"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Anger As Art

Formed: 2004
From: Pasadena, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Anger As Art Issues DVD Update

California's Anger as Art has issued the following update about an upcoming live DVD release:

"So I finally got a chance to see some of the footage from our recent Galaxy Theatre show. Man, am I happy we had Medal Media come down and shoot this show for us. We tried to do this with Medal Media a couple of years ago when we had a So Cal date with Testament and Laaz Rockit, but it was one of those shows you'd rather forget - immortalized on tape! (you'll never see it - LOL)

"This time... complete opposite. The band was very sharp, but also - the lighting and sound were perfect - and you guys in the crowd? Well, you were loud... let's just say that. Freddy and staff were on point - 5 cameras didn't miss a thing. We are in the midst of editing this into a concise concert video, along with some behind the scenes footage of the band on tour, and recording the 'Disfigure' album... you know, like a real rock band! Except it's us - go figure! Release date forthcoming...

"Another Southern California show coming up - this with label mates Hexen. Other shows coming with OSM's Potential Threat. Also, you will notice that we are starting to post some of our European tour dates - a further announcement will be made when the shows are locked in and confirmed. A few more reviews (I hear that we finally got a bad one!) and a lot more sales. Thanks for your enthusiasm and support."

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Anger As Art Making DVD

Anger As Art has issued the following update:

"Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who came out last night. I don't know if the show was sold out, but I do not remember seeing the Galaxy with that many people in it for a long time."

"Now, we can tell it. We shot the entire show on video - a 4 camera shoot. As we watch the raw footage over the next few days, we will determine the feasibility of putting together a docu-concert DVD - the show, recording the album, and a brief history."

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Anger As Art Postpones European Tour

California's Anger as Art has issued the following update about postponing their previously planned European tour:

"Sorry to have to announce that we will not be participating in Metal Bash 2010 on May 1. We had some additional dates to go with that festival appearance that were postponed until later in the year. Specifically we apologize to Jorn Ruter and all at Remedy Records - we owe you a big one, and to all the metal heads near Hamburg Germany. Stay tuned for confirming dates for our European tour. hanks for understanding."

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Anger As Art Completes New Album, "Disfigure"

California thrash metal band Anger As Art has issued the following update:

"Finally I have news to share. The Disfigure album is complete. This week we master, and ship everything off to the Old School Metal Records - and we have been given a release date of NOVEMBER 16! That is correct - Anger As Art's 3rd album 'DISFIGURE' will be available worldside on November 16 2009 - just in time for Christmas shopping." More...

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Anger As Art Reveals Track By Track Breakdown

Anger As Art has issued the following breakdown of their upcoming album "Disfigure:"

"Well, we are down to the wire. I just received notification that Disfigure will be completely mixed this weekend, mastered next week, and the masters and art layout will be en route to the label before Labor Day weekend. All but one song is mixed, and the record has far surpassed my expectations. It is really good. Keep in mind I have been sitting on some of these songs for a couple of years - as I listen to them, I am not tired of them. And I get bored very quickly. We will be releasing a song via the internet early next week - so keep an eye out here on this blog, and also at our label's website. It is time to take the lid off this album. We hope you like it.

"In the meantime, I thought I would give you a brief write up about each of the songs on the record, from my perspective. Read on, enjoy, and welcome to Anger - part 3. More...

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Anger As Art Issues Album Recording Update

Anger As Art vocalist Steve Gaines has issued the following update about the recording process for their new album:

"Hey guys-

"I have a little time here to give you an update - This might be a little selfish, as a lot of it has to do with me... but what the hell... you love me (shhh.... stop laughing)

"ANGER AS ART - on pace to finish the Disfigure album by Labor Day weekend. Suffice to say that wherever we have a BBQ, we will be listening to it - so come have a dog, and a beer, and a listen. Completely unofficial listening party, but we have kept this under wraps long enough and want to share it with you all. More info as it gets finalized. Also, AAA is shooting photos later today for the record. Long overdue... but you will get to see our mugs in the current configuration. Watch for a posting of a song online here very soon - in the next week or so.

