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Anger As Art

Formed: 2004
From: Pasadena, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Anger As Art Releasing New Album

Veteran L.A. thrash band Anger As Art will release new album "Ad Mortem Festinamus" on March 11th via Old School Metal Records. On the follow-up to 2013 barnstormer "Hubris, Inc." the quartet has done the improbable by creating a roaring thrash metal beast that doesn’t just raise the bar; it crushes it into dust.

"Ad Mortem Festinamus" (Latin translation: "We Hurry Into Death") was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Ronald Sandoval at Rev Studios in Chino, CA. The track listing is as follows:

1. Ad Mortem Festinamus (Gaines, Alaniz)
2. Pissing On Your Grave (Gaines)
3. Aim For The Heart (Gaines)
4. Tombward (Bryan)
5. L.A. State Of Mind (Oliverio, Gaines)
6. Unknowing, Undead (Gaines, Bryan)
7. Hammer, Blade, and Twisting Fire (Gaines, Bryan)
8. We Hurry Into Death (Anger As Art)
9. Two Minutes Hate (Oliverio, Gaines)
10. Praise Of The Firehead (Gaines, Bryan)
11. Dim Carcosa (Gaines, Bryan) More...

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Anger As Art Posts East Coast Dates

Veteran Los Angeles thrashers Anger As Art have announced The Right Coast Invasion 2014, which will consist of three dates.

The band will play the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ on March 26th and Acheron in Brooklyn, NY on March 27th, then wrap up with an appearance at San Juan, Puerto Rico's First Metal Expo Convention 2014 on March 29th with Warbringer, Raven, Solstice, a guitar clinic with Puerto Rican metal hero Ramon Ortiz, and many more. A promo video for the two-day Metal Expo can be found here. More...

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Anger As Art Recruits Bassist Eric Bryan

Eric Bryan, known for his bass and vocal work with California's Necroscope and Abstract Prayer - and perhaps more famously as the 'metal fan/bass player with the cool posters and figurines' in the Sam Dunn documentary film "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey," has joined the ranks of Anger As Art in time for the band's US tour dates through 2013 and 2014.

Says founding member Steve Gaines: "We have known Eric since Anger As Art supported Overkill back in 2005. He gave a very in depth critique of our debut album, one that let me know he listened closely. We did radio and print interviews with him... I joined his band onstage...only later did I realize he was the same guy from the movie. Just a good guy, and an old soul. When we found our bassist position open, he came in and nailed it."

Eric's first show with AAA took place on August 9 in Los Angeles, CA. Video footage from that night can be seen below. Check out the bassist's appearance in "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" here. Anger As Art released its fourth full-length, "Hubris Inc.," in February of this year on Old School Metal Records.

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Anger As Art Posts Tour Dates

Los Angeles thrashers Anger As Art are set to invade Europe for a string of dates that include an appearance at Dokk'em Open Air in Dokkum, Netherlands alongside Testament, Iced Earth, Cryptopsy and more. Anger As Art is touring in support of its latest rager, "Hubris Inc." Powestroke will be joining Anger As Art for the bulk of the tour. Confirmed dates are as follows:

6/14 @ Blue Devils Bar - Arras, FR
6/15 @ The Rambler - Eindhoven, NL
6/16 @ Verlichte Geest - Roeselare, BE
6/17 - 6/19 - TBA
6/20 @ The Metro - Waarchoot, BE *
6/21 @ Dokk'em Open Air - Dokkum, NL *

* - No Powerstroke

 photo DSC_4672CC_zps26907e02.jpg

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Anger As Art Posts Live Footage

Los Angeles thrashers Anger As Art performed at their record release party in Santa Ana on March 16th. In addition to performing all songs from their album "Hubris, Inc.," the band (uniquely comprised of all former Abattoir members as well as the 'current' lineup of Bitch) were joined onstage by Mark 'the Shark' Caro, Betsy Bitch, and Sin Quirin (Ministry, Revolting Cocks) for rousing renditions of the album's two bonus tracks "Rage and Retribution' and 'Speed Kills' - as well as classics from Abattoir - "Screams From The Grave" and Bitch - "Skullcrusher."

AAA vocalist guitarist Steve Gaines said: "It was a unique night. We were able to dig into our history at the same time we celebrated our fourth full-length release. Safe to say everyone went home happy... including us." A video Of Anger As Art performing 'SkullCrusher' with Betsy Bitch and Sin Quirin (Ministry, Revolting Cocks) has been posted below, along with a video of Anger As Art performing 'Screams From The Grave' with Mark 'The Shark' Caro of Abbatoir. "Hubris Inc." is out now on Old School Metal Records.

