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Band Photo: Cradle Of Filth (?)

Formed: 1991
From: Suffolk, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active


It all began in 1991, the first of an unholy trinity of demos was complete. The young lads knew they had started something dark; something evil; something out of this world. They didn't disappoint with the release of their debut album 'The Principle of Evil Made Flesh' in 1994 on the label Cacophonous. The full length CD was a menagerie of gothic keyboards, metal riffing and Vampyric imagery. In other words the ultimate hammer horror soundtrack.

Drawing from an incredibly infinite list of influences, including the likes of Bathory, Celtic Frost and Diamanda Galas, and also the literary genius of Lord Byron, Sheridan LeFanu, Friedrich Nietzsche, Bram Stoker and Charles Baudelaire, Cradle Of Filth have produced albums of ever increasing quality. Soaring, sonic masterpieces that envelop you and take you away into the darkest depths of the collective Cradle mind. A dreamlike place full of legend, myths and Vampyres.

With 10 years in the past, Cradle Of Filth only have the future to conquer. Their recent concerts have built a fan base they never dreamed of. They truly have withstood the test of time.

Latest Cradle Of Filth News

Below is our complete Cradle Of Filth news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Cradle Of Filth Recruit New Drummer

British Extreme Metallers CRADLE OF FILTH have recruited Czech drummer Marthus (real name: Martin Škaroupka) to replace Adrian Erlandsson. Martin was born on January 20, 1981 in the Czech Republic and has previously played with GALACTIC INDUSTRY and INNER FEAR, among other bands. "Those of you who have already seen us you will know that Martin is more than qualified for the job!", CRADLE OF FILTH writes in a statement.

Erlandsson announced his departure from CRADLE OF FILTH on Wednesday (Nov. 15), citing his desire to focus on other projects, including NEMHAIN (which is fronted by Erlandsson's wife, fetish model Morrigan Hel; a.k.a. Amber England).

Commented Adrian: "I have enjoyed my time with CRADLE but it is now time to move on. I feel I am going out on a high as 'Thornography' is definitely our best album to date".

Over the course of the last few months, rumors of Adrian's departure have been gaining strength, with several "in-the-know" parties claiming that Adrian was fired from the group just days before they were to sign a new publishing deal. As a result, it was reported (but not officially confirmed) that Erlandsson was relegated to the status of a "session" member (whereby he was paid only for time worked and was not entitled to any publishing or artist royalties), a situation which was rumored to have strained his relationship with the band's frontman Dani Davey (a.k.a. Dani Filth).

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Cradle Of Filth Drummer Officially Gone

After months of rumors and speculation, British extreme metallers Cradle Of Filth have officially confirmed the departure of drummer Adrian Erlandsson. According to an official press release, "Erlandsson has found that his two side projects Needleye and Nemhain are taking up more and more of his time and has made the decision to leave Cradle Of Filth so he can concentrate more of his energies on them."

Commented Adrian: "I have enjoyed my time with Cradle but it is now time to move on. I feel I am going out on a high as 'Thornography' is definitely our best album to date." More...

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Cradle Of Filth Post New Live Video Online

A video clip of CRADLE OF FILTH performing the track "Tonight in Flames" on Sunday, November 12 at at 013 in Tilburg, Netherlands has been posted online at the group's official web site.

CRADLE OF FILTH's new album, "Thornography", has sold around 25,000 copies in the United States since its October 17 release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The follow-up to 2004's "Nymphetamine" was recorded at Lincolnshire, England's Chapel studios with producer Rob Caggiano (BLEEDING THROUGH, ANTHRAX) and was mixed at Backstage Studios in Derbyshire, England by Andy Sneap (MACHINE HEAD, SKINLAB, NEVERMORE).

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Headline News

Ex-Diabolic Guitarist Dies

Florida-based death metallers DIABOLIC have issued the following update:

"Just got a call from Jerry Mortellaro [ex-DIABOLIC guitarist] tonight letting us know that Bryan Hipp, ex-DIABOLIC guitarist, died last night [Saturday, Oct. 21]. Cause of death unknown.