"ABATTOIR - Juan would kill me if I didn't mention it here, but Abattoir is filling in on a show cancellation on Saturday September 12 2009 at the Black Castle in Los Angeles. This is last minute promotion, so I apologize for using the AAA page. Go to www.moshking.com for details. If you go, I guarantee that you will be hearing the AAA album over the PA between sets.

"ME - I just found out that I will be appearing on 'Diners Drive In's and Dives' on Monday September 7 (Labor Day). We shot an episode in June, and it will air that day on the Food Network. Guy Fieri is very much like he appears on the show - a very nice person. We shot it at a place called 'Mom's Tamales' in Lincoln Heights/ Los Angeles. The place rules. Anyone who knows me knows that my life revolves around Mexican food - I have even been named an honorary Mexican by my friends/co-workers - thus given the name Esteban Hernandez (long story). Watch closely - as my shot will either be about 3 seconds long, or on the cutting room floor.

"That's all - off to shoot pix. Talk soon."

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Anger As Art Issues New Album Update

Anger As Art has issued the following update about the mixing process for their upcoming album:

"A quick blog here... Just realized that today is the 5 year anniversary for the release of AAA debut when it was independent - reissued via OSM Records in Feb. 2006. Still holds up as a strong album - not dated at all!

"Mixes are coming back - sounding very strong. I still think we will be ready to have a listening party by Labor day weekend - where is still the issue.

"We (actually, Rob) is completing the booklet layout - Eddie Mize's artwork, and Rob's layout. It looks amazing.

"All that is left is photos (as soon as Dan get's back in town) and web page updates - including this myspace page. We will finally be showing photos of Rob and Dan. And I have to get Adam Phillips to do the updates to www.angerasart.com and - shoot video for song? More details soon...

"Lotta little stuff - but gotta have ducks in a row to go out and make 2010 a fantastic year."

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Anger As Art Completes Recording of New Album

California's Anger As Art has issued the following studio update:

"Okay, so the tally is this - 7 sessions averaging 5 hours = 35 hours of tracking. Amazing drum and bass tones, Angelo and Rob really became the quintessential rhythm section for this kind of music. What is that? Speed? Thrash? Who cares? It is what it is. The boys are powerful. Gear? Angelo with a Rickenbacker 4001 fitted with a P-J pickup set through an Ampeg SVT3. What else you gotta know? Rob with a 5 piece Pacific/DW kit (single kick with cheater pedal to insure exact tone) with a variety of Zildjian and Paiste cymbals. Simply Monstrous performance and tone." More...

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Anger As Art Issues Recording Update

California thrashers Anger As Art have issued the following recording update:

"So, here it is, Saturday AM. Looking back on the last 2 weeks, it is hard to believe that so much has been accomplished in such a short period of time, and with such good results.

"I went in on Tuesday, feeling... well, not sick, but just kind of funky. Motivation and all was correct, knocked out 6 songs. Back in on Thursday, did my last 4, had Danny do his vocal parts, and we nailed it. We go back on Monday to start hitting guitar solos, and gang backing vocals. Honestly, we will start mixing by next week. We are so far ahead of schedule and budget (still are on this day anyway... lol). I honestly think that we can be finished with mixing by August 20. I don't think I have EVER done a full length album in exactly one month. Again, we are not racing the clock - it is just going that smooth!

"More updates as they happen!"

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Anger As Art Issues Studio Update

LA thrashers, Anger As Art, is currently in the studio recording their new album, entitled "Disfigure." The band has issued the following update on the progress:

"The sessions with John Haddad at Trench have really exceeded my expectations thus far. I had worked with John about 5 years ago on a project that never was completed... nothing that was his or my fault. Others involved, not really important. But to get the tones we have, the performances we have, and to really capture band energy while multi-tracking... it is amazing.
Rob came in and just blasted his tracks out - most in one take. I started guitar tracks on Tuesday, finishing Wednesday morning. Then Dan came in on Wednesday - we were so far ahead, we took Thursday off. Danny finished his tracks Friday, then Angelo did bass tracks and finsihed on Friday. There was no effort to rush anything - it just flowed that way. Not that money or budget is an issue (yet, LOL) but we are easily a week ahead of schedule. I will go in on Monday or Tuesday and start doing vocal tracks - then Danny do his vocals, then guitar solos, then one more day to recruit a gang choir to do the group background vocals on a few songs like Seed Of Hate, The Crush, Disfigure... a couple of others. Doubtful that we will complete the recording by next weekend, but we will be very damn close. No doubt we will be done by Labor day with everything!" More...

