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Subterranean Masquerade

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Band Photo: Subterranean Masquerade (?)

Formed: 1997
From: United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Subterranean Masquerade Posts "Nomad"

Six weeks prior to releasing upcoming album "Vagabond," Israeli / Norwegian prog metal band Subterranean Masquerade releases the lyric video for new single "Nomad," which is the second track of the upcoming opus.

Tomer Pink (guitars) comments: "'Nomad' is one of the earliest tracks written for 'Vagabond.' It's heavy, progressive, mixing all the elements from which this album is made of and kicks ass live ;) The lyrics tell the story of visiting a far away place, trying to run away from inside demons until eventually facing them."

The lyric video was created with the talent of Rafael Ortega. With the band now signed to the Swedish label Vicisolum Records for a two album deal, "Vagabond" is set for release on September 1st.

Subterranean Masquerade features members of Orphaned Land and Green Carnation, mixing prog rock with psychedelic 70's sounds and full force death metal. The album was mixed by Christer Andre Cederberg (Anathema, Tristania, etc.) and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios. The artwork was created by Ben Danzig and Travis Smith. More...

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Subterranean Masquerade Finishes Album

Tomer Pink from Subterranean Masquerade just checked in with this update about an impending new full-length release:

"Cleaning my studio for Passover and listening to the new Subterranean Masquerade album. Gotta tell you people, this album is such a rider you going to need a seat belt. Now all we need is a label to put it out :-)"

Subterranean Masquerade's new album will follow 2015 prog metal masterpiece "The Great Bazaar" (reviewed here). While waiting on full details, check out a live video of the band performing "Blanket Of Longing" from that previous release. More...

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Subterranean Masquerade Recording Album

The follow-up to last year's stellar "The Great Bazaar" (reviewed here) is about to be officially tracked! Subterranean Masquerade just issued this message online to fan:

"We are excited to let you guys know that in a few days we enter the studio to record our 3rd and new full-length album. We don't want to reveal the title just yet but we can say that this album is taking everything you enjoy from Subterranean Masquerade up a notch. It's heavy, complex, rich and full with so much information, it will be a shame to even try to categorize it. We will keep you updated and post photos from the studio from time to time. We are also working on a European tour prior our show at the ProgPower festival in September - so stay tuned for live dates as well.
Wish us luck!"

Guitarist and songwriter Tomer Pink comments: “After a year of the tunes playing in my head, a challenging journey to India, months of band rehearsals and lots of editing and rearranging, this is finally happening and I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome. This album is so schizophrenic sometimes I wonder if the tunes are playing with me or the other way around."

"Writing and arranging this new album was a completely different experience than the one I had with 'The Great Bazaar',” says keyboardist Shai Yallin. “With the Bazaar, we had written the album not as a band but rather as individual players; I actually only met Tomer and the guys after the album was recorded, for a PR photography session we held after Kjetil’s vocal sessions. This time around, we’re a real band. My parts have evolved during rehearsals and practice sessions. Some parts were written for me by other players, while I wrote more string parts than in the previous album and even adding some brass and accordion parts. Add to that Tomer’s insistence that we do not repeat ourselves and you get some really interesting combinations of timbres and instruments."

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Subterranean Masquerade Posts Holiday Greeting

Subterranean Masquerade just checked in with the following year-end holiday message to fans:

"We made this as a Xmas greeting for Kjetil Nordhus but it turned out cool enough to share with all of you. THANK YOU for making 2015 such a beautiful year for Subterranean Masquerade.

"We got a much greater feedback for 'The Great Bazaar' then we ever dreamed. Played the album live in a packed club. Signed with a booking management and start recording our next full-length.

"2016 going to be a great year for music and we hope to get together with as many of you on the road. Love! Kjetil, Tomer, Shai Yallin, Golan Farhi, Eliran Weizman, Matan Or-El Shmuely & Ilan." More...

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Subterranean Masquerade Gearing Up To Record Album

Tomer Pink from Subterranean Masquerade just checked in with the following update about working on a new album:

"Hello all, I came back last night from 3 and a half weeks in the north of india. It's really a privilage to be able to take such a break from life and go isolate somewhere far to work on music. I have to send a big thank to my family for the huge support and understanding.

"The album is ready to record and I hope we get to it next month. It's heavier and elaborated then anything else we've done and i cant wait to you guys to hear it. We will keep you up-dated with the process and until then, listen to Steven Wilson cause he is my hero!"

This upcoming new album about to be recorded follows "The Great Bazaar" (reviewed here), released back in January of 2015.

