"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1995
From: Québec, Canada
Last Known Status: Active

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Thesyre Issues Album Update

Thesyre has checked in with the following update about writing new material for an upcoming album:

"2010 will soon be over. It's been a quiet year for me and Thesyre. It's time for a short recap:

"We are still writing material for Thesyre's next album. We will record, produce and release it ourselves when we are ready. I am looking forward to some limited physical formats as well as sharing it for free online, as usual.

"Speaking of online material, I am glad to report we had an average of 6 people a day downloading from our archive in the last year. Those numbers are tiny, of course, when compared to bigger bands but I think it's good enough for a band like us with no promotion, no touring, no presence in the press in the last 18 months. There's no way we could sell 6 CDs or LPs a day on our own and on a steady basis, so those numbers please me enough to keep the archive thing going in 2011. More...

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Thesyre Issues Band Update

Vocalist Eric Syre of Thesyre has issued the following update about the band's activities:

"I experienced a major system crash with my computer and had to start anew recently. The holiday period also put a more or less unwanted break on our activities as a band. We should resume rehearsals soon and start recording and uploading new music to our free MP3 archive.

"I hope the few hundred people who already downloaded our music enjoyed it! There's no way we could have sold that many CDs in such a short time so I think our decision to go free online was a good one. Thanks to everyone! Knowing most people taking the time to download also probably had the right mind frame to appreciate us, your comments are welcomed! No seasons wishes or happy this/that...this stuff gets overrated!"

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Thesyre Vocalist Comments On Lords Of Chaos Movie

Vocalist Eric Syre of Canadian metallers Thesyre has issued the following statement about the upcoming movie based on the Lords of Chaos book:

"A few people contacted me recently, inquiring about my feelings on the forthcoming Lords Of Chaos movie.

"Being a long-time Burzum enthusiast, a supporter of Varg Vikernes, after being slightly involved in burzum.com and its following online community (filosofem), as well as appearing on the only 'official' tribute album I guess my two cents meant something to someone.

"Whatever, here's my take of the phenomenon:

"The book this movie is based on was, to begin with, a huge pile of crap. Most of its content is built around interviews excerpts, more than often put out of context and focusing mainly on shocking topics without giving it any additional background. More...

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Thesyre Streaming New Song Online

Quebec, Canada based metallers Thesyre are currently streaming online the song "Hymne Au Merite" from their latest album "Resistance." The song can be heard on the band's official MySpace page.

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Thesyre Ready Second Album And Reissue

Québec, Canada extremists THESYRE are set to release their second album via the Swedish label Vicious Recordings. Titled "Duality", the CD features "short, catchy yet truly old-school songs blending in thrash, black and punk influences," according to a press release. The album is scheduled for release late January 2005 on digipak, LP and picture-LP formats. While the CD version will feature a cover of SODOM's "Outbreak of Evil", the LP version will feature a cover of MOTÖRHEAD's "(Dont' Need) Religion". The label will also re-issue THESYRE's self-titled debut on the same formats, this time including a cover of BEHERIT's "The Gate of Nanna" as a bonus.

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