"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1998
From: Chicago, IL, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Disturbed is made up of members Dan Donegan (Guitar), Mike Wengren(Drums), Fuzz(bass), and David Draiman(vocals). The band started by playing clubs on the south side of Chicago. One short demo tape later and Disturbed was well on it's way.

The beginning was short, before long they were sharing the stage with hometown heroes, Ministry. Disturbed has since played acts such as the Ozzfest, and scored the theme music to WWF superstar 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.

Disturbed's brute force is unquestionable, yet there's a murderous intelligence at work behind such songs as "Down With the Sickness" that will make the most jaded, veteran head-banger cast a wary, nervous gaze in their direction.

Latest Disturbed News

Below is our complete Disturbed news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Disturbed Live In Norfolk Video Available

AOL Music Live/Network Live is currently streaming video footage of DISTURBED's February 21, 2006 performance at NorVa in Norfolk, Virginia. Catch this high-octane concert, on demand, on AOL Music at this location.

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Disturbed Frontman Talks About "Land Of Confusion"

Launch Radio Networks reports: DISTURBED will shoot a video for its cover of the GENESIS hit "Land of Confusion" with Todd McFarlane directing. McFarlane, who also worked on the cover art for the band's latest album, "Ten Thousand Fists", has previously helmed clips for KORN and PEARL JAM. DISTURBED vocalist David Draiman told Launch what he likes about McFarlane's visual style. "It's very bitingly detailed, and very real," he said. "Todd habitually doesn't draw things that are overly pretty. He's really in touch with darker elements, he's really in touch with a lot of the attention to detail, even in the characters and the faces and the looks. He's got a very wide range of talent."

The memorable GENESIS video for "Land of Confusion" used eerie puppets in a political satire that poked fun at figures such as Ronald Reagan.

McFarlane told MTV.com that the DISTURBED version will show "a big view of the corporate world and how...the world is run by one giant thing, which is driven by greed and lust." The video is expected to be ready in June.

McFarlane is perhaps best known as the creator of the Spawn comics and toys. His McFarlane Toys has created action figures of comic characters, movie monsters, and musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Slash and Angus Young.

DISTURBED is slated to appear on the main stage of this summer's Ozzfest, which begins on July 1 in San Francisco.

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Disturbed's Rescheduled European Tour Dates

The dates have been announced for DISTURBED's rescheduled European tour with NEVERMORE. They are as follows:

Sep. 14 - München, GER @ Zenith
Sep. 15 - Fürth, GER @ Stadthalle
Sep. 17 - Berlin, GER @ Huxleys
Sep. 20 - Hamburg, GER @ Grosse Freiheit
Sep. 21 - Bremen, GER @ Aladin
Sep. 23 - Tilburg, NETH @ O13
Sep. 24 - Dortmund, GER @ Westfallenhalle 2
Sep. 26 - Amsterdam, NETH @ Paradiso
Sep. 27 - Köln, GER @ Palladium
Sep. 29 - Newcastle, UK @ Academy
Sep. 30 - Glasgow, UK @ Barrowland
Oct. 02 - Manchester, UK @ Academy
Oct. 04 - Nottingham, UK @ Rock City
Oct. 06 - Birmingham, UK @ Academy
Oct. 07 - Liverpool, UK @ Academy
Oct. 09 - London, UK @ Astoria

DISTURBED were forced to postpone their international tour dates last month after vocalist David Draiman suffered a recurrence of the severe inflammation of the vocal chords that he originally suffered last year.

"Having returned to the live arena too soon after his last vocal problems, recent dates of DISTURBED's North American tour have taken their toll on Draiman's voice and he has been advised by his doctor to take an extended break to ensure a complete recovery," the band's management wrote in a statement.

