"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2001
From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Last Known Status: Active

Augury Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Augury.


An Interview With Augury Vocalist Patrick Loisel

Canadian death metallers Augury released their sophomore album “Fragmentary Evidence” through Nuclear Blast on August 11th. The songs "Aetheral" and "Faith Puppeteers" off the album can be heard at the band's MySpace page. The album features seven guest vocalists from a wide range of other metal bands from Unexpect to Aborted. Augury’s front man Patrick spoke with me about how the band got signed to Nuclear Blast and their upcoming tour plans. Unsurprisingly for a band that includes so many diverse elements in their music, the conversation had a tendency to go off topic into such interesting territories as Indian pop music and Quebec’s separatist movement. More...

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