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From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Manes News

Below is our complete Manes news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

Manes Recording Album

Manes is currently in the studio recording a new album, with a brief studio video clip available below. The band also comments: "Seven new songs recorded with vocals yesterday and today. Drum recordings and guitars. Tomorrow will record three more songs."

The upcoming release will drop through Debemur Morti Productions, with further details still forthcoming. More...

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Blastfest Offering Live Stream This Weekend

Last night saw the intimate launch of the third edition of Blastfest at Bergen Norway's infamous Garage, featuring excellent performances from each and every band including Chrome Division and Mistur.

Today the event moves on to a much larger venue, USF Verftet for the remainder of the festival which will host bands such as Gorgoroth, Ihsahn, Abbath and many more in 'A One Time Only Celebration Of The Norwegian Metal Scene'!

With such an amazing celebration, and yet so many people across the world not being able to attend, Blastfest are now coming to you via an online live stream! Although it's not the same as being in Bergen and experiencing the festival first hand, at least you can now experience a part of it.

Stream the festival live right here (direct link at this location):

Blastfest by Blast-tv More...

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Manii Signs With Debemur Morti

Debemur Morti Productions has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with Manii:

"Old school maniacs rejoice: 'Under ein blodraud maane' certainly rings a bell, right? 1999, Norway. Manes' debut album. And damn! What an album it was! Manii is the new old Manes. The new incarnation of their original essence.

"Today, I'm most pleased to announce Manii joins Debemur Morti Productions! To celebrate this partnership, we will unleash, in the coming weeks, a 7" with two old Manes songs completely re-recorded with Bornyhake (Kawir) on drums.

"The chosen hymns are 'i helvetes haller' and 'dansen gjennom skuggeheimen.' Both originally appeared on the 2nd and 3rd Manes demos. In the meanwhile, Cernunnus and Sargatanas are also working on what's to become the second Manii full-length."

Why Manii and not Manes then? Cernunnus explains: "There’s many different small things and issues, that added together became kind of a burden... people’s expectations, our own motivation, the previous history (old-manes vs new-manes), and more… we understand that we probably should use the Manes name for what it’s worth. But we also want to signal 'a new dawn,' a paradigm shift if you want... and that little band-name twist fits well with that. Let there be darkness!" More...

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Blastfest 2016 To Celebrate Norwegian Metal Scene

Blastfest 2016 will be celebrating its national metal scene and will boast a lineup that will be 100% Norwegian.

Just hours after the final note rang out across the venue at Blastfest 2015, the organizers were brainstorming ideas for the third edition of the festival and here we are, a brand new concept: a one time only celebration of the Norwegian metal scene.

The 2016 editions will feature the triumphant return of the long-defunct Ancient, as well as other Norwegian luminaries such as Ihsahn and Tristania. The currently announced lineup (with more coming) is as follows:

Blood Tsunami
Green Carnation
In The Woods
Red Harvest

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Manes Gearing Up To Release Compilation

Norway's Manes is gearing up to release the "Teeth, Toes & Other Trinkets" compilation via Debumur Morti Productions. The label comments on Manes:

"They are creators, not followers. From their unique eerie black metal ('Under ein Blodraud Maane') to the experimental blend of (black) metal/trip-hop/electronic musick, each of their album is a unique masterpiece of dark music!

"If you never listened to their music, it's urgent fix this incredible mistake! Their music will shatter your soul to pieces! And the best is you can stream their albums for free via Tor-Helge Skei's Youtube Channel.

"Their first release on Debemur Morti Productions, 'Teeth, Toes & Other Trinkets,' is reaching release date and I'm really, really eager for it to spread around! The vinyl version is already here (and some of you are already spinning it!) and it looks amazing!

"The digipack CD version will be officially out on January the 17th. In the meanwhile, stream 'One More Room' via SoundCloud below." More...

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Manes Announces Compilation Release

The Norwegian multi-faced entity Manes has gathered a collection of 11 unreleased, obscure, and alternate version tracks dating back to the time around "Vilosophe" (2003) and "How The World Came To An End" (2007).

