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Danzig Announces Blackest Of The Black Fest

Danzig today announces the upcoming Blackest Of The Black camping festival, will take place on May 26th & May 27th in Orange County, CA.

Announced acts so far include Danzig & Ministry, with many more to come, along with a host of evil attractions. Full details are slated to arrive at the end of the month, but for now check out the teaser trailer below.

More info will also be available over at the festival's official website here.

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Watch Classic Misfits Lineup Perform "Bullet"

Below you can watch the classic Misfits lineup of singer Glenn Danzig (61), bassist Jerry Only (57) and guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (51) perform the track "Bullet", during their first show together since 1983 at the "Denver Riot Fest" past Sunday, September 4th, 2016. They were joined by ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and Joan Jett guitarist Acey Slade.

Said Danzig at one point during the show addressing the crowd: "About 40 years ago, Jerry and I got onstage in New York and we shocked the whole fucking punk scene who didn’t know what the fuck to make of us. We didn’t look like anybody. We didn’t sound like anybody. We were angry, pissed-off and we dressed all in fucking black and we were always getting into fights and shitloads of fucking trouble every night. That’s pretty much what punk was back then, getting fucked up and fucking people up. At least in New York City, it was."

Misfits Setlist, Denver Riot Fest: More...

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Dave Lombardo To Perform With The Misfits

After months of speculation, the original Misfits announce that drummer Dave Lombardo will join for two upcoming Riot Fest dates (Denver, September 4th and Chicago, September 18th).

The original drummer for Slayer, Lombardo will be providing his propulsive beat behind Misfits members Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only, with longtime guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. Danzig and Only will be playing together on stage for the first time since 1983.

Lombardo says of joining the band: "The Misfits created the horror punk attitude and had a massive influence on modern rock, punk and metal. It was an easy decision for me to join them for these monumental shows. I was honored to be asked, and am very excited to be playing with the band. Judging by the rehearsals alone, Misfits fans will not be disappointed- this is everything they could have hoped for and more." More...

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Rock Photography Showcase Coming To Rock And Shock

Photographer Jeremy Saffer will be bringing his patented brand of metal madness to Rock & Shock 2014.

"Jeremy Saffer Presents: The Rocking Dead" will feature some of your favorite rock stars in all of their gothic glory meeting fans and signing autographs as part of the 11th annual horror and music convention.

The showcase is set to feature Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, Murderdolls frontman Wednesday 13, Faster Pussycat guitarist Ace Von Johnson, Deadstar Assembly and Genitorturers drummer Kriz DK and Dope/Static X guitarist Virus.

This roster of rockers will be joining previously announced guests such as Brad Dourif (Child's Play, Halloween, The Lord of the Rings), Tara Reid (Sharknado 1 & 2, Urban Legend, American Pie series) and John Ratzenberger (Motel Hell, Cheers, Toy Story 1-3). A complete list of the October convention's guests as well as performers can be found at this location. More...

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CVLT Nation Releases Misfits Cover Album

CVLT Nation is proud to present the third covers compilation in the ongoing series, "The CVLT Nation Sessions," with Misfits' seminal album "Earth A.D."

Mastered by Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, "Earth A.D.: The CVLT Nation Sessions" can be streamed below, and is available for free download over here and features Baptists, Kata Sarka, Drug Lust, Xaphan, Woes, We Are The Damned, Dislich (aka Disfits), Flesh Temple and Volatile Substance all spewing their renditions of these hardcore/punk classics!

The CVLT Nation Sessions is a musical project with the aim of reinterpreting iconic music that has influenced a wide spectrum of genres, while also widening the audience for the participating bands. The track listing is as follows:

1. Woes - Earth Ad
2. Drug Lust - Queen Wasp
3. Xaphan - Devilock
4. Kata Sarka - Death Comes Ripping
5. We Are The Damned - Green Hell
6. Volatile Substance - Wolfs Blood
7. Flesh Temple - Demonomania
8. Baptists - Bloodfeast
9. Disfits - Hellhound
10. Disfits - Die Die Die My Darling (Bonus Track) More...

