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Band Photo: Samael (?)

Formed: 1987
From: Sion, Switzerland
Last Known Status: Active

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Samael Announce European Dates

Switzerland's SAMAEL has scheduled the following dates:

April 11 - SoundDock 14 - Dietikon, Switzerland
April 12 - Waterfront - Rotterdam, Holland
April 13 - 013 - Tilburg, Holland
April 14 - Zeche Carl - Essen, Germany
April 15 - Nachtleben - Frankfurt, Germany
April 16 - Firlej - Wroclaw, Poland
April 17 - Loch Ness - Cracow, Poland
April 18 - Planet Music - Vienna, Austria
April 19 - Alte Spinnerei - Glauchau, Germany
April 20 - Markthalle - Hamburg, Germany
April 22 - Centre Culturele - Eloyes, France
April 23 - Underworld - London, England
April 24 - Locomotive - Paris, France
April 25 - Kelder - Amersfoort, Holland
April 26 - Olympic - Nantes, France

Support at all shows will come from GOTHMINISTER, except on the Swiss date, where thrash/doom veterans EXCRUCIATION will be SAMAEL's special guests.

SAMAEL's eighth album, "Solar Soul", was released in June 2007 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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Samael Confirmed For Vader's Anniversary Gig

Samael have confirmed their appearance on Vader's anniversary gig at the Stodola Club in Warsaw on August 30th.

The following message was posted on the official Vader web site:

"This is definitely one of those bands that in the 90's together with VADER were fighting in the name of European metal music scene! It was a pretty long negotiation process but finally we succeeded in inviting SAMAEL to Poland in August! It was my big dream, to see them in Warsaw. Their history many times intersected with VADER's history... I will never forget their fantastic appearance on S'thrash'ydlo festival, many years ago. It was a big thing at that time! I also remember very well our crazy trip to Russia... No Internet, only letters, flyers, demo tapes exchanged by mail... what a time! Besides, I have always been a great fan of this band! (Mariusz Kmiolek - Massive Music). SAMAEL still belong to the metal elite. Their recent studio album "Solar Soul" released in 2007 via Nuclear Blast turned out to be a great success of the band. Perfect at a studio, perfect on live, those great musicians guarantee another great show on VADER's anniversary!"

Vader are currently finishing works on their 25-anniversary album, entitled "XXV." The album will be released at the end of May via Regain Records.

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"20 Years Of Nuclear Blast" Trailer Posted Online

A three-minute trailer for the forthcoming "20 Years of Nuclear Blast" two-DVD set can be viewed below. Due on November 30 via Nuclear Blast, the collection — as the title implies — celebrates the 20th anniversary of the German metal label, featuring two DVDs with almost six hours' worth of footage, including 70 promotional clips and a four-part history of the label hosted by DESTRUCTION bassist/vocalist Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer.

The following clips can be found on the "20 Years of Nuclear Blast" two-DVD set:

01. DIMMU BORGIR - Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
02. IMMORTAL - One By One
03. HYPOCRISY - Scrutinized
04. GOREFEST - The Glorious Dead
05. KATAKLYSM - Manipulator Of Souls
06. BENEDICTION - I Bow To None
07. PUNGENT STENCH - Shrunken And Mumified Bitch
08. BELPHEGOR - Sanctus Perversum
09. NILE - The Language Of The Shadows
10. DEATH - Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
12. DESTRUCTION - The Butcher Strikes Back
13. DEW SCENTED - Cities Of The Dead
14. ANTHRAX - What Doesn’t Die
15. EXODUS - Riot Act
16. DEATH ANGEL - The Devil Incarnate
17. I - Warriors
18. SONIC SYNDICATE - Psychic Suicide
19. CLAWFINGER - The Price We Pay
20. CHIMAIRA - Worthless
21. IN FLAMES - Only For The Weak
22. MESHUGGAH - Future Breed Machine
23. SOILWORK - Exile
24. THE DESTINY PROGRAM - Project Hoax
25. SCAR SYMMETRY - The Illusionist
26. THREAT SIGNAL - Counterbalance
27. MNEMIC - Ghost
28. EKTOMORF - Destroy
29. AGNOSTIC FRONT - Warriors
30. ALL SHALL PERISH - Eradication
31. BLEED THE SKY - God In The Frame
32. DARKANE - Solitary Confinement
33. THE DUSKFALL - Trust Is Overrated
35. WINTERSUN - Winter Madness
36. HAMMERFALL - Hammerfall
37. RIDE THE SKY - New Protection
38. EDGUY - King Of Fools
39. BLIND GUARDIAN - The New Order
41. GOTTHARD - Master Of Illusion
42. RAGE - Full Moon
43. GRAVE DIGGER - Valhalla
44. HELLOWEEN - Immortal
45. STRATOVARIUS - Why Are We Here
46. TAROT - Before The Skies Comes Down
47. THUNDERSTONE - Face In The Mirror
48. COMMUNIC - Conspiracy In Mind
49. THRESHOLD - Slipstream
50. CANDLEMASS - Of Stars And Smoke
51. CATHEDRAL - Corpsecycle
53. AFTER FOREVER - Transitory
54. EPICA - Never Enough
55. ECHOES OF ETERNITY - Voices In A Dream
56. SIRENIA - The Other Side
57. DEATHSTARS - Greatest Fight On Earth
58. SAMAEL - Valkyrie’s New Ride
59. THE KOVENANT - In The Name Of The Future
60. AMORPHIS - The White Swan
61. THERION - Der Mitternachtslöwe
62. CREMATORY - Revolution
63. FARMER BOYS - For The World To Sing
64. PYOGENESIS - Addiction Pole
65. LIQUIDO - Ordinary Life
66. CHROME DIVISION - Serial Killer
68. SUBWAY TO SALLY - Meine Seele Brennt
69. KNORKATOR - Wir werden alle sterben
70. SUCH A SURGE - Mission Erfüllt More...

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Samael Re-releases Due In October

Part of their classic album re-releases, Century Media will put out a new version of Passage and Eternal on October 1st (US releases will follow later). Both albums come as a 28 pages Mediabook with lyrics, new layout, liner notes and bonus tracks. Here is the complete track list for each album:

"Passage" tracklisting:
1. Rain
2. Shining Kingdom
3. Angel’s Decay
4. My Saviour
5. Jupiterian Vibe
6. The Ones Who Came Before
7. Liquid Soul Dimension
8. Moonskin
9. Born Under Saturn
10. Chosen Race
11. A Man In Your Head
12. Exodus
13. Tribes Of Caïn
14. Son Of Earth (re-recording '96)
15. Winter Solstice
16. Ceremony Of Opposites (re-recording '96)
17. From Malkuth To Kether

"Eternal" tracklisting:
1. Year Zero
2. Ailleurs
3. Together
4. Ways
5. The Cross
6. Us
7. Supra Karma
8. I
9. Nautilus & Zeppelin
10. Infra Galaxia
11. Being
12. Radiant Star
13. Ways (alternative mix)
14. Ailleurs (alternative mix)
15. Infra Galaxia (alternative mix)
16. Us (instrumental)
17. The Cross (instrumental)
18. I (instrumental)
19. Ways (drum'n'bass mix)

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Dark Tranquillity To Play Greece With Samael

Swedish melodic death metallers DARK TRANQUILLITY will play two shows in Greece in November. Support on the dates will come from Switzerland's SAMAEL. The edtails are as follows:

Nov. 03 - Thessaloniki, Greece - Hydrogios
Nov. 04 - Athens, Greece - Gagarin 205

Commented DARK TRANQUILLITY: "This will be the first time in five years that we're visiting these cities, so rest assured that it'll be an experience out of the ordinary."

DARK TRANQUILLITY has confirmed its participation in the Eastpak Antidote European tour alongside SOILWORK, CALIBAN and SONIC SYNDICATE.

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Mayhem Announce European Dates

MAYHEM’s European tour, in support of their latest Ordo Ad Chao album, is confirmed.

It will take place in the frame of the X-Mas Festival 2007, and will come with a killer bill. Opening acts are SAMAEL, PRO-PAIN, MALEVOLENT CREATION, ONSLAUGHT, WYKKED WYTCH, and BLOOD RED THRONE.