This anthology will be titled "Teeth, Toes And Other Trinkets" and will be unleashed by the end of the year via Debemur Morti. The band comments:

"Before we truly come back to life with Manes, we figured we'd dig up some dead stuff for everyone to enjoy. This is a collection of odds and ends that on the surface might seem to appeal mostly to the most die-hard completist, but listening to it ourselves we find it works surprisingly well on its own. It is at times very lo-fi and not at all polished, but swamped in atmosphere and nostalgia, at least for us."

Manes was formed in 1992 and features members from Third And The Mortal, Atrox, Chton, Lethe, and Drontheim.

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Manes Signs With Debemur Morti

Debemur Morti Productions is proud to announce the signing of Norwegian outfit Manes. The label comments:

"The terms 'cult,' 'genius,' and 'visionary' are over-abused when talking about music and there are only a few Artists - real Artists - around the world who may boast to be the pure quintessence of those sacred words. Manes is undoubtedly one of these rare musical entities who have offered to the world several amazing, vital and timeless masterpieces with an incredible level of quality and creativity. Today, the terms cult, genius, and visionary sound like a perfect definition of what Manes represents in the contemporary musical landscape."

The band comments this signing: "We're very exited about this cooperation with Debemur Morti. Very.

"In a world where most labels only see misfortune due to things like digital innovation, a handfull of labels see the possibilities that arise. Debemur Morti seems like such a label and a perfect match for Manes, as it is our impression that they embrace both musical and visual creativity with an meticulous attention to detail. We have always stated, to the tiresome, that experimentation and exploration are central in what makes Manes tick, and Debemur Morti only seems to want to nurture this fact. We still work in a void bereft of most expectations and genre limitations, at least we like to think we do, so they might be in for a ride.

"We're full of get-up-and-go vigour, and we're something like 700% more active than when we were not. We've got two releases more or less ready to be unveiled, and more info about both will come as soon as dates and cover and stuff is ready. We've also started to concider doing some select gigs here and there, and we've assembled the crew from around the Vilosophe-album to realize this venture. If everything goes according to plan, we'll be able to announce some concerts too, in the not so distant future.

"I hope no one has been holding their breath waiting for some sort of official sign of life from us, and those who have most probably are dead, but alas; here we are."

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Manes Part Ways With Candlelight Records

MANES, the Norwegian band featuring members of THIRD AND THE MORTAL, ATROX and CHTON, has parted ways with Candlelight Records. The group says, "We'll probably use this 'window of opportunity' to do various stuff, so, expect a frenzy of 'free,' 'open' and 'experimental' activity (not just music) for a while before we start hunting for a 'new home."

The band continues, "'Reinvention' has been made available at Manes.no. Six remixes of songs from [the latest MANES album] 'How The World Came To An End' by a bunch of great groups and individuals, such as RUNE SØRGÅRD, ZWEISS, SHADOW ORCHESTRA, RACHMIEL, DJ DON TOMASO. [Also available is] 'Solve Et Coagula', a re-recording of two songs from 1994-95, with a few collaborators: Niklas Kvarforth from SHINING, Malefic from XASTHUR and Geir Nilsen for the THIRD AND THE MORTAL, and more.... and, if everything goes according to plan, there will also be remixes/remakes by people from BLUT AUS NORD and ISIS. So, quite exciting." More...

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Manes Recording New Material

Experimental band Manes is currently in the process of recording some new songs. The Norwegian group has issued the following update:

"Well, we've actually started a little recording now. We have no planned release date or much more to share about this, apart from the fact that it isn't for a new album. An EP maybe, or something similar. We'll again be collaborating with new people on different things for this, among others two vocalists. The way things seem right now it's likely to be a blast (from the past). Grim reality unveils! Anyway, if things go the way we envisage this; we'll also record some other stuff at the same time (a re-recording and a cover maybe), but more about that later. We're also working on our next album 'Be all End all' now, but we Will finish the stuff we're working on right now before we continue with that."

