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Woods Of Ypres

Woods Of Ypres Photo

Band Photo: Woods Of Ypres (?)

Formed: 2002
From: Toronto, Ontario , Canada
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Woods Of Ypres News

Below is our complete Woods Of Ypres news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Woods Of Ypres Posts New Music Video

Canadian blackened doom metal act Woods of Ypres has released a brand new music video for the song "I Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetery." The video clip can be viewed through Decibel Magazine's Deciblog at this location.

The song comes from "Woods IV: The Green Album," which is set to be reissued on March 22nd, 2011 through Earache Records. Woods of Ypres is also set to release the new album "Woods V" later this year on an as-yet-determined ate.

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Woods Of Ypres Signs To Earache

Earache Records has checked in with the following announcement about signing a record deal with Woods of Ypres:

"Earache Records is proud to announce the worldwide signing of the Canadian cult metal act, Woods of Ypres. Formed in 2002, Woods of Ypres have earned critical acclaim for their ever-evolving, envelope-pushing mix of blackened doom metal. Most often compared to bands such as Agalloch and Type O Negative, Woods of Ypres toe a thin line between the catchy, the artistic and the extreme to create an unmistakable signature sound.

"With this signing comes controversy. As many may know, Woods of Ypres had previously announced that they were disbanding so why would Earache sign a defunct act? Truth is, the band never really broke up to begin with. Let front man, David Gold explain his side of things."

David Gold commented: "After 8 long years of pushing forward, recording five albums and going on multiple tours as an independent band, we are very proud to announce that we have finally signed Woods of Ypres to Earache Records. To address the rumors (some that we ran with and some that we started ourselves), Woods of Ypres never actually broke up/disbanded/quit/ended, at all. Allow me to explain. More...

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Woods Of Ypres Posts Tour Blog

Woods of Ypres has posted a new tour blog online via Decibel Magazine. An excerpt from the blog follows:

Day 1 Thunder Bay, ON

Any hardworking band with significant mileage under their belt knows that tour is not vacation. Just two hours out of Sault Ste. Marie, the northern Ontario home base for Woods of Ypres, an inexplicable incident with the van’s hood broke the windshield, keeping us off the road for the whole day and forcing the cancellation of the first show. Missing one show is one too many, but some kinds of crises might be expected. They can and will occur, no matter what distance traveled.

“When you get to Winnipeg, you need to go to the water park there,” our talkative French-Canadian tow truck driver advised, “and stand at the bottom of the big waterslide, and chicks in bikinis will whoosh…come right off if it’s a ‘big pair.’ I had the best time of my life in Winnipeg.” Woods would never turn down friendly assistance—especially in those circumstances—but being packed into the cab of his tow truck, the other two guys being pulled along behind in the van, was miserable, knowing we would miss our first show and unsure if we would get to Winnipeg at all. However, as it turns out, moose carcasses found on the highway can still be put to good use, depending on if they were “marshmallowed” by a truck or not. Break down near Wawa, and Ghislain will tell you all about it.

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Woods Of Ypres Streaming New Songs Online

Woods of Ypres are currently streaming ten songs online from their new album "W4: The Green Album" at this location. One of the tracks "Shards of Love" can also be heard in the video clip below.

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Noctis III Metal Fest Ready to Make History

The Noctis III Metal Festival in Calgary, Alta. is ready to unleash a two-day extravaganza of high-octane metal, and Canada’s first ever metal conference.

The conference impacts the city Oct. 2, with a host of internationally acclaimed guest speakers and panelists, including former Megadeth founder and bassist David Ellefson, world-renowned music journalist Martin Popoff, Paul Masvidal of Cynic, David Gold from Ontario Canada’s doom outfit Woods of Ypres and Megawatt Mayhem co-hosts JP Wood and Kevin Woron.

Some of the scheduled topics cover what it takes to get signed these days, tips on landing tours, how to get endorsements and distribution deals, how to promote your band, DIY recording, metal concert photography, and the future of metal journalism.

Following the conference is an 18+ club night showcase at one of Calgary’s premier metal venues, The Distillery, where headliners Novembers Doom, Slough Feg and Ares Kingdom will be sharing the stage with local acts Kilyakai, Norrath, Truck and Tosca, starting at 7:30 p.m.

The two-stage main festival on Oct. 3 takes place at the University of Calgary. Cynic, Suffocation, Destroyer 666 and Aura Noir are among the acts scheduled to brutalize MacEwan Hall, while just a few strides away at The Den, Edmonton’s Death Toll Rising tears things up with A Bloodshed Nightmare from Siksika Nation, and Calgary’s Sacred Ally, Akakor, HROM and Fornication.