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Anger As Art To Record New Album In May

Los Angeles thrashers Anger As Art have issued the following update about recording a new album:

"Blame it on me. Unfortunately Anger will not be performing on April 18 at the Castle. I was ambitious enough to believe that between the pre-pro and recording process, the Abattoir tour, and Dave touring with Neil Turbin and the Deathriders - that we could get in and bash out a live set of new tunes. The most important thing is giving you guys a great album. The live stuff will follow. Tracking will be happening in May - very soon we will have an update with the studio info, producer, engineer, mixer, reveal the artwork, and all of that stuff.

"It feels to me like we have been away forever - we have. I am not used to being a studio rat - I am itching to get out and play live. It is coming, and will be worth the wait. thanks everyone. Leave your complaints in the blog comment section (or positive words - lol)."

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Anger As Art Working On New Material

The guitarist for Los Angeles thrash band Anger As Art has issued the following update:

"So far we are well into getting these songs ready to record Anger As Art's third album. We just got through with a very productive session earlier this evening. With Angelo on bass and Dave on drums, we are sure to present you with some of the finest music ever produced by Anger As Art.

"For the moment I have two songs on this upcoming album while Steve has all of the rest. Very soon we will be tracking these songs and truly make them come alive. Lastly, we are in the midst of getting a studio to do all of this tracking and in talks with a producer to put our art into action."

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Anger As Art Readies to Record

LA-based trash band vocalist, Steven Gaines of Anger As Art, gave the following pre-production update on Anger As Arts upcoming release:

"Looking at the calendar - exactly one year ago today we were finishing up a run through the mountain time zone with headlining date in Salt Lake City. Little did we know that it would be Mars last show, but shortly afterwards Dave Chedrick came into the fold and started to push us a little angrier. Enter Angelo Espino, and a lot heavier. Supporting Testament, Laaz Rockit, and Agent Steel (yes again - but we love them - they are family) 2 more west coast runs, one run to the midwest, and even over to Europe, a last show in Los Angeles - and now it is over. Here we sit exactly one year later wondering where the hell the time went - and honestly, we aren't even the busiest band out there."

"As I type this - I reflect on the 4 year history of Anger As Art - specifically all of the people who tried to keep this band from happening. And it is not like there was a vendetta, rather people offering opinions and judgements like how this was never going to do anything! Standing in Record Stores in Europe seeing Anger AS Art CD's in the racks... what a feeling. More is to come! Now, can I download an MP3 of your demo for free?"

"It isn't all roses - there have been many trials this past year. All of us have been able to channel all of the rage, hate, anger and disappointment into our writing - and as we go through our demos for the next and 3rd Anger As Art album, I can assure you that the next offering from us will be exactly what you would expect - only heavier, faster, and with more vitriol.... I am hesitant to say more than that - other than we never forget who we do this for. Thnaks for supporting, and we sill be tracking the next album very soon."

"BY THE WAY - if we do a Festivus show this year, the announcement will be coming in October. "

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Anger As Art Part Ways With Bassist

Angelo Espino, who has previously played with HIRAX, REVEREND, DISSINTER, UNCLE SLAM, ONCE DEAD, VERMIN and LSN, and many others, has joined OSM recording artists ANGER AS ART.

Commented the band in a statement: "This was a coup for us to get someone of his caliber. We knew that a change was going to happen with Javier [Maruffo]. However, the timetable was moved up very rapidly in March. It came to our attention that Angelo was available and interested, so we made him an offer. Angelo and Dave [Chedrick, drums] played together in what we thought was HIRAX's best lineup — so they have that rhythm section vibe already in place, and it really shows when we play live. We wish Javier the best, and we part as friends and family." More...

