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Formed: 1998
From: Chicago, IL, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Disturbed is made up of members Dan Donegan (Guitar), Mike Wengren(Drums), Fuzz(bass), and David Draiman(vocals). The band started by playing clubs on the south side of Chicago. One short demo tape later and Disturbed was well on it's way.

The beginning was short, before long they were sharing the stage with hometown heroes, Ministry. Disturbed has since played acts such as the Ozzfest, and scored the theme music to WWF superstar 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.

Disturbed's brute force is unquestionable, yet there's a murderous intelligence at work behind such songs as "Down With the Sickness" that will make the most jaded, veteran head-banger cast a wary, nervous gaze in their direction.

Latest Disturbed News

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David Draiman's Surgery Is Successful

DISTURBED's David Draiman underwent successful surgery on August 15 to fix a deviated septum which was making breathing difficult and affecting his vocal abilities on stage.

As it has been reported in the press, the band has been forced to miss numerous shows on their current album cycle due to the problems David was encountering with his voice. Draiman went through the process of visiting many specialists over the last calendar year before doctors arrived at the conclusion that he would need to undergo septo-plasty to reverse and correct the damage that three broken noses have done to his septum over the last several years. The surgery will enable Draiman to breathe through his nose which takes pressure off of his throat and vocal chords that were becoming dry and irritated.

David said, "I'm excited and relieved that the surgery is over and cant wait to get back on the road to see our fans in Europe and to make up the dates we missed."

DISTURBED drummer Mike Wengren recently told Launch that the band has no intention of coming off the road anytime soon. According to Wengren, the Chicago-based band is already planning its third Music As A Weapon tour for sometime this fall. "After Ozzfest we're supposed to go over to Europe, and then when we come back, we're hoping to put together Music As A Weapon," he said. "I don't have any confirmed dates, but we're hoping that's gonna come out, you know, November-ish through, say, February of '07, you know. It's gonna be a nice, long run."

Previous Music As A Weapon tours have featured bands like CHEVELLE, TAPROOT and DROWNING POOL in addition to the headliners.

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Draiman To Go Under Knife, Might Miss A Few Shows

Ultimate-Guitar.com reports that DISTURBED vocalist David Draiman has had surgery to repair his stomach and lungs for an acid reflux problem, and now he's set for another operation. Draiman has had a rough time trying to keep his voice in shape for Ozzfest, but with some vocal exercises and proper rest and nutrition he's counteracting the drying out of his vocal cords. The vocalist said that a deviated septum caused by three broken noses forces him to breath through his mouth, drying out his vocal cords.

"I'm actually going in for surgery after this is done," Draiman said. "I have to correct a deviated septum. It's called a septoplasty. My nose has been broken three times, so I've got all kinds of broken cartilage and shrapnel and stuff in there. Most people's septums are straight, mine is kind of like an 'S'."

Draiman added that it's not exactly a pretty operation.

"Well, they need to cut a piece here, lift up the whole flap of my nose, cut out the septum, and they tell me that the scar tissue portion will grow back, and they're taking out all the broken pieces," he said. "So my nose is going to look a little different after the whole procedure is done, but this is something that will hopefully enable me to breathe a lot better. It's been one of the factors in what continues to happen with my voice. I don't sleep properly, and I will breathe through my mouth and dry out my vocal chords every single night, and the whole next day I'm trying to repair the damage. It's just a vicious cycle. So I'm just trying to eliminate all the X-factors that are involved and do everything I can so that I can maintain."

Draiman hopes to heal in time so the band can make up dates missed in Europe for their upcoming tour, which is slated to kick off September 14 in Munich, Germany.

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Ozzfest 2006 Comes To Bristow, Virginia

Another year, another Ozzfest. After a star-studded lineup for its ten year anniversary last year, Ozzfest was faced with the challenge of putting together yet another great lineup for its eleventh year. When I went to Bristow, VA on Sunday, August 6, 2006, I was wondering just how good a lineup they managed to scrape together. I knew the bands that were playing, but the real question remained whether the main stage bands could hold their own with primarily younger, nu-metal bands on it and Ozzy closing out the second stage.

