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Formed: 1997
From: Halmstad, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Shining News

Below is our complete Shining news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Shining Comments On Upcoming Album

Following on from the recent news that Shining had parted company with Indie Recordings and signed with Spinefarm Records, the band has debuted a track from the forthcoming album "VII / Född Förlorare," which in English means "Born Loser." The track, "Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel" can be heard in the player below. Vocalist Niklas Kvarforth also recently quit all his other bands in order to focus on shining.

Shining - Förtvivlan Min Arvedel by PATRICIA THOMAS

All the music and lyrics for "VII / Född Förlorare," which is due for release on the 25th May, were written by front man Niklas Kvarforth, and the album was recorded over what the band describes as "three long years" inside the Slaughterhouse studios in Sweden, with Rickard Bengtsson once again producing.

Kvarforth himself defines the finished result as "The" Shining album. "It is", he commented, "the natural successor to our fifth album 'V/Halmstad,' rather than to our last release 'VI/Klagopsalmer,' which I have always thought of as more of an experiment both in terms of writing and performance." More...

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Den Saakaldte Comments On Band's Future

It was previously announced that vocalist Niklas Kvarforth has quit Bethlehem and Den Saakaldte in order to focus on his main band Shining. Guitarist Mikael Sykelig of Den Saakaldte has now checked in with the following brief statement about the future of the band:

"For some people that asked... Yes, we also say that Niklas has decided to deal with just Shining from now on. He is still our good friend and everything's fine between Niklas and us.

"New challenges and new era are coming up...or maybe we will just kill the band. We don't know yet... We will let you know."

You can also check out the band's music by heading over to the official Den Saakaldte MySpace Profile.

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Niklas Kvarforth Comments On Quitting Bands

It was previously announced that vocalist Niklas Kvarforth has parted ways with the band Bethlhehem. Niklas has now checked in with the following announcement about leaving all other projects, including his post with Den Saakaldte, in order to focus on the band Shining:

"A lot of things have been happening recently with Shining, and the rapid growth of the band over the last year, and the commitment that Shining now requires of me has meant that it has become impractical for me to continue working as vocalist with other bands.

"This includes my work with Bethlehem who themselves realized that the band could not continue with myself on vocals. Bethlehem is still my all-time favorite band and I wish them all the best for the future. I will also be quitting as front man for Den Saakaldte.

"From now on, therefore, I will only be making occasional guest vocal appearances on albums by other bands, and my priority will be Shining. My work with Maniac's band Skitliv will not be affected, however, as the vocals and the bulk of the creative work is in his hands.

"As always, myself and the band very much appreciate all the support the fans are giving Shining and their patience in waiting for the release of VII, and there will be some very good news regarding this very shortly"

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"Death Holy Death" Tour Dates Announced

Aosoth has announced it will be performing with Watain and Shining on the upcoming "Death Holy Death" 2011 tour. The currently announced dates are as follows:

25.02.2011 DE - Adelsheim, Eventhall
26.02.2011 CH - Lausanne, Docks
27.02.2011 FR - Montpellier, Secret Place
28.02.2011 ES - Barcelona, Mephisto
01.03.2011 ES - Madrid, Caracol
02.03.2011 PT - Lisboa, Revolver
03.03.2011 PT - Porto, Hard Club
04.03.2011 FR - Angouleme, Nef
05.03.2011 FR - Savigny le temple, Empreinte
06.03.2011 UK - London, Relentless Garage
07.03.2011 UK - Reading, Sub 89
08.03.2011 UK - Glasgow, Ivory Blacks
09.03.2011 UK - Liverpool, Masque
10.03.2011 UK - Birmingham, Library
11.03.2011 FR - Notre Dame de Gravenchon, Arcade
12.03.2011 BE - Vosselaar, Biebob
13.03.2011 NL - Zaandam, De Kade

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Shining Comments On Album Delay

After previously discussing the band's new album being delayed, Shining's Niklas Kvarforth has now issued the following statement clarifying the situation:

"We have spoken to our producer regarding 'Shining VII' and have come to realize that he is also not to blame for the delay in finishing the album, but rather that it has been caused by a lack of communication between all the parties concerned – these being the label, the producer and ourselves.

"We are happy with the outcome of our discussions, and expect that the album will be fully mixed and mastered by the second week in January, after which time we will hopefully be able to get more information regarding a release date. In the meantime, we would like to thank all the fans for their patience and for all the messages we have been receiving over the past months."

Shining is set to tour with fellow Swedes Watain in February and March of next year. Dates so far confirmed are as follows: More...

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Shining Issues Band Update

Swedish black metal act Shining has posted the following update online;

"As everyone is more than aware, 'Shining VII' has been delayed an unacceptably long time. There have been a lot of rumours as to why this should be, so we have decided to set the record straight once and for all.

