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Band Photo: Fear Factory (?)

Formed: 1991
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active


This Los Angeles, California-based band is one of the few truly innovative acts in death metal, mixing industrial-style electronic rhythms and samples with grinding guitars and harsh vocals to create their own brutal soundscape. Formed in late 1991 with the line-up of Burton C. Bell (vocals), Dino Cazares (guitar, who has an additional side project, Brujeria ), Andrew Shives (bass) and Raymond Herrera (drums), the band rapidly made an impact with two tracks on the LA Death Metal compilation, produced by Faith No More bass player Bill Gould, and subsequently signed to Roadrunner Records.

The Colin Richardson-produced Soul Of A New Machine established Fear Factory as a genuine death metal force, with a good collection of songs delivered with originality and ferocity. Meanwhile, the band set about developing their live show on their debut tour with Brutal Truth in Europe, followed by US dates with Sick Of It All and Biohazard.

Fear Is The Mind Killer, a mini-album of remixes by Canadian industrialists Front Line Assembly, demonstrated further dimensions and possibilities available to the Factory sound by adding an industrial dance edge, bringing the band further acclaim.

Latest Fear Factory News

Below is our complete Fear Factory news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Powerflo Premiere "Less Than A Human" Music Video

Powerflo (Cypress Hill, ex-Fear Factory, Downset., etc.) debut the below video for their song “Less Than A Human“. That track is featured on their self-titled debut album. The band’s own Billy Graziadei (also of Biohazard) directed the clip.

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Terror Universal Debut New Song "Make Them Bleed"

Terror Universal are streaming the title track from their upcoming release, “Make Them Bleed“. That album is presently scheduled for a January 19th release through Minus Head Records. It will feature guest spots from Disturbed‘s John Moyer on the track “Spines” and Fear Factory‘s Tony Campos on “Dead On Arrival“.

Speaking of this new song in particular, frontman Plague comments: More...

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Powerflo Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

Powerflo - featuring current and former members of Cypress Hill, Fear Factory, Biohazard, Downset - premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming self-titled debut album, which will be out in stores this coming Friday, June 23rd.

Check out now "Powerflo" in its entirety below.

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Powerflo Premieres New Song & Music Video

Powerflo premieres a new song and music video "Victim Of Circumstance", taken from the upcoming self-titled album, which will be released June 23rd on New Damage Records. The band also feature former members of Cypress Hill, Fear Factory, Downset.

Check out now "Victim Of Circumstance" below.

Comments vocalist Sen Dog (also of Cypress Hill) of the track: More...

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Blackest Of The Black 2017 Lineup Revealed

This year marks the first Blackest Of The Black destination festival. The brainchild of Glenn Danzig, the event not only serves as a music festival, but as a cultural experience.

Coming to Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA in Orange County on Memorial Day Weekend, Friday, May 26th and Saturday, May 27th, Blackest Of The Black will host two music stages curated by Danzig, with performances by Danzig, Ministry, Suicidal Tendencies, Atreyu, Vamps, and many more.

The festival will be hosted by Full Metal Jackie and will feature camping, along with a number of sinister attractions including Castle Danzig -- a fully immersive walkthrough experience of agony, ecstasy and more, all based on the music and graphic novels of Glenn Danzig. Information on tickets, VIP packages, camping and more can be found at this location.

Glenn Danzig comments: “I first started Blackest in the early 2000s and finally my full vision is being realized. Get ready for sensory overload, from films to comics to Castle Danzig. This is going to be the real Blackest Of The Black."

The music lineup for Blackest Of The Black is as follows:

Friday, May 26: Suicidal Tendencies, Corrosion of Conformity, Suicide Silence, Discharge, Belphegor, Butcher Babies, 3 Teeth, and more to be announced!

Saturday, May 27: Danzig, Ministry, Vamps, Atreyu, Venom Inc, DevilDriver, Fear Factory, Marduk, Combichrist, Ghoul, Ritual, and more to be announced! More...