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Manes Posts New Track, "Deeprooted," Online

The track 'Deeprooted' from the new Manes album 'How the world came to an end' is now available for listening at the bands official MySpace profile.

This song will also be released as a part of an iTunes only release due out monday 14th of May. The tracklisting for the 'Deeprooted' webrelease is:

- Deeprooted (edit)
- Deeprooted (fox treatment)
- The cure-all (lost time mix)

You can view the cover for 'Deeprooted' online here.

Comments the band: "The 'fox treatment' remix of Deeproted is more complex and fragmented than the original, but maybe even heavier and more beatdriven at the same time. The "lost time" remix of 'The cure-all' is done by RachMiel who may be known to those who reads his monthly columns in Computer Music or Electronic Musician. There he writes about alternative ways of structuring music and stuff like experimenting with time and silence. Very cool stuff indeed. His remix is basically based around trying to remove the aspect of time from the music, and letting it move more free in form. Something we find very facinating and has ended in a really great remix."

The new Manes album 'How the world came to an end' is out now on Candlelight Records.

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Manes Post Video Teaser For New Album Online

An "audiovisual zap-thru preview" video teaser with excerpts of songs taken from the upcoming MANES album How The World Came To An End has been posted on the band's official MySpace page.

How The World Came To An End is due out via Candlelight Records on May 7th. The tracklisting for the album is as follows: 'Deeprooted', 'Come To Pass', 'I Watch You Fall', 'A Cancer In Our Midst (Plague One)', 'Last Lights', 'Nobody Wants The Truth', 'My Journal Of The Plague Years (Fuckmensch Warmensch)', 'The Cure-All', 'Transmigrant', 'Son Of Night Brother Of Sleep'.

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New Manes Album Postponed

Due to some unforeseen technical troubles with the cover, the new MANES album 'How the world came to an end' has been postponed to a May the 7th release.

This album will see MANES collaborating with many talented people contributing to the outcome in various forms. Apart from Asgeir, main vocalist on the 2003 album 'Vilosophe', and Tor-Arne, eminent drummer in Atrox and a part of the Manes live formation on percussion since early 2004, quite a few people has been involved in the creation of 'How the world came to an end'.

Below follows a few words on all of them:

Flegmatical - waveforms - Electronica musician involved in the 8-bit/chipart scene
Trine Kolmannskog - vocals - Also in the experimental band/performance group The Four, previously also with Norwegian experimentalists Albino Slug
WT - vocals - MC that masters Norwegian, English, French and Arabic rap, central in the now defunct group Shogunz
Spaz - vocals - MC central in the now defunct group Shogunz. Also in Roll-X-Side and Lo'doe
P. Emerson Williams - vocals, soundstructures - Musician, visual artist and author from the US, maybe best known for his musical ventures with Choronzon and Veil of Thorns
Stein E. Bratland - vocals and synths - Producer and studio engineer in Skansen Lydstudio
Emily A. Saaen - vocals - Russian singer and songwriter involved with a multitude of projects like Aeolight, Íon and Andi Vax
Emil Sporsheim - vocals - Main vocalist on the [view] EP and live vocalist for Manes
Cornelius Jakhelln - lyrical contribution - Musician and author, maybe best known for his role in avantgarde metallers Solefald

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Manes Reveals Artwork, Tracklisting

Manes has revealed the cover for their forthcoming album 'How the world came to an end' set for release via Candlelight Records on the 16th of April. You can check it out online on manes.no

The artwork is done by Trine Paulsen and Kim Sølve of Trineogkim.no, who may be better known for their earlier work for bands like Ulver, When, Arcturus, Darkthrone, Solefald and many more.

The tracklisting for 'How the world came to an end' will be like this:

1. Deeprooted
2. Come to pass
3. I watch you fall
4. A cancer in our midst (plague one)
5. Last lights
6. Nobody wants the truth
7. My journal of the plague years (fuckmensch warmensch)
8. The cure-all
9. Transmigrant
10. Son of night brother of sleep

"As we've mentioned earlier, the path leading up to this finished album has been a very conceptual process for us" comments Torstein.