The temperatures had fortunately dropped from the 105F degree humid days of only a few days earlier, but the sky was crystal clear for most of the day and the intense sun beating down on you in the 90F degree temperatures was still enough to take a lot out of you and require constant re-hydration. More...

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Disturbed Tap Stone Sour For Music As A Weapon III

Launch Radio Networks reports: DISTURBED has tapped STONE SOUR to appear on its third Music As A Weapon tour. More acts will be announced soon, as well as dates, cities and venues for the trek, which will begin sometime in November. Ironically, DISTURBED is currently co-headlining Ozzfest while STONE SOUR is a featured main stage act on the competing Family Values tour.

DISTURBED drummer Mike Wengren recently told Launch that Music As A Weapon III is likely to run into February of 2007.

Previous Music As A Weapon tours have featured bands like CHEVELLE, TAPROOT and DROWNING POOL in addition to the headliners.

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Disturbed And SOAD Ozzfest Clips Online

Several clips from the Ozzfest 2006 stop at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts on Tuesday (August 1) have been posted online. Check out performances from DISTURBED and SYSTEM OF A DOWN at YouTube.com.

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Ozzfest 2006 Stops In Indianapolis

On Sunday, July 23, the annual metal-gods tour known as Ozzfest, minus Ozzy, of course, rolled through Indianapolis, and the event passed without much out of the ordinary. The day saw a couple of fights, a lot of marijuana, a whole lot of ignorant people who harassed event staff at every turn, and a lot of people waiting to see the last three bands of the night without any knowledge of who played the second and early main stages—a typical Ozzfest. More...

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Draiman Wants To Wipe Out Hezbollah

Megan O'Toole of ChartAttack.com reports:

DISTURBED frontman David Draiman is an Israeli. His brother is in Jerusalem, and he has family in Haifa as well. One friend has been killed, another injured, and his frustration with the conflict between Israel and Lebanon is clear. So, too, is his allegiance.

"If Lebanon can't get rid of the Hezbollah threat, Israel is forced to do what it must. I don't think you'll see another nation in history that's had to deal with what Israel has had to deal with... There's only so far you can be pushed. Ultimately, [Hezbollah] committed an act of war: they crossed the border and kidnapped soldiers.

"I think we should wipe them all out — every terrorist, every war-mongering piece of garbage. We should congregate them all on one island and nuke it. A line must be drawn."

But Draiman's only telling me this because I asked. He's not the type of singer to stand on stage and deliver a monologue encapsulating his political opinions, especially on such a sensitive matter.

"I'm not there to preach," he says. "I'm not there to give people a reason to feel downtrodden.

"If people delve deep enough [into the music], the meaning is there for them to find."

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Disturbed Planning Next Music As A Weapon Tour

Launch Radio Networks reports: DISTURBED has no intention of coming off the road once Ozzfest ends next month. Drummer Mike Wengren told Launch that the Chicago-based band is already planning its third Music As A Weapon tour for sometime this fall. "After Ozzfest we're supposed to go over to Europe, and then when we come back, we're hoping to put together Music As A Weapon," he said. "I don't have any confirmed dates, but we're hoping that's gonna come out, you know, November-ish through, say, February of '07, you know. It's gonna be a nice, long run."

Previous Music As A Weapon tours have featured bands like CHEVELLE, TAPROOT and DROWNING POOL in addition to the headliners.

DISTURBED is co-headlining this summer's Ozzfest with SYSTEM OF A DOWN and, on selected dates, OZZY OSBOURNE. The show hits Scranton, Pennsylvania tomorrow (Wednesday, July 26).

DISTURBED recently released the video for its cover of the GENESIS hit "Land Of Confusion", the latest single from the band's "Ten Thousand Fists" album.

