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Formed: 1993
From: Jönköping, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Nominon news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Nominon Streaming Live Track

Swedish death metal group Nominon just shared a new song from upcoming live album “Chaos In the Flesh… Live,” due out on CD on May 13th via Morbid Skull Records and Deathgasm Records.

Check out the track “Mausoleum” below, and the previously posted "Submit To Evil" is still online for streaming right here.

“Chaos In the Flesh… Live!” captures the band’s performance at the Death Kills Festival in Stockholm last February 2015 and was mixed and mastered by Javi Bastard (Graveyard) at Moontower Studio in Barcelona, Spain. The track listing is:

1. In the Name of Gomorrah
2. Sodom's Fall
3. Mantra Reverse
4. Hordes of Flies
5. Malicious Torment
6. Undead Beast
7. Submit to Evil
8. Blaspheming the Dead
9. The Cleansing
10. Mausoleum
11. Release in Death More...

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Nominon Posts New Live Version Of "Submit To Evil"

Long-running Swedish death metal band Nominon premieres a new song entitled "Submit To Evil", taken from the upcoming new live CD "Chaos In the Flesh… Live!", which will be out in stores May 13 via Morbid Skull and Deathgasm Records.

Check out now "Submit To Evil" below.

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Nominon Going On Hiatus

Long-running Swedish death metal band Nominon has officially been put on hold for the foreseeable future, with no plans on the horizon for writing or touring. The band comments:

"One foot in the grave... After some members of the band had a meeting last night at the headquarter's in Jönköping, Sweden, we have come to a decision to clean out the rehearsal place and move out of there. Simply since the band is not that active at this point, and hasn't been since the In Flammen festival show in Germany during July.

"This might not mean that the band Nominon is officially dead or what-so-ever, yet it is the first time in the band's 23 year history that we are not having any specific place to meet up and write / work on music together.

"Some of you out there might wonder, why are you guys doing this now and what will happen next etc?! Well, to be honest, none of us really know what'll happen? But one thing worth mentioning is that the members do live approximately 500 km from each other, and most of the guys in the band doesn't prioritize to play music. So it's not that easy to always keep our heads high and just continue like nothing has changed over the years, especially on a more personal level. Weirdly enough people tend to get older, and with age comes changes, naturally.

"With that being said, no one know what's in the crystal ball? Yet material has been written over the last couple of years that are still unreleased, and further songs will be written and recorded somewhere and somehow during the next couple of 2 years or so. But as mentioned, at this point the band is not active on many levels and therefore one can say that we are 'on hold.' We won't be playing any shows during 2016 as things are looking right now, it's just fact. More...

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Neurotic Deathfest Announces New Band Additions

The Neurotic Deathfest has announced new names for the 2015 installment, set to take place at 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands on April 17th - 19th, 2015.

Four new acts are confirmed: Obituary, Gorod, Kronos and Holocausto Canibal. The organization earlier confirmed heavyweight acts such as Bloodbath and Immolation. Tickets are available through this location.

The currently announced lineup is as follows: More...

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Nominon Records New Tracks

Swedish death metal outfit Nominon has issued the following announcement about recording new tracks:

"No rest for Death... More or less straight after the show at Truckstop last Friday night the guys went straight into Studio Hell with Robbie Ericsson Sunday February 23rd to record a brand new song (yet untitled) for the upcoming split 7" EP with Nunslaughter.

"So far the drum tracks and most of the guitars has been recorded, this coming weekend Henke will lay down some neckbreaking vokills on this gruesome piece. While in the studio, Nominon also recorded a cover of one of their favorite bands of ALL time; Motorhead, as well."

The long running metal act also celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.

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Nominon Loses Guitarist To Bullet

Swedish old school death metal act Nominon (which is celebrating its 20th anniversary) has checked in with the following statement about the band's guitarist leaving to become part of Bullet full time:

"As some of you dedicated soldiers might already have noticed, a while ago our guitarist Alex Lyrbo joined the heavy metal band Bullet.