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Initial Ozzfest 2006 Tour Dates Released

The initial dates for Ozzfest 2006 have been announced. The tour dates are as follows:

Jul. 01 - San Francisco, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheater
Jul. 02 - Sacramento, CA @ Sleep Train Amphitheater
Jul. 07 - Phoenix, AZ @ Cricket Pavilion
Jul. 08 - San Bernardino, CA @ Hyundai Pavilion
Jul. 14 - Kansas City, KS @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Jul. 15 - St. Louis, MO @ UMB Bank Pavilion
Jul. 16 - Chicago, IL @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
Jul. 19 - Detroit, MI @ DTE Music Energy Center
Jul. 21 - Columbus, OH @ Germain Amphitheatre
Jul. 22 - East Troy, WI @ Alpine Valley Music Theatre
Jul. 23 - Indianapolis, IN @ Verizon Wireless Music Center
Jul. 26 - Scranton, PA @ Toyota Pavilion
Jul. 27 - Buffalo, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Jul. 29 - New York, NY @ Randall's Island
Jul. 30 - Hartford, CA @ New England Dodge Music Center
Aug. 01 - Boston, MA @ Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts
Aug. 04 - Camden, NJ @ Tweeter Center at The Waterfront
Aug. 05 - Bristow, VA @ Nissan Pavilion
Aug. 06 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Verizon Virginia Beach
Aug. 09 - Raleigh, NC @ Alltel Pavilion
Aug. 13 - West Palm Beach, FL @ Sound Advice Amphiheatre

To recap, the official lineup for this year's Ozzfest is as follows:

Main Stage:

OZZY OSBOURNE (10 shows only)

**Major main-stage band to be announced on May 23

Second Stage:


Second Stage (rotating):


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Breaking News

Official Ozzfest 2006 Lineup Revealed

Here is the lineup for Ozzfest 2006 according to a posting on Ozzfest.com, a few hours prior to the previously announced 9 p.m. EST:

Main Stage:
Ozzy Osbourne
System of A Down
Lacuna Coil

Second Stage:
Black Label Society
Bleeding Through
Norma Jean
A Life Once Lost
Strapping Young Lad
The Red Chord
Full Blown Chaos
Walls of Jericho
All That Remains
Between The Buried and Me

A major mainstage act is also said to be announced on May 23rd. There's much speculation of this being Metallica, although their record label and the band have denied those rumors. The full press release posted on Ozzfest.com follows. More...

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Jagermeister Music Tour Stops In Ft Wayne, IN

Bloodsimple took the stage with a fairly descent crowd. The boys came out with a furry of hard hitting drums by Chris Hamilton. Leading the pack on Bass is Kyle Sanders. Kyle was GREAT to photograph, with long ass dreads flying all over the place. Especially being left handed (Like myself), he was impressive to watch. Mike Kennedy and Nick Rowe supplied the Drop “D” guitar riffs and licks, followed by Tim Williams on vocals. This band had the crowd in a frenzy. The Mosh Pit was pretty impressive for a smaller venue (Pieres). I read some previous review on the fact that Tim’s voice has been alittle haggard. I can assure you, He was at full tilt. Very impressive. Although, the band didn’t come out and meet the crowd (At least to my knowledge), they definitely did one hell of a job. Entertaining to watch and sound good as hell. More...

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MTV2 Headbangers Ball: The Revenge Details

MTV2 and Roadrunner Records have announced the release of the third installment in the successful series – MTV2 HEADBANGERS BALL: THE REVENGE. The low priced, double-disc is due in stores on April 11, 2006.

On the heels of the Gold certification of the first installment, MTV2 HEADBANGERS BALL, VOLUME 1 and the success with MTV2 HEADBANGERS BALL, VOLUME 2, MTV2 and Roadrunner Records once again set out to gather the very best in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. The result is more than 2 1/2 hours of music on 2 CDs: disc one represents the strongest tracks from today's biggest rock bands, and disc two brings together the strongest up-and-comers from the underground rock scene.

In addition to the genre-defining anthems that represent the best of the show, there are enough rare and unreleased tracks to satisfy tastemaker metal fans as well. Packed with a total of 38 hard-charging tracks, this collection has 7 exclusive offerings. They include the Terry Date mix of Slipknot's "Before I Forget", and the live recording of Killswitch Engage's "A Bid Farewell", which both see their first CD release on this compilation. Other exclusives are brand new tracks from Hatebreed and Walls Of Jericho, both of which were written especially for this release (Hatebreed's lead vocalist, Jamey Jasta, is the host of the Headbangers Ball program on MTV2). A video for the Hatebreed track, entitled "To The Threshold", will air on video channels in March. A side project of Jasta's, Kingdom of Sorrow (which also includes members of Down, Crowbar and Seemless), also throws a brand new track into the ring. The compilation beat Dragonforce and 36 Crazyfists' record releases to the punch with fresh new tracks from these up-and-comers.