"It's been us creating our path as we've gone, never really being able to see clearly the end of it, or when the end would come. It's not like it's miles away from our last album 'Vilosophe'; it's still dark and down, and it's still got elements of rock, metal and electronica in different measures throughout, but it's very different in many ways as well. We've collaborated with a lot of talented people on this album, each of them with important creative input forming the outcome of this weird process. We're a total of 16 people on this album, and apart from Cern, Eivind and me, they are Asgeir Hatlen, Tor Arne Helgesen, Flegmatical, Trine Kolmannskog, WT, Spaz, P. Emerson Williams, Stein E. Bratland, Emily A. Saaen, Emil Sporsheim, Cornelius Jakhelln, Rachmiel and Rune Sørgård."

Torstein continues "The only little teaser we've shared from the album yet, is the song 'Deeprooted' that has been available a while now on the Candlelight sampler enclosed with the February issue of Metalhammer UK, but we'll be posting a track online in the close future for the rest of all y'all to enjoy. And finally, a major www.manes.no overhaul is initiated now too. For obvious reasons."

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Manes Post Live Video Posted Online

A live video by MANES - the Norwegian band featuring members of THIRD AND THE MORTAL, ATROX, and CHTON - performing the song "The Neoflagellata Revision" has been made available for download on their MySpace page. The video was edited from bootleg footage shot at a 2004 gig in MANES' hometown Trondheim.

"The Neoflagellata Revision" is one of two new songs that appeared on MANES' 2006 release, the seven-track EP entitled "[view]", out on Aural Music. Among the other songs on the EP is a cover song of "Cinder Alley" (originally by 16 HORSEPOWER), which can also be heard on the band's MySpace profile.

MANES recently inked a deal with Candlelight Records. Two albums are currently in pre-production and the recording of the first of these, which has the working title of "Invention...", will start later in the year with an estimated release in early 2007.

MANES was founded back in late 1992 and released three demos, plus a debut album ("Under ein Blodraud Maane", Hammerheart Records, r.i.p.) as a two-piece, but has since then evolved to become a multi-headed monster. With members from bands like THIRD AND THE MORTAL, ATROX, and CHTON, the band released the album "Vilosophe" on the Italian label Code666 in 2003 to great reviews. As a stepping stone before the next album is released, the EP "[view]" came out as a limited edition in February 2006 on Aural Music, the mother label of MANES' previous record company, Code666. The band left Aural Music not long after the release of this EP and signed to Candlelight Records.

MANES' music defies any easy genre definitions, but can best be described as a dark mix of Blackened metal, rock, and electronica.

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Manes Post New Song Online For Download

MANES, the Norwegian band featuring members of THIRD AND THE MORTAL, ATROX and CHTON, have uploaded a new song, entitled "Cinder Alley" (16 HORSEPOWER cover), at this location. The track comes off the group's upcoming EP, "[view]", due on February 10 via Aural Music (a division of Code666) as a limited digipack release (999 copies). The CD will include two new original tracks and two cover songs recorded at Godt Selskap studio (NECROPHAGIA, KEEP OF KALESSIN, BLOODTHORN, CHTON, etc), plus three remixes (two of which were done by U.S. noise guru Cordell Klier and the third one by DJ Don Tomaso from Trondheim, Norway). It will mark the band's final release for Aural Music/Code666, as the band are currently free to sign with a new label.

"[view]" (check out cover artwork at this location) track listing:

01. Cinder Alley (16 HORSEPOWER cover)
02. Terminus Rmx (DJ Don Tomaso remix)
03. The Neoflagellata Revision
04. Terminus Deconstructus (Cordell Klier remix)
05. Knife & Kleenex
06. Title
07. Terminus dei Profundis (Cordell Klier remix)

In other news, the third MANES demo, "Til Kongens Grav De Døde Vandrer", will be re-released on vinyl in a strictly limited edition with a poster. This demo was originally released in less than 50 copies, but will now re-surface in February via Faceless.Nameless.Shapeless Productions.