"At first he wanted to be part of both bands, but things have changed and now Alex have decided to step down from his position in Nominon. We thank Alex for his time in the band and for being part of such a powerhouse as 'The Cleansing' album. More...

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Nominon Celebrating 20 Years

Swedish death metal act Nominon has checked in with the following announcement about celebrating its 20th anniversary this year:

"The year 2013 is finally here... Feels a bit surreal to say it, but it is, believe it or not: time to celebrate 20 years as Nominon. Can you fucking believe it? Nominon has been around for two damn decades and still kicking yer ugly ass.

"Of course this all cause for a bit of celebration, and even though we have nothing 100% confirmed at the moment we will work hard to make a few special shows happen during the year.

"Who knows, we might even release a 'best of' album just for the sake of it. Ha!! Any suggestions from you people? What would you like to see/hear/experience within the world of Nominon?!" More...

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Nominon Announces New Album Release

Swedish death metal act Nominon has issued the following announcement about releasing a new album:

"You all should prepare yourself for the most grim Halloween this year...! The new and fifth Nominon album 'The Cleansing' (DEATHGASM RDS) will be released October 31st on Gatefold-LP and Digipack-CD. To celebrate this killer news, we have yet another brand new song entitled 'Mausoleum' to share with you all. ENJOY!"

You can listen to "Mausoleum" over at the band's Facebook profile, or check out "Obliteration" in the player below. The album's track listing is:

1. Satanical Incubation (Intro)
2. In The Name Of Gomorrah
3. Mausoleum
4. Unholy Sacrifice
5. The Cleansing
6. Abhorrent Parasites
7. Hellwitch
8. Slaughter The Imposter (LP-bonus track)
9. Obliteration
10. Son Of Doom
11. Infernal Rites More...

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Nominon Reveals New Album Details

Swedish old school death metal band Nominon has issued the following announcement about releasing a new album:

"The moment we are all waiting so eagerly for will soon be here. Of course we're talking about the release of the fifth Nominon album 'The Cleansing' (Deathgasm Records). The cover artwork by Juanjo Castellano has been floating around a bit on the net for some reason, but unfortunately it was not the finalized version. Below you can take a look at the RIGHT version of 'The Cleansing' once and for all, ENJOY!

"The exact release date is still to be set, it all depends on how much time the manufacturing of the LP vinyl will take?! The label and the band have decided to wait and release the LP and the CD at the same time, just for the sake of it.

"We can however reveal some further details about this coming storm. The LP will be released as a Gatefold one, the 250 first copies will come as a limited edition with a different colour on the vinyl (compared to the rest) as well as including a sew on patch. The first edition of the CD will be a Digipack version with a 12-page booklet. DEATHGASM RDS also plan to make a special die hard bundle including the LP / CD + T-shirt, yet more info on that particular version will follow later on. Here's the complete tracklist of 'The Cleansing:'

1. Satanical Incubation (Intro)
2. In The Name Of Gomorrah
3. Mausoleum
4. Unholy Sacrifice
5. The Cleansing
6. Abhorrent Parasites
7. Hellwitch
8. Slaughter The Imposter (LP-bonus track)
9. Obliteration
10. Son Of Doom
11. Infernal Rites More...

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Nominon Issues New Album Update

Old school death metal act Nominon has issued the following update about switching studios and recording a new album:

"The recording of the new Nominon album is certainly moving on after a bit chaotic change of studio in the very last minute (due to some incompetent losers at the studio we had booked to start with), so with a very short notice we could start the recordings with engineer Robert Ericsson at Studio Hell, a small studio located here in Jönköping, Sweden.

"We actually used that studio for the latest 7" EP 'Manifestation Of Black,' and since then the studio itself has been upgraded, that somehow was necessary before we felt that we could use it for a proper album recording.

"So far all drums are done, most of the guitar parts, as well as some bass and vocals. This weekend vokillist Henke Skoog will continue recording the remaining vocal parts. It all sounds extreme to the core, very morbid and filthy, yet variated death metal as usual when talking about Nominon.

