"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1991
From: Taranto/Rome, Italy
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Aborym news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Aborym Streaming New Song

Extreme electro/industrial metallers Aborym have premiered the first song off their upcoming album entitled "Dirty." The album opener "Irreversible Crisis" can be streamed below.

The new double album, which will be available in jewel case, double digipack, and gatefold double LP formats, is set for release on Agonia Records on the 28th of May in Europe and the 11th of June in North America.


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Aborym To Reveal New Songs On Radio Show

Having recently announced the upcoming release of “Dirty,” their 6th full-length album, Italian/Norwegian metallers Aborym are set to debut several tracks on the 21st of March on the Moshpit Radio Show.

The show will be hosted by Italian writer Eduardo Vitolo, author of “Horror Rock, la musica delle tenebre” and “Sub Terra, rock estremo e cultura undergound in italia 1977-1998” who will interview front man and founder Fabban live in the studio. The show will air from 21:00 to 23:00, Italian time, and can be streamed live at this location.

The new 10-track double album, which will be available in digipak, jewel case, and gatefold double LP formats, is set for release via Agonia Records on the 28th of May in Europe and the 11th of June in the USA/North America.

The first CD of the album will feature completely new material, and the second CD will include two completely re-arranged and re-recorded tracks from previous albums, covers of tracks by Iron Miaden, Pink Floyd, and Nine Inch Nails, as well as a previously unreleased track written by Alberto Penzin (CO2, ex Schizo) and performed by both established musicians as well as several fans spliced together from all the different sources. The track listing is: More...

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Aborym Reveals "Dirty" Details

Details of "Dirty," the 6th full-length album from Italo-Norwegian industrial/electro extreme metallers Aborym, have now been announced.

The 10-track double album (cover available below) will be available in digipak, jewel case, and gatefold double LP formats, and is set for release via Agonia Records this coming May 28th in Europe and June 11th in the USA/North America.

"Dirty" was recorded at the Fear No One Studios in Italy with Emiliano Natali, reprising his sound engineer role from the band’s "Psychogrotesque" album, and it was helmed by Marc Urselli of New York’s Eastside Sound Studio. The electronic part of the album is engineered by D. Loop (Kebabtraume, Limbo). R.G. Narchost (Stormcrow, Demon's Shade, Drowning Ashes) created "The Spiral shaped chamber" custom sounds library for the band. Artwork for the album was handled by Aboryms Fabban.

The first CD of the album features new material, while the second CD features two tracks from previous albums, which have been completely re-arranged and re-recorded, covers of tracks by Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, and Nine Inch Nails, and a previously unreleased track performed by both musicians and several fans. The song was written by Alberto Penzin (CO2, ex-Schizo) and was spliced together from all the different sources. The full track listing is as follows:

CD 1
1. Irreversible Crisis
2. Across the Universe
3. Dirty
4. Bleedthrough
5. Raped by Daddy
6. I don’t Know
7. The Factory of Death
8. Helter Skelter Youth
9. Face the Reptile
10. The Day the Sun Stopped Shining More...

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Aborym Posts Updated Fan Wall Poster

Aborym will enter the studio in October to record the band's sixth album and follow-up to "Psychogrotesque," which will be released in early 2013 through Agonia Records.

In celebration of the band's 20th anniversary, Aborym is also currently putting together a fan wall poster with hundreds of photos from fans. An update version of the poster's current progress can be seen below (check out a larger version here). For details on how to submit a photo for the poster, head over to this location.

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Aborym To Enter The Studio

Italy's Aborym recently finished writing new material for an upcoming album, and the band has now checked in with the following update about entering the recording studio:

"Aborym will enter the studio in October to record their sixth album, the follow-up to 'Psychogrotesque'. The new album will be released in early 2013 through Agonia Records. Title, track-list, guests and tons of important details about the new release will be revealed soon.

"The band is also working on a special song in order to celebrate the anniversary of the first 20 years of the band's career, an assembly of riffs, ideas, lyrics, loops, grooves sent by fans.

"Furthermore a big fanwall poster is under construction, with hundreds of photos from the fans. You'll find all the infos and restrictions on sending audio and visual material inside the fanarea section on our website."

