"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Grave Digger

Formed: 1980
From: Gladbeck, Germany
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Grave Digger News

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Grave Digger Reveals New Album Tracklisting

European power metal act Grave Digger have released details regarding the band's upcoming studio ablum titled "The Clans Will Rise Again." "The Clans Will Rise Again" will see its European release on October 1st, 2010 with a North American release following soon after.

"The Clans Will Rise Again" tracklisting:
1. Days Of Revenge
2. Paid In Blood
3. Hammer Of The Scots
4. Highland Farewell
5. The Clans Will Rise Again
6. Rebels
7. Valley Of Tears
8. Execution
9. Whom The Gods Love Die Young
10. Spider
11. The Piper Mcleod
12. Coming Home
13. When Rain Turns To Blood

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Grave Digger Enters The Studio

German power metal outfit Grave Digger has announced that they have entered the studio to record a brand new album. A message from the band reads as follows:

"Yes, everything's on it's way, we're right in the middle of recordings the successor to Ballad Of A Hangman and a lot has happened since the release of the that album. Nothing stays the same, but nothing has changed.

"From January to March, we took our time for the new song-writing. Because of the appearance of Axel (Ritt; guitar), we finally returned to the virtue, that we've lost that long ago. The triumvirate of metal, Jens Becker (bass), Axel Ritt and Chris Boltendahl (vocals) battened in harmony while the whole songwriting session and created 12 explosive songs, which have the spirit of Grave Digger, two-hundred percent! Since the days of Tunes Of War and The Grave Digger, the creativity around the songwriting process hadn't been that easy going. More...

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Grave Digger Begins Writing New Album

German metal band Grave Digger has issued the following update:

"Last weekend, we've been at the TLC studio, Cologne /Pulheim to put down the first song ideas of the upcoming album. Holy shit, what a blast! Although we only got the first compositions on the list, you can imagine the direction of the songs. Let's call it TYPICAL GRAVE DIGGER!"

"Once again you'll get the full monty, but spiced with some tiny little finesse. After all that stress within the last year, finally we had the chance to leave the ballast behind and rock it off our chest. Axel and Jens put down some awesome riff ideas, which will be hammered to real hot steel within the next 3 months."

"At the middle of May, we'll be at the Principal studio once again, let the Resetti Brothers (never change a winning team) produce the new album."

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Grave Digger Welcomes New Guitarist Axel Ritt

German metal band Grave Digger has issued the following update:

"An eventful year 2009 lies behind us. It started with the release of the 'Ballads Of A Hangman' album together with the successful European tour. Then the split with Thilo [Herrmann, guitar]... Another successful trip to Russia. The festival season in summer with the Rock Harz festival and the Wacken Rocks South. Our first shows in Mexico and then finally Manni [Schmidt, guitar] leaving the band, that was a real big shock to us all."

"We had already booked some concerts [before] the end of the year and we didn't want to cancel them. So we decided to play the shows with a substitute guitarist." More...

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The Fyredogs Signs To Goldencore Records

Goldencore Records recently announced the signing of Cologne, Germany's THE FYREDOGS, who play "Ass Kickin'Rock 'N Roll meets Motörhead." THE FYREDOGS features THE REAPER, vocalist of GRAVE DIGGER, who took over the mic. The band's debut album is expected in March 2010. In the meantime, check out some of their music on their MySpace player.

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Grave Digger Comments On Replacement Guitarist

Grave Digger has issued the following statement about their replacement guitar player Axel Ritt:


"Yesterday we had the first rehearsal with our replacement guitarist Axel Ritt (Domain). Everything went well and we have a positive feeling about the upcoming concerts, Axel was learning our live program in only 3 weeks. Congratulations !! He is a good old friend of Stefan and Chris and for now he will be the replacement guitar player until the end of the year. We will make a final decision at the beginning of January. But now we are excited about the upcoming gigs...

"Up the Irons, Chris, Stefan, HP and Jens"

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Grave Digger Announces More European Tour Dates

German metal band, Grave Digger, has announced the following European tour dates:

08-01 Germany - Dreisbach - Bikerparty
08-08 Spain - Vigo - Alternavigo Festival
08-29 Germany - Wacken Rocks South - Rieden Kreuth
09-12 Mexico - Monterey - Arena Santa Lucia
09-13 Mexico - Mexico City - Mezcal Metal Fest
10-24 Germany - Gladbeck - Maschinenhalle Zweckel

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Grave Digger Announces Upcoming Tour Dates

Grave Digger has issued the following statement about upcoming tour dates:

"Hi Fans,

"Please take a look at the tour dates. We added some new dates to the HANGMAN TOUR 2009 ... We will play at the WACKEN ROCKS SOUTH Festival in Rieden-Kreuth at the 29.08. and we will play the canceled gig from Gladbeck at the 24th of October. So check it out and stay tune until the Hangman will enter your town."