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Subterranean Masquerade Working On Album

After the prog metal masterpiece was "The Great Bazaar" (reviewed here), Subterranean Masquerade is at it again, writing material for a new album, which with this band of course involves a trip to India for contemplation. The band comments:

"Tomer is spending time isolated on a hilltop in northern India, writing lyrics and finalizing the arrangement for our next album.

"In the meantime, I can tell you that we have 8 tracks written and arranged. I already recorded some of my parts, including Hammond organs, Mellotrons, Rhodes piano, acoustic piano and Indian harmonium. Gonna be an exciting album." More...

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Subterranean Masquerade Posts New Lyric Clip

Subterranean Masquerade has a lyric video out now for the track "Specter," taken from new full-length "The Great Bazaar."

The newly released album features a stunning cast of musicians including Kjetil Nordhus (Tristania, Green Carnation), Paul Kuhr (Novembers Doom), and Matan Shmuely & Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land).

The album's track listing is:

1. Early Morning Mantra
2. Reliving the Feeling
3. Tour Diary
4. Nigen
5. Waiting
6. Specter
7. Father and Son

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Subterranean Masquerade Posts Album Preview

Last month we premiered a new lyric video for the track "Reliving The Feeling" (still available here), and now Subterranean Masquerade has released a track-to-track preview of new album "The Great Bazaar."

Check out the full preview trailer below. The album features appearances by Kjetil Nordhus of Green Carnation / Tristania and Paul Kuhr of November's Doom.

The full track listing will be as follows:

1. Early morning Mantra
2. Reliving the feeling
3. Tour diary
4. Nigen
5. Waiting
6. Specter
7. Father and Son
8. Home (Bonus Track)
9. Beyond the Pale (Bonus Track) More...

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Subterranean Masquerade Premieres New Lyric Video

After posting a lyric video for the track "Tour Diary" (still available here), today the prog machine that is Subterranean Masquerade is offering another taste of forthcoming album "The Great Bazaar."

We're very pleased to bring you the premiere of new track "Reliving the Feeling." This track features both new vocalist Kjetil Nordhus of Green Carnation / Tristania and Paul Kuhr of November's Doom. Check it out below.

Subterranean Masquerade's Tomer Pink also comments:

"'Reliving the Feeling' is the second track from 'The Great Bazaar,' a concept album telling the story of a man who is fed up of living the daily routine life and goes on a travel, both spiritual and physical. I wrote all the text for the album during travel in India, a place I go back to once every couple years for a marathon of writing music and text.

"'Reliving the Feeling' is probably the most prog rock – metal track on the album, it has definite roots in traditional 70's inspired prog rock with heavy 'modern' prog metal edge. A mixture of classic clean vocals by Kjetil Nordhus and the furious death metal growls by Paul Kuhr, all wrapped with rich instrumentation and arrangements.

"Story wise, The Great Bazaar is really the Bazaar of life, with many vendors to choose from and merchant that is so fascinating that is hard to say no to. 'Reliving the Feeling' is there at the crossroads where you can choose to pay the price, lose your identity and ideals to become one with the stream or keep on struggling for the things you believe in. It’s kind of a song that ends with a question mark because I couldn’t find the answer at all."

For more updates and to keep track of the album release, visit Subterranean Masquerade's Facebook profile or the band's official website here.

The album's track listing will be as follows: More...

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Subterranean Masquerade Posts Lyric Video

Subterranean Masquerade is gearing up to release new album "The Great Bazaar," which will feature new vocalist Kjetil Nordhus of Green Carnation / Tristania.

Today the band releases a lyric video for a track off "The Great Bazaar." Check out "Tour Diary" in the player below. You can also pre-order the new album at the band's website here. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Early morning Mantra
2. Reliving the feeling
3. Tour diary
4. Nigen
5. Waiting
6. Specter
7. Father and Son
8. Home (Bonus Track)
9. Beyond the Pale (Bonus Track)

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Subterranean Masquerade Reveals Album Details

After announcing the Kjetil Nordhus will be stepping into the co-vocalist position with Paul Kuhr (November's Doom), Subterranean Masquerade has now revealed the cover artwork for upcoming album "The Great Bazaar."

The art can be seen below, and "The Great Bazaar" will feature 7 new tracks clocking in at 40 minutes. "I think we covered almost every genre we enjoy playing", says the band song writer Tomer Pink, "it has progressive metal themes along with melodic folk, blasting death metal riffage wrapped with rich ensemble orchestration, a wide range of instruments including violins, brass section, flutes and clarinets, Arabic instruments such as Persian Tar, Turkish Saz and Oud, lots of Keys and synths and even a guest appearance by Kobi Farhi of Orphaned Land. This album is so surprising you're gonna have to put on a seat belt before joining the ride."

