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Tool Photo

Band Photo: Tool (?)

Formed: 1990
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active


One of the leading alternative metal acts to emerge the 90s, Tool was formed in Los Angeles, California, USA, in 1990 by Adam Jones (guitar), Maynard James Keenan (vocals), Paul D'Amour (bass) and Danny Carey (drums). The mini-album, Opiate, was a powerful introduction to Tool's densely rhythmic style, with "Hush' helping establish a buzz for the band; the accompanying video graphically displayed the song"s anti-censorship slant of "I can't say what I want to/Even if I'm not serious" as the band appeared naked with their mouths taped shut.

European dates with friends Rage Against The Machine and a US tour with the Rollins Band helped to sharpen Tool's live performances. Their increased confidence was evident on Undertow, which featured a guest vocal from Henry Rollins on "Bottom". While the band retained their angry intensity and penchant for difficult lyrical subjects, their songwriting became more adventurous.

Undertow reached platinum status as the band toured extensively, including a stint on the 1993 Lollapalooza tour. Aenima, featuring new bass player Justin Chancellor (ex-Peach), was their most assured and most successful album, narrowly missing the top of the Billboard album chart in November 1996. In December 2000 the band released the limited edition Salival, which featured a DVD/VHS collection of videos, a CD comprising unreleased live and studio material, and a promotional book.

Latest Tool News

Below is our complete Tool news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Keenan Adds Extra Book Tour Dates

In lieu of providing any actual info about that never-going-to-happen Tool album, Maynard James Keenan has elected to talk about himself on an upcoming book tour.

Today Keenan added Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco dates to his upcoming "A Perfect Union of Contrary Things" book tour, as well as second readings in Chicago and Washington, D.C. (both events had previously sold out).

November 9 Nashville, TN City Winery SOLD OUT
November 11 New York, NY The New York Society for Ethical Culture
November 12 Washington, DC Sixth & I Historic Synagogue (7 pm reading) SOLD OUT
November 12 Washington, DC Sixth & I Historic Synagogue (10:30 pm reading)
November 14 Toronto, ON Convocation Hall (University of Toronto)
November 16 Chicago, IL Thalia Hall (7 pm reading) SOLD OUT
November 16 Chicago, IL Thalia Hall (10:30 pm reading)
November 18 Portland, OR The Aladdin Theater
November 19 Seattle, WA Kane Auditorium
November 21 San Francisco, CA Herbst Theatre

General admission and VIP tickets for the Washington, D.C., Chicago, Portland and Seattle events are on-sale this Friday, August 5th at 10 am eastern, San Francisco on-sale is the same day at 12 noon pacific. Tickets for the New York and Toronto dates are available now.

Additional dates will be announced soon so they can send us twenty or thirty press releases about this instead of just doing one with all the complete dates. More...

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Tool Frontman Adds Toronto Book Tour Date

Another date has just been added to the brief Maynard James Keenan book tour as the previously announced appearances have been selling out.

The front man of A Perfect Circle, Puscifer and Tool has added a Toronto date to his upcoming "A Perfect Union of Contrary Things" tour: November 14th at 8 p.m. at the Convocation Hall (University of Toronto, 31 King’s College Circle, Toronto, Ont.).

Keenan will participate in a moderated discussion about the book and his decision to share such intimate details about his life. The special evening also includes Keenan reading passages from "A Perfect Union of Contrary Things" (due Nov. 8, Backbeat Books). Dates are as follows:

November 9 Nashville, TN City Winery SOLD OUT
November 11 New York, NY The New York Society for Ethical Culture
November 12 Washington, DC Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
November 14 Toronto, ON Convocation Hall (University of Toronto)
November 16 Chicago, IL Thalia Hall SOLD OUT More...

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Maynard James Keenan Adds Book Tour Dates

Maynard James Keenan just added two new dates to his previously announced book tour: November 11th at The New York Society for Ethical Culture and November 12th at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in Washington, D.C.

Keenan will participate in a moderated discussion about the book and his decision to share such intimate details about his life.

The special evening also includes Keenan reading passages from "A Perfect Union of Contrary Things," which is coming November 8th via BackBeat Books. Dates for the book tour are as follows:

November 9 Nashville, TN City Winery SOLD OUT
November 11 New York, NY The New York Society for Ethical Culture
November 12 Washington, DC Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
November 16 Chicago, IL Thalia Hall More...

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Maynard James Keenan Announces Book Tour

Maynard James Keenan, front man of A Perfect Circle, Puscifer and Tool, embarks on a book tour this fall to accompany the release of his authorized biography, "A Perfect Union of Contrary Things," with the first two dates confirmed for November 9th at Nashville’s City Winery and November 16th at Thalia Hall in Chicago.

