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Band Photo: Samael (?)

Formed: 1987
From: Sion, Switzerland
Last Known Status: Active

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Samael Posts "Lux Mundi" Track By Track Break Down

Swiss metallers Samael have posted a track by track breakdown of the band's upcoming album "Lux Mundi." You can check out the commentary from the band below.

"Luxferre" Opening track of the album to set the tone musically and lyrically... it was originally called “More Light!” a reference to “Mehr Licht!” which is believed to be the last words pronounced by German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on his dying bed.

"Let My People Be!" Walking the fine line between anarchy and society while prophesying a new era . Middle tempo track with a haunting chorus.

"Of War" Musically heavy as heavy can be. This is the second time S A M A E L wrote a complete song on the subject of war. "Valkyries'New Ride" (Solar Soul) was more or less directly inspired by the ongoing war in Iraq while "Of War" treats the topic in a general sense.

"Antigod" was the first single released on 19th November 2010. It shows the new album’s direction and gives a taste of what's about to come. Lyrically the song is a firm stand against any kind of religion.

"For A Thousand Years" Heavy middle tempo track which questions our view on immortality. This is actually the full orchestration of the song "Ten Thousand Years" which appears on the "Antigod" single.

“The Shadow Of The Sword” The Quran says “the gates of Paradise are under the shadows of the swords”… This is yet another song against religion and more particularly against monotheist religions, an up-tempo aggressive track with some reminiscence of "Rain" (Passage) as Waldemar (Sorychta) noticed.

"In The Deep" One of the most experimental song on the album, tribal rhythms with a very distinctive guitar riff. It is a trip in the depths of the S A M A E L ‘s soul.

"Mother Night" Probably the heaviest ballad ever written… After the power ballads, the progressive ones, the time is right for some ultra heaviness in that genre…

“Pagan Trance” Part of the song existed for a long time but we’ve never found a way to complete it until today. It’s a ¾ song just as “Antigod” but it is more open and somehow more mellow. The lyrics are about connections between eternal feminine and nature.

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Samael Posts Third "Lux Mundi" Studio Video

Swiss metallers Samael have posted a third video update from the studio online, which features footage of the band working on the upcoming album "Lux Mundi." You can check out the clip below. This clip also features a segment of the new song "The Truth is Marching On."

The currently announced track listing for "Lux Mundi" is as follows:

Let My People Be!
Of War
For A Thousand Years
The Shadow Of The Sword
In The Deep
Mother Night
Pagan Trance
In Gold We Trust
Soul Invictus
The Truth Is Marching On

You can also check out Samael's second studio video report, which is available for viewing at this location.

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Samael Reveals New Album Tracklisting

As previously announced, Swiss Dark metallers SAMAEL has chosen "Lux Mundi" (which translates in English as "Light of the World") as the title for their upcoming album. The band has now revealed the full tracklisting of the band's ninth full-length, scheduled for a May 3rd release in North America:

Let My People Be!
Of War
For A Thousand Years
The Shadow Of The Sword
In The Deep
Mother Night
Pagan Trance
In Gold We Trust
Soul Invictus
The Truth Is Marching On

The "Antigod" EP, featuring a song from "Lux Mundi" is still available as exclusive digital download for North America. You can find it on iTunes or Amazon.com.

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Samael Comments On Upcoming Album

Swiss metal act Samael is set to release the new album "Lux Mundi" on April 29th, 2011. Front man Vorph has now commented on the album:

"We’ve stuffed this album with so many things that it feels like we’ve created a black hole. We might have come full circle after 'Solar Soul' and 'Above' and the option for us was to leave Samael behind or to add a new layer to our legacy, we went for the second option. With 'Lux Mundi' we’ve put tar on our path and now we’ll be able to move further."

Percussionist/keyboardist Xy also stated:

"Lux Mundi started to take shape in 2007. For almost three years, we have reworked those songs, changed things to bring them to maturity before to enter the pre-production process in 2010. This album can be seen as the achievement of what we started with 'Ceremony of Opposites' & 'Passage' or as a new start for Samael."

The band's latest video update from the studio can also be seen at this location.

