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Band Photo: Cradle Of Filth (?)

Formed: 1991
From: Suffolk, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active


It all began in 1991, the first of an unholy trinity of demos was complete. The young lads knew they had started something dark; something evil; something out of this world. They didn't disappoint with the release of their debut album 'The Principle of Evil Made Flesh' in 1994 on the label Cacophonous. The full length CD was a menagerie of gothic keyboards, metal riffing and Vampyric imagery. In other words the ultimate hammer horror soundtrack.

Drawing from an incredibly infinite list of influences, including the likes of Bathory, Celtic Frost and Diamanda Galas, and also the literary genius of Lord Byron, Sheridan LeFanu, Friedrich Nietzsche, Bram Stoker and Charles Baudelaire, Cradle Of Filth have produced albums of ever increasing quality. Soaring, sonic masterpieces that envelop you and take you away into the darkest depths of the collective Cradle mind. A dreamlike place full of legend, myths and Vampyres.

With 10 years in the past, Cradle Of Filth only have the future to conquer. Their recent concerts have built a fan base they never dreamed of. They truly have withstood the test of time.

Latest Cradle Of Filth News

Below is our complete Cradle Of Filth news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Sarah Jezebel Deva Launches A New Side Project

ANGTORIA is the name of the new project featuring Sarah Jezebel Deva ( Cradle Of Filth, Mortiis, Therion), Tommy Rehn ( MOAHNI MOAHNA) and Chris Rehn ( ABYSSOS).

They have completed a five song demo, which includes the following tracks: Six Feet Under’, ‘Confide In Me’, ‘Little Girl’, ‘Deity Of Disgust’ and ‘I Cried Alone’. Check out some audio samples here.

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Cradle of Filth To Shoot New Video

Cradle of Filth are presently set to shoot a video for the title track "Nymphetamine" in the UK on August 9th.

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Liv Kristine Guest In Cradle of Filth Album

The Leaves Eyes (and ex-Theatre of Tragedy) singer Liv Kristine made a guest apareance in the new Cradle of Filth album, specifically in the song "Nymphetamine." The recordings have already been made.

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Headbangers Ball CD Tracklisting

The tracklisting for the forthcoming Headbangers Ball Vol. II, which will be making it's way onto store shelves in late September: More...

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Tracklisting For New Cradle of Filth Album

Britain's Cradle of Filth have revealed the complete track listing for their forthcoming new album, "Nymphetamine," which will be released in late September through Roadrunner Records. The cover art can be viewed here.

Here is the complete track listing:
01. Satyriasis (Intro)
02. Gilded Cunt
03. Nemesis
04. Gabrielle
05. Absinthe With Faust
06. Nymphetamine (Overdose)
07. Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palette (Instrumental)
08. Medusa And Hemlock
09. Coffin Fodder
10. English Fire
11. Filthy Little Secret
12. Swanson For A Raven
13. Mother Of Abominations

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New Promo Pics Of Cradle Of Filth

Roadrunner Records has posted a CRADLE OF FILTH's photo gallery, which includes shots from a recent Nymphetamine photo session. Head here to view the pics.

"Nymphetamine" is due out on September 28 and will feature (among others), the following tracks: 'Coffin Fodder', 'Filthy Little Secret', 'Gilded Cunt', 'Swansong For A Raven', 'Mother Of Abominations', 'Nymphetamine', 'Absinthe With Faust', 'Nemesis'.

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Cradle Of Filth Studio Update

Former THEATRE OF TRAGEDY/current LEAVES' EYES vocalist Liv Kristine has recorded a guest appearance for the new CRADLE OF FILTH album, "Nymphetamine", due late September through Roadrunner Records.

"We are now in the mixing stage of the 'Nymphetamine' session at Chapel studios, Linclonshire, UK," bassist Dave Pybus writes on the group's web site. "This is headed by Colin Richardson with the presence of Dan Turner and occasionally [producer] Rob [Caggiano]. The word on the street is this record sounds massive. So far we have six songs mixed down: 'Gilded C**t', 'Medusa and Hemlock', 'Gabrielle', 'Swansong for a Raven', 'Filthy Little Secret' and 'English Fire'.