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Anger As Art Streaming Full Album

"Hubris Inc.," the newest slab of rage from Cali-based thrashers Anger As Art, is out now on Old School Metal Records. Experience it for yourself with RockNReelReview.com's full album stream, running now at this location, or below. "Hubris Inc." features guest appearances from Betsey Bitch, Jim Durkin (Dark Angel), Timothy Gaines (Stryper), Steve Nelson (Evil Dead) and Mark Caro (Abattoir).

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Anger As Art Streaming New Track

Anger As Art has announced that its new album "Hubris Inc." will be released on February 5th, 2013 via Old School Metal Records. Anger As Art founder and veteran of the metal wars Steve Gaines (Abattoir, Bloodlust, Tactics, Bitch, Dreams of Damnation, Pagan War Machine) states that the band's fourth album, which follows the well-received "Disfigure," offers the kind of vicious, memorably penned thrash/speed metal that fans have come to expect without simply retracing the steps taken on previous albums.

Adding to the album's immense appeal is a range of special guest appearances. "Rage and Retribution" features Betsy Bitch on vocals, Jim Durkin (Dark Angel) on lead guitar and Timothy Gaines (Stryper) on bass. Steve Nelson (Evil Dead) also contributes backing vocals on "The Evil You Create." And last but certainly not least, "Speed Kills," which features Mark Caro (Abattoir) on lead guitar, was actually written for Abattoir back in 1984 and is performed by all Abattoir members. It's the last opportunity to ever hear a new Abattoir song!

Anger As Art has just released a promotional video for the album cut "Time Devours Life." Check it out at below, along with the cover art and tracklisting of "Hubris Inc."

1. Hubris Inc.
2. Time Devours Life
3. Gods of Hate
4. Anger is the Reason
5. Speed Kills
6. This is why I Hate
7. As the Exalted Seethe
8. Pearls Before the Swine
9. Divided We Fall
10. Head of the Snake
11. The Evil you Create
12. Pieces of Red
13. Rage and Retribution
14. Never Forgive Never Forget

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Anger As Art Reveals Album Release Date

L.A. thrash veterans Anger As Art have now set a release date for their 4th full length album "Hubris, Inc." via Old School Metal Records. Frontman Steve Gaines comments:

"We seem to be heading into the end of the calendar year once again, once all release details are finally ironed out. Our last 2 albums have been released in the 4th quarter, which is fine. Both have been sold (or downloaded???) honorably. But we head into the end of year shut down, when the entertainment industry is essentially closed. So, instead of hurrying to release before the year cuts off, we have decided to push back the release date until Tuesday, February 5, 2013. This gives us plenty of time to let new music drip out slowly… and get all of our ducks in a row for a solid push next year."

In addition to a traditional CD and digital release, "Hubris, Inc." will be released on picture disc vinyl with a cover featuring expanded artwork, liner notes and lyric sheets. Says Gaines: "Old School? Of course. There is such a great feeling holding that big piece of vinyl in your hand, studying the cover… and dropping needle for the first time. It is something we and OSM have wanted to do since… well, the advent of the CD. It is unique, and immediately collectable. I would advise that you pre-order your copy now, because once they are gone, they are gone! More...

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Anger As Art Posts Track-By-Track Commentary

Anger As Art recently completed the mixing process for the band's upcoming fourth album "Hubris, Inc." Anger As Art's Steve Gaines and Rob Alaniz have now checked in with the following track-by-track commentary of the album:

Hubris Inc. (Gaines, Alaniz): This was once the intro to the song ’They All Fall Down’ (from Disfigure, 2009). *However, a great decision to leave it off, for 2 reasons. 1.) One day I was griping about the place I work at… and blurted out “I work at Hubris, Incorporated.” Rob Alaniz answered back immediately “That’s the album title.” And, how appropriate that he found that spoken word piece to go with it. 2.) By waiting to release this, I had greater inspiration for the guitar solos. If we had released it 3 years earlier, it would not have had the same impact.

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Anger As Art Finishes Recording New Album

LA thrashers Anger As Art have completed the recording of their 4th album "Hubris, Inc." Mixing is currently underway, and the band is looking for a late spring/early summer worldwide release.

Says mainman Steve Gaines: "We approach every album like it might be our last, so we put everything we had into it. It is a 14 song epic. 2 of the songs we consider to be bonus tracks – in that they illustrate the history of where Anger As Art came from.