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Broken Hearts: An Ode To Anti-Love Metal

February 14th is a date that means different things to different people. For some, Valentine’s Day is that special occasion to show someone how much you care, while for others it’s an unfortunate reminder of just how long that unused condom has been stashed in your wallet. For every lucky gentleman who has found the lady he can sexually accost without fear of court mandated harassment classes, there’s that lonely soul who will spend Valentine’s Day with nothing but music out the speakers and a bottle of Jack.

No matter which side you fall on, heavy metal has got a song to match your mood and help you head bang through the gooiest of all the holidays.

Whether any given track is purposefully over the top and funny, depressing enough to make you pull out the eyeliner and candles, or just plain outright disturbing, metal is no stranger to the anti-love song. So for those of you will be spending Valentine’s Day alone, or just simply think the holiday is nothing more than a marketing ploy to sell chocolates and greeting cards, here’s a series of anti-love anthems to get you through the day.

For those who still have a heart and haven't devolved into extreme cynicism, you can also check out our companion listing of pro-love heavy metal music at this location.


Metalunderground.com is no stranger to aberrant sexual behavior, as we have the honor of being home the infamous “I’d put my tongue in her butt” forum thread. The following, um, “tongue-in-cheek” songs are all dedicated to everyone who has ever contributed a post to that thread.

Whether 80’s glam rock parody/tribute act Steel Panther is singing love songs or anti-love songs is a matter of some debate. What could be more loving than each band member’s willingness to sleep with anything that moves, regardless of VD status? Take the particularly touching song “Turn Out The Lights,” in which we are informed that front man Michael Starr is in desperate need of some physical attention, even though his partner actively disgusts him. What’s a horny rock star to do? Look no further than the title for the answer:


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Samael Posts Second "Lux Mundi" Studio Report

Swiss metallers Samael have posted a second video clip from the studio during the band's time recording the upcoming album "Lux Mundi." You can check out the footage below. Samael also commented on the clip:

"The second episode of the studio report has been uploaded! This is other footage from Sergey Ulyanov (who did the 'Black Hole' video) edited with the sound of a new song 'Soul Invictus.' 'Lux Mundi' will be released through Nuclear Blast in Europe and through Musikvertrieb in Switzerland on the 29th of April. In America it will be released on the 3rd of May through Season Of Mist."

The previously uploaded first studio report from the "Lux Mundi" recording sessions can be found here.

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Samael Posts "Lux Mundi" Recording Video

Samael has posted the first in a series of clips online detailing the band's time in the studio recording the new album "Lux Mundi." You can check out the first clip below. The band also commented:

"On a few occasions during the recording of 'Lux Mundi' our friend Sergey Ulyanov (who did the 'Black Hole' video) came to the studio with his camera. He later assembled and edited what he shot and put some of the new songs as background music. That would eventually become a 3 episodes teaser for the new album. So here it is 1/3 "Lux Mundi" studio report."

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Samael Posts New Album Art

Swiss metallers Samael have posted the artwork online for the band's new album "Lux Mundi," which can be viewed here. Front man Vorph commented on the art:

"For the cover artwork of 'Lux Mundi' I envisioned a series of rays starting or ending at the centre of the cover. I wasn’t even thinking about any kind of motives, just black on black using a matte and shining black to make the rays apparent. I spoke about that with Patrick Pidoux (Sludge) who did the artwork of 'Solar Soul' and 'Above' and he came out with that idea upon which we immediately all agree."

Patrick Pidoux added, "I draw a very graphic version of an eye which represents sight, the first human sense able to capture light."

The new album will contain 12 new songs including "Antigod," "Soul Invinctus," "Pagan Trance," "The Truth Is Marching On," "Of War," and "The Shadow Of The Sword." The album will be released in April 2011.

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The Unblackening Of Metal

From the very beginning, heavy metal has been about rebellion against established norms and restrictive social institutions. That theme has never prevented metal from being influenced by the greatest of mankind’s various systems of organized repression, however. Using a guitar and a microphone to express discontent over the actions of parents and governments inevitably led to bands expressing their disgust with the beliefs behind those actions. Whether musicians are singing about it, railing against it, or just simply partaking of it in their free time, religion has an undeniable role to play in nearly every sub-genre of heavy metal.

Plenty of bands have been built up around an anti-religious atmosphere, whether a simple general sentiment or a full-on fervor that drives the music. Despite metal being frequently identified with an anti-religious standpoint, the style has more than its fair share or religious spokesmen. Famous musicians such as Dave Mustaine of Megadeth have never been particularly quiet about their Christian faith, even if they don’t expressly promote it in any given song. Explicitly Christian metalcore acts are also rapidly gaining widespread attention, with groups like August Burns Red taking over Hot Topic and acts like I The Breather touring the U.S.

