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Formed: 1986
From: Olsztyn, Poland
Last Known Status: Active


Formed in Poland in 1986, it was three years before the band's 'Necrolust' demo saw them attain the attention of the underground, and led to the band's now infamous 'Morbid Reich' cassette release via the Polish Carnage Records, a release which legend has it was one of the biggest selling Death Metal demos/cassettes ever. The band signed to Earache in 1992 and in July of that year Vader recorded their one and only Earache album 'The Ultimate Incantation' with producer Paul Johnson.

Subsequently the band toured Europe with Bolt Thrower and Grave, and also hit the US with Deicide and Suffocation, but then left Earache to puruse a career on many and varied labels, gaining a gretaer reputation with each release for a more intellectual lyrical stance as well as sound based heavily around drummer Doc's amazing blastbeat control. As the band continued churning out album after album, they moved towards their own unique style of death-thrash metal fusion with the landmark releases of 'Litany' and 'Revalations'.

Latest Vader News

Below is our complete Vader news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Vader Announces European Shows

In addition to working on a new album, the mighty Polish death metal overlords Vader have now checked in with the following update about new tour dates:

"It's time for Polish shows! Long awaited 'Back To The Black' tour is confirmed and we'll start promotion soon. With great pleasure we present almost all cities Vader will visit with new concert set prepared by the General & co.

"As Peter announced, full material from the cult 'Black To The Blind' and 'Sothis' will be played during the tour. On top of that, you can also expect the biggest hits of the band. Get ready for 75-minute show! We start on November 28th with a show in Kwidzy.

"Vader will give 18 gigs in Poland, 4 in the Czech Republic, and one in Slovakia. We invited special guests to jazz up the tour. Their names and places where they will perform will be revealed in the nearest future. More about the shows, tickets distribution and other organisational details soon.

"Nevertheless, we can confirm that the tour will be ended in Progresja Club in Warsaw during Metal Christmas Eve. It will be a small festival, bands meeting and a real winter feast. We plan to invite 6-7 Polish bands to take part in this event. Check our website for their names soon. Stay VADERized!"

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Vader To Record New Album

Polish act Vader has announced the band will soon begin work on the follow-up to "Welcome to the Morbid Reich" (reviewed here), which is currently titled "Straight to Hell." The band comments:

"Summer and the festival season is almost over. Concerts on the Fist Full of Metal in Germany crowns the promotion of the album 'Welcome To The Morbid Reich' on the European continent.

"With Vader's last record we're gonna move to Australia/New Zealand (at the end of October), China, Taiwan and - again - South America (in November) and finaly to the USA in early Spring 2013.

"Before we'll start working on the next record (under the title 'Straight To Hell'), we're gonna remind Vader's 3rd album 'Black To The Blind' from 1997 as a whole! The tour named BACK TO THE BLACK will include - besides the mentioned record - quite many different songs from a variety of albums on the 70 min. long set.

"We start in December in Poland and Czech Republic. At the beginning of 2013 we will tour with the same set on Western Europe, Scandinavia and Baltic lands too. More details soon! Stay in tune, stay Vader'ized!"

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Vader Announces Upcoming Tour Plans

Polish death metal act Vader has checked in with the following statement about the band's upcoming tour activity through the end of the year and beginning of 2013:

"Tomorrow Vader will start their overseas journey to South America. They will visit Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, and Argentina. We plan a second leg of the tour at the end of 2012.

"Due to their performance at the Metalfest Open Airs in May, Vader will not be seen on most of the major summer festivals. Nevertheless, we have confirmed Ragnarock Open Air (20.08), Queens of Metal (21.08) and Fist Full of Metal (01.09).

"At the end of August Vader will also set off for the long awaited tour in smaller Polish towns as a sequel of Blitzkrieg VI! It will be a mega treat for Vader fans, as Peter already announced that they will play all 'Black To The Blind' and 'Sothis.' The main part of this tour will take place at the end of 2012 and will cover over 14 dates with Polish supports.

"In November Vader will go to China for their first tournee in this country. We are working on their come-back to USA and Canada. There will also be a European tour at the beginning of 2013 with Vader as a headliner."

For full details on upcoming Vader live appearances, head over to the band's official Facebook profile.

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Marduk And Vader Announce New Tour Dates

Kataklysm, Marduk, Vader, Gods Tower, and Dark End will be embarking on the "Flaming Arts Anniversary" tour this coming May. The currently announced shows are as follows:

11.05 – Irkutsk “Megapolis”
13.05 – Krasnojarsk “DK Kraza”
14.05 – Novosibirsk “Rock City”
16.05 – Ekaterinburg “Tele Club”
17.05 – Magnitogorsk “Universal”
18.05 – Ufa “Agava”
20.05 – Moscow “KKZ Moscow”
21.05 – Voronezh “Tarantul”
22.05 – Minsk “Re:Public More...