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Disturbed Drummer: "Tons of New Energy" On Ozzfest

Launch Radio Networks reports: DISTURBED is currently making its fourth Ozzfest appearance and first as a co-headliner. This year's event also has founder OZZY OSBOURNE playing less shows and headlining the second stage on many of the ones he is playing. DISTURBED drummer Mike Wengren told Launch that the changes have given the 11-year-old tour a boost. "This particular one has got a lot of new energy to it, to me," he said. "You know, one thing that's been really inspirational on this particular run is watching Ozzy headline second stage. I mean, he looks like he's 20 years younger, he's on fire, he's having a blast, and it's really been inspiring us and everybody else on the tour."

Osbourne has the rest of the week off before returning to the second stage on Saturday (July 22) in East Troy, Wisconsin.

DISTURBED and SYSTEM OF A DOWN will close the show tonight (Wednesday, July 19) in Detroit, Michigan and Friday (July 21) in Columbus, Ohio.

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Disturbed Post 'Land Of Confusion' Video Online

The video for DISTURBED's cover of the GENESIS hit "Land Of Confusion", directed by renowned comic artist Todd McFarlane, has been posted online at Music.AOL.com. The memorable GENESIS clip used eerie puppets to poke fun at figures such as Ronald Reagan, and DISTURBED singer David Draiman told Launch that the song's political content made a new version timely. "I think that that was part of the impetus of recording it," he said. "Danny (Donegan, guitarist) actually came up with the idea of trying it. I wasn't really all for it in the beginning. I'm not a huge PHIL COLLINS fan. But I couldn't deny that the lyrical content of the song made sense and definitely fit the type of lyrical directions that I go in."

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Headline News

Avenged Sevenfold and DragonForce On Ozzfest 2006

It comes as little surprise that Avenged Sevenfold have been officially confirmed as the mystery band on the main stage for Ozzfest 2006. The real surprise announcement is that power metal band Dragonforce, recently signed to Roadrunner Records in North America and rumored to be joining Gigantour 2006, has been added as the main stage opener as well.

Ozzy Osbourne is now slated to headline the second stage on three dates (replacing some dates that he was previously thought to be headlining the main stage):

July 8 - San Bernardino, CA's Hyundai Pavilion of Glen Helen
July 11 - San Antonio, TX at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
July 22 - East Troy, WI at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre

OZZY says, "After 10 years of headlining Ozzfest's main-stage I think it's time for a change. I haven't had a chance to play this close to an audience in years and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it."

Also announced is that Ozzfest emcee Big Dave and professional Ozzfest party guy, Eddie, have begun their nationwide search visiting 19 of the festival's 26 cities to find the first-ever Miss Ozzfest. The duo will be accepting entries and taking photographs of Miss Ozzfest candidates in each city. Throughout the summer the Ozzfest fans can vote for your favorites at Ozzfest.com. All entries collected from Big Dave and Eddie will be posted for you to vote on. The top three in each city will be awarded FREE tickets to the show in their city, where at some point during the evening's festivities, the three contestants will be presented on stage to the fans who will vote on a winner. Photos of each winning contestant, including the top vote getters from Raleigh and West Palm Beach, will be posted once again on Ozzfest.com, where fans can pick their Miss Ozzfest 2006. Final voting will be held at Ozzfest.com on August 7 and 8. The winning beauty will be awarded the grand prize and receive round trip airfare and accommodations for her and a guest to attend the year's final show August 13 in West Palm Beach where she'll be crowned Miss Ozzfest 2006.

Here's a recap of the complete official Ozzfest 2006 lineup and tour dates: More...

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Bad Acid Trip Confirmed For Ozzfest 2006

In case you missed the quiet announcement (like we did), California metallers Bad Acid Trip have been added to the second stage for this summer's Ozzfest. The band, which has toured with System of a Down, released their debut, Lynch the Weirdo, on System frontman Serj Tankian's Serjical Strike label in 2004. The album was produced by System guitarist Daron Malakian. This year's Ozzfest begins June 29 in Auburn, Washington, and will run through August 13 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

To recap, the Ozzfest 2006 tour dates and lineup are as follows: More...

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MTV2 Headbangers Ball: The Revenge On AOL Music

"MTV2 Headbangers Ball: The Revenge" is now available for streaming in its entirety on AOL Music. The low priced, double-disc came out in stores on April 11, 2006 via Roadrunner Records. The double CD contains more than 2 1/2 hours of music. Disc one represents the strongest tracks from today's biggest rock bands, and disc two brings together the strongest up-and-comers from the underground rock scene.