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Aborym Finishes Writing New Album

Italian act Aborym, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, has checked in with the following update about working on a new album and follow-up to 2010's "Psychogrotesque" (reviewed here):

"The writing process of our new record is officially done. The music on the new album will be more weird, electro-industrial and psycho than anything we've done before. Eye-poppin'shit at its top.

"Some work to do today, then move on to second phase... main guitars arrangements, fx, thousand of details. Its going to be a killer record fuckers!"

Further details on the album will be announced as they are made available. You can also follow the band's updates and listen to music for streaming over at Facebook.

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Aborym Seeking Fan Submissions

Aborym has issued the following announcement about seeking fan photos and audio samples for an upcoming 20th anniversary release:

"Hey fuckers! As we believe you know, this is a very important year for us: it's the anniversary of the first 20 years of Aborym. We would like to thank you all for following us, for supporting us, quite often to stand us, for buying or downloading our albums, for wearing our T-shirts, for having read, understood and interiorized our lyrics and, for all the time, you dedicated to us when you were writing us letters or e-mails to which we couldn't answer, or, simply, for having criticized us.

"And we want to thank you, especially, if some of you, through Aborym, have become open-minded, rebelled against the rules, the business and the system (musical and not musical one) and perhaps managed to make music in a free, instinctive and passionate way.

"We would like you all to be part of our history and the history of extreme music. We want you all in our next album, planned to be released through Agonia Records. We intend to realize a song about 5 minutes' long in which we want to insert anything you would like to send us: guitar or bass riff, samples, sentences, keyboards, groove, loops or short lyrics.

"Furthermore, we would like to realize a huge Aborym Fan Wall Poster, a enormous mosaic with all of your pictures (above), which will be sent for free at the moment it will be completed.

"This is your opportunity to be part of the history of Aborym. This is our chance to thank you all. We love ya all.

"Aborym Fan Wall Photo Restrictions: More...

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Aborym Offering Free Song Download

Italy's Aborym, which signed to Agonia Records earlier this year, is currently offering a free download of a remixed track online. Aborym had this to say:

"The Psychogrotesque VI 'Lovecraftian Remix' by Emiliano Natali (Fear No one studios) is available for free download here. Enjoy it fuckers!"

The track "Psychogrotesque VI" is taken off the band's latest album, "Psychogrotesque." You can check out Metalunderground.com's review of the album at this location.

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Aborym Signs To Agonia Records

Italian industrial-post-black metallers Aaborym have inked a worldwide deal with Agonia Records. Singer/bass player Fabban commented on the deal:

"I know this label very well. We decided to sing up with Agonia Rec exactly because we need to be followed and supported in a more careful and precise way, something that is sometimes quite hard to have if you're part of a major label with hundreds of other bands. There's a crisis in the air, especially in the music industry, reason why we're betting everything on quality. What we will release in 2012 will be a very particular album and it will be required a great commitment from our label, a great commitment, not only from the economic point of view.

"We chose Agonia because is able to give us everything we ask for in order to achieve something very very important, something that people don't really expect. This is the biggest deal of the entire Aborym's career. We have a very high budget, we have confidence and a massive deployment of energies and resources from Agonia's side. Through these premises we should and we must do only great things. The sixth Aborym album will be released in 2012 and it will celebrate the 20th anniversary of activity of the Italian combo.

"We'll celebrate 20 years of Aborym through a series of surprises for our fans. The album we're working on will be something extremely astonishing, something that nobody can even remotely imagine. Aborym has always been like that, but this time we'll walk beyond the lines. Our new album will be also a reward to all our fans: our own way to say thank you for 20 years of support and passion for our music."

"It's great to be working again with Agonia Records," adds guitarist Hell.IO.Kabbalus, "and we're already sticking down with Fabban some new material for the next album. If you think Psychogrotesque was crazy, this next one is going to fuck your synapses from behind."

In July 2011 the new t-shirt celebrating the 20th year of the band,will be available and one of the songs from the next album will be used to record a new video clip.