"The plan is to have everything recorded by May 22nd because on the 24th Mr. Javi Bastard (of The 'true' Graveyard) will start to mix and then master the album at Moontower Studios in Barcelona, Spain together with Nominon drummer Perra Karlsson. More...

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Nominon To Enter The Studio

Sweden's Nominon has issued the following announcement about gearing up to enter the recording studio:

"The band will enter a studio in Växjö, Sweden, next week to start the recording of the fifth full-length album, which is yet untitled. It will be released on LP/CD through DEATHGASM RDS this summer. The plan at the moment is to include nine songs on the CD version and then add one song as bonus on the LP version. Sheer brutality awaits!

"We've just received some details about the forthcoming split 7" with Nominon / Kommandant. It'll most likely be out late in April through the new Swedish underground label CRYPTORIUM RDS. The label just got the test press and it sounds gruesome as fuck. For this split release Nominon recorded a very intense and kick ass cover of Impaled Nazarene's 'Human Proof' from their killer and underestimated album 'Nihil.'

"For those who doesn't understand what Nominon stands for, here's a brand new review of the latest 7" EP 'Manifestation Of Black' on Voices from the Darkside.

"The planned colloboration with the booking agency BLACKENED MASS MEDIA won't happen after all, simply due to the fact that the agency pretty much were stillborn. So from now on Nominon will go back to basics and manage themselves. So for ALL booking inquires, contact: nominon@lycos.com

"More info will follow, so be sure to check back if you're a fan underground death metal that is."

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Nominon Streaming New Songs

Nominon is now streaming both of the songs, the title cut and "Burnt Human Offering," from it's recently released 7" "Manifestations of Black" over at this location. The 7" is to tide fans over until Nominon unleashes the follow-up to 2010's album "Monumentomb," which should come sometime in 2012 on Deathgasm Records. Below is an upload video version of the title track, "Manifestations of Black."

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Nominon Reveals "Manifestation Of Black" Artwork

Swedish death metal band Nominon has revealed the cover artwork for the upcoming "Manifestation of Black" release, which can be viewed below. The group also commented:

"Ave graverobbers, here's a sneak preview of the killer artwork that Juanjo Castellano just did for the forthcoming 'Manifestation of Black' 7" EP. Release during Oct/Nov 2011 through Deathgasm Records (USA) in 1000 copies."

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Nominon Announces Lineup Changes

Swedish old school death metal act Nominon has issued the following update about lineup changes within the band:

"Nominon would like to welcome back the mighty guitarist AntiChristian to the band. After several months apart the band and AntiChristian realized that enough's enough and buried the hatchet. After a few meetings and rehearsals Nominon are certainly back on track again.

"Since the bassist for a year, Martin, left the band a couple of weeks ago, and AntiChristian triumphant return to Nominon all this lead to the fact that guitarist Juha Sulasalmi will from now on take over the bass duties. Why complicate things further?!

"At last, the recordings of the new 7" EP 'Manifestation Of Black' (to be out through Deathgasm Records) are now finalized. The mixing will be done by engineer Robban at Studio Hell, were all the recordings recently took place as well, and the mastering will be sorted out by Javi Bastard at Moontower Studios in Barcelona, Spain."

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Nominon Working On Fifth Album

Swedish death metal act Nominon has checked in with the following announcement about working on a new album:

"Thanks to Piotr, Marcin, Grezgorz, Damien & and all True Death skulls that showed up at the Silesian Death Attack in Zabrze, Poland March 5th. You guys are simply the sickest. Hell Fucking Death!

"Now the band will continue to work on new material for the fifth album that is set to be recorded late this year for a early 2012 release. Nominon will start doing some pre-production for the album within the next couple of months and we'll certainly keep you all posted. The band has also been asked to participate on numerous split 7" EP's as well, so when something is confirmed we'll tell you all about it.

"The planned gig April 1st in Stralsund, Germany has been cancelled due to problems with having live shows at the planned venue. So for now Nominon are set to play the following shows;

"Copenhagen, Denmark @ Loppen Thursday March 31st with Undergang, Göteborg, Sweden @ Truckstop Alaska Saturday April 2nd with Stench, Satanarchy and more, Växjö, Sweden @ Palladium Saturday April 30th with the occult act Witchgrave and Wrench. More...

