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From: CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Horse The Band's Erik Engstrom Interviewed

An experimental metalcore band, Horse The Band is well known for their achievement of an 8-bit video game-influenced sound, resulting in the band often being referred to as "Nintendocore." Their keyboardist, Erik Engstrom, uses the Korg MS-2000 and more recently, the Roland Juno-D synthesizer and LSDJ Gameboy cartridge to create their trademark sound.

Horse The Band's songs include Cut Man from Mega Man, although the song is spelled "Cutsman"; Birdo, one of the bosses from the NES game Super Mario Bros. 2, in the song "Birdo"; and the rabbit-like nemesis from The Legend of Zelda in the song "Pol's Voice". The song "A Million Exploding Suns" refers to the Marvel Comics character Sentry, a schizophrenic hero with this abundance of power.

2007's "A Natural Death" featured significant lyrical evolution into the concepts of nature and mortality while moving slightly away from the Nintendo metaphors. The song "Murder" is inspired by the Western novel "Lonesome Dove," in which a Native American named Blue Duck stalks and kills white settlers on the plains.
HORSE the Band is known for their tremendously energetic live performances; their Halloween show at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia was filled with props and costumes.

Current band members include: Nathan Winneke (vocals), Chris Prophet (drums), David Isen (guitar), Dashiell Arkenstone (bass), and Erik Engstrom (Synthesizer/LSDJ)

I met up with Horse The Band in their van before their show, to listen to what they had to say about their tour and the new album. More...

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