The album is being mixed by Dan Swano at Unisound Studios, with artwork done by long time partner Travis Smith, and it will be released as limited edition digibook CD with bonus tracks and Vinyl via Tomer's new label Taklit Music. More...

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Subterranean Masquerade Announces New Singer

Subterranean Masquerade announced that Green Carnation/Tristania vocalist Kjetil Nordhus of Norway will be the band's new vocalist to join Paul Kuhr (Novembers Doom). News on the band's new album is expected soon.

The announcement reads:

"Subterranean Masquerade are pleased and excited to announce Kjetil Nordhus (Green Carnation, Tristania) as the band's new singer. Kjetil is joining Paul Kuhr of Novembers Doom/These Are They, who have been with the band since the first album."

Mastermind and song writer Tomer Pink commented: "This is a great honor for us and a massive step forward for the band. I've been a fan of Kjetil work since the early Green Carnation albums, this is a dream come true!"

Nordhus added: "I have known about Subterranean Masquerade for years, since Green Carnation's time together with them on The End Records. They deserve a lot of respect for their releases until now, and when the opportunity came along to participate on their next album, it was certainly something that triggered me. I am very happy for this new musical challenge and I am eager to share the music with old and new fans of Subterranean Masquerade.

"I have met Paul a few times on Green Carnation tours and festival, and I have been a fan of November's Doom and his vocal style for years. To be a co-singer together with Paul is also something that makes this very exciting for me."

Kjetil joins a lineup that includes drummer Matan Shmuely (Orphaned Land), Keyboardist Shai Yallin (Solstice Coil), guitarists Tomer Pink & Or Shalev and Bassist Golan Farhi. On the lineup, Pink added: "This is the first time we function like a band and not just a project, everyone brings his own signature and influences and together we've created something I think is very special." More...

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Subterranean Masquerade To Release New EP

Israeli / American outfit Subterranean Masquerade (featuring Paul Kahr of Novembers Doom on vocals) has confirmed "Home" as the title for a new EP to be released in March.

This new EP is coming up eight years after the "Suspended Animation Dreams" album. Tomer Pink, the band's song writer & mastermind, states: "We got so excited while writing this long due follow up that we decided to release a 2 tracks EP as a teaser for the album, this gonna blow people mind!"

The "Home" EP will feature a title track and a cover version of "Beyond The Pale" by The Mission. The recording line up includes drummer Mathan Shmuely of Orphaned Land, bassist Mike Feldman of Novembers Doom, and an Arabic orchestra including violins, oud, bazuki, and lyra. More...

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Subterranean Masquerade Working On New Material

SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE mastermind Tomer Pink has issued the following update:

"Some songs are already recorded without vocals while some others are waiting to me to finish demoing. I do some of the recording in my studio thus I allow myself to take the time and rearrange things conveniently to make a hell of an album! For now I can revel that the third piece in 'X' trilogy will be entitled 'In Pastille Colors'. I've been traveling the world quite a bit the past few years so you could expect to hear some of these influences along with the regular SUBMASQ twist."

"Honestly, I do take the time and hoping to make an album I will be happy with for years to come. In the meantime, I promise to let you guys hear some new stuff soon. There is one song from the 'Suspended Animation Dreams' session that was never released (our heavier one yet, I think) so I might release this along with some new tracks. We'll see!"

Hailing from various parts of the USA, SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE was originally formed in 1997 by Tomer as a means of self-expression of his deepest and darkest thoughts and emotions.

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Subterranean Masquerade Revamps Website

In lieu to their upcoming release, "Suspended Animation Dreams" (out June 21st), Subterranean Masquerade revamped their website to reflect artwork based on the album. Check it out at www.submasq.com.

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Subterranean Masquerade Release New Album In June

Subterranean Masquerade, an experimental supergroup featuring members of Novembers Doom and Agalloch, will release their new disc, "Suspended Animation Dreams," on June 21. The album blends elements of extreme metal, urban jazz, folk, classical, world and progressive music and includes the tracks "Wolf Among Sheep" and "Kind of a Blur."

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The End Records Post Mp3s From Upcoming Releases

The End Records has posted mp3s of the following songs from upcoming releases here. Most are available for the first time.

Antimatter - Legions (rough edit)
Darkthrone - God Of Doubt
Epoch Of Unlight - Aberrant Shadows
Frantic Bleep - But A Memory
Novembers Doom - Swallowed By The Moon
Oathean - Beyond The Memories I Lost
Subterranean Masquerade - No Place Like Home (exclusive for 2004)
Ulver - Xmas (rough edit sampler)

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