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Nominon Recruits New Guitarist

Swedish death metal act Nominon has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new guitarist:

"Leave the light behind... New axeman! Some kick ass news, a shorter European trek is now under construction between late March and early April. Support will come from the fleshy German deathsters Lifeless, a band that just released a killer fucking debut album on IbexMoon Rds. So what are you clubs and promoters waiting for?! Drop a mail to nominon(a)lycos.com if you're interested to book this package.

"Furthermore we have to reveal some sort of severe news as well, since it's now obvious that longtime Nominon member AntiChristian Strömblad has been forced to lay his axe to rest for the time being due to some personal shit.

"Nominon collectively wishes Mr. Strömblad all the best of luck and hope that everything will work out for the best. What we have accomplished and yet also what we've been going through during the last six years together is something that only a handful of people in the world would have managed to come out of alive, yet we fucking pulled it off.

"New guitarist is youngster Alexander Lyrbo who has proven himself more than worthy to fill AntiChristian's bloodstained boots. Alex first performance with Nominon as a permanent member will take place in Zabrze, Poland March 5th. Even though AntiChristian's departure we certainly proved once again that nothing seems to be able to kill this mighty entity known to the living dead as Nominon. This marks yet a new chapter in the unholy world of Nominon. We expect it to be a bloody one."

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Nominon To Play Silesian Death Attack Fest

Swedish death metal act Nominon has issued the following announcement about performing at the upcoming Silesian Death Attack festival on March 5th:

"The fire of eternal doom still burns... We've one new show announcement to make and that one will happen in Poland March 5th when the 'Silesian Death Attack' fest (featuring SINISTER, EMBRIONAL and more!) will take place at the venue CK Wiatrak in Zabrze.

"It's been a bit over two years since Nominon last played in Poland and Nominon most certainly look forward to meet the Polish Death Metal freaks again. Keep thrashing and crack the skulls of the unborn..."

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Metalhit.com Releases Free Death Metal Comp

Metalhit.com recently released the second compilation in their download series: a death metal comp. You can download it for free from Amazon.com.

Here is the free compilation's tracklisting:

1. Putridity "Blindfold Surgery Abominable" (2:51)
2. Asphyx "Death, the Brutal Way" (3:52)
3. Avulsed "Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-Mutilation)" (3:43)
4. Demigod "Deadsoul" (3:45)
5. Demilich "Inherited Rowel Levitation (Reduced without any effort)" (3:22)
6. Obscure "Messenger of Chaos, I Infinitum" (5:57)
7. Insult "Slaves of Holy Righteousness" (2:22)
8. Master "Judgment of Will" (2:53)
9. Natron "Roadkill" (3:48)
10. Nominon "Kevorkian Exit" (4:46)
11. Pathology "Defiled Autopsy Remnants" (3:36)
12. Sinister "Spiritual Immolation" (4:03)

Metalhit.com released a free thrash compilation back in September that is still available for download.

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Nominon Comments On Kill Town Death Fest

Swedish death metal band Nominon has issued the following recap of the band's appearance at the Kill Town Death Festival:

"Thanks to Daniel and the whole KTDF TEAM for putting together such a great underground Death Metal festival in Copenhagen. You made us all feel very welcome and your support and hospitality through out the weekend were awesome.

"We certainly had a killer time, met a lot of old friends and made a few new ones. Thanks also to Steken, Hanna, Aron Maiden and Martin for helping us with the merch shit when we just didn't care, appreciated."

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Nominon Back In The U.S.

Just hours after an all-day punk and metal crawfish boil there was an international show called from the Death Metal Darkness Tour with bands coming from the U.S., Europe, and even Mexico that was not to be missed. Oppressing, extreme heat in the late night hours permeated the wooden bar. The three touring bands, Quinta Essentia, Infinitum Obscure, and Nominon, are all signed to Deathgasm Records, definitely a label to check out with a show like this. More...

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