"I personally got to hear these few mixes on our return from last weekends festivals in Budapest and Waldrock in Holland," Dave added. "We were away from home for quite some time actually due to all the traveling between shows. We are mixing in-between festivals, which can be quite chaotic. I must admit, the new stuff does sound like nothing we have done before. And yes, I know all bands say that about their new material, but this 'experiment' of us playing together in the studio has really started to pay off. OK, its slower, and a lot more hard work, but we are trying to capture something special with atmosphere which is somehow lost in all that digital editing found in modern recordings. It's very aggressive. Gives it the edge we were looking for. Totally in your face for the most part haha. Maybe, it will be like a year after this record is out that we truly realize how cool this album will be due to that process. Only time will tell. It's exciting, that's for sure."

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Cradle Of Filth Announce Releae Date For New Album

Roadrunner Records has set a September 13 release date for the new CRADLE OF FILTH album, "Nymphetamine".

The follow-up to last year's "Damnation and a Day", "Nymphetamine" (roughly translated as the druggish beast-like addiction to beautiful, classical women) was produced by ANTHRAX guitarist Rob Caggiano, who has previously worked with the group during the mixing stage for "Damnation…". Mixing duties were handled by Colin Richardson (Fear Factory, Machine Head, Napalm Death).

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Dani Filth Talks About New Album, 'Nymphetamine'

CRADLE OF FILTH singer Dani Filth (a.k.a. Dani Davey) has commented on the band's upcoming CD, "Nymphetamine", the group's first for new label Roadrunner Records.

The follow-up to last year's "Damnation and a Day", "Nymphetamine" (roughly translated as the druggish beast-like addiction to beautiful, classical women) was produced by ANTHRAX guitarist Rob Caggiano, who has previously worked with the group during the mixing stage for "Damnation…". Mixing duties were handled by Colin Richardson (FEAR FACTORY, MACHINE HEAD, NAPALM DEATH).

"We weren't under any pressure to make this record and that's been the catalyst for us to create something really incredible," Dani said. "The only way to top the last album was to go a completely different way, so it's a real mixture of styles this time. We haven't anchored ourselves to a concept. It was a real pleasure to write on a variety of different themes and the music is really diverse and sonically precise. The whole thing sounds perfect and very fucking heavy."

"Nymphetamine" is due this fall through Roadrunner.

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Cradle Of Filth Prepare To Film New Video

CRADLE OF FILTH will film a video for an as-yet-undisclosed track off their upcoming Roadrunner Records debut, "Nymphetamine", in early August in either Los Angeles or the U.K.

The follow-up to last year's "Damnation and a Day", "Nymphetamine" (roughly translated as the druggish beast-like addiction to beautiful, classical women) was produced by ANTHRAX guitarist Rob Caggiano, who has previously worked with the group during the mixing stage for "Damnation…".

CRADLE OF FILTH bassist David Pybus had previously described the new material as an "eclectic mix between the group's 'Damnation..' and [1998's] 'Cruelty and the Beast' albums with a renewed vigor for melody, songmanship and plain fucking weirdness spat into the smelting bowl."

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Cradle of Filth Summer Festival Appearances

British black metallers CRADLE OF FILTH have announced the following dates during the summer:

Jun. 05 - Download Festival UK
Jun. 19 – Bergum, NETH @ Waldrock Festival
Jun. 25-57 - Dessel, BEL @ Graspop Festival
Jul. 15-17 – Arvika, SWE @ Arvikafestivalen
Jul. 16-18 – Joensuu, FIN @ Ilosaarirock

CRADLE OF FILTH are currently recording their Roadrunner Records debut, tentatively titled "Nymphetamine". The follow-up to last year's "Damnation and a Day" is being produced by ANTHRAX guitarist Rob Caggiano, who has previously worked with the group during the mixing stage for "Damnation…".

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Slayer, Cradle Of Filth On Download Festival 2004

The 2004 Download Festival is scheduled to take place in Donington, UK on June 5th and 6th, and in Glasgow, Scotland on June 2nd and 3rd.

The latest confirmations come from CRADLE OF FILTH and SLAYER.

The confirmed lineup for the festivals in shaping up to look like this:

June 2nd - Glasgow, Scotland: METALLICA, KORN, SLIPKNOT and H.I.M.




For more info visit the official website of the festival

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More Big Names Confirmed For Download Festival

SLAYER, SUM 41, CRADLE OF FILTH, MONSTER MAGNET, ILL NINO and GODSMACK have all been confirmed for the main stage of this year's Download Festival, and LOSTPROPHETS have just been added to the event in Glasgow. The current lineup is as follows: More...