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Nevermore Pulls Out of ProgPower USA 2006

Glenn, the promoter for ProgPower USA has confirmed that Nevermore will NOT be at this year's festival, due to the Disturbed/Nevermore European being postponed until September. That conflicts with the festival date and Nevermore have officially withdrawn from the festival in order to continue with that potentially lucrative tour as of this morning.

"Obviously, I am beyond disappointed. I will now begin the search for a replacement. Please be patient as I have no idea how long the process will take," Glenn continued.

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Disturbed Frontman Shuts Down Message Board

The official DISTURBED message board has been shut down by the administrators, allegedly because the group's frontman, David Draiman, grew increasingly tired of the persistent criticism levelled at him over his seemingly contradictory statements regarding the band's possible appearance at this year's Ozzfest.

Speaking to Jolene of Seattle's 99.9 KISW on January 7, Draiman said of the band's upcoming touring plans, "It looks like at this point that we are confirmed for Ozzfest this summer, so that should be a good thing. It's looking like that's what's gonna happen, so…" The actual audio of the 10-minute interview featuring this quote is available online (The quote appears around the 9:25 mark).

In an interview with Jeff Kerby of KNAC.COM conducted on January 30, Draiman was asked if there was any truth to the Internet reports that he had been quoted as saying that DISTURBED were confirmed for this year's Ozzfest.

"They're garbage," he replied. "I haven't said anything to anybody. I'm not saying it isn't happening, but I haven't gotten any official confirmation myself. Some radio station in Seattle decided to speculate or something. Every radio station interview that I've done at the station though has been with the whole band, and they've heard me every single time, and I've never said anything like that. We're in talks with them, but nothing has been solidified."

After a barrage of criticism was levelled at Draiman on the group's official message board for his seemingly contradictory statements regarding the band's participation in Ozzfest, the singer posted the following message before the board was completely shut down:

"When an apology is warranted, I am the first to offer one. But not in this case. I do not appreciate the idiocy of people criticizing what I am supposed to have said. I am not going to defend myself any more than I already have, as there should be no need to. I have half a mind to do away with this board completely, because instead of being a place where we can joyfully interact with the fans it has become a haven for the holier than thou. People who actually have the audacity to think that they have a right to say how we should conduct ourselves or even the wording that we may choose. The door is open to you too, if you do not approve or want to leave.

"I hope that you are proud of youself for once again distancing the band from its one means of limited interaction with its fans. You make me really feel welcome here. And what are we arguing about anyway? Whether or not I remember saying something a certain way? I already said I don't remember, nor does the rest of the band who have been present at these radio interviews, remember saying it, and already explained how sound bites are created and how editing of radio interviews are done, and even admitted to saying something like 'It looks like we are' [confirmed for Ozzfest]. So fucking what? Nothing is good enough for you, short of prostrating myself and apologizing for something that doesn't even have anything to do with you? Fuck off. Mission accomplished on alienating me from my own band's board. Time for a sabbatical. Fight amongst yourselves over nothing. I'll concentrate on the shows, and doing what I love most, not being sucked into this pathetic bullshit. Enjoy."

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Disturbed Frontman Posts 'Cribs' Segment Online

DISTURBED frontman David Draiman's six-minute MTV's "Cribs" segment which originally aired on Wednesday, January 25 has been made available for download at this location (Windows Media, 30 MB).

In a recent interview with Jolene of Seattle's 99.9 KISW, Draiman spoke about why he agreed to do the "Cribs" show and how he approached the shoot, which took place late last year.