In general, it would seem the thrash metal world either doesn’t care about Mustaine’s religious affiliation or is willing to overlook it for the sake of the music. Thrash certainly has its share of anti-Christian songs, but it’s a genre that’s more concerned with social issues or an overall aggressive musical feel than anything dealing with supernatural belief systems.

As any fan of metal can easily attest, not all genres are built equal, and what appeals to one metal head is a serious turn off for another. Black metal is easily among the most infamous of all metal styles, having cut its teeth in the early ‘90s across a back drop of church burnings and sensational media stories of power struggles between Satanic leaders. Names like Emperor and Mayhem were starting to make waves and become recognized in the underground not only across Europe, but also in the U.S. and abroad. More...

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Samael Reveals Song Titles

Long running Swiss metallers Samael recently announced their new album will be titled "Lux Mundi" ("Light of the World"). The new album is currently set for a Spring 2011 release. The band has now announced that three of the songs to appear on the upcoming album will be titled as follows:

"Pagan Trance"
"Soul Invictus"

Additional details on the full track listing and release date will be announced as they are made available. In the mean time, you can check out the "Antigod" single via the official Samael MySpace page.

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Samael Announces New Album Title

Swiss metal act Samael has issued the following announcement about the title of the band's new album:

"Samael has chosen 'Lux Mundi' (which translates in English as 'Light of the World') as title for their upcoming album due to be released on spring 2011.

"The album, which took almost three years to be completed, was recorded this summer after the band spend a few days in Germany on pre-production with Waldemar Sorychta. The recording took place on two different locations in Switzerland and the mix has been done by extreme metal specialist Russ Russell in Kettering (England).

"'Lux Mundi' will consist of 10 to 12 new songs including the first single 'Antigod' and the live monster 'Soul Invictus.'"

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Samael Posts New Song, "Antigod," Online

Swiss metal band SAMAEL has posted the track "Antigod" at their MySpace page.

Singer Vorph comments, "Here’s the song we chose to give you a taste of our new album. Sound wise, 'Antigod' stands between the up-tempo tracks and ultra heavy ones of our new recordings. As for the lyrics, we’ve expressed our views on the religious matter before but with this track, we made our position clearer than with any previous song. 'Antigod' doesn’t resume the whole album but it gives you a good idea of what’s about to come…"

The "Antigod" EP [cover art] tracklisting is as follows:

01. Antigod
02. Into The Pentagram (2010)
03. Reign Of Light (Live)
04. Slavocracy (Live)
05. Antigod (Dark Night Remix)
06. Ten Thousand Years

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Samael Comments On New "Antigod" EP

Swiss metallers Samael have issued the following update about the release of new EP "Antigod" as a digital download in North America and as a 7" and CD digipack in Europe:

"S A M A E L fist single 'Antigod' will be release on the 19th of November:

"- With Nuclear Blast in Europe available on 7 inches single (2 tracks), on CD-digipack and digital download (6 tracks).

"- With Season Of Mist in America only available on digital dowload (6 tracks).

"- With Musikvertrieb in Switzerland on 7 inches single (2 tracks) and on CD-digipack (6 tracks)."

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Rotting Christ Comments On Upcoming Tour

Rotting Christ has issued the following statement about the band's upcoming European dates with Samael and Finntroll:

"Time is getting near for the long time announced second part of Rotting Christ’s European tour within the framework of their last very successful album AEALO promotion. This time the band will honorably share the stage with great bands such as Finntroll, Samael, Metsatoll, Nothnegal, and is really anxious to see all you Metal Brothers and sisters in one of the following European destinations."