"Despite the fact that the album was recorded two years ago, it has still not been mixed. Our producer has been concentrating on recording other artists instead of finishing the job on 'Shining VII'. This is despite the fact that Indie Recordings has put up a lot of money to get the album finished and has supported our efforts in every way possible. It is not SHINING's fault and it is not Indie Recordings' fault that the album still has not appeared, and I am sure you will understand when we say that nobody wants this album released more than ourselves and Indie. Rest assured that we will be taking steps to ensure that it appears sooner rather than later.

"No doubt some of you will be wondering whether the tour with WATAIN will still go on, since the album will not be out by then, but we have no plans to cancel and it will go ahead as planned."

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Watain Announces European Tour Dates

WATAIN has announced that they will be touring Europe in February and March 2011 with SHINING. Confirmed Watain European "Lawless Darkness Over Europe" tour dates are as follows:

25 Feb 11 Essen (DE) Zeche Carl
26 Feb 11 Lausanne (CH) Docks "Inferno Switzerland"
27 Feb 11 Montpellier (FR) Secret Place
28 Feb 11 Barcelona (ES) TBA
01 Mar 11 Madrid (ES) TBA
03 Mar 11 Lisboa (PT) Revolver
03 Mar 11 Porto (PT) TBA
04 Mar 11 Angouleme (FR) Nef
05 Mar 11 Savigny le Temple (FR) Empreinte
06 Mar 11 London (UK) Relentless Garage
07 Mar 11 Reading (UK) Sub 89
08 Mar 11 Glasgow (UK) Ivory Blacks
09 Mar 11 Liverpool (UK) Masque
10 Mar 11 Birmingham (UK) Library
11 Mar 11 Caen (FR) TBA
12 Mar 11 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
13 Mar 11 Zaandam (NL) Kade

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Shining Posts Performance Footage

Shining has posted performance footage online of the song "I och med insikt skall du förgå" from the album "The Eerie Cold," which took place at the Party San Open Air 2009. The video clip can be viewed below.

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Shining To Headline Forlorn Fest

Sweden's Shining has issued the following update about headlining the Forlorn Fest:

"Shining will make a rare appearance in their home country of Sweden when they headline the Forlorn Fest which is scheduled to take place on the 26th and 27th November at the Fabriken, in Umea, Sweden. According to the organizers this will be Sweden’s first ever black metal festival, and the line up will feature some of the country’s leading black metal bands, many of whom, like Shining itself, rarely get to play in their own country. Line up up for the Forlorn Fest is as follows: Shining, Ondskapt, Valkyrja, Hypothermia, Rev 16:8, Orcivus, Thornium, Elimi, Sorgeldom, and Chainsawtan."

Shining's upcoming seventh album "VII / Född Förlorare," which was entirely written by front man and founder Niklas Kvarforth, is due for release on Indie Recordings later this year.

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Shining Not Touring The U.S. In 2010

Sweden's Shining has issued the following update about planning no U.S. tour dates for the remainder of the year:

"We'd just like to clarify that Shining is NOT touring in the USA this year, regardless of what you read on the internet. The closest we will get is a date in Mexico in December, where the venue still has to be confirmed. Why won't we be in the USA? First of all, we did receive an offer, but it did not meet with our requirements, and secondly, we are still working on getting approval for all the members to enter the country.

"As soon as we receive a realistic offer, we will be there, but until then we are concentrating on our upcoming dates in Europe and the European tour later this year, and on the release of the new album. n the meantime, watch this space in the coming few days - will be making an announcement. And remember, if you don't read something on one of the OFFICIAL band pages, it's not confirmed, or it's just an internet rumor."

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The End Records Compilation For Free Download

Toward the end of 2009, The End Records released a 99 cent 17 track sampler on iTunes. Now, in celebration of March Metal Month, the label has released a 20 track sampler for free download on Amazon.com! (May be only available to visitors in the U.S.)

1. The 69 Eyes "Dead Girls Are Easy" (3:53)
2. Dir En Grey "Dozing Green (Live)" (3:57)
3. Creature With the Atom Brain "Transylvania" (5:59)
4. Autumn "Liar Emilie" (6:01)
5. Cable "Running Out Of Roads To Ride" (4:55)
6. Goes Cube "Grinding The Knife Blade" (3:15)
7. Early Man "Someone Else's Nightmare" (3:52)
8. Shining "Fisheye" (5:07)
9. Karl Sanders "Rapture Of The Empty Spaces" (4:23)
10. Novembers Doom "A Eulogy For The Living Lost" (6:30)
11. Suicide City "The Best Way" (4:11)
12. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "Der Weg (Live)" (3:56)
13. Sigh "L'art De Mourir" (4:55)
14. Borknagar "Havoc" (6:41)
15. Laethora "A.S.K.E." (3:39)
16. Hull "Architect" (6:54)
17. These Are They "The Indweller" (6:38)
18. Vreid "Milorg" (6:21)
19. Sarke "Old" (2:06)
20. Red Planet;Nattefrost "Sin Goddammit" Fenriz' (4:10)

You can download the free compilation here.