"Bryan Hipp helped write songs off the DIABOLIC album 'Subterranal Magnitude' and helped DIABOLIC complete the 'Death Metal Massacre' Metal Maniacs tour 2000, opening for CANNIBAL CORPSE, GOD DETHRONED and HATE ETERNAL.

"We are posting the song 'Infernalism' Bryan Hipp wrote back in 1999. Bryan Hipp also played in BRUTALITY, CRADLE OF FILTH, and in BLASTMASTERS he helped write the song 'Implemented Digital Control'!!! On stage Bryan Hipp would explode with raging headspins. His talent to create some of the most dark and evil riffs will be missed."

As previously reported, DIABOLIC uploaded a new song, entitled "Devour the Subconscious", to their MySpace page. The track comes off the band's new album, "Shellfire and Tombstones", which was recorded and mixed in July/August 2006 at Diet Of Worms Studio in Seffner, Florida with producer Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (MORBID ANGEL). The album features artwork by acclaimed Swedish artist Mathias Noren and is tentatively scheduled for release late 2006/early 2007 through an as-yet-undetermined label.

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Roadrunner Interviews Cradle of Filth

Roadrunner's own Jason Kinnard sat down with Dani and Paul from Cradle of Filth a few weeks ago to conduct this exclusive interview for RR.com. The band's new album, Thornography, hits stores this Tuesday, October 17th, so here's your chance to read up on all things COF before going out to get it.

Jason: What do you guys like to do in New York when you're...

Dani: Chillin'?

J: Yeah... drink?

D: Actually, no... not at all. Shopping, looking for bargains. I don't know what to buy now, I should get something for my daughter. I was thinking FAO Schwartz, something weird, New York-y.

J: On Thornography, you worked with Rob Caggiano (formerly of Anthrax). Had you worked with him in the past?

D: Yeah, he worked on the last two records. He produced Nymphetamine, and helped mix the one before that (Damnation and a Day).

J: I heard he had some health problems.

D: Yeah... I think that's what pushed him into being in the studio a bit more.

J: The "meat Millenium Falcon"?

D: Yeah, that's right (laughs).

Paul: In Mexico, he ate a sheep's head, or goat's head, or something.

J: So the last time you guys were in the US was in 2004 (on the Headbanger's Ball Tour). What are your plans for the next couple months?

D: We've got some stuff in Europe to do... some press. We're gonna do a video for "Temptation," finish up some more tracks which didn't make the album... same producer, same mixer (Andy Sneap). We've got some other things to do, usual band stuff. Then we start touring... 3 dates in Turkey, then over to L.A. to a signing for Hot Topic on Halloween, and then we start the European tour a few weeks later, which should take us up to Christmas. We do Europe first, test out the stage show, and then ship it over here... we should be in America by the second or third week of January.

J: Do you prefer touring in the US or Europe?

D: I prefer touring in the US... but I like Europe for the culture. And the buses are useless in America. The one we had in Europe on the last tour... it was like a hotel.

P: It was amazing.

J: Any favorite cities?

D: Amsterdam. Prague... I love Prague, though we haven't been there in ages. New York, obviously. London, Sydney. The Big Four: LA, San Francisco, Chicago, New York... you're always guaranteed a good show.

J: In 2003, you headlined the Ozzfest second stage. Do you have any aspirations to do a summer touring festival again?

D: That's the plan for next year. We'd like to get back on the Ozzfest, because the year that we did it we had such a good laugh. Not just us, but the Ozzfest crew, the rest of the bands, it was great fun. And because of that... obviously, it won't have as much magic as the first time, but I think we'd like to do it again.

J: Do you guys have any favorite bands to tour with, or bands that you haven't toured with yet that you would like to?

D: Favorite bands to tour with... Moonspell, Type O Negative, Killswitch Engage. People we'd like to tour with... we'd like to tour with Maiden, Slayer would be good as well, although we've toured with Slayer before.