"One is actually a song called 'Speed Kills' that was written for Abattoir in 1984 by Dan Oliverio and me. This was while we were still finishing the Vicious Attack album. Juan Garcia had just left to join Agent Steel, and Dan was a new member. He had the basic riff, and I added music and lyrics to it. Fast forward 28 years, and Mark 'the Shark' Caro (Abattoir lead guitarist) contributed the solo for this song. Nonetheless, this is an Abattoir song performed by all Abattoir members. A nice capstone for a band that had a hand in shaping what thrash became.

"The other one is a song originally done by Pagan War Machine. PWM was a short-lived band featuring myself and Jim Durkin (Dark Angel). It is actually the band that Anger As Art evolved from. Anyway, the song is called 'Rage And Retribution'. Jim was kind enough to offer the guitar solo for the song. In addition to Jim, bass guitar was played by my brother Timothy Gaines from Stryper! This is the first time he and I have ever worked together musically. And… the lead vocal is a trade off between me and Betsy Bitch. While on tour as Bitch last year, Betsy offered 'If you need female vocals, I am your gal.' Seriously, did you ever think you'd see the day when members of Dark Angel, Stryper and Bitch would appear on the same song? Somewhere, Al and Tipper Gore are choking.

"Also, Winterthrall / Semtex Vest/ Evil Dead vocalist Steve Nelson came in and dropped some epic black metal growls and screams on the song 'The Evil You Create.' A complete honor to be able to share this album with such luminaries in the metal world."

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Anger As Art Recruits New Bassist

Los Angeles act Anger As Art, which recently entered the studio to record new material, has now announced the recruitment of a new bassist Henry De La Cruz. Henry replaces Angelo Espino, who departed in October.

Says mainman/founder Steve Gaines: "Hank! That's about all you need to know. Henry was at the top of all of our lists of guys we wanted to talk to. He has been in bands with both Dan and Rob - and I have been onstage and jammed with him many times over the years. Musically, he's a monster. Influences? The same. He knows the history of AAA. But most important was 'the hang'. The chemistry. We were facing a big unknown going forward without Angelo – and needed to know that the new person would not just fill the space, but make it his own. Intangibles. Henry is that guy."

Anger As Art is putting the finishing touches on the band's 4th album for OSM Records – titled "Hubris, Inc", and looking for a spring 2012 release. The currently announced song titles to appear on the album are as follows:

Hubris Inc.
This Is Why I Hate
Pieces Of Red
Divided We Fall
As The Exalted Seethe
Time Devours Life
The Evil You Create
Gods Of Hate
Pearls Before Swine
Anger Is the Reason
Never Forgive, Never Forget
Head Of The Snake
Rage And Retribution
Speed Kills

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Anger As Art Enters The Studio

California's Anger as Art has checked in with the following announcement about entering the studio to record new material:

"Anger fans - Merry Christmas to you, your families, and friends. We are looking forward to an exciting 2012 - and hope you enjoy the ride.

"We have officially begun the recording process! Standing in Trench Studio (Corona CA) getting drum tones!!!!"

You can also follow Anger as Art's latest studio updates by heading over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Steve Gaines Offers Thoughts On Gary Moore

Abattoir and Anger As Art vocalist Steve Gaines has posted the following statement regarding the death of legendary guitarist Gary Moore:

"Super Bowl Sunday, and I find this news.... simply terrible. This hits me as hard as Ronnie Dio's passing.

"About ten years ago, I was starting to make the jump from bass to guitar... and was lacking some inspiration. While working on some Pagan War Machine recordings, I was shown some live video of Gary Moore, and quite simply it changed my life. Instead of the shreddy, arpeggio swepping whammy bar guys that dominate the thrash scene, here was a guy who played bluesy hard rock — who could hold a note for what seemed like forever ('Parisienne Walkways') that would bring tears to your eyes. From there I discovered his whole career... blues, prog, whatever, he did it better than most.

"It is not a stretch to say that if not for Gary Moore, that first Anger As Art album never would have been done. Unashamedly I admit to ripping off his technique for that whole record.

"Gary, I hope Phil [Lynott] was there to greet you. You guys have some time now... Go find Cozy [Powell], and we expect that you have a few records worth of material for us by the time we join you.

"Rest in peace, Gazza!"

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Anger As Art To Support Bitch On Tour

L.A. based act Bitch (led by front woman Betsy Bitch) will do a short tour of 3 countries in Europe this spring, culminating in the band's featured appearance at Germany’s Keep It True Festival on April 29th, 2011. Anger As Art will support as both warm-up act on a few dates, and as Betsy’s backing band in Bitch (Anger As Art will not be performing at the Keep It True festival).