Grave Digger's currently confirmed upcoming live dates are as follows:

07/11 Germany Rock Harz Open Air
07/19 Ukraine Kiew - ProRock Openair Festival
08/29 Germany Wacken Rocks South - Rieden Kreuth
09/13 Mexico Mexico City - Mezcal Metal Fest
10/24 Germany Gladbeck - Maschinenhalle Zweckel

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Guillotine Added To SwedenRock Cruise Fest 2009

The lineup for the next edition of the SwedenRock Cruise has been announced. The cruise will tour the Baltic Sea. Party for 24 hours straight on 12 floors full of metal DJ’s, tax free-shops, bars and restaurants, relax in the pool and sauna or have fun in the game room in addition to checking out the six well known hard rock / metal bands that will perform onboard. The bands performing include:

Grave Digger
Pink Cream 69
Dream Evil

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Grave Digger Parts Ways With Guitarist

German band Grave Digger has issued the following announcement about parting ways with their guitarist:

"Dear Grave Digger Fans,

"We are very sad to inform you that we have separated from Thilo Herrmann.

"After all the euphoria about the second guitarist in the beginning, first doubts regarding the current situation of the band started showing up bit by bit.

"There were many different things, starting with the free room on the stage and going on to musical aspects, that have been observed by every old member of the band independently and which finally made us feel that we would have to separate from Thilo. This decision has been made by common consent and on behalf of the whole band. It does not have to do with any interpersonal problems or the like. In fact we took it very hard to separate from that really nice guy that Thilo is.

"Grave Digger has been a well-attuned team for a very long time and according to expectations it’s hard for a new musician to become integrated. Where previously a well practised team performed on the stage we were not able to pal up to a sixth man.

"As for Thilo we wish him all the best for his musical and private future."

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Grave Digger Posts New Video Online

German power metallers Grave Digger has posted their new music video online for the song, "Ballad Of A Hangman" which comes from the bands forthcoming album of the same name. You can check out the video below. The album is scheduled to be released in January of next year. More...

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Grave Digger Announces Russian Tour Dates

Grave Digger have issued the following update regarding a Russian tour and new music video:

"We will tour Russia next month again ... three shows in a row for the Russian fans. We are very excited about that cause the Russian fans are very special and enthusiastic. Here are the dates :

2008-10-19 Russia - Moscow - Plan B
2008-10-20 Russia - Kaliningrad - DK Rybakov
2008-10-21 Russia - St. Petersburg - Orlandina" More...

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Grave Digger Finishes Recording New Album

Grave Digger frontman Chris Boltendahl has posted the following message online:

"After 14 days of recording madness, Grave Digger finished the recordings for Ballads Of A Hangman.

The final master will be ready around the 15th of September. We hope that you will like the new album which will be released on January 9th, 2009. Before we will release an EP on November 28th, 2008."

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Grave Digger Signs To Napalm Records

Napalm Records has announced the signing of legendary German metal band GRAVE DIGGER. The band, who has been releasing cult classics since the early eighties, signed a worldwide record deal with the Austrian label.

Currently, the band and frontman Chris Boltendahl are working on their new studio album "Ballads of a Hangman," which will hit the streets on January 9, 2009. A yet untitled MCD will be released as a preview on November 28, 2008. More details cannot be revealed at this point in time, but the band promises that the new recordings will consist of "120% Metal."

Chris Boltendahl comments: "Grave Digger look forward to working together with their new label NAPALM RECORDS. We have observed the excellent work of the label in the past few years."

"Napalm did see the writings on the wall and is one of the leading companies for example in Online Promotion and Marketing. They elevated older bands like Atrocity to new heights and established newcomers like Alestorm. Thus, we are convinced that Napalm will bring out the best in us, and in return we will deliver a masterpiece of German True Metal. A storm is coming, the sea is rough, the coxswains are the veterans, only the ship is new and manned by an excellent crew who know their craft."

