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Operatika Element

Formed: 2002
From: NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Active


In June of 2002 Drummer Yuri, Vocalist Slava and Guitarist Bill met together for the first time in New Jersey. As the conversation went on around the dinner table, each learned what the others person's musical interests were and what kind of a musical project each would like to have. At the end of this meeting they decided to get together again very soon in the rehearsal studio.
As the second meeting took place in the studio, all three realized that they really should try to put together a new band and see where it can go. Everyone was very interested, since all three had a good musical background and enough experience playing with other musicians.
Even though the new band (that was still unnamed) needed a bass player and a keyboardist, Bill, Yuri & Slava kept rehearsing and working on putting together new material. Bill brought in great music, Yuri brought in thrilling double-kicks, and Slava brought in her operatic vocals. This is how Operatika was born.
A little later bass player Kostya joined in and the sound became much more complete. The first couple of songs were finally finished and the band could move onto the new material. Everything was going well but now the band really needed a name. This, of course, didn't come easy but after many ideas, suggestions, and discussions Operatika seemed not only to stick but also to really apply to the meaning and style of the music. And so, it stayed.
In early 2003 Operatika was excited to add another member to its list-keyboardist Anna, who completed the sound of all Operatika's songs. Now the new band wanted to finish enough songs for a live show set and a demo.
During the spring of 2003, bass player Kostya had to leave the band because of his studies. And while the band kept rehearsing and working on the new songs, bass player Chris came on to the scene.
With the band being complete and music for the full live set almost finished Operatika started looking into getting a live gig. That's when the band got a great offer from a famous Brooklyn club L'amour to open up for the Nightwish show on September 7, 2003. Operatika gladly accepted this offer and had a great time at the show that brought many positive responses.
While performing live, at the moment Operatika is also working on their first album.

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