina, 18, of Athens, according to The Enquirer.

Police say Donald Germany (photo), 21, a University of Cincinnati defensive end and special teams player on a scholarship, pulled out a knife and stabbed the two men. Neither of the victims was seriously hurt. More...

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Cradle Of Filth Photo Slideshow And Live Review

The MTV2 Headbangers Ball tour headlined by Cradle Of Filth is in full swing, and if it hasn't already, it should be coming to a town near you soon. What to expect? Check out a photo slideshow and review of the show's opening night here.

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Cradle Of Filth Live Photos Posted Online

Photos of Cradle of Filth's live show in Sayreville, NJ last Thursday have been posted here.

Also, if you didn't seem them this past weekend on MTV2's Headbangers Ball, check the episode out when it re-airs Tuesday morning (11/09) at 4:00 AM.

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Headbangers Ball DC Show At 9:30 Club Cancelled

The December 15th date for the HEADBANGERS BALL III tour, featuring CRADLE OF FILTH, ARCH ENEMY, BLEEDING THROUGH, HIMSA, at the 9:30 club in Washington D.C has officially been cancelled. No official word or reason has been released, but the show is 100% off according to siN.

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Cradle Of Filth Add A New Toronto Date

CRADLE OF FILTH have announced a new date for their upcoming Toronto appearance on the Headbangers Ball Tour with ARCH ENEMY, BLEEDING THROUGH and HIMSA.

The new date for the Toronto show is Sunday, December 12th at Kool Haus. Tickets for the show are on sale now through Ticketmaster outlets, Rotate This, Sonic Temple or by calling (416) 870-8000. Order online at www.ticketmaster.ca or www.hob.ca. The general admission/all ages show will begin at 7:30 PM.

As previously reported, upcoming Headbangers Ball tour dates include: More...

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