Dates include:

20 - Malmø, Sweden - Malmøfestivalen
21 - Copenhagen, Denmark - The Rock
24 - Bergen, Norway - Hole In The Sky Festival
25 - Stavanger, Norway - Folken
30 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Distortion Festival

5 - Notodden, Norway - Motstoy Festival

December (with Samael, Pro-Pain, Malevolent Creation, Onslaught, Wykked Wytch, Blood Red Throne)
7 - London, England - Venue TBA
8 - Paris, France - Venue TBA
9 - Strasbourg, France - Venue TBA
10 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Venue TBA
11 - Milan, Italy - Venue TBA
12 - Munich, Germany - Venue TBA
13 - Prague, Czech Republic - Venue TBA
14 - Vienna, Austria - Venue TBA
15 - Engelsdorf, Germany - Venue TBA
16 - Frankfurt, Germany - Venue TBA
17 - Berlin, Germany - Venue TBA
18 - Hamburg, Germany - Venue TBA
19 - Stuttgart, Germany - Venue TBA
20 - Essen, Germany - Venue TBAA
21 - Tilburg, Nettherlands - Venue TBA
22 - Waregem, Belgium - Venue TBA

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Breaking News

Watch Wacken Open Air Live Online 8/3-8/4

For those of you missing Wacken Open Air, several band performances, interviews, and other footage is being streamed online during festival hours. Keep in mind that Germany is 6 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time, so make appropriate adjustments when arranging to watch your favorite band.

Intended Stream Schedule (subject to change)

Extended Schedules, including the Headbangers Ballroom, can be found at the following locations:

Friday, Aug 3
Black Stage
23:00-00:15 DIMMU BORGIR
02:00-03:00 APO.REITER

True Metal Stage
21:15-22:45 BLIND GUARDIAN
00:30-01:45 ICED EARTH

Party Stage
(4am EST)11:00-11:45 BLACK DAHLIA MURDER
23:00-00:15 SCHANDMAUL
02:00-03:00 SAMAEL

Saturday Aug 4
Black Stage
(5am EST)12:00-12:45 SONIC SYNDICATE
13:55-14:40 MOONSPELL
16:00-17:00 DIR EN GREY
18:45-20:00 DESTRUCTION + guests
21:45-23:00 IMMORTAL

True Metal Stage
12:50-13:50 SACRED REICH
14:45-15:45 STRATOVARIUS
17:15-18:30 RAGE
20:15-21:30 TYPE O NEGATIVE
23:15-00:30 IN FLAMES
02:00-03:00 SUBWAY TO SALLY

Party Stage
12:00-12:45 DISILLUSION
16:00-17:00 DIMENSION ZERO
18:45-19:45 NORTHER
21:45-23:00 STORMWARRIOR feat.Kai Hansen
00:45-01:45 HAGGARD

Headbanger's Ballroom Notable mentions:
18:10-18:40 SWALLOW THE SUN
21:25-22:10 MOONSORROW

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Samael vocalist comments on new album, new video

Mark Carras of RockMyMonkey.com recently conducted an interview with Samael vocalist Vorph. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Mark: What do you feel Waldemar brought to "Solar Soul" as a producer that would not have been there otherwise?

"Mainly I think it's very important for us to have somebody from the outside that just have a look into what we've done and make some comment that might help the song becoming better. We did work with Waldemar for every album, except the first one ("Worship Him") that we did by ourselves. But I think once we finish the songs we just have to think, this is done, it cannot really develop further than what it is. And that is where Waldemar came into the picture. He kind of have an influence on the structure of the song mainly. And just giving ideas. Often this is thing that we should see by ourselves, but we're too much into it, and we don't know how to distance to notify what could be done differently. Lots of little details, but that makes a difference for the song.

On the album before, "Reign Of Light" we actually worked with Sami (Kreator) already. Because Waldemar Sorychta asked him. We knew he could play the sitar, and when we knew we had a song with the sitar, which is "Quasar Waves" on this album, we immediately thought about him. We called him back and see if he was interested, and he was. So that was pretty much easy for this one. Vibeke (Tristania) [was] something different. That was Waldemar's idea as well. He was kind of hearing a female vocal on that chorus, which is the song "Suspended Time". We weren't sure about it, but he proposed that we try it out. He had two different propositions. A girl he was working with on a different project, and Vibeke. "

On a North American tour, "I don't know. We are looking for it at the moment, but first we will probably tour in Europe, and that's going to be a lot of travel. November. So I don't think it's going to be before the end of this year. Probably early next year is what we're looking for at the moment.'

