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Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian Photo

Band Photo: Blind Guardian (?)

Formed: 1985
From: Krefeld, Germany
Last Known Status: Active


As one of the most popular power metal bands in the world, Blind Guardian have become known as a musical group who have their music written with vivid imagination has attracted fans of all types. Originally formed as a Helloween like band, they have evolved into a unique sound of power metal.

Incorporating classic fantasy novels, such as the Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien, Blind Guardian have been able to attract the fans of the famous books. Blind Guardian have influenced a wide range of power metal bands. Their newest albums, containing orchestral arrangements along with plenty of vocal harmonies, clearly show express the fantasy and medieval elements in their music.

Latest Blind Guardian News

Below is our complete Blind Guardian news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Leaves' Eyes To Support Blind Guardian On US Tour

LEAVES' EYES will embark on an extensive tour through the USA and Canada together with BLIND GUARDIAN. The tour is scheduled for November and December of 2006.

Here are the current show dates, updates will follow soon:

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Blind Guardian Announce North American Tour

Lead vocalist Hansi Kürsch checks in about the new album, the new songs, and the upcoming tour:

"As you all most probably know, we have finished the album some days ago and started doing some first shows already. With this album, I think, we have widened the range of the BLIND GUARDIAN universe more than we have ever done before. In terms of quality, we had a very good feeling during the whole recording session. Some of the new songs will be presented on the road when we will start touring. Everything and everyone is in pretty good shape. All preparations for the fall tour are on schedule and the interest in tickets for the tour is really high. One more time, we would like to thank you for your patience and can't wait to hear and see your reaction to the new songs. As soon as there are some download samples, we will let you know. Your endurance will be rewarded."

BLIND GUARDIAN North American Tour dates:
11/08 Marquee Theatre - Phoenix, AZ
11/09 House Of Blues - San Diego, CA
11/10 Galaxy Theatre - Santa Ana, CA
11/11 Avalon - Los Angeles, CA
11/12 Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
11/14 TBA - Vancouver, B.C. CANADA
11/15 El Corazon - Seattle, WA
11/17 Avalon - Salt Lake City, UT
11/18 Gothic Theatre - Denver, CO
11/20 The Rave - Milwaukee, WI
11/21 House Of Blues - Chicago, IL
11/22 The Quest - Minneapolis, MN
11/24 Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH
11/25 Harpo`s - Detroit, MI
11/26 Opera House - Toronto, ON CANADA
11/28 Salle Albert-Rousseau - Québec City, QC CANADA
11/29 The Medley - Montreal, QC CANADA
11/30 TBA - New York, NY
12/01 Palladium - Worcester, MA
12/02 TBA - Philadelphia, PA
12/04 9.30 Club - Washington, D.C.
12/05 TBA
12/07 House Of Blues - Orlando, FL
12/08 Roxy - Atlanta, GA
12/09 House Of Blues - New Orleans, LA
12/10 Meridian - Houston, TX
12/11 Backroom - Austin, TX

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Blind Guardian Film 'Another Stranger Me' Video

German power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN will be shooting a video later this month for the track "Another Stranger Me". The clip will be be the first with drummer Frederik Ehmke, who replaced Thomen Stauch in 2005.

As previously reported, BLIND GUARDIAN have confirmed "A Twist in the Myth" as the title of their new album, tentatively due in September via Nuclear Blast Records.

"A Twist in the Myth" track listing:

01. This Will Never End (5:07)
02. Otherland (5:14)
03. Turn the Page (4:16)
04. Fly (5:43)
05. Carry the Blessed Home (4:03)
06. Another Stranger Me (4:36)
07. Straight through the Mirror (5:48)
08. Lionheart (4:15)
09. Skalds and Shadows (3:13)
10. The Edge (4:27)
11. The New Order (4:49)

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Blind Guardian Photos w/ New Drummer Online

Marking the live debut of BLIND GUARDIAN's new drummer, Frederik Ehmke, several photos from the band's May 5th show in Rijssen, Holland have been uploaded here

BLIND GUARDIAN's recently issued single, entitled "Fly," was released in North America on April 18th. The group's new studio album, tentatively entitled of Twist In The Myth, is due later this year.

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Blind Guardian Frontman New Album's Direction

Metal Asylum recently conducted an interview with BLIND GUARDIAN frontman Hansi Kürsch. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Metal Alysum: Is the direction of the new album as orchestrated and layered with vocal harmonies as "Night at the Opera" or does it have more in common with "Imaginations from the Other Side" or even "Somewhere Far Beyond"?