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Metal Must Evolve

My biggest issue with metal in the 2010s is that in contrast to the past three decades, there's just a lack of creativity. Newer metalcore is being increasingly influenced by nu-metal and post-hardcore as the new musicians who are in their 20s and 30s are now playing music that's entirely an amalgam of what they grew up with as teens rather than creating anything new.

Blackgaze was novel for the first few years but now feels like the light beer version of black metal at this point that doesn't have the same edge that metal is supposed to have. I'm not sure if I want black metal to have a kinder, gentler, dare I say, “cuddlier” face when compared to the antisocial behavior that defined the second wave. When I hear a band like Alcest or Deafheaven, I don't feel like these are maniacs with serious mental issues precisely because it sounds way too calculated and professional for my aging ears.

Djent is nice but often feels too monotonous to really do justice to how technical it is. For, “progressive metal” the songwriting lacks the same level of unexpected changes in direction that make progressive rock acts like Rush and Yes so appealing. Yeah, Djent is heavy but it's also often predicable when unconventional songwriting is half of what separates metal and makes it so special and unique. Blackened sludge on the othe rhand is only going to appeal to people who want extremely raw production... who will never be great enough in number to establish a trend rather than a fad. More...

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Fear Factory At the Concord Music Hall 4/19/2016

Booking this show was an absolute nightmare and almost entirely my fault. I say almost because it it was only 0.01% other people's fault and 99.99% mine thanks to my bad habit of procrastination. I saw that Darren (Rex_84 to you readers) had already interviewed Dino a week ago and thought that I missed my shot at covering Fear Factory but already put in a request to Fear Factory's management instead of Soilwork's which led to discussion with Darren about what type of content was in his now published interview and led to me originally only getting a photo pass from Liz at Earplit PR. Of course by the time Darren, Doug, Ty and I all took the time to discuss whether or not to do a second Fear Factory interview and came to the conclusion that since Darren and Dino only discussed the history of the band through “Demanufacture,” it would be a good idea to get Burt's take on Fear Factory starting with “Obsolete.” Which we only discussed after I bought up the possibility days after I should have. Liz naturally took a vacation for from Friday through Monday and only confirmed the possibility of an interview on the day of the show and sent an e-mail to me stating that an interview was off the table after I'd already contacted the band's tour manager to confirm an interview... which was just a huge clusterfuck made worse by the tour manager being late to send the guest list to the box office when I was worried that I wouldn't even get in.

Of course after getting in, I stop at the merch table, buy a shirt and then look at the audience around me. One guy was still wearing those mallgoth JNCO raver pants that Hot Topic sold circa 2001 who I'm guessing spent the last 15 years in cryogenic suspension. Amazingly a lot of people in Star Wars shirts who frequently had chin straps that grew into full on neckbeards with one guy even wearing a full-on pleather trenchcoat. Part of me wanted to bring a college-aged Ani DeFranco fan with me just to see how fast she'd get triggered only to run into the arms of the security guy who happened to be a white dude with dreadlocks... Which might give her a full-on mental breakdown. More...

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Fear Factory Releases New Video

"Expiration Date" comes from the Fear Factory's latest album "Genexus," which was released worldwide via Nuclear Blast Entertainment in late 2015.

Today a new video for the song comes online. The clip was directed by Tommy Jones for Videohammer Studios and can be seen below.

Fans can also catch Fear Factory on tour now in the U.S. with Soilwork. Dates and tickets are available at this location.

This ongoing trek is in support of the classic "Demanufacture" album, which will be played in full every single night of the tour. More...

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Fear Factory Gears Up For U.S. Tour Dates

In less than two weeks, the pioneers of industrial-tinged extreme metal from Fear Factory will kick off their U.S. headlining tour, which will see the band perform classic second album "Demanufacture" in its entirety.