Samael went to Germany last week to shoot a video clip for the song "Slavocracy". In the meantime, a download single will be available from Friday 11th at the Nuclear Blast's Shop. It will contain three songs : "Valkyries' New Ride", "Slavocracy" and an instrumental version of that last song.

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Samael Post "Solar Soul" Audio Samples Online

Longtime Swiss metallers SAMAEL have posted audio samples of all the tracks from their upcoming eighth album, Solar Soul at this location.

Solar Soul will be released on June 1st via Nuclear Blast. The album contains 11 songs and one bonus. The full tracklist is as follows: 'Solar Soul', 'Promised Land', 'Slavocracy', 'Western Ground', 'On The Rise', 'Alliance', 'Suspended Time', 'Valkyries' New Ride', 'Ave !', 'Quasar Waves', 'Architect' (bonus track), 'Olympus'.

The band recently shot their latest video, 'Slavocracy' in Germany . A download single is now available at the Nuclear Blast Shop. It contains three songs: 'Valkyries' New Ride', 'Slavocracy' and an instrumental version of 'Slavocracy'.

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Samael Announce Tour Dates

Swiss metal experimentalists SAMAEL have lined up the following tour dates:

Jun. 23 - Rock Sound Festival - Huttwil (Switzerland)
Jun. 30 - Soul of Metal - Hargelsberg (Austria)
Jul. 06 - Battle of Metal - Geiselwind (Germany)
Jul. 07 - Hunterfest - Szcjytno (Poland)
Jul. 14 - Cine-Teatro de Corroios - Lisbon (Portugal)
Jul. 15 - Covent de S.Francisco - Coimbra (Portugal)
Aug. 03 - Wacken Open Air - Wacken (Germany)

SAMAEL shot a video for the song "Slavocracy" last week in Germany.

In other news, a new SAMAEL download single is now available at the Nuclear Blast Shop. It contains three songs: "Valkyries' New Ride", "Slavocracy" and an instrumental version of "Slavocracy".

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Samael Reveal 'Solar Soul' Artwork

The cover artwork of Swiss metal experimentalists SAMAEL's eighth album, "Solar Soul", has been posted online at the HeavyLaw web site.

Due on June 1 via Nuclear Blast Records, "Solar Soul" will feature the following track listing:

01. Solar Soul
02. Promised Land
03. Slavocracy
04. Western Ground
05. On the Rise
06. Alliance
07. Suspended Time
08. Valkyries' New Ride
09. Ave!
10. Quasar Waves
11. Architect (bonus track)
12. Olympus

To check out the new SAMAEL song "Slavocracy", taken from the upcoming CD, go to this location.

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Samael's "Solar Soul" Tracklisting Revealed

Samael's eighth album, "Solar Soul" is set for a June 1 release. The complete tracklisting has now been revealed as follows:

1. Solar Soul
2. Promised Land
3. Slavocracy
4. Western Ground
5. On the Rise
6. Alliance
7. Suspended Time
8. Valkyries' New Ride
9. Ave!
10. Quasar Waves
11. Architect (bonus track)
12. Olympus

You can check out the "Slavocracy" at this location.

As previously reported, Century Media Records will shortly release a SAMAEL anthology, entitled "Aeonics - An Anthology", to coincide with the band's 20th anniversary. A collection of 19 songs spanning SAMAEL's entire Century Media catalog, the CD comes in a black slipcase with a 24-page booklet, containing pictures and lyrics. SAMAEL supervised the entire project and frontman Vorph wrote liner notes to each song.

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Samael Signs With Nuclear Blast Records

Swiss metal experimentalists SAMAEL have inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The group's eighth album, "Solar Soul", is scheduled for release on June 1. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Solar Soul", "Promised Land", "Slavocracy", "Western Ground" and "On the Rise".

Commented vocalist Vorph: "We're thrilled to enter this new collaboration with an album we believe to be our greatest achievement to date. We know Nuclear Blast is providing a solid ground that will enable us to build something worth your attention. For us, it feels like the time is now!"

To check out the new SAMAEL song "Slavocracy", taken from the upcoming CD, go to this location.