Hansi: "Well, the working title of the album is 'Twist of the Mist'. We have about five weeks of mixing coming up so during that time is when we will decide on the album's title. Would I confuse you if I said we are consequently going in the direction of 'Opera' but with less orchestration? [Laughs] You can definitely hear the roots of the band on it, especially if you have the single for 'Fly' and on the song 'Skalds and Shadows', but there is a new direction as well. I think we have included the qualities of every album so far. Of course, our target lies in the future, so it's not exactly to be compared with any of the albums we have done before. All the 12 songs differ drastically and go in different directions. There is a traditional section, a more modern section and a more orchestrated section. I am very convinced that this was the right step to do because every song contains great melodies. The album has a focus on melodies but not so as many layers like we did with 'A Night at the Opera'. There are tons of guitar melodies and we tried to focus on the lead vocals more this time than on 'Opera' and we removed a lot of those backing vocal layers. 'Opera' was a very busy album, this time the attitude is still the same but based on a very strong melody line either played by Andre's guitar leads or my vocals. I think you can feel that in 'Fly' already and that is a great example of the new album."

Metal Asylum: It has been understood that your original drummer Thomen left the band and started SAVAGE CIRCUS because he was more interested in making music in the style of earlier BLIND GUARDIAN. Is that because BLIND GUARDIAN is phasing out that part of the band's history in the future?

Hansi: "Well, he really liked that stuff, as we all do, but it was more of both a mixture of artist and business matters. We all had a discussion and decided it was the best thing to do for everyone. It depends how you look at it addressing your question. If you look at 'A Night at the Opera' and find that a complete change for you then we have in a sense moved away from that part of the band's past but without really thinking about it. I think 'A Night at the Opera' is a consequence and development of what we have done before but that does not mean we have denied our roots or do not want to do that music anymore, it's just not the time for that right now. That was the '80s and early '90s and we need to come up with something new and develop. We are progressive band and therefore it is important for us to have something different between all the albums. There was no discussion neither with or without Thomen whether we were going to do another 'Imaginations from the Other Side' or 'Somewhere Far Beyond'. As I said, it's nothing we would deny, and, of course, you can still feel those Celtic elements in the single 'Fly' or 'Skalds and Shadows'. We just write the songs we are comfortable with."

Read the entire interview at www.metalasylum.net.

Read the full article at MetalAsylum.net.

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Blind Guardian Reveal "Fly" Chart Positions

The new Blind Guardian single, "Fly," has made its presence known in many countries worldwide. Here are some of the chart positions:

Japan (international charts): #1
Hungary: #4
Spain: #4
Sweden: #29
Germany: #32
Austria: #52
Switzerland: #94

The single was released on February 24th by Nuclear Blast. Tracklisting is as follows:

01. Fly
02. Skalds and Shadows [acoustic]
03. In A Gadda Da Vida [Iron Butterfly cover]

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Astral Doors Support Blind Guardian in Europe

Swedish metallers ASTRAL DOORS have been confirmed as the special guests on the upcoming European tour of BLIND GUARDIAN, set to take place in September/October (25 gigs in 40 days!).

ASTRAL DOORS' third full-length disc, "Astralism", was recently completed and is scheduled for release in March. "Astralism" is described by the band as "another slab of old school hard rock with a touch of metal — something you can't help loving."

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Savage Circus Album Gets N. American Release, MP3

"Dreamland Manor," the highly anticipated debut album from Germany’s power metal newcomers SAVAGE CIRCUS, will see North American release March 21st, 2006. The MP3 for “Evil Eyes” has been posted here. Already released in Europe, the album has received rave reviews from press. Century Media’s North American version will include the “Evil Eyes” video. Commenting on the album’s North American release drummer Thomen Stauch said, “We are proud to confirm having signed a deal with the right label for Dreamland Manor’s North American release! Century Media has convinced us with their long-time experience of releasing great metal albums in the United States of America.”

Seeing his musical style diverge from his primary band Blind Guardian’s, drummer Thomen Stauch yearned to compose music reminiscent of their classic albums, Tales From The Twilight Worlds and Imaginations From The Other Side. Stauch founded SAVAGE CIRCUS in 2004 and immediately sought like-minded musicians to round out the band’s lineup. Long time friend Piet Sielck (Iron Savior) recommended members of the Swedish band Persuader, guitarist Emil Norberg and vocalist Jens Carlsson, whose sophomore album he had produced. Instantly feeling a connection with their musical style, Stauch contacted Norberg and Carlsson who agreed to work with him. Stauch then turned to Sielck asking him to complete the band’s circle, playing guitar and recording bass tracks. Following the 2005 recording of Dreamland Manor and his musical visions realized, Stauch decided to leave Bland Guardian making SAVAGE CIRCUS his full-time band.

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Blind Guardian Checks In With Album Update

Blind Guardian vocalist, Hansi Kürsch, has posted the following album update on the band's official website:

"A sign of life just to let you know that Christmas is getting closer and we are still not done with recordings, yet. But, and that is the good news for the album, we are still on schedule. The description 'on schedule' can be loosely interpreted when talking about a Blind Guardian album production. There is only a small amount of guitars which need to be completed, some bass, a lot of vocals and even more mixing. We are targeting an early February deadline. I am very sorry we have not been able to involve you more so far, but we are so focused on the album that we hardly find the time to eat. I have become a skinny beauty during these days. I promise to provide you with some studio shots as soon as the new year has started.