The trek will commence on March 21st and run through May 7th with support provided by Swedish metal unit Soilwork.

"To me, this album sounds not one day older today than it did in 1995," stated Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, "It's a metal classic for the ages and I'm excited that we are finally going to be able to perform it live in its entirety and songs from 'Genexus.' Play fearlessly."

Adds vocalist Burton C. Bell, "I am looking forward to the upcoming tour where Fear Factory will be performing 'Demanufacture' in full for the first time since we released it in 1995. We have some good friends joining us for everyone's enjoyment. Please come and support the bands that tour hard, and play harder!" More...

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Fear Factory Premieres New Live Video "Replica"

Fear Factory premieres a new pro-shot live video performing the song "Replica" on July 18, 2015 at the Resurrection Fest in Viveiro, Spain can be seen below.

Check out now "Replica" below.

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Fear Factory Posts Tour Footage

Fear Factory has been on tour in Europe celebrating the 20th anniversary of the "Demanufacture" album, and now a new tour video has come online.

Check out the clip below to see impressions from the band's trek to Strasbourg, France and Ghent, Belgium.

A previously posted clip in the tour video series can also be seen over at this location.

Although touring in support of the classic "Demanufacture" album, Fear Factory also released new full-length "Genexus" in the summer of 2015.

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Asesino Streaming Live Footage Of Slayer Cover

Asesino - feat. Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares and Fear Factory bassist Tony Campos (on bass & vocals) is streaming live footage performing a cover version of the Slayer classic "Angel Of Death", shot during the band's live performance at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California last friday, December 18, 2015.

Check it out now below.

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Fear Factory Posts Tour Videos

The industrial metal icons from Fear Factory are currently touring Europe in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their classic album "Demanufacture."

Meanwhile the band has been regularly launching tour episodes, which give an insight into life on tour and each night's gig.

Check out the latest two clips below, which cover Switzerland, Italy, and the band's recent tour bush crash in Germany.


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Fear Factory Issues Update After Bush Crash

After a serious bus crash in Germany, Fear Factory has now issued the following update about all shows going on as planned on the rest of the band's current European tour:

"To everyone who expressed their well wishes and concerns to us today, THANK YOU! The event of this morning was a shock to us all. Our driver was professional and made sure that everyone was fine, and then dealt with the bus.

"The bus company has gone above and beyond to accommodate us and maintain our comfort. They have also advised us that our bus will be returned to us in one week. The damage looks big, but easily fixed. We have a new bus and all shows will go on as planed.

"Thank you again. Fear Factory loved your support!" More...

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Headline News

Fear Factory In Bus Crash In Germany

Currently on the road in Europe (and not cancelling any dates after the recent terrorist attacks in France), Fear Factory has unfortunately had a run of bad luck in Germany. The band had this to say about a bus crash this morning:

"We just left Aschaffenburger Germany heading our way to Munich and we were just involved in a bus crash! Everyone is OK just a little shaken up. It doesn't help when it's 4:30 am and snowing outside!"

It's not clear yet if any dates will be cancelled or postponed at this point, and you can find a list of upcoming European shows right here.

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Heavy Metal Video Games: The Return Of Music Games

With the king of music games about to make a triumphant return in less than two weeks, it seemed like a good time to take another look at the limited offerings available where video games collide with heavy metal.

For those who missed our previous three articles discussing various games with heavy metal soundtracks, be sure to go back and check 'em out (and let us know if you end up playing or re-playing any of these gems!):

Part 1: the amazing Brutal Legend, Saints Row III, Killing Floor 2, Pain Killer, and Guilty Gear X2 Reload

Part 2: Splatterhouse, Twisted Metal 2, The Witcher's bonus music disc, and Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And The Damned.