Keenan, who is known for not merely being protective about his personal life but at times pointedly cagey and misleading about his history, will participate in a moderated discussion about the book and his decision to share such intimate details about his life.

The special evening also includes Keenan reading passages from "A Perfect Union of Contrary Things" with a backdrop of never before seen photos and videos, as well as taking questions from the audience in what will be a rare moment of direct interaction between the elusive musician and the fans of his projects.

Tickets for the Nashville and Chicago events are on-sale this Friday. Additional dates will be announced soon. More...

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New Tool Tracks Reportedly 12+ Minutes Each

People are still apparently insisting a new Tool album is coming, despite the very loud silence on that subject from the band, and today some quasi-but-not-really-actual news comes online!

Some seriously third part info has hit the digital airwaves (heaven forbid the band actually update the fans in any significant way) that Team Rock reports that Melvins' member Buzz Osborne says all the tracks on this supposed album are 12+ minutes long.

According to the report, Osborne said: "they haven’t even started recording yet, but Adam [Jones, Tool guitarist] told me the shortest song they’ve been working on is twelve minutes long."

In other words, none of this actually from the band, and its probably all nonsense, but because every other site on the net jumped on it as actual news we have to post about it as well to keep you rumor-mongering drama queens happy.

In other news, an autobiography that will shed no new light on any upcoming material is on the way from Maynard James Keenan, and if you fancy hearing years old songs you can catch the band at Voodoo Fest later this year.

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Maynard James Keenan Autobiography Announced

Last October, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Maynard James Keenan, accomplished winemaker and frontman of Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer, let on that he was working with writer/editor and longtime friend Sarah Jensen on an authorized biography.

Until now, Keenan’s fans have had access to only an abridged version of his story. That all will change with the release of "A Perfect Union of Contrary Things" (Nov. 8, 2016, Backbeat Books, $29.99).

As Keenan explained to Rolling Stone, “There's always that perception that whatever you've done that's the largest media-friendly thing in your life, where the world came to know of you, there's a perception that there was no life before, and that you were nothing before. There's a lot of stuff that went on in my life that nobody really knows about. So I feel like this is the chance to show the patterns, tell a story.”

Jensen, who has known Keenan for three decades, rolls out that untold story chronicling his journey from his Midwest childhood to his years in the Army to his time in art school, from his stint at a Boston pet shop to his place in the international spotlight and his influence on the disparate fields of contemporary music and regional winemaking.

"A Perfect Union of Contrary Things" presents the outtakes, the scenes of disappointment and triumph, and the events that led him to take one step after the next, to change direction, to explore sometimes surprising opportunities. The book also features a foreword by Alex Grey, an American artist and longtime friend of Keenan. More...

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Tool Playing Voodoo Fest

Tool - the band that will hands down never release a new album no matter how many times it gets teased with Instagram and Facebook posts over the years - is set to perform at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans this fall.

The festival takes place from October 28th - 30th, 2016 and ticketing information can be found at this location. Tool also issued this statement:

"Prepare to be astounded as Tool bring their critically acclaimed live performance and elaborate production values to Voodoo Fest 2016 in New Orelans. Combine the sonorous and visual intensity of Tool live on stage against the spectral New Orleans tableau, add the vivid revelry of the Voodoo vibe, and you’ve got all the elements for an unforgettable festival experience. Tickets for this event go on-sale Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 10:00 AM CDT."

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Metal Must Evolve

My biggest issue with metal in the 2010s is that in contrast to the past three decades, there's just a lack of creativity. Newer metalcore is being increasingly influenced by nu-metal and post-hardcore as the new musicians who are in their 20s and 30s are now playing music that's entirely an amalgam of what they grew up with as teens rather than creating anything new.

Blackgaze was novel for the first few years but now feels like the light beer version of black metal at this point that doesn't have the same edge that metal is supposed to have. I'm not sure if I want black metal to have a kinder, gentler, dare I say, “cuddlier” face when compared to the antisocial behavior that defined the second wave. When I hear a band like Alcest or Deafheaven, I don't feel like these are maniacs with serious mental issues precisely because it sounds way too calculated and professional for my aging ears.

Djent is nice but often feels too monotonous to really do justice to how technical it is. For, “progressive metal” the songwriting lacks the same level of unexpected changes in direction that make progressive rock acts like Rush and Yes so appealing. Yeah, Djent is heavy but it's also often predicable when unconventional songwriting is half of what separates metal and makes it so special and unique. Blackened sludge on the othe rhand is only going to appeal to people who want extremely raw production... who will never be great enough in number to establish a trend rather than a fad. More...

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Sunday Old School: Tool

Metal music is full of weird and wonderful bands. Though many outsiders may see the genre as simple or worse, “just noise,” there have been many groups to utilise the sound with musical intellect such as Sigh and Dream Theater to name but two. Today’s featured band is another to create a sound all of their own and gain a rabid following in the metal community, one of the biggest, though maybe shortest names in the alternative metal area, Tool.