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Crystal Viper Posts Additional Details On New LP

Polish metal band Crystal Viper revealed more details on the band's forthcoming new album "Crrimen Excepta." In the latest post on Facebook, the band announced two guest appearances and one cover song for the release:

"It's time, to reveal few more details about our new album... There will be two special guests on 'Crimen Excepta': David Bower, vocalist of Hell appear in the title track, while Vader mainman Peter will be heard in the cover version of the classic Vader song 'Tyrani Piekiel,' which will be available as the bonus track on the first, limited edition of the album. So most probably Crystal Viper is the first ever Heavy Metal band, which re-arranged and recorded Death Metal cover song."

Singer Marta Gabriel commented on the new album and the guest appearances:

We already announced that fans should expect the unexpected. The new album is different than everything Crystal Viper did in the past. Of course it's still traditional Metal, and it's still Crystal Viper - but this time, everything was different, starting from the compositions, through our attitude and inspirations, up to equipment we used and the recording session itself. It was amazing to have Peter in the studio, we all are huge fans of Vader, and I think he was also amazed when he heard how our voices sound together in this Heavy Metal version of 'Tyrani Piekiel'. And when you will hear the lines of William The Judge recorded by David of Hell, you will have jaw on the floor. We had.

"Crimen Excepta" is scheduled for release on April 27, 2012 via AFM Records.

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Adimiron Posts "The Sign Of Hell" Tour Podcast

Adimiron has posted a podcast online detailing the band's time support Vader and Gorgoroth on the "Sign of Hell" European tour in 2011. The clip is available below, and the band also commented:

"Podcast #3 finally online. If you're wondering how touring with Gorgoroth and Vader was...then check it out! Next European shows coming soon, stay tuned!"

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Nuclear Blast Offering Free Sampler

Nuclear Blast has issued the following announcement about offering a sampler for free download online:

"Nuclear Blast says thank you, for an awesome year to their fans and friends, by offering a free download compilation, exclusively on our Facebook page. Surf to this location and like the page and get the free sampler! Have a merry and rocking Christmas and an ass-kicking 2012!"

The track listing is as follows:

01. Destruction - The Price
02. Hell - Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us
03. Demonaz - All Blackened Sky
04. Scar Symmetry - lluminoid Dream Sequence
05. Chrome Division - Bulldogs Unleashed
06. Hammerfall - One More Time
07. Pain - Dirty Woman
08. Rhapsody Of Fire - Aeons Of Raging Darkness (edit)
09. Symphony x - Dehumanized
10. Communic - Destroyer Of Bloodlines
11. Vader - Come And See My Sacrifice
12. Seven - Get It
13. Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Violation (edit)
14. Tasters - Please Destroy This World
15. Cipher sytem - Communicate The Storms
16. Anthrax - Fight'em Till You Can't
17. Biohazard - Vengeance Is Mine
18. Textures - Singularity
19. We Came As Romans - Mis/understanding
20. Threat Signal - Fallen Disciples
21. Texas In July - 1000 Lies
22. Graveworm - See No Future
23. Like Moths To Flames - You Won't Be Missed
24. Gotthard - Remember It's Me
25. Battle Beast - Enter The Metal World

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Vader Posts Tour Blog

Vader has posted another tour blog online from the band's current run on the "Sign of Hell" tour with Gorgoroth. Vader had this to say:

"Savigny le Temple. A small town near Paris (they say so) where it’s hard to get to and even worse to get back home from at night. I think that was the reason of a bit smaller audience than usually. A day before we had day off (spent next to the club) so we’ve already got familiar with surroundings – Valkyrja and Gorgoroth even found a pub!

"The club was nice and the show – I think that, as usually, everyone has played the material so many times that we don’t even need notation. After the show we had two occasions to celebrate – Vlad’s birthday and a small anniversary – 20 shows behind us! (and 20 more ahead…) But we had no time to party. There was a long way to cover to Switzerland so we had to pack the gear fast and smoothly and set off on the road!"

You can also check out photos from the road recently uploaded by Vader by heading over to this location.

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Vader Posts New Tour Blog

Vader is currently on the "Sign of Hell" tour with Gorgoroth, and the band has now checked in with the following tour blog:

"If you read our previous reports from shows in England, you would probably know what to expect from Bristol. In fact, not much changed, except for the name of a club and its size. Again – great turnover, many Polish people coming to see us and the show itself went, as usually, according to the plan.