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Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 Day One Punk Blow Out

Misfits, Flag (an assemble of Black Flag's earliest cast) and Subhumans certainly need no introduction to the punk world. The legacy passed down by these artists not only changed the landscape of punk, but music in general. Even though Jerry Only sang Glenn Danzig's parts and Keith Morris was in charge of songs later made famous by Henry Rollins, fans still shouted the words and slammed in manic appreciation. With the exception of Misfits, who played a club show as part of the FFF Nites attraction, the Black stage--the stage I primarily report--focused on punk rock. Day two of my first FFF experience in 2011 operated with a similar punk roots bands The Damned and Negative Approach.


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Pig Destroyer Streaming Bonus Tracks Online

Pig Destroyer's fifth album "Book Burner" sold over 4400 copies in its first week of release. This accolade saw the band coming in at #102 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart, #2 on the Heatseekers Chart, #11 on the Hard Music Chart, and #20 on The Independent Chart.

AbsolutePunk.net is hosting an exclusive stream of the entire bonus disc from the deluxe edition of "Book Burner." The disc contains Pig Destroyer's take on seven punk tracks including songs from: Black Flag, Misfits, Angry Samoans, Negative Approach, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat and Void. Stream the bonus disc right here.

You can also check out the recently posted music video for "The Diplomat" in the player below. More...

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Randy Blythe Performs At Knotfest, Video Available

Footage has been posted online, courtesy of YouTube user Livebands2010, of Randy Blythe from Lamb of God joining Prong for a cover of the Misfits track "London Dungeon." The video, available below, was recorded at the Knotfest in Somerset, Wisconsin. As Randy Blythe puts it, "this song is about being in prison in a foreign country."

Blythe was recently released from the Czech Republic after being held for over a month due to charges of manslaughter. The charges stem from a 2010 incident when a 19 year old fan was allegedly pushed off the stage and subsequently died several weeks later. At this point it is not yet clear if Randy will have to stand trail and when that trial might be held.

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Danzig Versus Slayer: Who's the Bigger Name?

Glenn Danzig’s recent comments and alleged behavior at Fun Fun Fun Fest provoked much talk among the heavy metal community. Mainstream publications such as Rolling Stone brought this conversation to a much larger audience. Besides trying to instigate a riot, Danzig bemoaned playing the Black Stage. He said he is as big as Slayer, so he should be on the larger Orange stage. The Slayer comment sparked a debate among Metal Underground’s readers. Who is bigger and more popular—Slayer or Danzig? Now that the question has been asked, I’ve done some searching to determine who has a larger fan base.

In addition to providing album sales numbers, I will look at some of the factors that contribute to the popularity of both bands. On one side, we have the blues-laden doom metal of Danzig. Often characterized as the Satanic Elvis, Danzig possesses unmistakable, deep vocal tones and lupine howls. Short but muscular, his mic-whipping, air-grabbing stage antics convey a barbaric image. On the other side, we have thrash metal legends, Slayer. In addition to being part of the Big 4 thrash acts of the 80s, they pushed the boundaries of speed, and broke ground for thrash, death and black metal. Kerry King's whammy bar solos perfectly relate the wicked vibe of each song. The battle cry of “SLAYEEEER” is as common at a metal concert as a Marshall half-stack.

Danzig showcased material as Danzig Legacy at Fun Fun Fun Fest, so Slayer is butting heads against not one band but three. The Misfits and Samhain portions of his set added a crossover appeal, which proved perfect for a fest that catered to punk and metal. Still, I’m going to assume that many of the Fiend Club members also listen to Danzig.

Besides Dave Lombardo, Slayer has boasted a stable lineup, without bringing over fans from previous bands. Kerry King spent time in Megadeth, but he doesn’t appear on any Megadeth albums, so he obviously didn’t pull fans from Megadeth. Fans will always recognize Dave Lombardo as Slayer’s drummer, even though he has commanded the beat for other bands such as Philm, Grip Inc. and Fantomas. More...

