"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Axis of Advance

Formed: 1998
From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Axis of Advance News

Below is our complete Axis of Advance news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Blood Revolt Enters The Studio

Militant extreme metal band BLOOD REVOLT shall be entering the studio within Canada’s dead of winter in the next few weeks to lay down their much-anticipated debut album. The band features the vocals of singer A.A. Nemtheanga of PRIMORDIAL, along with the whirlwind drumming of J. Read (REVENGE/CONQUEROR/AXIS OF ADVANCE) and the string attack of C. Ross (AXIS OF ADVANCE). Blood Revolt will be release the record in late Spring 2010 through Profound Lore Records in North America and Invictus Productions in Europe.

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Thergothon Tribute Tracklisting Revealed

OFFICIUM TRISTE, ASUNDER and COLOSSEUM are among the bands that will appear on the forthcoming tribute to THERGOTHON, due later in the year via Russia's Solitude Productions. The projected track listing for the two-disc set is as follows:

Doom Side:

01. LOSS - Everlasting
02. EVOKEN - Yet the Watchers Guard
03. COLOSSEUM - The Unknown Kadath in the Cold Waste
05. ASUNDER - Who Rides the Astral Wings
06. OFFICIUM TRISTE - Crying Blood and Crimson Snow
07. INTAGLIO - Evoken
08. UMBRA NIHIL - The Twilight Fade
09. PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING - Dancing In The Realm Of Shades

Not Doom Experimental Side:

01. KROHM - Everlasting
02. ASTRAL SLEEP - Yet the Watchers Guard
03. AZAGTOTH - The Unknown Kadath in the Cold Waste
04. AXIS OF ADVANCE - Elemental
05. INTER ARBORES - Who Rides the Astral Wings
06. AARNI - Crying Blood and Crimson Snow
07. NOJDA - Evoken
08. SINGULTUS - The Twilight Fade

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Axis Of Advance: Heavier Than Death Metal

Mike Ross of the Edmonton Sun describes just how heavy Canadian band Axis of Advance is in an article at Canoe. Several excerpts from the article:

Silly me -- here I thought there was nothing heavier than "death metal." Listening to the music of Edmonton's Axis of Advance is like knowing about the biggest black hole there is, only to find out there's a bigger and blacker hole lurking behind it, sucking all light and life into its gaping maw of hellish, gravity-mutilating brutality.

Words such as "crushing" and "demonic" are also useful to describe this sort of music.

Those who label such things call it "war metal," so perhaps it's no coincidence the band name begins with the menacing and suggestive word "Axis" or that one of the band members is actually named "Wor." Note the umlaut over the "o." Nothing says heavy like an umlaut. Just ask Motorhead.

One may discover for themselves during the show tomorrow night at Krobar on Whyte Avenue. Wor describes a typical AoA show as "pretty aggressive, pretty violent" with "maniacs freaking out and ripping their hair out. It's great."

Perhaps that explains why there are so many bald metal bands, but I digress. The band's latest CD, Obey, is admittedly an "acquired taste," a bitter, bubbling stew of maniacal tempo shifts, sledgehammer guitar assaults and a grim, Orwellian world view.

And don't forget the enraged Cookie Monster vocals. Well, no surprises so far. The album earned nine skulls out of 10 in Anvil magazine, four out of five 'K's in Kerrang! The phrase "extreme death metal" comes up more than once in the band's press.

Read the full article at Canoe.

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