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Grave Digger Frontman Checks In From The Studio

Grave Digger frontman Chris Boltendahl has posted the following studio report:

"Now its time. Since February '08 we composed and arranged the new songs. Incomplete we will record 13 songs including one cover version of a lost Metal classic from the eighties. Stefan (Arnold - drums) arrived yesterday and built up his drums. Before we entered the studio German punk legends DIE TOTEN HOSEN recorded their new album in the Principal Studios. We will smell a bit of their spirit. Stefan did drums soundcheck today. After he started to record the first four songs. He's in a very good shape and recordings are going really well. He always does a fantastic job in the studio.

"The song titles we will present you during the recordings so watch out for the studio diary. Manni (Schmidt - guitar) and I arrived this morning to guide Stefan during the drum recordings. It's cool to be here cause we are really motivated to create a new master piece of German True Metal. Now it's 10PM and Stefan starts with another track. He´s a real workaholic on the drums. A steelworker.

"Ok, I will speak to you tomorrow. Good night and Metal on."

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Grave Digger Guitarist Checks In

Grave Digger guitarist Manni Schmidt has checked in with the following update:

"It's a shame the holidays went by that fast. Not to mention the UEFA championship. But damn, the Bang Your Head!!! festival did smash twice to compensate! Brilliant sunshine from above, a Fame backline from behind and rocking out a great show to our fans in front meant big party for everyone involved!

"So, on to the forthcoming events: Right (after our South American tour) we're in the studios again to finally record the new GRAVE DIGGER album. We prepared ourselves for this some time now and let the songs go through our minds again during the holidays, but now we mean business! South America should get our adrenalin flowing to batter in the songs with plenty of live power. More...

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Grave Digger Announce European Tour Dates

German heavy metal band, Grave Digger, have announced a European tour with Alestorm and a special guest in January 2009. Dates are as follows:

01/15 – Halle - Easy Schorre
01/16 – Lichtenfels - Stadthalle
01/17 – Glauchau- Alte Spinnerei
01/18 – Berlin - Columbia Club
01/19 – Bochum - Zeche
01/20 – Aschaffenburg - Colosaal
01/21 – Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
01/22 – Saarbrücken - Garage
01/23 – Speyer - Halle 101
01/24 – Andernach - Juz Live Club
01/25 – Hamburg - Markthalle
01/26 – München - New Backstage
01/27 – CH - Pratteln- Z7

At the moment grave digger are writing new songs and will head into the studio for preproduction on June 20.

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Grave Digger Discuss Success in NYC

According to GRAVE DIGGER lead singer Chris Boltendhal, the promoter of Sunday's (March 2nd) BB King's show in NYC "was totally satisfied with the show and will do another, after the new album."

In conversation with BW&BK, Boltendahl confirmed that they have 8 songs written, but not recorded, after a writing session at a Dutch studio. The plan is to record in the fall, for a January '09 release.

Thematically, the album will be another concept album. The final part of the triology is set, chronologically, between Knights Of The Cross (Templar knights) and Tunes Of War (William Wallace led Scottish fight for independence), approx. the years 1100 to 1300.

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Grave Digger Confirmed For Screamfest

German power metallers GRAVE DIGGER have been confirmed for this year's Screamfest, set to take place November 7-8 on three different stages in Oslo, Norway. Eight more bands will be announced soon. Screamfest will also host the first-ever Norwegian Metal Awards. "On Saturday, November 8, we will celebrate our hard rock and metal musicians and show them respect and appreciation through an award given by both the people and a capable jury," the organizers write in a press release.

The Screamfest festival billing is shaping up as follows:


Tickets go on sale on March 1.

GRAVE DIGGER's latest album, "Liberty or Death", entered the German Media Control chart in January 2007 at position No. 30. This is the second highest chart entry in GRAVE DIGGER's history.

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Grave Digger Begin Writing New Material

German power metallers GRAVE DIGGER have issued the following update:

"We are back from our first songwriting session from the Graveyard studios in Holland. The chemistry with Thilo was really cool and we were very creative that seven song structures have come out. METAL. Now we just have to file in these ideas before we go back to the Graveyard studio in April again."

"With the new album we will finish the concept of the 'Trilogy' which we started with 'Rheingold' and continued with 'Liberty or Death'."

"Next week we are visiting the U.S. for our promo shows in New York. As far we know, the advance sales are running very well and therefore we are planning to play in the 'wild west' as well."

"We are also on stage in South America and they will stretch from July 29, 2008 through August 4, 2008. Confirmed shows are up till now August 2 in Sao Paulo at Citibank Hall."

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