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Lineup Announced For Rock In Concert Open Air

Wolfchant is one of the latest bands to be confirmed to perform at Germany's Rock In Concert Open Air festival, whichl takes place in Lichtenfels, Germany on both the 17th and 18th. The currently announced running order is as follows:

Friday, June 17, 2011

11:15 pm Motörhead
09:15 pm Alice Cooper
07:25 pm Broilers
05:55 pm Danko Jones
04:25 pm Misfits
03:10 pm D-A-D
01:50 pm The Bones
12:45 pm 9mm - Assi Rock'n'Roll
11:50 am Andy Brings
11:00 am Guns Of Moropolis More...

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Hallows Eve Added To TMT Metal Fest Lineup

Hallows Eve is the latest act to be confirmed for the 2010 edition of the TMT Metal Fest, which is schedule to take placed from September 24th through 26th in Middletown, NY. Other confirmed acts for the festival include The Misfits, Scum of the Earth, Greene Jelly, Omen, Vicious Rumors, Deathriders, Diecast, Texas Hippie Coalition, Forever in Terror, Stemm, and Caustic Method. The festival will also feature special guest Metal Sanaz. Additional details on the festival can be found at this location.

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Unearthing The Metal Underground In New Jersey

Each week in "Unearthing the Metal Underground," we'll be putting a few quality underground bands in the spotlight in an attempt to get the word out about them. This week I am exploring the New Jersey extreme metal scene.

The extreme metal scene in New Jersey is hard to find, but it's there. I find that most of them like to hide under the radar and remain underground. the bands I'm featuring here aren't that kind. these are the ones looking to make their foot print in the scene by doing something a little different in their own way. There are too many bands around that do the same song over and over again with different lyrics and in a different key or tempo. More...

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Headline News

Former Misfits Drummer Passes Away

Brian "Damage" Keats, the former drummer for such legendary American punk bands as Verbal Abuse, Misfits and Genocide, has passed away after a battle with cancer. He was fourty six years old and is survived by his wife and child. Keats was born in Brooklyn, New York and performed in the last incantation of Misfits to feature frontman Glen Danzig. After The Misfits finished, he racked up an impressive resume of bands by joining the likes of Hellbound, The Skulls, Angels In Vain and Wink, amongst many others.

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Misfits Announce One-Time-Only Reunion Show

Screaming Crow Records has released the following statement via their Myspace:

"The 'American Psycho' line-up of the Resurrected Misfits, (minus Jerry Only of course), will be reuniting for a one time performance at the Starland Ballroom in Sayersville, NJ on Saturday, December 26th.

"The reunited Misfits will include vocalist Michale Graves, guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and drummer Dr. Chud. Bassist Jerry Only will not be participating, but Argyle Goolsby of Blitzkid/Georgeous Frankenstein fame will there to add the low end.

"Vocalist Michale Graves has been busy touring with Marky Ramone's Blitzgrieg as well as supporting his recent live acoustic album “Illusions Live/Viretta Park” which is available via Screaming Crow Records.

"'This is more of the Misfits then anyone has ever seen in almost 10 years,' says Graves. “75% of the band reunited on stage in New Jersey opening for the man truly responsible for all this horror business?! I am confident that this will provide fans a real taste of what the Misfits truly were and could have been!'

"Gorgeous Frankenstein featuring Dr. Chud, Goolsby, Doyle and Doyle's wife Gorgeous George of WCW fame will be performing tracks from their last self-titled CD on Danzig's record label, Evilive Records.

"Also performing that night will be Danzig's side project, Seventh Void, which also features Samhain/Son of Sam guitarist, Steve Zing."

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Today Only: Live Nation Announces 2-for-1 Deal

Live Nation announced a 2-for-1 club concert ticket deal on 200,000 tickets to over 350 concerts in 29 of its club venues across the country. Available only at LiveNation.com for TODAY ONLY (Wednesday, October 7th), fans will get two tickets for the price of one, a 50% savings, to see any of a wide variety of artists across genres.

This 2-for-1 concert ticket experience is only available at Live Nation clubs in the U.S. including House of Blues and The Fillmore venues. Relevant (to Metalunderground.com readers) artists from their list include but aren’t limited to Dethklok, and possibly The Used, Saosin, and the Misfits.