P: We played with Maiden one time in Italy. A couple bands got together, and we somehow landed the direct support spot. That was really cool. But we've never toured with them. We'd like to tour with Judas Priest, now that they have Rob Halford back.

J: So on the new album, Thornography, it seems like you are headed in a more melodic direction. Would you say that's an accurate description?

D: Yeah, in places, but in other places not.

P: It's definitely a progression from the last album.

J: You've got "Rise of the Pentagram," your first instrumental track on this album.

P: Yeah, that's certainly a bit different. We'd never done an instrumental before, and thought "What's the point of doing an instrumental that people are just going to expect?" So we made it completely fucking different.

D: The whole record is very different. But it's Cradle of Filth. I mean, people have always called us sellouts, and now we've got Ville Vallo [from HIM] on a track, and we also take the gay icon song "Temptation" [by Heaven 17] and make it into something heavy.

J: How did you choose to cover "Temptation?"

D: Because we've covered Maiden in the past, covered Slayer... if we're going to cover metal we might as well do one of our own songs. If we're gonna do a Maiden song in our style, it's literally going to sound just like us. So... we thought we'd do something so far removed... if we did "Thriller" by Michael Jackson it would still sound really gay because of the nature of the lyrics and the notes, but "Temptation" turned out really heavy.

J: And how did you hook up with Ville [on "The Byronic Man"]

D: We're mutual friends through Bam [Margera], and I met him on a few occasions. I respect his music, and we needed some singing to portray a character from the song. We thought he had the Byronic nature, his whole life is akin to Lord Byron's, and it would have been gay for me to do it, so he was the first person that came to mind, and he's well known enough to bring the character to life... girls fancy him, he's very famous.

J: But you did do those clean vocals on the "Underworld 2" soundtrack. Do you do any more clean vocals on the new album?

D: Yes, but I wouldn't call them clean. James Hetfield-y, Alice Cooper type of stuff.

J: One of the big changes from Damnation and a Day to Nymphetamine was that you got rid of the huge orchestral arrangements (played by The Budapest Film Choir). Was there a reason for that?

D: We had that album [Damnation] in mind at a time when everybody thought we were selling out. We got the opportunity to realize what we wanted to do, but it was going to be a one-off, it wasn't going to be on every record. It was just what we wanted to try at that time. The next album is never going to be the same.

P: It'd be boring.

J: On the new album you guys have three keyboardists?

D: Yeah.. I mean, they don't all play at once. We realized when we sacked our other keyboardist that we didn't actually need to have one as much. I mean, we have a touring keyboardist named Rosie, and she's great. She came a little late into the recording process, but I think she'll be on the next record.

But we've worked with these other people in the past... one guy actually wrote all the arrangements for the orchestra, and the third one is this guy Chris Rehn who is in a band with Sarah Jezebel Diva called Angtoria. Oh, actually, make it four of em... cause there is also an American who does all of our electronics and makes these crazy fucking loops.

J: I heard you guys had some scary experiences in the studio?

D: I wouldn't call them scary, they were downright weird. Maybe it scared me a little bit. Sometimes there was the sound of a child's wind-up toy. And in my head I convinced myself that it was the producer screwing with me, because he and I lived in this house, this huge creepy Georgian house... it was great. But I had just gone to bed one night, and I was trying to go to sleep, and it started. And I leapt up, not in shock, but more because I wanted to catch Rob. So I got up, ran into his room in the nude, and he was listening to music on his headphones and using his computer. And he came down for an hour, we completely stripped the room looking for this sound. I said "We're not going anywhere, we're going to find what you hid in my room."

J: But you're not the only one that heard it, right?

P: No. I got my studio setup in my room, just so I can change stuff around. And I'm sitting there working, and I heard this noise start coming from the bathroom. And I was like "What the fuck?" There was nothing there. But at first, I would hear like one note every once in a while, and then maybe a couple notes if I'm lucky. And then towards the end, we were all sitting down to dinner and this fucking noise went right around the whole table.