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Shining Vocalist Appears On New Gravdal Track

Sweden's Shining issued the following statement about vocalist Kvarforth appearing on a new Gravdal track that is available for streaming online:

"Kvarforth recently recorded some guest vocals for the track 'Mishandlet' on the upcoming 'Torturmantra' album from Norwegian Black Metallers Gravdal. He gives a particularly intense and disturbing performance on the track, and if you'd like to hear it, it has now been added to the GRAVDAL MySpace page at this location."

Gravdal also has the following upcoming tour dates: More...

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Shining Updates Tour Schedule

Sweden's Shining has issued the following update about adding on an extra Mexican tour date:

"Shining will be appearing in Mexico City on the 11th December. The venue will be announced shortly, but we can tell you that other bands for the event include Enthroned, Take, and Den Saakaldte - which means, of course, that you get a double helping of Kvarforth!"

Shining's upcoming tour schedule is as follows:

3/5 2010 Helvete Oberhausen
3/6 2010 From Hell Erfurth
3/7 2010 Baroeg Rotterdam
3/8 2010 Biebob Vosellar
3/9 2010 Laiterie Strassbourg
3/10 2010 Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg
3/11 2010 Metropolis Munich
3/12 2010 Gleis Annaberg-Bucholz
3/13 2010 K17 Berlin
3/14 2010 Dynamo Zurich
5/13 2010 Metalfest Open Air Dessau
5/14 2010 Metalfest Open Air Minning
5/15 2010 Metalfest Open Air Pratteln
7/16 2010 Kaltenbach Open Air Festival Kaltenbach
9/3 2010 Metal Feast Adelsheim
12/11 2010 Mexico City

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Sarkom Announces European Tour Dates

Norwegian black metal band Sarkom has announces the following tour dates with Shining and Svarttjern:

05/03 - Germany, Oberhausen - Helvete
06/03 - Germany, Erfurth - From Hell
07/03 - Netherlands, Rotterdam - Baroeg
08/03 - Belgia, Biebob - Vosselaar
09/03 - France, Strasbourg - Laiterie
11/03 - Germany, München - Metropolis
12/03 - Germany, Annaberg-Bucholz - Gleis 3
13/03 - Germany, Berlin - K17
14/03 - Switzerland, Zürich - Dynamo

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Shining Parts Ways With Bassist

Swedish extreme metallers Shining have issued the following update about parting ways with their bassist:

"Just to let everyone know that Larsen has officially left Shining so that he can concentrate on his studies. He has been a great asset to the band during his time with us, and a good companion, and we wish him well for the future. A new bass player has already been chosen, and we will be announcing more about this shortly."

Shining have the following upcoming tour dates: More...

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Shining Vocalist Guests On New Gravdal Album

Vocalist Niklas "Kvarforth" of Swedish black metallers Shining has recorded guest vocals for a track on the forthcoming "Torturmantra" album from Norwegian act Gravdal. The track, "Mishandlet," was recorded in Sweden at the Erebus Odora studios and produced by Peter Bjärgö. "Torturmantra" is due for release on Unexploded Records in early 2010, and will be the second full-length album from Gravdal.

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Shining Announces European Headlining Tour Dates

Swedish black metal band SHINING has announced the following March headlining dates:

03/05 - Helvete, Oberhausen (DE)
03/06 - From Hell, Erfurth, (DE)
03/07 - Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)
03/08 - Biebob, Vosellar (BE)
03/09 - Laiterie, Strasbourg (FR)
03/11 – Metropolis, Munich (DE)
03/12 – Gleis, Annaberg-Bucholz (DE)
03/13 – K17, Berlin (DE)
03/14 – Dynamo, Zurich (CH)

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Shining Drops Off Behemoth Tour

Swedish extreme metallers Shining have dropped off the upcoming "Evangelia Amerika" tour alongside Behemoth due to work visa issues. Lightning Swords of Death, who had previously been added to three of the tour dates, will now be taking Shining's place for the duration of the tour. The currently confirmed dates of the tour, which also features Septicflesh, are as follows: More...

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Graves of Valor To Support Behemoth

GRAVES OF VALOR has announced that they will join BEHEMOTH for a handful of dates on their "Evangelia Amerika US Tour." The South Carolina quintet will be providing support during the Raleigh and Atlanta stops of the tour in early January. GRAVES OF VALOR will also be headlining a date in Lancaster, SC in late January at The Hot Box.

GRAVES OF VALOR is currently streaming “Salarian Gate” in its entirety at this location. Salarian Gate was recorded at Mana Recording Studios (HATE ETERNAL, SOILENT GREEN, THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD) with engineer Brian Elliott. More...

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Shining Announces Finnish Tour Dates

Swedish extreme metallers Shining have announced they will play a string of Finnish tour dates in February of 2010. The currently confirmed tour dates are as follows:

2/11 Helsinki - Dante's Highlight
2/12 Turku - Klubi
2/13 Kouvola - Donington

Shining are currently scheduled to release their new album “Shining VII - Född Förlorare” via Indie Recordings in March/April 2010.

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