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Guest Musicians Comment On Working With Aborym

Italy's Aborym had previously announced Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath) and Karyn Crisis (Karyn Crisis Band) are performing guest spots on the band's new album "Psychogrotesque," which is set to drop on November 8th, 2010. Davide Tiso commented on working with Aborym:

"I have nothing but respect for Aborym. I followed and supported the band since their '99 Kali Yuga Bizarre and I consider Aborym the boldest extreme metal act ever born in Italy. I find remarkable their ability in reinventing themselves album after album. Aborym is a lonely beast in the underground metal forest, and Fabban is a truly visionary leader: I'm proud of what he's reaching with his music. I'm sure Aborym will continue to surprise in the future, this is what they usually do. It has been a pleasure to do a guest appearance in their new album and I'm particularly touched by what Karyn did on those songs. I still have shivers thinking about that one vocal take she did on the album's closing song! I wish Aborym to receive the massive attention they deserve."

Karyn Crisis also added: "It's not often that I feel connected enough to someone else's music to want to sing on it. Music is a strange, foreign language to me, yet Aborym's new album was a language I identified with. It speaks a psychological dialect I understand, yet it's at the same time new and surprising. The concept and rhythmic ideas are great, and it's been a very real pleasure to be a part of it."

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Aborym Reveals New Album Cover Artwork

Italian black metallers ABORYM's fifth album will be out on next November 8th. The cover artwork of "Psychogrotesque," created by the band's leader Fabban himself, can be seen at this location.

The artist comments, "I realised the 'Pyschogrotesque' artwork as I was inspired by the lyrics and the story that are being told in this album, trying to "visualise" the sceneries and the mood of this all... On the cover there is the main character, his look is terrorised and lost. Below, the place where he is annihilated, the place where this story takes place: a mental home, the world where we live. Inside the artwork, I wanted to add some "Easter eggs", some tiny particulars with hidden messages... There are few of them scattered everywhere."

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Aborym Announces Guest Musicians

Italian electro/black metallers Aborym will release their fifth album "Psychogrotesque" on November 8th. The band's now-established three member line-up is joined by a number of special guests and friends: Richard K. Szabo of TWZ, Narchost (Malfeitor, Demon's Shade, Stormcrow), Pete Michael Kolstad Vegem (Blood Tusnami and Mongo Ninja), Giulio Moschini (Hour of Penance), bassist Emiliano Natali (Shoreborn), and Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath and Karyn Crisis Band).

Aborym also commented on the guest spots: "The most sensational and unprecedented collaboration on this record, and probably the most sensational in Aborym’s entire career since 1993, is with Karyn Crisis. A historical shamanic singer of the legendary combo metal-hardcore crossover Crisis from New York, as well as pioneer of the female-fronted movement also involved in the past with Six Feet Under, Sigillum S, Voivod’s vocalist and currently in the Karyn Crisis Band together with Davide Tiso, Karyn Crisis returns on the international extreme metal scene with Aborym, through one of the most insane and violent performances of all time behind the microphone."

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Aborym Announces New Album Release

Four years after the release of "Generator," Italian electro/post black metallers Aborym are back with their fifth album. Set for a November 8th release, the new full-length is entitled "Psychogrotesque" and is made of one story, a single song written by the band’s mastermind Malfeitor Fabban and talented guitarist Hell:IO:Kabbalus.

Aborym describes the album as a "realistic story about the horrific human aridity and its fragile impotence. A social metaphor, uncomfortable but very current, treated cynically by bassist-singer Fabban through a story set in a mental hospital, which suggests that he used his pen with an absolute commitment and the determination to keep off Aborym from the banality and clichés both ideological-aptitudinal and musical that saturate the extreme metal scene."

"Psychogrotesque" was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Fear No One Studios by Emiliano Natali, with the sound consulting of Marc Urselli at the Eastside Sound Studios in New York.

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Aborym Posts Studio Footage

Italy's Aborym entered the Fear No One Studios on February 19th, 2010 to begin recording their 5th album. The band has now posted a video clip online from the recording sessions, which can be viewed below.

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Aborym To Enter The Studio

Italy's Aborym has issued the following update about gearing up to enter the recording studio:

"Aborym will enter the studio again the 19th of February. This new opus will be a concept consisting of only one track, a harsh monolith of sickness, violence and depravity. The album will be recorded in the Fear No One Studios owned by Emiliano Natali and will be out later this year through Season of Mist. Line-Up: M.Fabban - Vocals, Bass, Synths, Hell:I0:Kabbalus - Guitars, Synths, Backing Vocals, B.Faust - Drums WE ARE BACK."

Aborym are also currently streaming several sample tracks online through their MySpace page.