26 Nov 2010 Biebop-Vosselaar (BELGIUM)
27 Nov 2010 Turock-Essen (GERMANY)
28 Nov 2010 Romein Popodium-Leuwaarden (HOLLAND)
29 Nov 2010 Markthalle-Hamburg (GERMANY)
30 Nov 2010 Meir Music Hall- Braunscweig (GERMANY)
01 Dec 2010 Rockfabrick-Ludwigsburg (GERMANY)
02 Dec 2010 K17-Berlin (GERMANY)
03 Dec 2010 Hellraiser-Leipzig (GERMANY)
04 Dec 2010 Metal Meeting- Lichtenfels (GERMANY)
05 Dec 2010 Masters Of Rock-Zlin- (CHECH REPUBLIC)
06 Dec 2010 Wig Wam-Budapest-(HUNGARY)
07 Dec 2010 Kino Skina- Ljubeljana (SLOVENIA)
08 Dec 2010 Generali Magazzini-Milan (ITALY)
09 Dec 2010 Szene-Vienna (AUSTRIA)
10 Dec 2010 Backstage-Munich (GERMANY)
11 Dec 2010 Kulturfabrik-Kufstein (AUSTRIA)
12 Dec 2010 Z7-Pratteln (HELVETIA)
13 Dec 2010 Ninkasi Kao-Lyon (FRANCE)
14 Dec 2010 Salamandra –Barcelona (SPAIN)
15 Dec 2010 Heineken-Madrid (SPAIN)
16 Dec 2010 Phare-Toulouse (FRANCE)
17 Dec 2010 John Lennon-Limoges (FRANCE)
18 Dec 2010 Eindhoven Metal Meeting-Eindhoven (HOLLAND)
19 Dec 2010 Batschkamp-Frankfurt (GERMANY)

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Samael Signs To Season Of Mist

Swiss metal act Samael has signed to Season of Mist for the release of the upcoming "Antigod" EP in North America.

"We always remember the first time," the band commented, "When we met again with Michael Berberian a couple months ago, we realized that his first step in the music business was to organize a concert for us in his home town, years ago... We have often crossed each other’s path since then and today we’re happy to announce that our new album will be released in America through Season of Mist, home of Morbid Angel, Dillinger Escape Plan, Mayhem and now S A M A E L!”

Season of Mist will release the new Samael EP "Antigod" on November 19th as a digital download exclusive. The track listing is as follows:

1. Antigod
2. Into the Pentagram (2010)
3. Reign of Light (live)
4. Slavocracy (live)
5. Antigod (Dark Night remix)
6. Ten Thousand Years

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Samael To Release "A Decade In Hell" Box Set

Century Media Records is set to release a box set containing all the releases Swiss act Samael recorded for the label. The "A Decade in Hell" set will consist of nine CDs and two DVDs including the following releases: "Worship Him," "Blood Ritual," "Ceremony Of Opposites," "Rebellion," "Passage," "Exodus," "Eternal," "Era One," "Lesson In Magic #1," and "Black Trip." The cover and other details on the set can be found here.

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Mercenary Announces Shows With Finntroll

Mercenary has issued the following announcement about three upcoming live shows with Finntroll, Samael, and Rotting Christ:

"We're proud to announce that we will be playing three shows as special guests with Finntroll, Samael, Rotting Christ and more on the following dates. Show up for a a few oldies and a taste of the new album! Spread the news! Cheers."

The details are as follows:

12/9 Vienna - Szene (Austria)
12/10 Munich - Backstage (Germany)
12/11 Kufstein - Kufa (Austria)

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Samael Announces "Antigod" EP

Swish metallers Samael are set to release a new EP entitled "Antigod" on November 19th, 2010. The cover artwork for the EP can be viewed at this location. The track listing for the EP is as follows:

1. Antigod
2. Into The Pentagram (2010)
3. Reign Of Light (Live)
4. Slavocracy (Live)
5. Antigod (Dark Night Remix)
6. Ten Thousand Years

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Samael Announces Russian Shows

Swiss metal act Samael is currently in the studio recording the follow-up to the band's latest album "Above." Samael has now also announced the following upcoming three headlining shows in Russia:

29.10.10 : Tochka club - Moscow, Russia
30.10.10 : Teleclub - Yekaterinburg, Russia
31.10.10 : Orlandina club - St.Petersburg, Russia

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Samael Enters The Studio

Swiss metal act Samael has checked in with the following update about entering the recording studio:

"Three weeks after coming back from Germany where the band spent some time checking every song with long time partner Waldemar Sorychta ; Xy, Mak, Mas and Vorph are ready to record their new album. The sessions start today (August 10th 2010) and should go on for a whole month. Regular updates will be given through the band’s Twitter."

More details on the upcoming Samael album, which is the follow-up to 2009's "Above," will be announced as they are made available.

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