Part 3 (the retro edition!): Rock And Roll Racing, Beavis And Butthead, F-Zero X, Earthbound, and Heavy Metal Geomatrix

Rock Band

There was this utterly glorious time where console gaming was flush with a stable lineup of music games and every weekend involved a bottle of something hard and your best friends making drunken fools of themselves in your living room till 2 AM. Typically your neighbors would not be amused, but fuck them because they don't like metal anyway.

Unfortunately that time died when Activision decided to flood the market with an absurd number of Guitar Hero entries and the era of the music game came to a sudden, crashing halt.

Obviously the Rock Band titles had plenty of rock tunes, but a handful of legitimate metal was also involved in the various incarnations and weekly DLC updates, adding in the likes of Emperor, Machine Head, and a whole lot more. Where things really took off was in the Rock Band Network, which let bands make their own tracks, seeing tons of underground groups add in their own music.

It was a truly sad day when Harmonix announced there would be no more DLC coming to Rock Band back in 2013, but an unexpected light at the end of the tunnel appeared just a few months ago. Back in March, Harmonix made a whole lot of fans happy by officially announcing Rock Band 4, which seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream up till that point.

Due out October 6, Rock Band 4's launch lineup of metal will include Dream Theater, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, Baby Metal, System Of A Down, and more, with loads of metallic downloadable songs no doubt prepped and ready to drop each week.

Needless to say I'm greatly looking forward to it, except that unfortunately Guitar Hero is also returning. Maybe Activision can keep it in its pants this time around and not kill music gaming again by releasing six or so games a year.


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Fear Factory Premieres New Video "Regenerate"

Fear Factory premieres the official lyric video for the track "Regenerate", taken from the band's new album "Genexus", which was released earlier this month via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Check out "Regenerate" now below.

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Fear Factory Streaming Full New Album

If you didn't pick up Fear Factory's new album "Genexus" when it dropped last Friday, now the full album is online for listening via YouTube - check it out below.

In celebration of the album, Fear Factory's long and storied history was covered in our latest Sunday Old School column here.

A music video also recently came online for the song "Dielectric," which is still available at this location. More...

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Sunday Old School: Fear Factory

It has been well documented that the nineties were not particularly kind to heavy metal. Many bands from the once popular thrash era such as Death Angel and Vio-Lence, disbanded before the decade reached the half way point and others such as Megadeth and Anthrax kept their name alive by changing their style. Of course, there a few metal bands who were able to defy critics, trends and commercial pressures and become stars of their time such as Pantera, Machine Head and Sepultura, as well today’s featured band, Fear Factory.

The group began life under the name, Ulceration in 1989, though they adopted their now familiar moniker the year after, following the more extreme style that they had taken on, culminating in a mix of death metal, grindcore and industrial influences, particularly Godflesh. The band, whose official lineup consisted of drummer Raymond Herrera, singer Burton C. Bell and guitarist, Dino Cazares, performed their first show on Halloween in 1990 and soon afterwards recorded a demo album, "Concrete," which saw Cazares handle both guitar and bass duties. The band were unhappy with the result but producer Ross Robinson saw no problem, leading to a lawsuit which saw Robinson retain the rights to the album, with Fear Factory keeping the rights to their songs, many of which they re-recorded with Colin Richardson for their official debut, "Soul of a New Machine." More...

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Fear Factory Releases New Video

The pioneers of industrial-tinged extreme metal from Fear Factory have released a brand new music video for the track “Dielectric.”

The clip was directed by Ramon Boutviseth and the song was taken from Fear Factory's new album "Genexus."

"Genexus" comes out today - August 7 - worldwide via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

If you missed it, a previous video clip for the song "Protomech" can also be heard at this location.

The "Genexus" track listing is as follows:

1. Autonomous Combat System
2. Anodized
3. Dielectric
4. Soul Hacker
5. Protomech
6. Genexus
7. Church Of Execution
8. Regenerate
9. Battle For Utopia
10. Expiration Date
Digipak Bonus Tracks
11. Mandatory Sacrifice (Genexus Remix)
12. Enhanced Reality More...

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