"No accidents, some minor technical problems which are unavoidable – like for example a fan jumping on stage and switching off Peter’s or Spider’s guitar effects what results in Vader giving an unplugged show ;-)

"This time instead of The Sickening we had a local support which I didn’t have a chance to see as I was writing tour reports. Valkyrja, typically, gave a smashing show. One can tell at once that they put a lot of passion in their performance and music is what counts most for them! Gorgoroth gave their show staying at their usual level as well.

"After the gig we got back to the nightliner to have a well-deserved beer and go straight to bed. The next day would be the last show on the English land – Plymouth. We need to be at our best!"

You can also check out photos from the tour by heading over to the Vader Facebook profile here.

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Vader Posts Tour Blog

Vader is currently embarked on "The Sign of Hell" tour, and the band has now checked in with the following tour blog:

"Welcome MetalManiacs! We kick off with another tour, really long and hard one! We will destroy the whole old continent - from Scandinavia through the British Isles to Balkans and Spain. 40 gigs, that sounds like a lot. Keep the track of this tour as Massive Music's Commando moves throughout Europe. The artists and our crew will keep you updated on what's going on out there!

"And here we are, on the road again! Welcome to the Morbid Reich!!! The Berlin’s premiere show started European The Sign of Hell Tour 2011. It’s the first tour officially promoting our newest album 'Welcome To The Morbid Reich.' It covers 40 shows in most European countries. We share the stage with Gorgoroth, Swedish Valkyrja, Italian Adimiron and few other supporting bands.

"With this short introduction we will start a series of short tour reports which are focused on presenting you some bits of our tour life. We will try to show you how it looks on stage but also behind the scenes. The journey we started is going to be pretty long so we can promise you exciting and interesting material! You can read first news below! Keep your fingers crossed and see you out there. Stay Vaderized!

"01.11.2011 - Berlin - SO36 Club. Day 1 started for us at the Central Railway Station in Wroclaw. At midnight we got into a train to a city of Krzyz ('Cross' in English, sic!!!), then another change to a train to Kostrzyn on the border of Germany. We were picked up there by the Massive Music crew around 8 a.m. And it all felt like home… our second home for the upcoming 1,5 month. We got to Berlin around noon. It was a first show of the tour so there was really lot of work and preparations. We even managed to make a sound check for each band! When we have Oscar at a mixing table and a close team of Kuba and Vacek on stage – nothing can go wrong. More...

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Death Angel Confirmed For Metalfest 2012

Death Angel has just confirmed its participation in Metalfest 2012 and will raise hell by performing a song selection of the '87 classic “The Ultra Violence." Of course there are some more members of the Nuclear Blast family who are going to play at Metalfest 2012. You can look forward to:

Blind Guardian (not playing Metalfest Dessau)

Dates are as follows:

31.05.-02.06.2012 Mining, Metalfest Austria
31.05.-02.06.2012 Dessau, Metalfest Germany/East
01.06.-03.06.2012 Jaworzno, Metalfest Poland
02.06.-05.06.2012 Zadar, Metalfest Croatia
05.06.-07.06.2012 Milan, Metalfest Italy
07.06.-09.06.2012 Loreley, Metalfest Germany/West
07.06.-10.06.2012 Pratteln, Metalfest Switzerland
08.06.-10.06.2012 Plzen, Metalfest Czech Republic

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Adimiron Joining The "Sign Of Hell" Tour

Adimiron will join the last part of the "Sign of Hell Tour 2011," supporting the black metal masters Gorgoroth and the legendary Vader during the first two weeks of December. Details are as follows:

06.12.2011 (MAC) Skopje / Havana
08.12.2011 (SLO) Ljubljana / Menza Pri Koritu
09.12.2011 (ITA) Roma / Init Club
10.12.2011 (ITA) Pinarella di Cervia / Rockplanet
11.12.2011 (FR) Montpellier / Secret Place
13.12.2011 (POR) Porto / Hard Club
14.12.2011 (POR) Lisboa / Cine Teatro Corroios
15.12.2011 (SP) Sevilla / Fanatic
16.12.2011 (SP) Valencia / Rock City
17.12.2011 (SP) Barcelona / Mephisto

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Vader Comments On Upcoming Tour With Gorgoroth

Vader has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming "The Sign of Hell" tour with Gorgoroth and Valkyrja:

"The Sign Of Hell Tour 2011 with Gorgoroth, Vader, and Valkyrja and their guests is getting closer! We start the tour with a show in Berlin on November 1st and visit Rostock the on next day. The following shows go as previously announced. There was a change of club in Goteborg - we will play in Parken instead of Musiken Hus.