Tool began life in 1990, after all their founding members had moved to Los Angeles the previous decade. Whilst two founding members, Adam Jones and Paul D’Amour had originally come to the city to find work in the film industry, the other two, Danny Carey and Maynard James Keenan (the latter an art graduate who had been making a living remodelling pet stores,) had previously tasted what it was like being part of a cult musical act in their time with Green Jelly. Keenan and Jones would meet in 1989 through a mutual friend and decided to put together their own band, jamming together while actively seeking a rhythm section. Carey would be the next member to join, convenient since he lived above Keenan and had previously met Jones through his old friend, Tom Morello. Introductions were to play a key role again, as the lineup was completed when D’Amour, who he met via a friend, joined the ranks. More...

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3Teeth Supporting Tool And Primus On Tour

West Coast industrial rock foursome 3Teeth, hand selected by Tool to open its January U.S. arena tour, will begin a three-plus week trek tonight in San Francisco.

"We feel so very honored to have been picked by Tool to hit the road; we're ready to bleed for these crowds," commented vocalist Alexis Mincolla. "Make sure you come early."

"We are extremely excited and proud to have 3Teeth join us on the road," said Tool guitarist Adam Jones. "Combining the styles of Tool and 3Teeth at a live show will result in a naturally induced chemical overload of sonic and visual horripilation. I love electronic metal and got totally addicted to 3Teeth ever since I saw them play at the Viper Room here in Los Angeles. They are a brutal and intense entity dripping with talent on stage and I can't wait for our fans to witness the mayhem for themselves."

You can stream the 3Teeth debut via Bandcamp here or grab it on physical formats at this location. See 3Teeth live with Tool and Primus on these dates: More...

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Headline News

Tool Announces U.S. Tour Dates

Maybe that sporadically hinted but never confirmed Tool album is actually happening?

The band has now revealed via Facebook that Tool is gearing up to hit the road again in early January - perhaps this time supporting new music?

Tickets go on sale on Friday, with full date and venue details available below. The band had also enigmatically posted this message just before revealing the dates:

"SOMETHING WICKED THIS... YOUR WAY COMES! For those of you who only like NEWS about TOOL, here's something that should be of great interest. The impenetrable veil of my dark scrying mirror FINALLY CLEARED today - enough so, in fact - that I could perceive a large heptagram on a complexly lit stage where four performers were dwarfed by dramatic video projections.

"Evidently the sonic and visual extravaganza that I was receiving is a rare glimpse of FUTURE TOOL U.S.A. TOUR DATES in the month of JANUARY, 2016 e.v. However, with some of the images in the depths of the black glass not being clearly distinct... YET, fans will have to keep checking back for an official announcement.

"Regarding an opening band(s), what I was able to discern through the ever-shifting veil will in all likeliness be exciting to many Tool enthusiasts. STAY TUNED, FOLKS... as my trusty SCRYING MIRROR CONTINUES TO CLEAR..."

Saturday, January 9 - San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena
Wednesday, January 13 - San Antonio, TX @ AT&T Center
Saturday, January 16 - Tulsa, OK @ BOK Center
Sunday, January 17 - Grand Prairie, TX (Dallas) @ Verizon Theatre
Tuesday, January 19 - Southaven, MS (Memphis) @ Landers Center
Saturday, January 23 - Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena
Monday, January 25 - Atlanta, GA @ Infinite Energy Center
Tuesday, January 26 - Charlotte, NC @ Bojangles Coliseum

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Tool / Mastodon Members Form Bizarre Group

The Legend of the Seagullmen is the title of a wacky nautical-themed super group featuring Mastodon frontman Brent Hinds and Tool drummer Danny Carey.

The band also features OFF’s Dimitri Coats and movie director Jimmy Hayward (Horton Hears a Who, Jonah Hex), who serves as the project’s producer.

A bizarre track titled "The Deep-Sea Diver" can be heard below. Stay tuned for more details.

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Headline News

Tool Working On New Album

While there hasn't been an official announcement from the band at this point, it would appear Tool is well into the process of recording a new album.

Adam Jones posted the photo below of the band together via his Instagram account with the caption "SmokeOnTheHorizon." This will be the band's first release since "10,000 Days" eight years ago.

Back in July, Jones had stated that work on the album was delayed for years due to a lawsuit that wasn't made public knowledge (read the full statement over here).

A brief post on the Tool website back in May also indicated writing for a new album was underway and actual recording was due to begin this year.

Further details and official announcements are forthcoming, so stay tuned. More...

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Tool Comments On Lawsuit And Album Delay

It's been eight years now since prog brigade Tool released the "10,000 Days" album, and fans have been antsy for a follow-up, with very little information coming from the band regarding the delay.