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Aborym Working On New Material

Italian black metallers Aborym have issued the following announcement about working on a new album:

"After the release of 'Generator' in 2006, Aborym started the songwriting for their next album planned for 2010 under Season of Mist Records.

"Aborym currently are: M.Fabban, Hell:I0:Kabbalus, Bard G. 'Faust' Eithun."

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Malfeitor Announce New Lineup

MALFEITOR, the Italian black metal band featuring bassist/vocalist M. Fabban (ABORYM), has issued the following update:

"After eight months of partnership with the session bass player Nighthorn and M. Fabban's decision to take care of vocals only, MALFEITOR announce the new lineup."

Commented M. Fabban: "I've decided to dedicate myself to vocals only for this project due to several accidents that obliged me to avoid heavy duty stuff with my right hand. I will continue as a bassist only with ABORYM."

The statement adds: "MALFEITOR wish to thank Nighthorn sincerely for all the gigs played together and for friendship and professionality shown in everything regarding this project. Respect and support go to his bands, HOUR OF PENANCE above all." More...

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Aborym Parts With Guitarist

Italian/Norwegian industrial black metal band ABORYM has parted ways with guitarist Nysrok Infernalien.

"We wish Nysrok the very best in all aspects of his life," mainman Malfeitor Fabban said in a statement, "but both me and Bård Faust [a.k.a. Bård G. Eithun; drums] would really like to write and compose new material without him, due of many personal and private problems regarding him and his approach to our way of working, living and thinking, problems we don't like to share with people and journalists. Nowadays we're working hard on new material in order to record a new album in 2008. New fresh meat will be involved in the band."

Added Faust: "Both Fabban and I are eager on starting on the next album and I am pretty sure the Italian mastermind is coming up with some superb and twisted music as always."

ABORYM's last CD, "Generator", came out in February 2006 via Season of Mist.

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Malfeitor Signs With Scarlet Records For One Album

Italian black metallers Malfeitor (M:Fabban (Aborym) on vocals and bass guitar and Atum (ex Biastema - Kvntvr – Tundra) signed a 1-album-deal with Scarlet Records (www.scarletrecords.it). M.Fabban himself explains: “I know Scarlet’s crew since 1997, they know how to launch a newborn piece of evil like Malfeitor. We received lots of interesting offers in order put some inch on paper, but Scarlet is a well-organized, well structured label, they’ve been in the scene for many years. They will do a cool work fo us. No doubts”

The debut full-lenght will be out in September 2007 both in CD and vynil LP formats. Its title will be “Unio Mystica Maxima”, 9 tracks of mind-crushing, freezing, obscure and weird luciferian black metal:

Adveniat Infernus – intro
Rex Bestia Fera
In This Place Forever
Unio Mystica Maxima
Jesus Christi to the Lions
Fiamme Udite
Black Magic Mushrooms (Mysticum Cover)

The artwork of the album, currently under-construction, will be signed by M.Fabban. The front cover of both the CD and LP version was realized by Marcelo HVC [Poisoned To Reality, Brazil].

Before the full-length’s release in September, Malfeitor will release a special hand-numbered , 666 copies limited edition split 7” EP with the Norwegian band Amok (feat. Goatpromoter Lava, ex Taake), through War Arts Production (Portugal - www.war-arts-productions.com).

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Blood Tsunami Set Release Date For Debut Album

Candlelight Records / Nocturnal Art Productions has set a March 19 release date for the debut album from BLOOD TSUNAMI, the Oslo, Norway-based thrash metal band featuring drummer Bård G. Eithun (a.k.a. Faust; SCUM, ABORYM, ex-EMPEROR). The CD, aptly titled "Thrash Metal", was recorded at Lion Heart Studios in Oslo with engineer Øivind Voldmo Larsen. According to a press release, the album's artwork "will be over-the-top fantastic and the man going nuts on the canvas is Alex Horley Orlandelli, who is also known for his great drawings for Marvel comics, Heavy Metal magazine and Image comics."

BLOOD TSUNAMI last year announced the addition of former GLUECIFER bassist Stu Manx to the group's ranks.

BLOOD TSUNAMI previously worked with Øivind Voldmo Larsen at Lion Heart Studios on their "Demo 2005", which can still be heard on the band's official MySpace page.

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