Promotion will execute via a 50% discount off the total price and fees of tickets in multiples of two. Lawn, general admission or reserved tickets subject to availability at participating venues and select shows. Parking and shipping fees may apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

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Austrian Death Machine Posts Teaser Online

As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis and California frontman Ahhnold are back for round two with the release of AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE’s "Double Brutal," the follow up to 2008’s highly successful release, "Total Brutal." This two-disc set features one disc of all new heavy tracks in the tradition of all of Ahhnold’s greatest cinematic moments and a second disc of cover songs including songs originally performed by METALLICA, MEGADETH, MISFITS, JUDAS PRIEST and more, with cover art once again being tackled by Ed Repka (MEGADETH, DEATH, NOFX, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, etc), and is set for a North American release on September 29, 2009. The album also features guest performances by BUZ MCGRATH (UNEARTH), ANDREW TAPLEY (THE HUMAN ABSTRACT), JAMES GERICKE (DEATH BY STEREO), MARK MACDONAL (MERCURY SWITCH), ROCKY GRAY (LIVING SACRIFICE), RUSTY COOLEY and more.

A new audio clip featuring sneak peeks at tracks taken from Double Brutal is currently available on Austrian Death Machine's MySpace page.

“Sometimes being stereotypically metal is fitting. I'm not trying to break new ground; I just want to break people's necks... and have fun doing it,” comments AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE creator Tim Lambesis.

Here is the complete "Double Brutal" track listing: More...

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Hatebreed Reveals Covers Album Release Date

Hardcore metal act Hatebreed has announced that their forthcoming new covers album, "For The Lions" will be released in North America on May 5th in North America via E1 Music (formerly known as Koch Records) and will appear on the shelves on Europe on May 11th through Century Media.

The covers appearing on "For The Lions" are as follows:

Slayer - "Ghosts of War"
Cro-Mags - "It's The Limit"
Suicidal Tendencies - "Suicidal Maniac"
Sepultura - "Refuse/Resist"
Metallica - "Escape"
Bad Brains - "Supertouch/Shitfit"
Misfits - "Hatebreeders"
D.R.I. - "Evil Minds"
Madball - "Set It Off"
Sick Of It All - "Shut Me Out"
Black Flag - "Thirsty"
Negative Approach - "Sick Of Talk"
Crowbar - "All I Had I Gave"
Merauder - "Life Is Pain"
Agnostic Front - "Your Mistake"
Judge - "Hear Me"
Obituary - "I'm In Pain
Subzero - "Boxed In"

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Hatebreed Reveals Covers Album, New Guitarist

HATEBREED has revealed the release date and tracklisting of their new covers album, "For The Lions." The album is set for release on Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 via E1 Music (formerly KOCH Records). This new release is the follow-up to the band’s #1 Billboard charting DVD, LIVE DOMINANCE (released September of 2008).

The songs on "For The Lions" were carefully selected by HATEBREED to represent a panoramic view of some of their favorite artists and greatest musical inspirations. Having completed the album in 2008, the band felt their work wasn’t done yet and just returned to the studio with original guitar player Wayne Lozinak to record additional tracks for the album. The four new covers are among the most bludgeoning the band has yet to record. These include, “Ghosts Of War” (Slayer), “Supertouch/Shitfit (Bad Brains), “Thirsty” (Black Flag) and “Suicidal Maniac” (Suicidal Tendencies).

FOR THE LIONS was produced, engineered and mixed by long-time band associate Chris "Zeuss" Harris.

You can preview of “Suicidal Maniac” on the band's MySpace page.

In additional HATEBREED news, the band announced the departure of guitar player Sean M. Martin, welcoming back to the fold original guitarist Wayne Lozinak.

Front man Jamey Jasta says, “I speak on behalf of all of us and we support Sean's decision to leave and want him to be happy and successful at everything he does. There are no bad feelings at all and you'll probably see him hanging on stage at some of our local shows. We're family and he will be missed but HATEBREED will forge on.” More...

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Misfits Pull Out Of Motorhead Tour

Just days after Aussie rockers Airbourne dropped off the forthcoming "Volcom Tour", The Misfits have announced that they too will not be taking part in the tour.

