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Formed: 1996
From: Pohjola, Finland
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Evemaster News

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Evemaster Inks Record Deal

Evemaster just inked a new record deal with Italian label The Goatmancer, with the label issuing this statement:

"Evemaster was born during the bleak Autumn of 1996 when Tomi Mykkänen (music) and Jarno Taskula (vocals) formed the band from the ashes of Finnish death/thrash group Mortal God.

"After releasing the highly acclaimed demo 'In Thine Majesty' in early 1997, the debut album 'Lacrimae Mundi' in 1998 and the second album 'Wither' in 2003 it was time for a new album which was entitled 'III.' It was released in Scandinavia in June 2010. The album features more mature song writing which had evolved melodically and added heavier parts in the music. The album has received rave reviews especially in Finland. The album features Dan Swanö on vocals on 2 songs (he also mixed and mastered the album) and Markus Vanhala (Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum) doing 2 guitar solos.

"After the demise of Supernova Records the band felt the album didn't get the deserved recognition they decided to work with up and coming Italian label The Goatmancer with the re-release of the album in 2015. This re-release is to boost the band for their next release which should be out in 2016.

"Since the beginning Evemaster has played concerts with bands such as Anathema, Grip Inc, Pain of Salvation, Throes Of Dawn, Samael, Enochian Crescent, Profane Omen, Vader, Lacuna Coil etc."

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Evemaster Posts Discography On Bandcamp

Finland's Evemaster (which features Tomi Mykkänen of Battlelore, ex-Mortal God) has checked in with the following brief update about streaming all the band's albums online:

"Something exciting. We just added the whole Evemaster discography to bandcamp. GO and enjoy (maybe even get yourself a CD or few)!"

You can listen to the full "III" album in the player below, or check out the rest of the band's discography right here. More...

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Evemaster Posts "III" Album Teaser

Finland's Evemaster has posted a teaser trailer online for the new album "III," which can be viewed below. The band also checked in with the following update:

"Hello all! As you can see our homepage has a new layout. Hopefully everything works. There is still some work to be done but hopefully everything is already functional. Inform us if you see something wrong. Go to this location.

"First reviews for 'III' have surfaced. In the biggest Finnish metal magazine Inferno there will be excellent 4½ hatchets out of 5 review ('Truly strong Finnish expertice!'). In the biggest Finnish metal webportal Imperiumi.net we are now The Album of the Week with 9/10 review. More to come!"

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Evemaster Posts Dio Tribute

Finland's Evemaster has posted a cover version of "We Rock" in honor of the recently fallen Ronnie James Dio. The clip can be found below.

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Evemaster Posts New Track Online

Finnish metallers Evemaster have posted a second track online from their upcoming album "III." The new song "The Great Unrest," along with the previously uploaded "New Age Dawns," can be heard through the band's official MySpace page. Evemaster also has the following two upcoming live shows:

4/23 2010 The Rock Music Pub Kokkola
4/24 2010 Nuclear Nightclub Oulu

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Evemaster Streaming New Song Online

Finland's Evemaster has posted a new song online from the band's upcoming album "III." The new track "New Age Dawns" can be heard through the band's MySpace page. Further details on the track listing and release date of "III" will be announced as they are made available.

Evemaster also has the following upcoming tour dates:

4/10 2010 Club Rockstars Tallinn
4/23 2010 The Rock Music Pub Kokkola
4/24 2010 Nuclear Nightclub Oulu

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Evemaster Signs To Supernova Records

Polish thrash metal band Evemaster has issued the following update regarding their signing to Supernova Records:

"Just a short newsbit here... We have signed a deal with Supernova Records (http://www.supernovarecords.com/). Supernova is a sublabel of one of the biggest independent record labels Bonnier Amigo (http://www.bonnieramigo.com/). Supernova is led by Johnny Hagel (ex- Tiamat, Sundown, Roadrunner)."

"The album will be preceded with a single and I also have high hopes for a LP-release."

"Currently we are working on the artwork for the album and after it's finished the label will set the release dates etc."

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Evemaster Completes Work On New Album

Polish thrash metal band Evemaster has issued the following update regarding the progress of their new album ":"

"The mixing and mastering of the album is now done. Dan did great work!"

The band has revealed the track listing, which is as follows:

1. Enter
2. New Age Dawns
3. Humanimals
4. Losing Ground
5. The Great Unrest
6. Sweet Poison
7. Harvester of Souls
8. Fevered Dreams
9. Absolution More...

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New Evemaster Album Nearing Completion

Finland's Evemaster has checked in with the following album update:

"Dan (Swanö that is) has been working on the mix of 2 songs for a week or so and finally today we've come to conclusion that everything sounds fucken awesome. So, now Dan knows which way to go with the rest of the tracks and I think that the album mix and master will be ready towards the end of this week.

"First 2 songs Dan has been working on are 'Enter' and 'New Age Dawns.' Dan added his vocals on 'New Age Dawns' and I must say that he sounds brilliant and I feel so frigging honoured to have him perform on a song composed by myself. Can't wait for the album closer 'Absolution' to feature his vocals.

"The hunt for a record label will start soon. I have such strong faith on this album that I don't think finding a good label to work with should be too big a problem. We'll live and see.