"I jump back and forth between Chicago and L.A., but the [house] I did it at was the one in L.A.," he said. "To be honest with you, I wasn't really all that about doing it — we're not about showing what we've got. It's just not about 'bling' for us. Like they came to the house and they wanted me to use all the standard terminology and like say, 'These are my whips,' and ridiculous nonsense like that. And I didn't wanna use any of the stupidity and I tried to make it more about my friends than me. I had a party at the house and I just kind of made it a little bit more vibey and not all about that, 'Look, all these cool things I have.' To be honest with you, it's probably the only visibility we're gonna get on MTV."

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Headline News

Disturbed Confirms Ozzfest 2006 Appearance

Disturbed frontman, David Draiman confirmed his band will tour the Ozzfest circuit this summer.

Draiman revealed his forthcoming tour schedule to a Seattle Radio on January 7. The pierced singer stated, ""It looks like at this point that we are confirmed for Ozzfest this summer, so that should be a good thing. It's looking like that's gonna happen, so…"

Disturbed last played Ozzfest in 2003 on the main stage with Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Marilyn Manson, and Chevelle.

As previously reported, Black Label Society has also been confirmed for the Ozzfest 2006. Atreyu and Avenged Sevenfold have been offered spots on the tour, but not publically committed either way.

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Nevermore To Support Disturbed On UK Tour

According to Metal Hammer magazine, NEVERMORE will be supporting DISTURBED on their upcoming U.K. tour. The dates are as follows:

Mar. 25 - Barrowlands - Glasgow, UK
Mar. 27 - Newcastle Academy 1 & 2 - Newcastle, UK
Mar. 28 - Birmingham Academy - Birmingham, UK
Mar. 30 - Manchester University - Manchester, UK
Mar. 31 - Carling Academy 1 & 2 - Liverpool, UK
Apr. 02 - Rock City – Nottingham, UK
Apr. 03 - Astoria – London, UK

NEVERMORE are continuing to promote their latest album, "This Godless Endeavor", which entered the official German Top 100 Album chart at position No. 26. The CD also debuted at position No. 51 in Italy.

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Kicking K8 Add Two Slots On Jagermeister Tour

SoCal Rockers KICKING K8 have be added to two shows on the sold out Jagermeister Music Tour featuring Disturbed and BloodSimple. The band were offered the Jan 16th Phoenix, Az show as well as hometown show Jan 19th, in San Diego, Ca. Kicking K8 recently finished up recording their debut, which will soon be available for promo in a unique marketing campaign exclusively through Jagermeister promotions. The band starts their tour beginning Jan 16th with dates confirmed through April. Kicking K8's current single, LIAR, was added to numerous modern rock stations beginning 12/27.

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Disturbed Don't Pigeon-hole Themselves As Metal

The Baltimore Sun spoke with Disturbed drummer Mike Wengren about their latest effort 'Ten Thousand Fists', which now sees the Chicago band resisting the heavy-metal tag. "We don't pigeonhole ourselves in metal," Wengren said. "We think our music is more rhythmic. There's a lot that gets attached to metal - the look, the weird vocals that really don't fit our music."

Read the full article at Baltimore Sun.

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Nothingface Announce More Upcoming Tour Dates

NOTHINGFACE have announced a few more upcoming tour dates. They are as follows:

February 11 Towson, MD - Recher Theatre w/ Catatonik
February 19 Myrtle Beach, SC - House Of Blues w/ Disturbed
February 21 Norfolk, VA - The NorVa w/ Disturbed

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Hard Rock/Metal Musicians Remember Dimebag Darrell

MTV News spoke with members of some 30 hard rock and metal bands about the Dimebag they remember. They told MTV how much he'd meant to them, they shared fond memories and spoke of the impact he made on their lives and their music. Here are several excerpts from the article:

David Draiman - frontman, Disturbed: "During our second Ozzfest, we were holed up in Dallas for about two or three days ... hanging out at Dime's place — it was an eclectic house. There's all kinds of Pantera memorabilia and Dimebag memorabilia all over the place. But you could never make the mistake of falling asleep at Dime's. He'd wake you up the way he always did: with firecrackers. He'd always set off an entire chain of firecrackers not two inches from my head. One time ... Dime took us to a strip club where we all judged a bikini contest. There was never a wrong time in the day for Dime to hit a strip club. ... Dime was just this character who was very easy to love. He didn't have a bad bone in his body, and was ready to give you the shirt off his back at all times. It was his mission in life to make sure every single moment you spent with him was the best moment of your life. He was selfless."