D: I heard it maybe 5-6 times by the end of the sessions.

P: The very last night, I was packing all my stuff up, and we heard it out in the hallway. It was going absolutely fucking mental. It was going fast, slow, with harmonies being played, everything.

J: You should have recorded that.

D: Yeah. (laughs)

P: Unbelievable, this fucking thing. And everybody's looking around like "Where is that coming from?"

J: So, Paul, you were the primary songwriter for this album?

P: Yeah, I arranged a lot of it. I'll sit down and come up with a riff, and I don't stop there. I come up with another riff, and then I think it'd be cool if we go into a part like this. And then the next thing you know, I've got a whole song structure. Then that goes on CD and I just give it to everyone to rehearse and give me feedback.

J: This seems to be one of the first times that a Cradle record has featured guitar solos. You've stepped it up as a lead guitarist.

Paul: This was one of the first times I've had time to practice, usually I'm doing artwork or interviews or this or that...

J: So you don't sit around watching Yngwie instructional videos, doing picking exercises and scales all day?

P: I'd rather sit there and play a slow melodic riff with harmonies. I get more out of that than just trying to be as fast as possible.

J: Are you classically trained?

P: No, I got into Iron Maiden and learned guitar (laughs).

J: The second guitarist on this album is different than the last one?

P: Correct. Charles was filling in for Dave (Pybus) on bass, and when Dave returned, Charles moved to guitar. He actually attended the London Institute of Guitar.

J: Paul, I noticed that you also do the COF website and graphics.

P: Yeah, we're working on a new site at the moment, it's very clean cut. It's got some nice movies and logos... all black and red, it's awesome. Simplicity is great.

J: And there's a new artist for this cover?

D: Yeah, Sam Araya. We usually get a different artist for every album, though we used John Coulthart for the last two, he's kind of like our resident artist.

J: There was a little controversy with the art, right?

D: Apparently... it's only a few variants on it, really, it's pretty much the same thing. There was a corpse on the ground, some stuff in the background, some insinuations they didn't like... and I think the woman's legs were naked. The changes were very minor.

J: Any other projects you're working on?

D: I've got a book that's in the works, "Gospel of Filth." That's still being worked on, it's a quite lengthy process, obviously. We've got a live record, which we've put on hiatus for a little bit. It's ready to go, we just need to decide when and where, we've got to tweak a couple overhead mics.

J: Dani, you were sick for a while?

D: Yeah, for about 4 months I had to go on this weird homeopathic diet.

J: While you were in the studio?

D: For some of it, yeah. We had to take another six weeks out, but we had other things to do, and it was good to step back from it. Compared to our others, it was a lot quicker than our other albums. We had a British tour for about two and a half weeks, and we had to rehearse for that. We took four weeks off for Christmas, the six weeks I was just telling you about, and the sporadic summer festivals (11 of them). So in total, we probably only spent about 3 months recording. And towards the end, I really started to enjoy it. Once I started getting better, everything seemed more relaxed... we knew it was shaping up, and we didn't feel like we had to rush to get it completed.

J: Was it hard to adjust your diet and stop drinking?

D: Yeah, it was terrible, but it had to be done.

J: And you got married recently?

D: Yeah, it didn't come as a big surprise though. We had been together for 14 years. That was on Halloween as well.

J: What were the lineup changes from the last album to this one?

P: Dave [Pybus] left the band for a little bit, so we needed a bass. Charles, who is the guitar player at the moment, came and played bass for a little bit. Then, Martin and James left, Dave came back, and Charles moved to guitar... if you can follow that.

J: Dani, what was it like working on Roadrunner United ["Dawn of a Golden Age"]?

D: It was good fun. It was just a little strange. Dave, our bass player, was flown over to America for his session, but because of the nature of our schedule, I had to do mine in a little studio after the track had already been recorded, so I missed out on that participation aspect. I missed the party, because that was the day I flew out to India. It was good; I just felt a little alienated. But the song was great, it was with Justin Hagberg [3 Inches of Blood] and Matt Heafy [Trivium] on guitar, Sean Malone [of Cynic] on bass, and Mike Smith [Suffocation] on drums.