Now, in an interview with Rolling Stone, guitarist Adam Jones and drummer Danny Carer have stated part of the reason for the long time between albums has been due to a lawsuit that wasn't made public knowledge.

An excerpt from the article follows:

Although both Jones and Carey acknowledge that two albums ago, when they were creating 2001's "Lateralus," they could settle into a lengthy creative process that external obligations now prohibit, the biggest problem has been a multi-level lawsuit that has weighed on all of the group members. This stemmed from a claim that a Tool associate had made against the group, but it eventually spiraled into the labyrinthine legal equivalent of a Laurel and Hardy routine, amounting to "who's suing whom."

Initially, in 2007, a friend of Jones' claimed that he had created artwork for the group that he wanted credit. But the suit got complicated when an insurance company that Tool thought would defend it against lawsuits turned around and sued the band over technicalities regarding the case. The band then filed a countersuit to defend themselves against the insurer's claims and now, seven years later, Tool are still deeply mired in litigation with the insurer. The case is scheduled to go to trial in January.

"The whole thing is really depressing," Carey says. "The bad thing is it's really time consuming. As we've gotten older and our priorities have changed, it's hard to get the band on a good, solid schedule as it is. People have kids now. And there's lots of other things that pop up. To throw this into the mix, it makes everything that much worse and stresses people out."

Read the full article at Rollingstone.com.

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Ozzfest Japan Adds Tool, Slash, And Deftones

The line-up for the first ever Ozzfest Japan - set for Saturday, May 11th and Sunday, May 12th, 2013 at the Makuhari Messe arena just outside of Tokyo - has now expanded with Tool, Slash, Deftones, and Stone Sour joining previously announced headliners Black Sabbath and Slipknot.

“We’ve assembled an amazing lineup for the first ever Ozzfest Japan. Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Tool, Slash, what more could you ask for?” says Sharon Osbourne “And we still have plenty of surprises to come. The Ozzfest Japan line-up will rival any of our previous festivals.”

“It took a long time for Ozzfest to come to Japan but I know the fans here are going to feel it was worth the wait,” Massy Hayashi of Hayashi International Promotions says. “Of course, any time you have living legends like Black Sabbath on stage you know it is going to be a memorable event.” Last year, Hayashi International Promotions produced the sold-out one-day punk rock festival Air Jam at Yokohama Stadium.

Tickets pre-reservation started on November 25th and ticket prices are as follows: single-day tickets are JPY 14,000, weekend passes are JPY 27,000, and weekend passes including an official festival t-shirt are JPY 30,000. All prices include consumption tax, box office commission, and ticket printing fees. The latest information on Ozzfest can be found at this location. More...

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YOB To Support Tool On U.S. Shows

YOB released the "Atma" album via Profound Lore this year and now the band is happy to announce it will be direct support to Tool on an upcoming Jan/Feb North American tour. The currently announced dates are as follows (more to be announced soon):

Jan 28 2012 - TD Garden - Boston, MA, USA
Jan 29 2012 - Susquehanna Bank Center - Camden, NJ
Jan 31 2012 - Mohegan Sun Arena - Uncasville, CT
Feb 01 2012 - Izod Center - East Rutherford, NJ
Feb 03 2012 - TBA
Feb 04 2012 - Bojangles' Coliseum - Charlotte, NC
Feb 06 2012 - Bank Atlantic Center - Sunrise, FL
Feb 07 2012 - UCF Arena - Orlando, FL
Feb 08 2012 - Gwinnett Center Arena - Duluth, GA

YOB landed at #5 on New York Times writer Ben Ratliff's "Best Albums of 2011" and is also included in Spin Magazine's 'Best of the Year' wrap-up. The band landed #2 on Spin's "Best Metal Album" category and #49 on the overall "Best Albums of 2011."

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Tool Guitarist Performs National Anthem For WWE

Metal Injection has posted footage online of Tool guitarist Adam Jones performing the U.S. national anthem at the 2011 SummerSlam. You can check out the clip below.

Click Here To Watch The Video

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Tool Posts Backstage Footage Online

Maynard James Keenan, of the Los Angeles, California progressive metal act Tool, has posted some unique backstage footage from its recent appearance in Brisbane, Australia. You can view the video below:

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Tool Posts Strange Rehearsal Footage Online

Los Angeles, California progressive metal act Tool, led by frontman Maynard James Keenan, has posted two new rehearsal clips online. The band are currently preparing for its forthcoming five city U.S. tour. You can view the rehearsal clips below:

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Tool Announces Big Day Out Off Dates

Tool has announced a pair of "sideshow" off-dates from their Big Day Out 2011 appearance. The shows will take place in Melbourne and Brisbane. Details are as follows:

Monday 24th Jan 2011 @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Wednesday 2nd Feb 2011 @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

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