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Anger As Art Ready To Record New Album Demos

ANGER AS ART, the Los Angeles-based thrash metal band featuring Steve Gaines (ABATTOIR, BLOODLUST, PAGAN WAR MACHINE, DREAMS OF DAMNATION), has issued the following update:

"So we just got back into L.A. from Seattle. What a fucking great weekend."

"In all honesty we were a little concerned about the fact that we were the only thrash/speed metal band on the bill at the Northwest Death Fest. But the timing was perfect. We had a slot that happened just as the people in the house were a little bludgeoned with death metak, and were ready for a shift. That is what they got. Bam!" More...

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Anger As Art Announce Live Shows, Radio Interview

ANGER AS ART, the Los Angeles-based thrash metal band featuring Steve Gaines (ABATTOIR, BLOODLUST, PAGAN WAR MACHINE, DREAMS OF DAMNATION), will take part in a live on-air interview this Saturday, February 10 on kbeach.org (Cal State Long Beach) at 2:00 p.m. PST. The interview will be hosted by Eric Bryan (a.k.a. Beardo Von Beardington!).

Commented Gaines: "It's gonna be cool. Eric does a nice show... even though the station demands that they play an R.E.M. song in the middle of a metal show. Can you imagine some out of touch program director forcing 'Shiny Happy People' between 'Still I Hate', and 'Blood Of My Enemies'?"

ANGER AS ART is continuing to promote its new album, "Callous And Furor", available now on OSM Records. The band has also lined up several dates on the West Coast during February/March. "These are NOT tour dates," explained Gaines. "Rather they are dates in the region that we can do before the real touring starts later in the year. At this point, a tour is like a fish story — we can tell you about the big ones that got away. But we have some things in works. And the record is doing well. We are into our second pressing, and the reviews have been solid — nothing lower than 7 out of 10."

Upcoming ANGER AS ART shows:

Feb. 17 - The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA (with DESTRUCTION)
Feb. 23 - The Cooler Lounge - Las Vegas, NV
Mar. 23 - Biacci's – Upland, CA
Mar. 24 - The Big Fish Pub - Tempe, AZ
Apr. 29 - The Bakersfield Dome - Bakersfield CA

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Anger As Art Finish Recording New Album

ANGER AS ART, the Los Angeles-based thrash metal band featuring Steve Gaines (ABATTOIR, BLOODLUST, PAGAN WAR MACHINE, DREAMS OF DAMNATION), have finished recording the follow-up to their self-titled album. "All we gotta do now is mix!" says Gaines. "Chris Trent (producer) has done an amazing job — and we are excited about it." Entitled "Callous And Furor", the CD is scheduled for a September 2006 release via Old School Metal Records. The track listing is as follows:

01. Catharsis
02. Anger Is Rising
03. Bane Of My Existence
04. Gnashing Of Teeth
05. No Seed Of Mine
06. Callous And Furor
07. Watch Me Suffer (Watch Me Die)
08. Race For The War
09. Invaders From Within
10. All That Is Mine To Avenge
11. Self Destructing Man
12. HypoChrist
13. Still I Hate

ANGER AS ART will be celebrating the completion of recording by getting back out on the road for a couple of shows in San Francisco — both headlining dates. "It is our first time back to S.F. since Thrash Against Cancer," says Gaines. "We will be playing different sets each night — with songs from each album. We have made a lot of friends in the bay area over the years with different bands, and invite each one of them out for a good time. Without sounding arrogant, the Bay Area will love this stuff!"

ANGER AS ART tour dates:

Jun. 17 - Pound SF - San Francisco, CA
Jun. 18 - Tidal Wave Festival - San Francisco (4:00 p.m. show)

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Anger As Art Begin Recording New Album

ANGER AS ART, the Los Angeles-based thrash metal band featuring Steve Gaines (ABATTOIR, BLOODLUST, PAGAN WAR MACHINE, DREAMS OF DAMNATION), entered CT Audio in L.A. last week to start recording the follow-up to their self-titled album. Entitled "Callous and Furor", the CD is tentatively scheduled for release in August via Old School Metal Records.