J: You guys 3 Inches of Blood fans?

P: Yeah, the singing is fucking brilliant. It reminds me of Judas Priest, I love it.

J: And Dani, you were recently tracking some final vocals in upstate New York?

D: Yeah, it's right by the Alfred Hitchcock estate. It's huge, 900 acres. We're in the middle of the woods, which is great.

J: Thanks, guys. I look forward to the new album.

D: Thanks.

P: Cheers.

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Video Of CoF Drummer At Bass N Drum Days Fest

A video clip of CRADLE OF FILTH drummer Adrian Erlandsson playing the COF song "Swansong for a Raven" at the Bass 'N Drum Days festival in Stockholm the end of September has been posted online at YouTube.com.

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Nemhain Post Demo Tracks Online

NEMHAIN, featuring CRADLE OF FILTH drummer Adrian Erlandsson and his wife Morrigan Hel, have updated their MySpace page with the tracks 'Speed Queen' and 'Heroin Child'. Check them out at this location.

Nemhain recently issued the following studio report in regards to their new demo:

"Having completed a few gruelling days of intensive recording to get our long awaited demo done, we're now dragging our arses (and our pile of equipment and gadgetry) back to London to get on with things before our next gig.

With the aid of coffee, cookies and our good friend Mr Jack Daniel's, we have recorded four songs for your listening pleasure. These are: 'Ana', 'Herion Child', 'Honey' and 'Speed Queen'.

As previously reported, Nemhain will play at The Purple Turtle in London, UK on October 14th.

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Cradle of Filth To Tour With The 69 Eyes

CRADLE OF FILTH and THE 69 EYES will be hitting the road together in early 2007. Dates and venues are TBA.

The latter was originally scheduled to tour with LACUNA COIL this Fall, but the tour fell through due to the Italian rockers opting for a short East Coast only tour with IN FLAMES instead.

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Another Cradle of Filth Video Is Posted Online

Cradle Of Filth's new video for the track Temptation has been posted online here.

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Deathstars To Support Cradle of Filth

Swedish industrial goth metal band DEATHSTARS has been confirmed as the support act for CRADLE OF FILTH on their upcoming European tour beginning on November 12 in Tilburg, Holland. A complete list of dates can be found at Deathstars.net.

DEATHSTARS recently announced the addition of guitarist Cat to the group's ranks. Cat, who previously played with the band as a session member, is "an excellent guitar player with heart filled with deathsleaze and a body built for sex," according to a posting on the group's web site. "Cat will visit a girlfriend close to you on the upcoming European tour."

In existence since January 2000 (formerly known as SWORDMASTER), DEATHSTARS features in its ranks former DISSECTION drummer Ole Öhman and guitarist Emil Nödtveidt (brother of late DISSECTION leader Jon).

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Dani Filth Discusses Dirge Inferno

A video clip of Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth discussing the song "Dirge Inferno" from the group's upcoming Thornography album has been posted online HERE (Windows Media).

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Cradle Of Filth Post New Song Online

Cradle Of Filth's new track "Foetus Of A New Day Kicking" is online and ready for listening here.

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Cradle of Filth E-Card For Thornography

An ecard for Cradle Of Filth's new album "Thornography" has been posted online here. The album will arrive in stores on October 17th through Roadrunner.

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Anaal Nathrakh, Napalm Death Members Start Label

Mick Kenney (ANAAL NATHRAKH, MISTRESS, PROFESSOR FATE, EXPLODER) and Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH, LOCK-UP, BRUJERIA) have set up their own record label, Feto Records, as an outlet to release their own music. The first two releases will be LOCK-UP's long-awaited "Live in Japan" album and Mick's EXPLODER debut. Further releases will include Mick's PROFESSOR FATE debut, featuring vocals from Kristoffer Garm Rygg (ARCTURUS, ULVER) and the next MISTRESS album, entitled "The Glory Bitches of Doghead".