As previously reported, Century Media Records will shortly release a SAMAEL anthology, entitled "Aeonics - An Anthology", to coincide with the band's 20th anniversary. A collection of 19 songs spanning SAMAEL's entire Century Media catalog, the CD comes in a black slipcase with a 24-page booklet, containing pictures and lyrics. SAMAEL supervised the entire project and frontman Vorph wrote liner notes to each song.

"Aeonics - An Anthology" track listing:

01. Exodus
02. Black Trip
03. Rebellion
04. Baphomet's Throne
05. Telepath
06. Together
07. Supra Karma
08. Jupiterian Vibe
09. Rain
10. The Cross
11. After The Sepulture
12. On Earth
13. Moonskine
14. Worship Him
15. Ceremony Of Opposites
16. Blood Ritual
17. Into The Pentagram
18. Koh-I-Noor
19. Reading Mind

SAMAEL's September 29, 2006 show in Lausanne was broadcast live via the Internet. You can watch the concert online at this location (courtesy of Metal Videos).

SAMAEL's last release was the "On Earth" single, featuring the album version of the title cut, plus various remixes, along with a cover of DEPECHE MODE's "I Feel You", a video for "Telepath" and a live recording of the track "On Earth", recorded in Paris, France. The band's "Reign of Light" full-length CD was released in North America in February 2005 via Nuclear Blast Records. SAMAEL's Vorph and Xy issued an album from their "Era One" project — originally recorded and delivered to Century Media in the summer of 2002 but re-arranged and remixed in the fall of 2005 — in January 2006. "Era One" consists of 10 tracks of electronic music composed and performed by Xy with lyrics and vocals by Vorph.

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Century Media To Release Samael Anthology

Century Media is about to release a collection of 19 songs taken from every SAMAEL recording to date. The CD comes in a black slip case with a 24 pages booklet, containing pictures and lyrics.

SAMAEL supervised the whole project and Vorph wrote liner notes for each song as the release coincide with the band's 20th anniversary.

"Aeonics - An Anthology" track list : More...

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Wacken Open Air 2007 Confirm Lordi and Mendeed

LORDI and MENDEED are the latest acts confirmed for the Wacken Open Air 2007 (www.wacken.com) is scheduled for August 2nd - 4th in Wacken, Germany.


More details as they become available.

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Watch Samael Live

SAMAEL's September 29 show in Lausanne was broadcasted live via the Internet. You can watch the concert online at this location (courtesy of Metal Videos).

As previously reported, SAMAEL has extended the recording sessions for its new album to include most of October. "Real drums as well as other additional recordings will be added," according to a posting on the group's web site.

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Samael Complete Pre-Production On New Album

SAMAEL have posted the following brief message at their website:

"Samael finished the pre-production of their new album. They spent a week checking new songs with Europe's most wanted producer Waldemar Sorychta. They are currently in studio recording bass and guitars; sessions started in July and will go on throughout August."

More details as they surface.

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Obituary Miss London Show

TotalRock.com reports that Obituary had to pull out of their planned show at the Mean Fiddler in London on Sunday January 8. The last-minute cancellation was due to immigration problems. Support act Samael still played, however.

After completing their obligations to Roadrunner Records, Obituary has been writing new material and seeking a new record deal.

They are currently on tour in Europe and have the following tour dates remaining: More...

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Samael Drummer Sidelined For Six Weeks

SAMAEL have posted this brief message on their official website:

"Xy fractured his wrist in a snowboard accident last week. He will consequently be unable to perform his percussions duties for at least 6 weeks. The band's first appearance in Israel on the 28th of December as well as the January European dates will however goes as planned."

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Rammstein Frontman To Appear In New Movie

According to Rammstein fan site Herzeleid.com, frontman Till Lindemann will be playing an animal-rights activist in an upcoming movie called Vinzent. The release is planned for next year, though it was actually filmed in 2004. Shots from the film (including a few with Till) can be viewed on the official site (www.vinzentderfilm.de), as well as a trailer.

This is not the first time that Till has been in a movie. He briefly appeared in Pola X (1999) and xXx (2002). In 2003 he had his first real role in the children's film Amundsen der Pinguin and played the part of a "bad guy" who wanted to steal a penguin because it knew the location of lost treasure.

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