Commented Gaines: "The most important part of recording metal is starting with great drumming. It is the foundation on which the house stands. Mars [Castro; DEMOLITION, COFFIN TEXTS] came in and worked his ass off and laid down some of the most monstrous metal tracks ever recorded. Those who have seen him play, or heard his work with COFFIN TEXTS know exactly what to expect. Youll get that, and more. His footwork and explosive snare drum are right on the money. He was so well prepared that we finished drum tracks ahead of schedule, and started working on Javiers bass. He is about half done as well, and his playing and tones are thunderous. The album will consist of 13 songs. If you like thrash, you'll love this."

Upcoming ANGER AS ART shows:

Apr. 01 - Zen Sushi – Silverlake, CA (w/ IMPALER, DEKAPITATOR)
Jun. 17 - The Pound - San Francisco, CA (w/ POTENTIAL THREAT, KAOS)

More dates are being scheduled for early summer.

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Thrash Against Cancer Wrapup

Over 700 metal fans turned out for the Thrash Against Cancer benefit on July 9 at the Pound amphitheatre in San Francisco. Bands playing the benfit included: TESTAMENT, HIRAX, LAAZ ROCKIT, VICIOUS RUMORS, MUDFACE, AGENT STEEL, IMAGIKA, DEKAPITATOR, KAOS, BROCAS HELM, RIGHTEOUS SIRE, HANGAR 18, NEIL TURBIN'S DEATHRIDERS (featuring original ANTHRAX vocalist Neil Turbin), DREAMS OF DAMNATION (featuring former DARK ANGEL guitarist Jim Durkin), ANGER AS ART, MYSTIC RAGE.

Keith Regan, whose family is one of the recipients of the proceeds from the show, was extremely pleased with how the event turned out. “The crew from TAC deserves the utmost respect and praise from my family and everyone who decided to attend the show, “ Regan said. “They were instrumental in every aspect of the behind the scenes and made the day go as smooth as it could be. The show it self was incredible! All the people that approached us had nothing but high praise to say about every band!” Regan is looking into organizing another Thrash Against Cancer show next year, possibly involving different genres of music, in order to raise money for families with children who have pediatric cancer.

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Reunited Bloodlust Plan Festival Appearances

BLOODLUST, one of the original California-based speed/classic/power/thrash metal bands, will begin a series of reunion shows throughout the 2005/2006 festival season in the U.S. and Europe. In addition, the band will be remastering and reissuing all of their releases on one CD, with new recordings of old songs and even a couple of surprises thrown in. The re-recorded songs will be "Too Scared To Run" and "Guilty As Sin". Additional material will consist of the album "Guilty As Sin" (Metal Blade), the "Terminal Velocity" EP, and even something from the group's "Anti Life" demo tape. The package will include rare photos, and liner notes from the members, past and present.

BLOODLUST's current lineup is:

Earl Mendenhall - Guitar
Sandy K. - Bass
Mark E Cuestas - Drums
John Lisi - Guitar
Steve Gaines - Vocals

Asked why the band chose to reunite at this time, Gaines (also in ABATTOIR, DREAMS OF DAMNATION, PAGAN WAR MACHINE, ANGER AS ART) cited the fact that fans on tour were asking him to sign their BLOODLUST LPs, t-shirts, and even bootleg CDs (of which there were many).

Commented Steve Gaines, "The seed was firmly planted in Cleveland, Ohio at the BW&BK Six Pack Weekend 2004. Brad Youngblood, the founder and promoter of the Metal Music Foundation and Classic Metal Festival was witnessing this outpouring of love for BLOODLUST, and he took me aside. He said, 'If you can put it back together, I'll have you headline Classic Metal Festival 5 in Chicago.' Upon returning home, I contacted the guys, and we set up a rehearsal to see if we still had it — and it sounded amazing — like we had a week off.

"The cool thing is that there is demand for it — it isn't a bunch of old geezers trying to relive their teens. We have all stayed in contact with each other over the years, and it was very easy to get back together and play. We don't know how long it will last — ideally as long as there is demand. And offers have rolled in through 2006, so… who knows?"

BLOODLUST's appearance at the Classic Metal Festival in Chicago is scheduled for Saturday, May 14. The band are also expected to appear at the 2006 edition of Germany's Headbanger's Open Air festival.

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