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Cradle Of Filth Studio Update

CRADLE OF FILTH bassist Dave Pybus continues his chronicle of the band's current studio activity at the official website. The following is Nymphetamine studio report #4:

"Recording of the last few songs has gone amazing. Playing very tight, as a band in the studio should, making the stand out track on the album well worth the battle to arrange at the end. Regardless of three amps blown up, we can now see light at the end of the tunnel. People here have mentioned more than once the words 'Ghosts', 'Jinx' and... 'Bollocks'. Sounds changing for no reason. Tuning problems. More amp problems. Takes hours sometimes to get things back to where they were before. Keyboards are now starting to go onto the tracks late at night. Martin refuses to play before midnight as he demands a very grim atmosphere in the studio. Reminds him of being 'down the pit'. Simple... but effective. Paul and James have added extra guitars over this weekend. Mapped out parts for the choir which we will record soon (probably in the studio 'cos there's no way they'll let the band in the local church) when Martin completes the scoring, which is quite a big job in itself. Gives the songs such a different direction than just drums, bass and guitars. It's nowhere near equalized on the desk but sounds huge. We always get very excited when Rob turns it up on the big speakers for us to listen back to. Catsfield massive innit!

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Cradle Of Filth Check In With Studio Report

CRADLE OF FILTH's bassist Dave Pybus has posted the following at the band's official wesite:

"I guess this report is turning into a weekly affair as things here in the studio are moving at a great pace. It's all top drama, for sure. Things go good, things go bad. Pretty stressful being here in the middle of it all. That's the name of the game though. If you can't stand the heat... erm... go to the pub! If you can't go to the pub... go to the toystore! Me, Martin and engineer Steve Carter took a quick break and drove to the Modellers Loft toystore which saw me spending near £300 on 'War Criminals of the 20th Century' Dolls. Amazing. I could have spent ten grand, easy!

Anyways, I'm sure you're not reading this for my personal interests, although the band this week has taken a turn in Paul and Martin revealing their innerselves by finally adding their members chambers to the website. They assured me to finish them by adding photos this week and watch for Dani's to be updated soon. Maybe I can get James to add his too.


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Bassist Gives Cradle of Filth Studio Report

Cradle of Filth bassist Dave Pybus has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"Hail. Now we are well into week two of the session and I went home this weekend for a two-day break while guitars were started on the tracks me and Adrian had laid down in the first week. The record is sounding great so far. Still working on a couple of arrangements but its only minor ideas. Guitars always make the songs sound so cool, keyboards even better. When the tracking starts to build up on each song and you turn up the speakers it gives you a buzz like no other. Something we just created out of our heads is now this huge monster ready to rip the face off anyone within ear shot. Great! Just the acoustic sound of Adrian's Tama drum kit is massive. Best I've ever heard to be honest.

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Hatebreed Confirmed for 2004 Waldrock Festival

The 2004 Waldrock Festival is scheduled to take place in Bergum, Holland on June 19th.

The latest acts confirmed to perform at the festival are HATEBREED and SLAPSHOT.


More acts will be announced soon.

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Cradle Of Filth's New Album Due In June

CRADLE OF FILTH will enter the studio on Friday, February 13 to begin recording their Roadrunner Records debut, tentatively titled "Nymphetamine".

The follow-up to last year's "Damnation and a Day" will be produced by Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano, who has worked with the group during the mixing stage for their last lp.

"Nymphetamine" (roughly translated as the druggish beast-like addiction to beautiful, classical women) is tentatively set for an early June release and will feature the following tracks:

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Cradle Of Filth Sign With Roadrunner Records

British extreme metal outfit Cradle Of Filth have signed a deal with Roadrunner Records.

The band, second-stage headliners of this year's Ozzfest and recently on tour in America supported by Type O Negative and Moonspell, are delighted by the recent turn of events. Dani Filth, the group's often outspoken vocalist had this to say about the move "Obviously everybody in the band is very excited about the decision to sign to the label. I believe Roadrunner will definitely give us a much further push and without doubt, better credibility within the extreme metal scene. Bring on 2004, the year destined to be spattered with Filth..." More...

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Three Bands Confirmed For Waldrock Festival

Testament, Cradle Of Filth and Cannibal Corpse are the first three bands confirmed for next year's installment of the Waldrock festival, set to be held June 19, 2004 in Bergum, Holland. A total of 14 acts will perform at the event, which is expected to draw around 12,000 metalheads.

For more information, visit www.waldrock.nl.

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