Zakk Wylde - frontman, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society: "Whenever you were around Dime, there was never a boring moment. He was the coolest guy on the planet. He was an even better person than he was a guitar player, if that's even possible. Whenever me and him would hook up, forget about it, bro. We'd always have to have a spare kidney, liver and pancreas on ice."

Brian Fair - frontman, Shadows Fall: "Dime seemed to have a real problem with the clock on our tour bus. It all started with his tour manager trying to tell him it was time to leave. ... We were having a good old time and Dime didn't want to go to bed. So, as soon as he was told it was time to leave, he grabbed the clock off of the wall and screams at the top of his lungs, 'There is no time!' and he smashed his hand right through it. The clock was made of glass and metal, and shrapnel flew everywhere. He went through three clocks on our bus like that. Anytime anyone tried to tell him it was time to go, he'd destroy the clock. He didn't want to end the party — he wanted it to keep going. We kept replacing the clock because we wanted to see what happened next."

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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A Dozen Furies To Open For Some Jagermeister Shows

A Dozen Furies have lined up some dates with Disturbed for the years end, here's the schedule:
December 16th Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
December 17th Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
December 19th Washington, DC - 930 Club
December 20th Washington, DC - 930 Club
December 22nd Baltimore, MD - Ram's Head Live

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Nothingface to Reunite For Show In 2006?

According to Jaggermusic.com, Nothingface would play a concert scheduled for next year, February 19 at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach SC, opening for Disturbed. This would mean the band will reunite for the first time since their break up in 2003. Nothing has been explicitly confirmed at this point, however.

In related news, Disturbed frontman David Draiman was to collaborate with Blessed in Black, a hard rock group featuring former members of Nothingface and Skrape. Draiman was to enter the studio in September to contribute to some songs slated for Blessed in Black's forthcoming debut album, tentatively due in early 2006.

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Jagermeister Tour Second Leg Tour Dates Released

Dates have been revealed for the second leg of the "Jagermeister Music Tour", which sees Disturbed on the road with bloodsimple. this time out, here's the schedule:

January 06th Spokane, WA - Big Easy
January 07th Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre
January 09th Portland, OR - Roseland Theater
January 10th Portland, OR - Roseland Theater
January 12th San Francisco, CA - SF Weekly Warfield
January 13th Sacramento, CA - Memorial Auditorium
January 15th Tempe, AZ - Marquee Theatre
January 16th Tempe, AZ - Marquee Theatre
January 18th San Diego, CA - House Of Blues
January 19th San Diego, CA - House Of Blues
January 22nd Anaheim, CA - House Of Blues
January 24th West Hollywood, CA - House Of Blues
January 25th West Hollywood, CA - House Of Blues
January 27th Las Vegas, NV - House Of Blues
January 28th Las Vegas, NV - House Of Blues
January 30th Albuquerque, NM - Albuquerque Conv. Ctr.
January 31st Denver, CO - Fillmore Auditorium
February 02nd Grand Prairie, TX - Nokia Theatre
February 03rd Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Theater
February 04th San Antonio, TX - Sunset Station
February 08th Pensacola, FL - Pensacola Civic Center
February 10th Saint Petersburg, FL - Jannus Landing
February 11th Saint Petersburg, FL - Jannus Landing
February 13th Lake Buena Vista, FL - House Of Blues
February 14th Lake Buena Vista, FL - House Of Blues
February 16th Miami, FL - Tropical Baroque
February 18th Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
February 19th Myrtle Beach, SC - House Of Blues
February 21st Norfolk, VA - The NorVa
February 23rd Louisville, KY - Jillian's
February 24th Fort Wayne, IN - Piere's

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Watch Yahoo! Artist Mod of Disturbed's 'Just Stop'

In the first I've heard of this concept, Yahoo! Music Artist Mods have reworked Disturbed's 'Just Stop', from the album 'Ten Thousand Fists'. You can watch the animated video here.

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