"There are also some new shows added to the schedule - we give a show in Plymouth (UK) and Hengelo (the Netherlands). We will also visit Prague (the Czech Republic), Kosice (Slovakia), Skopje (Macedonia) and Novi Sad (Serbia).

"Unfortunately, we won't play in Budapest and Grenoble. Soon we will provide you with the names of bands supporting the main line-up of our tour. During 'The Sign Of Hell Tour 2011' the bands will promote their newest albums: Gorgoroth's 'Under The Sign Of Hell,' Vader's great received 'Welcome To The Morbid Reich' (Nuclear Blast) and Valkyrja's 'Contamination' (Metal Blade)!"

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Gorgoroth Updates "The Sign Of Hell" Tour Schedule

Gorgoroth will be embarking on the European "The Sign of Hell" tour with Vader and Valkyrja this coming November, and the band has now added on even more dates. The currently confirmed itinerary is as follows:

01.11.2011 - Germany, Berlin @ SO36
02.11.2011 - Germany, Rostock @ Alte Zuckerfabrik
03.11.2011 - Denmark, Copenhagen @ The Rock
04.11.2011 - Denmark, Aalborg @ Aalborg Metal Festival, Stadthalle
05.11.2011 - Sweden, Gothenburg @ Parken
06.11.2011 - Sweden, Stockholm @ Klubben
09.11.2011 - UK/England, Manchester @ Moho Live
10.11.2011 - UK/England, Liverpool @ The Masque
11.11.2011 - UK/Northern Ireland, Belfast @ Spring & Airbrake
12.11.2011 - Ireland, Dublin @ The Village
13.11.2011 - UK/Scotland, Glasgow @ Classic Grand
14.11.2011 - UK/England, London @ Camden Underworld
15.11.2011 - UK/England, Bristol @ The Fleece
16.11.2011 - UK/England, Plymouth @ White Rabbit
17.11.2011 - Holland, Amersfoort @ De Kelder
18.11.2011 - Holland, Rotterdam @ Baroeg
19.11.2011 - Belgium, Louvain-la-Neuve @ Mass Deathtruction Festival, La Ferme du Biéreau
20.11.2011 - Germany, Essen @ Turock
22.11.2011 - Holland, Hengelo @ Metropool
24.11.2011 - France, Savigny-le-Temple @ L'Empreinte
25.11.2011 - Switzerland, Solothurn @ Kofmehl
26.11.2011 - Germany, Lichtenfels @ Christmas Metal Festival, Stadthalle
27.11.2011 - Czech Republic, Prague @ Rock Café
29.11.2011 - Austria, Vienna @ Szene
30.11.2011 - Slovakia, Kosice @ Collosseum
01.12.2011 - Romania, Cluj-Napoca @ Euphoria Music Hall
02.12.2011 - Bulgaria, Sofia @ Yubileina Hall
03.12.2011 - Greece, Thessaloniki @ Eightball Club
04.12.2011 - Greece, Athens @ Gagarin 205
06.12.2011 - Macedonia, Skopje @ Havana
07.12.2011 - Serbia, Novi Sad @ Route 66
08.12.2011 - Slovenia, Ljubljana @ Menza Pri Koritu
09.12.2011 - Italy, Rome @ Init Club
10.12.2011 - Italy, Pinarella di Cervia @ Rockplanet
11.12.2011 - France, Montpellier @ Secret Place
13.12.2011 - Portugal, Porto @ Hard Club
14.12.2011 - Portugal, Lisbon @ Cine-Teatro de Corroios
15.12.2011 - Spain, Seville @ Fanatic
16.12.2011 - Spain, Valencia @ Durango
17.12.2011 - Spain, Barcelona @ Mephisto

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Vader Releases Preview Of New Album

Polish death metal veterans Vader have posted a preview of its entire new album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" online. You check out the album samples as well as the official track listing for the effort below.

Here's the tracklisting:

1. Ultima Thule
2. Return To The Morbid Reich
3. The Black Eye
4. Come And See My Sacrifice
5. Only Hell Knows
6. I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul
7. Don’t Rip The Beast’s Heart Out
8. I Had A Dream…
9. Lord Of Thorns
10. Decapitated Saints
11. They Are Coming
12. Black Velvet And Skulls Of Steel

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"Under The Sign Of Hell" Tour Dates Announced

The first batch of dates for the "Under the Sign of Hell Tour 2011" have now been announced, and can be viewed below. The tour features Gorgoroth, Vader, Valkyrja and currently unnamed guests on select dates. More shows for the tour are expected to be revealed soon.

