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Beasts of Satan

From: Italy
Last Known Status: Unknown

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Members Of Italian Satanic Cult Sentenced

Reuters is reporting that five Satanic cult members received heavy prison sentences on Tuesday for killing the singer of their amateur heavy metal band and two other women in brutal ritual murders that shocked Italy.

Nicola Sapone, one of the leaders of the Beasts of Satan heavy metal cult, was sentenced to life behind bars for the double homicide in 1998 of singer Fabio Tollis and his girlfriend Chiara Marino.

The group had apparently believed that Marino, who was stabbed to death under a full moon, was the personification of the Virgin Mary. She was 19.

Tollis, 16, took a fatal hammer blow to the head after trying to prevent her murder.

Sapone covered Tollis's mouth with a chestnut husk to silence him and also slit his throat in what Italian media called "an orgy" of bloodletting. The band pushed the dead bodies into a pit and urinated on them.

Four other followers of the band received sentences of between 24 and 26 years.

The convictions were the latest for members and followers of Beasts of Satan, and followed the high-profile conviction of band leader Andrea Volpe, who received a lighter, 30-year sentence after leading authorities to the bodies and confessing to the killings.

Band members were also convicted for murdering Volpe's ex-girlfriend Mariangela Pezzotta in 2004. She was shot in the mouth and her body mutilated.

The Satanic killings sparked fears in Italy of a spread of devil cults, and the Vatican last year started a course for Roman Catholic priests on Satanism and exorcism in response to what the Church said was a worrying interest in the occult, particularly among the young.

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Third Member Of Satanic Band Convicted Of Murder

Following the conviction earlier this year of the ringleader and a second member of the so-called "Beasts of Satan" cult for the gruesome murder of three friends - a teenage couple and the main culprit's own girlfriend - a Milan juveniles court on Monday handed down a 19-year prison sentence to a third man, Mario Maccione, for his part in the couple's slaying. After four hours of deliberation, the court acquitted a second suspect, Massimiliano Magni, of involvement in the couple's murder.

The mother of Chiara Marino - who was shot and buried in wood near Milan with her boyfriend Fabio Tolli in 1998 when she was 19 and Fabio just 16 - reacted to the news with tears and anger. "This is not justice - it's a scandal. Maccione and Magni are both assassins. Nineteen years are too few for the loss of my daughter - I want them both to serve life," she sobbed. She said she had hoped Magni would be sentenced to at least half the length of time requested by public prosecutors.

"Human justice has its limits. Divine justice is limitless and will punish the guilty sooner or later," was the comment of Fabio Tollis' father. "Once we learn the grounds for the verdicts (in a month's time) we will decide whether to appeal or not," said prosecuting magistrate Ciro Cascone. Both Maccione and Magni were also suspected of an earlier attempt to kill Chiara and Fabio.

In February, Andrea Volpe - the leader of a heavy metal group and mastermind of the murders of Marino and Tolli, as well as that of his own girfriend, 27-year-old Mariangela Pezzotta, who was shot and buried alive in a forest in 2004 - received a 30-year jail term for the killings. A second man, Pietro Guerrieri, was sentenced to a 16 years in prison, while a third man was cleared.

The murders, carried out as part of drug fuelled rituals involving sex and heavy metal music, and claims by group members that they were acting in the name of Satan, shocked Italy, prompting concern among many parents, religious and community leaders over the kind of company young people may be keeping, and the extent of such Satanic sects in Italy.

Five more members of the 'Beasts of Satan' are due to stand trial in June, and will also face questioning over the suicide of another young woman, who died whilst drunk and drugged at the wheel of her car as it reached speeds of 180 kilometres per hour.

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Teenage Satanic Band Starts Murder Trial In Italy

Leaders of Italian heavy metal rock band Beasts of Satan went on trial on Monday for slaying two teenagers in Satanic ritual murders that shocked the Roman Catholic country.

Grieving relatives listened in horror to details of the gruesome, cult murders dating back to 1998, when band members went on a drug-induced killing spree that led to the deaths of lead singer Fabio Tollis, 16, and his 19-year-old girlfriend.

But prosecutors in the northern city of Busto Arsizio only asked for a reduced 20-year sentence for band leader Andrea Volpe, the alleged mastermind of the double homicide, because he had assisted the authorities.

Volpe is also charged with killing his ex-girlfriend last year, shooting her in the mouth and then mutilating her body in another human sacrifice.

"It's like my son has died all over again," Tollis' mother, Ellena, told reporters at the courtroom.

Tollis was killed with a hammer blow to the head when he tried -- and failed -- to stop the murder of his girlfriend, Chiara Marino.

"They're killers, not beasts. To call them beasts is offensive to animals," said Chiara's mother, Lina Marino. "They should never be freed."

The petite 19-year-old was stabbed to death under a full moon by band members who apparently believed she was a personification of the Virgin Mary. She had decorated her bedroom with black candles and goat skulls.

The trial was placed in the so-called fast-track category whereby defendants who agree to the time-saving procedure and assist the police can have their sentences drastically reduced.

But the chilling nature of the murders prompted many Italians to question whether the defendants -- who could have faced much longer sentences in an ordinary trial -- should have been allowed to benefit from the fast-track procedure at all.

Reforms Minister Roberto Calderoli expressed outrage and said the prosecutors' demands were too lenient.

"Is that how little human life is worth?" he said.

Prosecutors asked for more than 16 years in jail for band member Pietro Guerrieri on charges of murder and 2 years for Mario Maccione on charges of criminal association.

The Satanic killings set off a flurry of debate in Italy and the Vatican about a feared spread of devil cults, with as many as 5,000 Italians thought to be members.

The Vatican last week started a course for Roman Catholic priests on Satanism and exorcism in response to what the Church says is a worrying interest in the occult, particularly among the young.

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