"Planning this tour has been bitter-sweet" says Betsy. "We lost our drummer/founding member Robby Settles to Leukemia last year, and it took the wind out of our sails. We already had KIT booked before Robby passed, and other members were less than enthused about going over to play the show. When I spoke with our bassist Steve Gaines, he had just played Keep It True with Abattoir in 2009, and was adamant that it was an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Steve offered that if we couldn’t find anyone to fill in that Anger As Art would be honored to perform as Bitch. The rest is history."

Says Steve Gaines: “Bitch was a huge influence on me, and I have been honored to be a member for the past 5 years. Needless to say, this has been a very hard time with Robby’s passing. However, I can say that there are no better guys to ‘be’ Bitch than AAA. We all used to see each other at Bitch shows in LA back in the 80’s, and respect Betsy and their heritage – and that is what we plan to do. Give metal fans in Europe Bitch in full effect.”

Also on the tour package will be Netherlands based metal band Persistense. The dates are as follows:

Friday 22 April: Little Devil, Tilburg - Holland
Saturday 23 April: The Rambler, Eindhoven – Holland
Sunday 24 April: De Vinger, Den Haag – Holland
Monday 25 April: Metro, Waarschoot – Belgium
Wednesday 27 April: De Rots, Antwerp – Belgium
Friday 29 April: KIT Germany

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Anger As Art Issues End Of Year Update

Anger As Art has checked in with the following end-of-year band update:

"Hey everyone - I want to take this time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Or Happy Hannukah, or Kwanzaa, or whatever your reason for celebrating the season. To anyone who doesn't appreciate why we celebrate it - oh well. Denny's will be open. Go celebrate alone with the other bittermen. you know who you are.

"Speaking of bitter - I wanted to let you all know that beginning in 2011, Anger as Art will begin de-emphasizing our my space page - and begin to build our face book page. It is online over there right now - go look for Anger As Art on face book. Simple reason? Not necessarily that FB has taken over the market share so strongly. The best example I can give is that it took me 44 minutes from the time I logged in to be able to get to the blog to type a new one. My space's servers are too slow. That, and the fact that they allow so many people who do not understand html (myself included) to make their pages so individual that the average 5 to 7 year old computer cannot handle the upgrades.

"Sometimes these techhies are a little too smart for their own good - not realizing that progress on that level leaves a lot of people way behind - and in a bad economy, maybe the priority is paying the rent, not buying a new computer every 6 months. But... face book is where you will find the daily updates, blogs, tour announcements, recording info, etc. as well as blogs / opinions from each of the members, or even our record company. This page will always be here... but much like our traditional www.angerasart.com page, it will not be updated regularly. Much like all of you, we have busy lives - and using my space has become a lot like reading a 3 day old newspaper. While you were turning the pages - the world was turning. And there was nothing more annoying than logging on to any metal band's page and having a comment with soundbytes blaring some really bad hip hop or emo over your music. Delete, delete, delete. More...

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Anger As Art Checks In With Band Update

Anger As Art has checked in with the following recap of what the band has been up to recently and plans for a new album:

"Callous And Furor remixed? Yeah, you read it correctly. After we played at the Galaxy Theater last weekend, we were heading into some downtime while Rob is in Europe with Evil Dead. So, a lot to do. We are starting to get material together for our 4th full length release (that is still a ways off, but we are in a creative mode, so why not?), and starting to plan tour dates for 2011. What happened to this year? It makes no sense to bitch, or throw stones. The dates fell apart. Blame the economy, blame the world stacked against you... no one cares. I built this band on the idea that we can 'take a punch'. Its a metaphor for life. Much like a farmer who loses his crop - we are sowing the seeds of 2011. 'you better hope to kill me off, 'cuz this is personal.'

"Anyway, that's right - the Galaxy. Chris Trent (producer of our debut, and Callous And Furor) was in attendance. He is one of those guys who I simply trust - and have always thought of him as a member of AAA. Well, he contacted me this week. Mentioned that he was inspired by the show to revisit the C&F sessions. The best thing he said was "yeah, I know - a lot of good it does 4 years later." With some new programs at CT Audio, he did a complete remix of Callous And Furor.

"A word on C&F- I love the record. It was an accurate picture of where we were at the time. Some of those songs are my heart and soul and remain staples of the live set. But between myself and Chris, we knew that sacrifices were being made. There were tones selected, etc. that didn't fit too well. To my ears, a lot of midrange, and not enough bottom end. I mean, shit - we are Anger, not Megadeth. More...