03.11.2011 (DK) Copenhagen / The Rock
04.11.2011 (DK) Aalborg / Aalborg Metal Festival
05.11.2011 (SWE) Goteborg / Musikens Hus
06.11.2011 (SWE) Stockholm / Klubben
09.11.2011 (UK) Manchester /Moho Live
10.11.2011 (UK) Liverpool / The Masque
11.11.2011 (IRE) Belfast / Buttom Factory
12.11.2011 (IRE) Dublin / The Village
13.11.2011 (UK) Glasgow / The Classic Grand
14.11.2011 (UK) London / Underworld
15.11.2011 (UK) Bristol / Fleece
17.11.2011 (HOL) Amersfoort / De Kelder
18.11.2011 (HOL) Rotterdam / Baroeg
19.11.2011 (BEL) Louvain-la-Neuve / La Ferme du Biereau
20.11.2011 (GER) Essen / Turock
24.11.2011 (FR) Savigny le Temple / Empreinte
25.11.2011 (CH) Dietikon / Sounddock21
26.11.2011 (GER) Lichtenfels / Stadthalle
29.11.2011 (A) Wien / Szene
01.12.2011 (ROM) Cluj Napoca / Euphoria Music Hall
02.12.2011 (BUL) Sofia / Jubileina Hall
03.12.2011 (GRE) Thessaloniki / 8ball
04.12.2011 (GRE) Atheens / Gagarin 205 More...

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Vader Streaming New Track Online

Polish death metal act Vader has just uploaded the brand-new track "Decapitated Saints," which comes from the band's upcoming album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich." Head over to the official Vader Facebook profile to check out the song.

"Welcome To The Morbid Reich" will be released on August 12th, 2011 via Nuclear Blast. To hear more of the album, you listen to the previously uploaded song "Come and See My Sacrifice," or head over here to see the album trailer.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Ultima Thule
2. Return To The Morbid Reich
3. The Black Eye
4. Come And See My Sacrifice
5. Only Hell Knows
6. I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul
7. Don’t Rip The Beast’s Heart Out
8. I Had A Dream…
9. Lord Of Thorns
10. Decapitated Saints
11. They Are Coming
12. Black Velvet And Skulls Of Steel

Bonus Tracks:
13. Raping The Earth
14. Troops Of Tomorrow

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Valkyrja Announces European Shows With Gorgoroth

Sweden's Valkyrja has checked in with the following announcement about upcoming European tour dates with Gorgoroth and Vader:

"'The Sign of Hell Tour 2011' will be the tour to keep your eyes upon when the current season of light and warmth has withdrawn.

"Fronted by two of the titans of their kind, Gorgoroth and Vader will - alongside Valkyrja as support - set course toward a crusade with over 45 stops of mayhemic violence upon the European soil. This collection of utter carnage can be experienced between the end of October and the end of December.

"It is decided, in celebration of this unity, to make the first stop on the tour the official release date for the vinyl edition of the album 'Contamination.'

"An update will follow within the near future including specifics for both the tour and the vinyl edition, we advice you to stay vigilant and await this glorious commemoration of darkness with eager hearts!"

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Vader Posts New Album Trailer

Vader has upload a trailer for the upcoming album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich," which features band mastermind Peter talking about the recording and cover artwork of the record. Check out the clip below.

The new album “Welcome To The Morbid Reich” will be released on August 12th, 2011.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Ultima Thule
2. Return To The Morbid Reich
3. The Black Eye
4. Come And See My Sacrifice
5. Only Hell Knows
6. I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul
7. Don’t Rip The Beast’s Heart Out
8. I Had A Dream…
9. Lord Of Thorns
10. Decapitated Saints
11. They Are Coming
12. Black Velvet And Skulls Of Steel

Bonus Tracks:
13. Raping The Earth
14. Troops Of Tomorrow

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Vader Streaming New Song Online

Polish extreme death metallers Vader have made its new single available for streaming online. The track, which is titled "Come and See My Sacrifice," is to appear on the band's forthcoming new album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich." The new full-length is due out on August 12, 2011 through Nuclear Blast Records. The track listing can be viewed below.

1. Ultima Thule
2. Return To The Morbid Reich
3. The Black Eye
4. Come And See My Sacrifice
5. Only Hell Knows
6. I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul
7. Don’t Rip The Beast’s Heart Out
8. I Had A Dream…
9. Lord Of Thorns
10. Decapitated Saints
11. They Are Coming
12. Black Velvet And Skulls Of Steel

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