"Another update coming when the album is done. I'll probably make some video teaser as well when all is sorted out."

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Evemaster Issues Album Update

Tomi Mykkänen, guitarist of Finnish metallers Evemaster, has issued the following album update:

"Just to drop you a line that new webisode of the studio diary has been released. Check it in here:
· YouTube
· Facebook

"That includes the guitar recording at Barrow Studios and guitar reamping at Drop Hammer Studios.

"All the synths have been recorded as well already. We decided to add a few more vocal lines and then I'll send the stuff to Dan to be mixed and mastered. Can't wait to hear the first mixes!"

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Evemaster Issues New Album Recording Update

Finnish metallers Evemaster have issued the following recording update:

"Hey hey!

"A small update from EVE-camp.

"Last weekend me and Jarno went to Drop Hammer studios again and reamped the guitars I had played for the album at my own Barrow Studio. Check here for more information. I will be making another episode for the video diary about the guitar recording and re-amping soon.

"In the meantime enjoy the newest episode with lots of BASSism. This is Ville (from Moonsorrow) Show (can be viewed below). I also added a bit better sounding sound clip at the end of the video. Enjoy and comment!

"Now everything else except synths are recorded for the album. I will transfer the material to Dan (swanö) for mixing and mastering (and for adding some clean vocal lines by The Master himself!) in mid-May. Seems that the album will be done after all... Yeah!

"Cheers!" More...

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Evemaster Posts "Making Of" New Album Video

Finland's Evemaster has posted the first part of the "making of" video of the upcoming album, entitled "III: Newtopia." Evemaster entered Drop Hammer Studio on June 2nd to begin recording their new album. The studio diary can be found at this location.


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Evemaster Reveal Working Title Of New Album

Guitarist/vocalist Tomi Mykkänen of the Finnish "dark metal" band EVEMASTER has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"Long time, no news... but here we go again!"

"First, thanks to everyone who's been asking for news about EVEMASTER. It is nice to see that even though we've been extremely silent lately people are still wondering what is happening in Eve-camp."

"Some news to keep you updated:"

"We've been working on the demos for the next album and the songs are now just about ready."

"The working title of the new album is 'III: Newtopia'. It is a concept album revolving around a dystopian dream or a fall of this one pitiful man..." More...

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Evemaster Updates On New Album

Swedish dark metal band Evemaster have posted the following album update on their official website:

"News on the upcoming album: the demos are almost ready. Jarno's vocals will be recorded during february. I've also started to search for possible studios and there's one that I'm really, really considering at the moment. I'll keep you informed."

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Bonus DVD Included In Japanese COB Album

The Japanese version of Children of Bodom's upcoming release "Are You Dead Yet?" will contain a special bonus DVD which will feature exclusive footage from the making of the album, live videos and rare recordings. The CD will include two audio bonus tracks, one of which is the Britney Spears cover of "Oops I Did It Again" and the other is unknown.

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New Evemaster Album Tentatively Set For Late 2005

Evemaster has re-recorded drums (done by Jaska Raatikainen of Children of Bodom) and guitars of their debut album to be released through Rising Realm Records. The album also features a cover of Dio's "We Rock." The release date is set on 28th of February but is likely to be moved due to the discussions with new possible distributors and licencers.

The cover art can also been checked out on the website (under Releases-link).

The band has started to write new music and the direction the songs are heading is more darker than on "Wither." The work done on "MMIV Lacrimae Mundi" lately have steered Tomi to this direction. So a darker, faster and heavier album is coming.

Tentatively the new album release is slated for late 2005. But the band still has a lot of things to sort out as they don't have a recording deal at the moment.

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Children Of Bodom Set Tentative Album Release Date

Children of Bodom bassist, Henkka T. Blacksmith, has revealed that the next CoB studio album will be recorded in Helsinki with Mikko Karmila but not in the Finnvox studios. It's not known yet if the recordings which were scheduled for March will be delayed due to Alexi's broken arm.

The release date of the album will be August 28, 2005 in Finland through Spinefarm records and September 3, 2005 to the rest of the world through Universal. But these dates can be postponed if the recordings are delayed.

All Children of Bodom albums (including "Tokyo Warhearts") will be re-released as double LP versions in February and March. It's not yet known what bonus tracks are on the second LP.

Recently, Alexi was voted as future legend in the American Guitar World magazine where he won the readers poll with 29%.

In other side projects news, keyboardist,Janne Warmen's third Warmen album will be released at the beginning of May 2005 in Finland and on May 16, 2005 to the rest of the world. Drummer Jaska's friends from Evemaster are writing material for their third album and although nothing is confirmed yet, it is known for sure that Jaska will handle drums for the recordings once again.

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COB Drummer To Appear On New Evemaster Album

Children of Bodom fan site Scythes-of-Bodom.com is reporting that CoB drummer Jaska is set to appear on the new Evemaster album, entitled "MMIV Lacrimae Mundi." The album is a re-recording of Evemaster's debut album "Lacrimae Mundi."

At the beginning of 2004, Jaska recorded drums at POP studios in Loimaa, Finland with the idea to get it "as punk as possible" and adding great grinding/blast drumming. The album fetaures the 7 tracks of the original album with one bonus track.

"MMIV Lacrimae Mundi" tracklisting: More...

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