“(It’s) another show in Canada, which tend to be great shows for us, and the promoters having a keen interest in us and what we do,” enthuses Cynic's Masvidal. “They asked us if we’d like to speak and discuss songwriting and our creative process, and I was completely open to that. I thought it’d be interesting, and just being part of a collective seems cool. One of our managers is gonna be there, the head of our label is gonna be there, so it’s kind of a team effort.”

More info on the event, including complete list of bands and guest speakers, can be found online at www.noctisvalkyries.com.

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Woods Of Ypres Announces Canadian Tour Dates

Woods of Ypres has issued the following announcement about upcoming Canadian tour dates:

"Woods Of Ypres - 'Fuck the Sun!! / The West is the Best! / End of August!' TOUR! WESTERN CANADA TOUR 2009! Really, a dream come true!

"We will have A TON of new merch on hand! New t-shirts, CDs, limited edition vinyl, patches, stickers, stainless steel metallic green booze flasks, etc...!

"We can't wait to rock and black-thrash the West, visit old friends and make new ones, talk, laugh, eat meat (or in Evan's case, delicious prarie vegetables), drink booze (in Bryan's case, energy drinks) and crash...HARD! Only to awake somewhere between the rocky mountains and the plains, to do it all again, every day, for two weeks.

"See you soon!"

The currently confirmed dates are as follows:

8/14 PHOG Lounge (Canada’s 1 Live Music Venue !) Windsor, Ontario
8/15 Annex Wreckroom Toronto, Ontario
8/16 The Speak Easy @ Algoma University Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
8/17 WE NEED A SHOW IN THUNDER BAY! Thunder Bay, Ontario
8/18 The Zoo Winnipeg, Manitoba
8/19 The Exchange Regina, Saskatchewan
8/20 The Space Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
8/21 The Mead Hall Edmonton, Alberta
8/22 The Stetson Calgary, Alberta
8/23 Somewhere Quiet Hangover, Alberta
8/24 The Cobalt Vancouver, British Columbia
8/25 Lucky Bar Victoria, British Columbia
8/27 The Vent Coaldale, Alberta

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Woods Of Ypres Issues Recording Update

Woods of Ypres has issued the following update about the recording of their new album:

"My Dear Myspace Woodsfolk... Reflecting on this past week of guitar recording in the studio... I had a real feeling of satisfaction today, after having performances of carefully shaped riffs finally recorded for a new WOODS album, riffs of which had first been written as early as July 2007, while sitting on my bed in my apartment in Seoul, Korea, at the very beginning of my year in exile. At the time, I bought a cheap electric guitar to travel abroad with and when I got there, I bought a small Korean made, 5 watt practice amp to allow me to 'plug in' and play. It was quite the humbling experience in many ways. Change was overwhelming and everything sounded bad. Horrible. In an attempt to do something to keep me distracted, I just started writing again. Writing riffs, setting them aside. Writing thoughts, setting them aside, too. ...not knowing what would become of those expressions.

"Over time, a time I hardly remember, the riffs met with those thoughts and words and became new WOODS songs. The thought of this 'next' WOODS album weighed heavily on my mind these last two years, since the release of 'Woods III'. The constant feeling of needing to be working on it was seemingly always present, always a distraction while working on other things, fulfilling other obligations, doing what needed to be done to 'get by' between albums. And now, drums are recorded, guitars are almost completely recorded, bass soon to be done, two years' worth of somewhat carefully selected personal quotes written out on green recipe cards, soon to be ultimately filed away into a verse...vocal preparation well underway (the car is still the best place to rehearse, IMO). More...

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Woods Of Ypres Begins Recording Of New Album

Woods of Ypres has issued the following announcement about starting to record their new album:

"Dear MySpace Woodsfolk,

"As of Monday June 22nd, recording of 'WOODS 4: The GREEN Album' is now underway! We are scheduled to complete the album this summer and release it in October (the 'GREEN' Album, we're hardcore Type O Negative fans, etc...). Between going to work and your trips to the beach, check back on this thread for daily studio updates all summer. You can expect 16 new songs, varying from ultra-slow chugging depressive sludge metal, crushing sentimental doom-ballads, empowering post-black forest-rock and other WOODS experiments of renewal in the key of GREEN! It seems we've driven our minds further in all directions for this one. It's progressive and evolutionary, while still heavy, solid and very WOODS OF YPRES."