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Anger As Art Comments On Recent Shows

California's Anger as Art has issued the following recap of recent shows and announcement about upcoming appearances:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the response and reception last night at the Galaxy. Funny, as I revisit it, more comes back to me about what kind of night it was. A whirlwind. So many people we had not seen for a long time. A bunch of first time fans, and some who had not seen us in a while. Specifically, John Haddad, Chris Trent, Fred Swift, Jeff Peters, Dave Gutierrez, Danny Luong, Mark Caro, Danika Smith... and those are only a few of those who helped out to make it a great night.

"Some of you wanted tickets - and the run up on the last day for tickets was so intense that we couldn't answer back all of you. Again (like our last show at the Galaxy) all of our tickets were sold! We thank you for the support! Cool to see Dan-O making friends with Katatonia's guitarist because of Blackstar Amplifiers, which translated into a cigarette run. Shooting hoops with members of Torment-id and Sorizon. Re: Sorizon - I had never seen them, and they were a real surprise. I did not expect their bassist to say he used to see me play in Tactics back in the 90's, and for them to throw down on a cover of Pat Benetar's Heartbreaker.

"I was not able to make contact with Emilio Garcia - the KNAC contest winner. But I will personally deliver his prizes to his home this week. Great crowd. Thanks for making us feel so welcomed. Now, while Rob is gone in Europe with Evil Dead for a couple of weeks, we are going to start to work on new material for #4 release. We already have a boatload of new songs - the chemistry amongst this group of guys is tremendous, and the creativity flows. More...

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Anger As Art Comments On Death Of Robby Settles

Anger As Art has issued the following statement about the recent death of Bitch drummer Robby Settles:

"There seemed to be a lot of losses of people who were influential in the month of May. But, one that really hit me was the passing of my friend and band mate Robby Settles. Robby was a huge influence on me and on the way I conducted myself over the years – even today. It was about the approach to your craft – to never go half assed. In 2004, I was asked to join Bitch as their bass player – a gig that I have relished. While I was not there for the glory days of the 80’s (I was in a couple of other glorious bands at the time), the impact they had on me still held true. He was a kind hearted gentle giant.

"I have played with a lot of drummers in my career. There is a certain standard that I look for – one that very few can hold. Robby certainly held it. He had a consistent solid approach that was somewhere between John Bonham and Buddy Rich. There was an extreme confidence to perform with Robby – just seeing him behind the kit in complete control while the mayhem and theatrics were going on was a great feeling. Every fill was consistent and solid, and he was a human metronome. The mark of a great drummer is when you can tell who it is simply by the way they hit their snare drum. Robby was one of those guys. His influence on Bitch is such that it bears questioning whether or not the band continues without him. Those shoes cannot be filled. More...

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Anger As Art Checks In With Band Update

Anger As Art has posted a sample video online from their "Live Dissent" DVD, which can be viewed below. The band has also checked in with the following update regarding their recent activity and decision to cancel upcoming European tour dates:

"What's going on you all? I thought I would give you a few updates into the world of Anger. First, it would be foolish to not mention the impact of the passing on Ronnie James Dio. Last Sunday, I was on the phone and online with so many people, and a lot of tears were shed. So many times, you think that a hero's impact on your life is internal, or personal. Like you are the only person that 'get's it' (maybe that is part of the appeal of underground metal bands, I dunno). But Ronnie jumped out of the speakers and appealed to this 12 year old pimply faced kid so long ago. I had been told by all of the music people around me that hard rock was just a bunch of screaming. But not Ronnie. That voice was powerful and majestic. Always.

"As an aspiring vocalist, it was a goal to shoot for - and I know that even on my best day I was no where close to him. Like all else who met him, he was a class act, and a gentleman.
But what I realized since his passing was that he had the same impact on me that he had on everyone else. People truly loved this guy. I will be attending the memorial service a week from today simply to pay respect and reverence to someone who shaped my life. Thanks Ronnie. It was not wasted effort. To this kid, it meant the world. More...

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Anger As Art Announces DVD Release Date

Steve Gains of Anger As Art has checked in with the following update about the band releasing a live DVD:

"So, we are just about complete with the Concert DVD. It goes by the title of 'Live Dissent,' and it features concert footage from a recent show in Southern California, Some footage of us on tour in Europe and in the USA, and a segment of the recording process for the Disfigure album. Best part? We have a street date of Saturday, May 8 2010, and the first people who can buy a copy will be attendees of the 5th annual Thrasho De Mayo show in Los Angeles. Look for the Anger As Art table when you are there - we are all going to be there - actually, Rob HAS to be there no matter what!"

The upcoming Anger As Art tour dates are as follows:

6/12 2010 The Blvd. (Whitter & Mott in East LA) Los Angeles, California
10/1 2010 Metro Waarschoot, East Flanders
10/2 2010 Marios Metal Mania 4 Tilburg, Noord-Brabant

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