Here is the full track listing: More...

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Disturbed Live In Norfolk Video Available

AOL Music Live/Network Live is currently streaming video footage of DISTURBED's February 21, 2006 performance at NorVa in Norfolk, Virginia. Catch this high-octane concert, on demand, on AOL Music at this location.

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Disturbed Frontman Talks About "Land Of Confusion"

Launch Radio Networks reports: DISTURBED will shoot a video for its cover of the GENESIS hit "Land of Confusion" with Todd McFarlane directing. McFarlane, who also worked on the cover art for the band's latest album, "Ten Thousand Fists", has previously helmed clips for KORN and PEARL JAM. DISTURBED vocalist David Draiman told Launch what he likes about McFarlane's visual style. "It's very bitingly detailed, and very real," he said. "Todd habitually doesn't draw things that are overly pretty. He's really in touch with darker elements, he's really in touch with a lot of the attention to detail, even in the characters and the faces and the looks. He's got a very wide range of talent."

The memorable GENESIS video for "Land of Confusion" used eerie puppets in a political satire that poked fun at figures such as Ronald Reagan.

McFarlane told MTV.com that the DISTURBED version will show "a big view of the corporate world and how...the world is run by one giant thing, which is driven by greed and lust." The video is expected to be ready in June.

McFarlane is perhaps best known as the creator of the Spawn comics and toys. His McFarlane Toys has created action figures of comic characters, movie monsters, and musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Slash and Angus Young.

DISTURBED is slated to appear on the main stage of this summer's Ozzfest, which begins on July 1 in San Francisco.

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Disturbed's Rescheduled European Tour Dates

The dates have been announced for DISTURBED's rescheduled European tour with NEVERMORE. They are as follows:

Sep. 14 - München, GER @ Zenith
Sep. 15 - Fürth, GER @ Stadthalle
Sep. 17 - Berlin, GER @ Huxleys
Sep. 20 - Hamburg, GER @ Grosse Freiheit
Sep. 21 - Bremen, GER @ Aladin
Sep. 23 - Tilburg, NETH @ O13
Sep. 24 - Dortmund, GER @ Westfallenhalle 2
Sep. 26 - Amsterdam, NETH @ Paradiso
Sep. 27 - Köln, GER @ Palladium
Sep. 29 - Newcastle, UK @ Academy
Sep. 30 - Glasgow, UK @ Barrowland
Oct. 02 - Manchester, UK @ Academy
Oct. 04 - Nottingham, UK @ Rock City
Oct. 06 - Birmingham, UK @ Academy
Oct. 07 - Liverpool, UK @ Academy
Oct. 09 - London, UK @ Astoria

DISTURBED were forced to postpone their international tour dates last month after vocalist David Draiman suffered a recurrence of the severe inflammation of the vocal chords that he originally suffered last year.

"Having returned to the live arena too soon after his last vocal problems, recent dates of DISTURBED's North American tour have taken their toll on Draiman's voice and he has been advised by his doctor to take an extended break to ensure a complete recovery," the band's management wrote in a statement.

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Initial Ozzfest 2006 Tour Dates Released

The initial dates for Ozzfest 2006 have been announced. The tour dates are as follows:

Jul. 01 - San Francisco, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheater
Jul. 02 - Sacramento, CA @ Sleep Train Amphitheater
Jul. 07 - Phoenix, AZ @ Cricket Pavilion
Jul. 08 - San Bernardino, CA @ Hyundai Pavilion
Jul. 14 - Kansas City, KS @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Jul. 15 - St. Louis, MO @ UMB Bank Pavilion
Jul. 16 - Chicago, IL @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
Jul. 19 - Detroit, MI @ DTE Music Energy Center
Jul. 21 - Columbus, OH @ Germain Amphitheatre
Jul. 22 - East Troy, WI @ Alpine Valley Music Theatre
Jul. 23 - Indianapolis, IN @ Verizon Wireless Music Center
Jul. 26 - Scranton, PA @ Toyota Pavilion
Jul. 27 - Buffalo, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Jul. 29 - New York, NY @ Randall's Island
Jul. 30 - Hartford, CA @ New England Dodge Music Center
Aug. 01 - Boston, MA @ Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts
Aug. 04 - Camden, NJ @ Tweeter Center at The Waterfront
Aug. 05 - Bristow, VA @ Nissan Pavilion
Aug. 06 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Verizon Virginia Beach
Aug. 09 - Raleigh, NC @ Alltel Pavilion
Aug. 13 - West Palm Beach, FL @ Sound Advice Amphiheatre