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Norwegian Metal Label Morningstar Records Is Born

MORNINGSTAR RECORDS is a new Norwegian label started by members of SATYRICON live, NECROPHAGIA, KEEP OF KALESSIN, CHTON, MANES and MAX MIDSUN. The first release on this new label will be BLOODTHORN's "Genocide," which will see a European release in February 2006.

The goal of Morningstar Records is to establish a solid independent label within quality metal and rock as a label run by musicians for musicians. Our intention is not to climb the ladder up through the underground, but to start no-holds-barred from the first release being "Genocide" by the Norwegian death metal-band Bloodthorn, their 4th studio album marking their 10th year from their first release in 1996.

After years of wanting to start a label focusing on the music itself and not on hype and hunt for profit, Morningstar Records was established by Keep of Kalessin mainman Arnt O. Grönbech. Arnt comments: "I was totally blown away when I heard the new Bloodthorn album 'Genocide' during their mixing-session in Godt Selskap studio, and I simply chose to buy the European rights for this crushing album. This is the album that will give the label a flying start, and prove the labels right to life!" Morningstar Records will focus on quality not quantity, and with the Head of Business and two producers from Godt Selskap Studio (known for recordings by bands like Necrophagia, Keep of Kalessin, Griffin, Chton, Manifest etc.) on board, this close co-operation with Godt Selskap gives Morningstar Records an advantage by the possibility to secure a professional recording of their artist. Plastichead is Morningstar Records' world distributor, and will make sure the music can be found in most retail stores, as well as specialist stores, across the globe.

You can view a photo of the MORNINGSTAR Staff here. From left to right, they are:

Kim Tungvåg (Max Midsun, head of business Godt Selskap studio)
Torstein Parelius (Manes, Chton)
Arnt O. Grönbech (Keep of Kalessin, Satyricon live)
Knut V. Prytz (Necrophagia, producer Godt Selskap Studio)
Rune Stavnesli (Max Midsun, producer Godt Selskap studio)

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Manes' EP, New Album Update

The tracks set to appear on the upcoming EP will be two new Manes bangers, covers of 16 Horsepower and Duran Duran, two remixes done by the US noise-guru Cordell Klier and another remix done by DJ Don Tomasso. The next full Manes album, given the working title "Invention - or how the world came to an end and why we did it", is now in pre-production, and the recording is set to start late summer 2005.

In related news, The Manes "1993-1994" LP is now released via Kyrck Productions. It consists of the two first Manes demos ("Maanens Natt" '93 and "Ned i Stillheten" '94) remastered together on heavy quality vinyl. It is limited to 600 copies w/12-page booklet in silver print, and the first 100 copies will also include an embroidered Manes patch. You can find more info here.

The song "Turn (simulation edit)", previously only released on the compilation-cd enclosed with the German magazine Mørkeskye #10, has now been uploaded at www.manes.info. The basic elements on this song was recorded at the same time as the pre-prod done for the album "Vilosophe" back in 2002, but some additional recording and mixing was done in late 2004.

Manes was started around the end of 92/early 93 and features, among others, members from bands like 3rd and the Mortal, Atrox and Chton. Manes has played live with bands like Isis, Katatonia, Red Harvest, Madder Mortem and Theater of Tragedy, and has played festivals like Quart, Inferno, Hole In The Sky and Southern Discomfort.

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Manes Plan New EP, Full-Length Album

MANES, the Norwegian band featuring members of THIRD AND THE MORTAL, ATROX and CHTON, are planning a busy 2005, with the recording of an EP and a new full-length album (working title: "Invention - Or How The World Came To An End And Why We Did It"). The EP, titled "[view]", will include two new tracks, a couple of covers and four remixes.

MANES have been confirmed for the 2005 edition of the Quart festival, set to be held July 5-9 in Kristiansand, Norway. Other groups scheduled to appear at the festival include FOO FIGHTERS, GREEN DAY and MADDER MORTEM. Plans also exist for both Norwegian and foreign gigs in early 2005, as well as to shoot a music video.

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