LOCK-UP's "Live in Japan" CD was recorded at Club Quattro in Nagoya, Japan on June 28, 2002 and features the following lineup:

Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH) - Bass
Jesse Pintado (TERRORIZER, ex-NAPALM DEATH) - Guitars
Thomas Lindberg (ex-AT THE GATES, THE CROWN) - Vocals
Nick Barker (ex-DIMMU BORGIR, CRADLE OF FILTH) - Drums

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Cradle of Filth Reveal European Tour Dates

CRADLE OF FILTH have lined up the following European tour dates:

12 at 013 in Tilburg, Netherlands
13 at Bataclan in Paris, France
15 at ABBox in Brussels, Belgium
16 at La Laiterie in Strasbourg, France
17 at La Cooperative de Mai Clermont in Ferrand, France
19 at Heineken Hall in Madrid, Spain
20 at Paradise Garage in Lisbon, Portugal
21 at Hard Club in Porto, Portugal
23 at BergaraJam in Euskadi, Spain
24 at Apolo in Barcelona, Spain
26 at Alcatraz in Milan, Italy
27 at Volkshaus in Zurich, Switzerland
29 at Boogaloo in Zagreb, Croatia
30 at Petofi Hall in Budapest, Hungary

1 at Planet Music (TBC) in Vienna, Austria
2 at Novesta Hall in Zlin, Czech Republic
4 at Live Music Hall Lichtstrasse in Köln, Germany
5 at Longhorn LKA Heiligenwiesen in Stuttgart, Germany
7 at Alte Reithalle in Dresden, Germany
8 at Progresje in Warsaw, Poland
10 at Markthalle Klosterwall in Hamburg, Germany
11 at Train in Aarhus, Denmark
12 at Rockefeller in Oslo, Norway
13 at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark
14 at Karen in Gotheborg, Sweden More...

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Hear A New CoF Song, "Dirge Inferno"

Cradle Of Filth's new song "Dirge Inferno" has been made available online in streaming audio form here. The song will appear on the groups new album "Thornography", which is set for an October 17th release date through Roadrunner.

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Cradle Of Filth Announce Tour Is In The Works

Cradle Of Filth are planning to hit North America in January/February for a tour in support of their upcoming new album "Thornography", which is set for an October 17th release date via Roadrunner. More details will be unveiled in the coming months.

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CoF Drummer's Side Band Nemhain Lines Up More Gigs

NEMHAIN, the new band featuring CRADLE OF FILTH/AT THE GATES drummer Adrian Erlandsson and his wife, fetish model Morrigan Hel (a.k.a. Amber England), has liend up the following dates during the coming weeks:

Aug. 27 - Bar Monsta - London, UK
Oct. 14 - Purple Turtle - London, UK

The group's lineup consists of the following:

Cherry Forever - Rhythm Guitar
Morrigan Hel - Vocals
Liv Fast - Lead Guitar
Da Witch - Bass
The Swede (a.k.a. Adrian Erlandsson) – Drums

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New Cradle of Filth Photos Online

In case you haven't noticed, we recently posted some brand new photos of Cradle Of Filth to the ol' website.

So reacquaint yourself with Dani and the boys by clicking HERE, and stay tuned for lots of news and tidbits as we approach the release of CoF's provocative new album, Thornography, in stores October 17th.

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CoF's "Thornography" Tracklisting Revealed

CRADLE OF FILTH's upcoming new album, Thornography, will now be released on October 16th through Roadrunner Records. You can view the cover artwork here, and the tracklisting is as follows:

1. Under Pregnant Skies She Comes Alive Like Miss Leviathan
2. Dirge Inferno
3. Tonight in Flames
4. Libertina Grimm
5. Byronic Man
6. I Am The Thorn
7. Cemetery And Sundown
8. Lovesick For Mina
9. The Foetus Of A New Day Kicking
10. Rise Of The Pentagram
11. Under Huntress Moon
12. Temptation

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