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Woods Of Ypres Issues Recording Update

Woods of Ypres has issued the following update about recording a new album:

"Greetings Woodsfolk of the MySpace Blog,

"This process of pre-production for W4 had been weighing heavily on my mind for quite some time. I got right to work as soon as we returned from our tour of Eastern Canada in May. It was daunting at first, as it always is, but a week later I'm really excited about what we're about to create. I have a very strong sense of what this album is about, why we're making it and where it fits into the grand-scheme of all that is WOODS. The guys are all hard at work on their respective parts. We are working with 16 song-skeletons, about 64 minutes of music at approximately 4 minutes each, and other conceptual multiples of the number four. The sounds range from strange to straightforward and obviously heavy. I, personally, really, really, really like what we have here, and we hope you will too.

"It's not even black metal, nor is it 'I Can't Believe it's not Black Metal.'

"But it will be interesting and HEAVY!!! So, get spreading the good word. Thanks as always! More soon!"

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The Green Evening Requiem Reveals Debut Details

THE GREEN EVENING REQUIEM, featuring new WOODS OF YPRES drummer Evan Madden and members of Philadelphia black metal iconoclasts WOE, have just released their long-awaited debut full-length album as a "pay-what-you-want" download. The album, entitled "Bastards of Atlas," is now available on their website. The band, who were recently featured on Metal Injection, saw their previous release distributed by Krakenhaus Records and The End Records. Drummer Evan Madden issued the following statement:

"The Green Evening Requiem album, 'Bastards of Atlas,' is now available!"

"The track list is as follows:
1. A Poison Tree
2. Affliction
3. If Ever So
4. Severance
5. Atlantis in Winter
6. The Human Nebula
7. Bastards of Atlas" More...

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Vote In MetalStorm's Annual Awards

Metalstorm.Eu are holding their annual awards and they want you to vote for who you want to win. You need to register to vote and you can check it out by heading here. The categories for the awards are as follows:

Best albums by genre:

Alternative Metal
Atmospheric/Symphonic Metal
Avantgarde Metal
Black Metal
Death Metal
Doom Metal
Extreme Doom Metal
Gothic Metal
Hard Rock
Heavy Metal
Melodeath/Gothenburg Metal
Pagan/Viking/Folk Metal
Power Metal
Progressive Metal
Sludge/Stoner Metal
Thrash Metal

Other awards:

The Best Cover Song
The Best Debut Album
The Best DVD
The Best Video
The Biggest Letdown
The Biggest Surprise

Special awards :

The Best Drama

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Woods Of Ypres Complete New Album

Canadian black/doom metal band WOODS OF YPRES has issued the following update regarding their recently completed album, Woods III: The Deepest Roots And Darkest Blues:

"(Leader/drummer/guitarist) David Gold promised fans more then a year and a half ago one of the strongest woods releases to date a return to the harsher colder sound of the original demo well who ever throws this disc on gets just that. The music has an aura behind it sending chills down your spine. One of the strongest and obvious influences on this record is its huge tribute it pays to the early KATATONIA records. Tracks like 'Years In Silence' and 'Song Of Redemption' will leave you in that state of thought and amazement that Katatonia did the first and hopefully many times you listened to there albums. This is a record that is one that you can throw into your stereo and just wonder in its image or rock the fuck out to. A raw cold black 72 epic that will place woods in the history books as one of the best black metal acts to ever come out of Canada."

To order Woods III: The Deepest Roots And Darkest Blues click here.

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Woods of Ypres Post Rough Mixes of New Material

Ontario-based black metallers WOODS OF YPRES have updated their MySpace page to include a rough mix of their track “Your Ontario Town Is A Burial Ground” as well as updated mixes of the tracks “The Northern Cold” and “Iron Grudge” from their upcoming new album. Check out all the tracks here.

Earlier this month the WOODS OF YPRES also reported that their new album, “Woods 3,” is almost complete, with an intended release date set for Spring.

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Impaled Nazarene Live Album News, Fest Cancelled

Impaled Nazarene celebrates 15 years with the release of "Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces," the band's first official live album.

Recorded last December at Tavastia club in Helsinki, Finland, "DCI26CSP" features 26 songs from the bands catalogue, including songs from their 7” EPs.

The album was mixed (at Sonic Pump studio) by band's own soundman, Tapio Pennanen. Mika Jussila mastered the album at Finnvox studio.

Final tracklisting of "Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces": More...

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Usurper, Hammers of Misfortune On Nothern Lights

Chicago's USURPER and San Fransisco's HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE have been added to the lineup of the third installment of Northern Lights Festival, set to be held July 2 at The Opera House in Toronto, Canada. Other acts scheduled to perform at the festival include IMPALED NAZARENE, UNEXPECT, LILITU, WOODS OF YPRES, BRAVE, THE FIFTH SUN, AUGURY, WIDOW and ENDORPHINS.

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