A statement from band leader Jerry Only reads:

"For the sake of our loyalty and dedication to all our fiends, the Misfits have chosen to withdraw from the lineup of Volcom’s 2008 tour. The Misfits have always held an incredibly high standard of performance and quality in everything we do. Our fans expect this and deserve it. I will not compromise their expectations for any amount of money, prestige or fame. I apologize for the inconvenience and will reschedule performances wherever possible throughout our upcoming tour this Oct.

- Jerry Only"

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Michale Graves Talks Misfits Reunion, Projects

Jason Price of Live-Metal.Net recently sat down with Michale Graves where he discusses his upcoming release of Illusions Live/Viretta Park, making the jump to the silver screen with his role in Perkins 14, the possibilites of Misfit's reunion, and much more.


Live-Metal.net: How did your departure from the Misfits come about?

Michale Graves: My departure came about from a series of events that took about a year or two. The first sign, if you go back into the Misfits history, the first sign of trouble was when I left when the band went to South America. I left mostly because I was championing the causes of Dr. Chud and Doyle (Wolfgang von Frankenstein). My problem with the situation was that I wasn't being given the respect that I felt that I deserved, nor the ability to have the input on decisions involving art or direction. I was always told, just as all of us were, that "If you don't like the way things were, you can go home and we will find somebody better." My answer was always, "You can't." The planets aligned when we all came together and I was a major part of why the Misfits resurrected from where they were. It went from this underground thing, to this then relevant, powerful musical force. I wrote the majority of those songs that are one those records. I wrote the songs that you most associate with those records. "Dig Up Her Bones," "Crying On A Saturday Night," "Scream!," "American Psycho," and "Shining," those came out of me.

I was always vocal. Jerry and I, the same problems exist today as they did back then. Jerry knows that if Chud and Doyle would pull there heads out of their asses, we could get the Misfits back together. It's not on me and it is certainly not Jerry. It has always been mostly Doyle and then Chud. I left because there was just so much disfunction, so much unhappiness, and so much stupid shit.

Live-Metal.net: I think the main thing that many of your fans are interested in is whether or not the door is closed for good on a Misfits reunion.

Michale Graves: Jerry and I do not have a dysfunctional working relationship. Him and I both know and I know he knows that I am on board. It is a phone call away. I won't step back into what I walked away from, but the problem isn't with Jerry and I. The problem is with Doyle and with Chud. I just read an interview with Doyle where he is bashing Jerry about some type of Misfits reunion with Danzig, basically saying how Jerry threw a monkey wrench into it. (Read the interview at this location: http://clevescene.com/stories/15/70/your-weekly-concert-previews)

Live-Metal.net: I saw that.

Michale Graves: Well, what fans don't know is how close a Misfits reunion came because he was having talks about that. After the first situation fell through, the next round of talks that was happening was "Hey, let's get Jerry, Michale, Doyle..." Jerry didn't want Chud, but I was fighting for Chud. The plan was to get us four back together. Like I said before, I was on board. The sticking point on why that fell apart was that Doyle wanted to bring his wife out on tour and wouldn't bend from it because Gorgeous George or Gorgeous Frankenstein or whatever she is called had to be a part of the Misfits. Jerry didn't even want Chud in the band. Chud is a waste of human life, BUT, he certainly deserved to be a part of situation that was being put together. I was the one that was sticking up for him even though he really doesn't deserved to be stuck up for. Doyle says, "So let all the Misfits fans put that in their pipe and smoke it." Well, you guys have to tell the whole story. They only give you half-truths and they don't want to talk about me. You're not allowed to bring up my name in front of them because they can't hash their stories because they are on the fuckin' losing end of it.

Live-Metal.Net: Looking back on that period, is there anything you would do again differently if you had the chance?

Michale Graves: I wouldn't have championed Chud and Doyle's causes if I knew then what I know now. I wouldn't have stuck up for them the way that I did, always more so than helping myself. But that is the way that I am and that is the way I treat people and the way that I conduct business. Those guys are different or at least they have changed a lot.


Live-Metal.Net: You also have another exciting project in the works right now. What can you tell us about Perkins 14 and how that came about?