To recap, the official lineup for this year's Ozzfest is as follows:

Main Stage:

OZZY OSBOURNE (10 shows only)

**Major main-stage band to be announced on May 23

Second Stage:


Second Stage (rotating):


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Breaking News

Official Ozzfest 2006 Lineup Revealed

Here is the lineup for Ozzfest 2006 according to a posting on Ozzfest.com, a few hours prior to the previously announced 9 p.m. EST:

Main Stage:
Ozzy Osbourne
System of A Down
Lacuna Coil

Second Stage:
Black Label Society
Bleeding Through
Norma Jean
A Life Once Lost
Strapping Young Lad
The Red Chord
Full Blown Chaos
Walls of Jericho
All That Remains
Between The Buried and Me

A major mainstage act is also said to be announced on May 23rd. There's much speculation of this being Metallica, although their record label and the band have denied those rumors. The full press release posted on Ozzfest.com follows. More...

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Jagermeister Music Tour Stops In Ft Wayne, IN

Bloodsimple took the stage with a fairly descent crowd. The boys came out with a furry of hard hitting drums by Chris Hamilton. Leading the pack on Bass is Kyle Sanders. Kyle was GREAT to photograph, with long ass dreads flying all over the place. Especially being left handed (Like myself), he was impressive to watch. Mike Kennedy and Nick Rowe supplied the Drop “D” guitar riffs and licks, followed by Tim Williams on vocals. This band had the crowd in a frenzy. The Mosh Pit was pretty impressive for a smaller venue (Pieres). I read some previous review on the fact that Tim’s voice has been alittle haggard. I can assure you, He was at full tilt. Very impressive. Although, the band didn’t come out and meet the crowd (At least to my knowledge), they definitely did one hell of a job. Entertaining to watch and sound good as hell. More...

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MTV2 Headbangers Ball: The Revenge Details

MTV2 and Roadrunner Records have announced the release of the third installment in the successful series – MTV2 HEADBANGERS BALL: THE REVENGE. The low priced, double-disc is due in stores on April 11, 2006.

On the heels of the Gold certification of the first installment, MTV2 HEADBANGERS BALL, VOLUME 1 and the success with MTV2 HEADBANGERS BALL, VOLUME 2, MTV2 and Roadrunner Records once again set out to gather the very best in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. The result is more than 2 1/2 hours of music on 2 CDs: disc one represents the strongest tracks from today's biggest rock bands, and disc two brings together the strongest up-and-comers from the underground rock scene.

In addition to the genre-defining anthems that represent the best of the show, there are enough rare and unreleased tracks to satisfy tastemaker metal fans as well. Packed with a total of 38 hard-charging tracks, this collection has 7 exclusive offerings. They include the Terry Date mix of Slipknot's "Before I Forget", and the live recording of Killswitch Engage's "A Bid Farewell", which both see their first CD release on this compilation. Other exclusives are brand new tracks from Hatebreed and Walls Of Jericho, both of which were written especially for this release (Hatebreed's lead vocalist, Jamey Jasta, is the host of the Headbangers Ball program on MTV2). A video for the Hatebreed track, entitled "To The Threshold", will air on video channels in March. A side project of Jasta's, Kingdom of Sorrow (which also includes members of Down, Crowbar and Seemless), also throws a brand new track into the ring. The compilation beat Dragonforce and 36 Crazyfists' record releases to the punch with fresh new tracks from these up-and-comers.


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