Michale Graves: It's a great story! There are no coincidences in life and karma is real! The Misfits and I, when I first got into the band back in 1995, somehow got hooked up with Craig Singer. Craig Singer wrote and directed a movie that is being re-released on DVD very soon that is called Animal Room. It has Matthew Lillard in it and I wanna call him "Doogie Howser." [laughs] That's terrible!

Live-Metal.Net: Neil Patrick Harris.

Michale Graves: Yeah! Neil Patrick Harris and Amanda Peete. The Misfits were in a scene in that movie. Craig and I hit it off and we had fun. He is a really cool guy. Shoot to 2007, last Fall I guess it was, and I was doing the Chiller Theater convention in Secaucus, New Jersey. Craig Singer rolls up to the booth. He is like "Hey, do you remember me?" and I was like "Of course I remember you, you're Craig fucking Singer!" So, I started telling him about how I remembered the scene and how I remembered the line like it was yesterday. It blew his mind! So, we talked about that for a little while. I gave him a copy of some stuff that I was working on and a copy of "The Blackness and The Forest". I told him that I was still very interested in doing some acting work. I never really had an opportunity to do any of that, although I have always wanted to and spent lots of time preparing for it. It just never worked out. I told him to keep me in mind and that if he heard of anything that might be good for me, to give me a call. Months go by and J.V. (Bastard) and I are out on the road, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, probably in crisis and something was probably breaking! [laughs] Craig Singer calls me up and says to get in touch with the people who were doing casting for Perkins 14. There was a part that he thought I would be pretty good at and that he could see me doing. So I auditioned for the part via video and they gave it to me. The next thing that I know, I am in Bucharest, Romania shooting a movie called Perkins 14! In the film, I play a character called Eric Ross.

Live-Metal.Net: You did some demos there that ended up being on your upcoming release Illusions Live / Viretta Park.

Michale Graves: Yeah. In the first scene that I am introduced in, I am playing "Blackbird" on an acoustic guitar. Having the guitar in my hands, being on set, playing for everybody, and the whole experience that I was having in Europe really triggered this whole chain of events that lead to a huge creative outburst. Being in that country, where their revolution took place in 1989 was an amazing experience. Actually, the guy who owned the studio was the only person in Romania who had film footage of the leader that was overthrown, Ceau?escu. He was the only person with footage of his trial and execution. He sold the footage to the media and got millions of dollars and then bought the film studio. The whole experience over there was very inspirational.


Live-Metal.Net: Let's talk about Illusions Live / Viretta Park, which you will be releasing in October. It is a great recording and it really captures the essence of your live show.

Michale Graves: Thank you. The sound was taken directly from the board. When I listen to it, it is like I am sitting in the audience as well. It was a very cool and special night. It was the same night that I got the new "stitches" tattoo that I got down in Port Richie. The last time I got the stitches on my left arm, it was 2000 in Atlanta at the Dragon*Con Festival, which was a turning point for a lot of us in the Misfits. It stirred up a lot of memories and feelings. It definitely came out on stage that night.

Live-Metal.Net: I was most curious about the second part of the title "Viretta Park." I would assume that is a reference to Kurt Cobain?

Michale Graves: Yes.

Live-Metal.Net: How did that song come about?

Michale Graves: I was a huge Nirvana fan. A HUGE Kurt Cobain fan. One of my dreams was to be able to collaborate with him. I always wanted to jam with him. Along the way, J.V. and I started to talk about tragic heroes and talking about whether or not or why Kurt Cobain would have killed himself or he didn't kill himself. Regardless of the fact, he is dead. We talked about how tragic that was and the effect that it had on us. When we were on the West Coast, we sought out Viretta Park, when we made it to Seattle. It became this big, huge adventure. [laughs] I was in high school when Nirvana came out, so when I listen to those songs, I am seventeen again. So being there in Viretta Park, there was so much nostalgia, sadness, and happiness that it had a huge effect on both of us. That day in Viretta Park, the weather was so typically Seattle! It was rainy, misty, and miserable. We were sitting there and for a minute it was like the whole world just kinda paused in my life. It felt very much like nothing would ever really be the same again after this. It was almost the feeling of when you are almost at the top of a roller coaster. It was very calm, but very anxious and it had a huge effect on us. Especially me.

Read the full article at Live-Metal.net.

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