"The single we mentioned a few months ago has been completed and I wouldld like to provide you with some information about it, only the important stuff and of course only the true stuff. There will three songs on the single: 1. Fly, 2. Skalds and Shadows (acoustic version), 3. In A Gadda Da Vida. More...

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Blind Guardian Announce New Single And Tour Dates

Blind Guardian singer Hansi Kürsch has posted the following message at the band's official website:

"Hello my friends,

Although time keeps on ticking quickly, things go very well in the Guardian camp. To be more precise: we are still on schedule and even though everyone is totally busy and concentrated the atmosphere is very lifely and still relaxed to a certain extend :-) The material for the single will be accomplished at the end of November. To make that happen this particular stuff will get most of our attention for the next 4 weeks. Everyone is already involved in the recording process and we are really excited about the album ?s progression. It is too early to say when we will be finished exactly, but I would say a worldwide release in the first half of 2006 is very realistic. Things look (sound - as well) very promising. At the moment we are also getting deeper into details such as album title, cover, etc... So, we are about to scratch the most important phase of the recording session and we do not intend to leave you out ... Please, let us work on it a little longer, so we can fix things technically. You will be provided with footage, that is for sure.


The band have also announced the following tour dates for next year: More...

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Blind Guardian Vocalist Issues Update

Blind Guardian singer, Hansi Kürsch, has posted this update on the band's official website:


here is a short update about what is going on at the moment:
Frederik did some kick ass drum arrangements for the new songs and now Oliver Holzwarth has started working on the bass arrangements. At the same time André, Marcus and I are fixing final arrangement issues but basically we have finished the biggest part of composing. We are going to start the production for the new album somewhere during the last days of August. As you can imagine everyone is highly motivated, excited and of course ready to go.

This is a a very rough schedule for the next months:

  • Late August - End of November:

    • Recordings Mixing of the first single
    • Videoshooting

  • December - January:

    • Mixing

  • February/March:

    • Promotion
    • Release of the first single

  • April/May:

    • Release of the album and Warm up shows

  • June - August:

    • Warm up shows
    • South America
    • Japan
    • Release of the second single

  • September - October:

    • Europe

  • November:

    • Japan
    • Australia

  • December - February:

    • USA, Mexico and Canada

We will keep you informed.


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Blind Guardian Replace Drummer

German power metalers Blind Guardian have a new drummer - unknown Frederik Ehmke replaces Thomas Stauch. The band will shortly start recording their first album for Nuclear Blast, with producer Charlie Bauerfiend.

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Blind Guardian Announce New Drummer

German epic metallers Blind Guardian have announced a replacement for drummer Thomen Stauch, who left the band in April after 20 years.

The new man behind the kit is fellow German Frederik Ehmke, so far fairly unknown in the world of Metal.

The band released the following statement:

The seemingly endless time of waiting for a new drummer and speculations who could possibly be the new one has finally come to an end. We have found what we have been searching for…

A few weeks ago an unknown guy who introduced himself as Frederik Ehmke applied for the job as a drummer in a fairly firm manner. His vital, expressive and skillful performances of some B.G. classics ('Journey Through The Dark', 'Time Stands Still' and 'And Then There Was Silence') blew us away completely . Pretending not to be convinced we invited him to do a shoot out recording session under real production terms to check out if the creative chemistry would also work out fine. After finishing these recordings it was obvious to us: Frederik is going to be our new drummer!

It was essential for us to find a musician, who on one side would be able to integrate old Guardian trademarks in his playing, but on the other side would also be confident enough to bring in his own vision of the Blind Guardian drums in a tasteful and, for the music, suitable way. Frederik is a calm and handsome fellow, who's aware of his abilities and who also knows what he wants. For us he is the lucky draw.

We are convinced you will be as impressed by his drum performance as we are. Now we are looking forward to starting the next album production. There is a good amount of work ahead of us but we are absolutely ready to go. You can expect a very interesting album with strong songs. We will keep you informed.

The production of Blind Guardian's debut on Nuclear Blast will start soon with the help of Charlie Bauerfeind. No album title has been set as of yet, but it looks like there will be a total of ten songs. Some working titles, which might be kept, are: "Carry The Blessed Home," "The Edge," "In Search For The Lionheart," "Market Square," "Another Stranger Me," and "Otherland." The release of the first single is planned for February 2006, the album will follow in April, before the band embarks on an European tour in September.

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Soilwork Frontman Checks In With Tour Report

Soilwork frontman Speed has checked in with the following update:

Hi there!!

I´ve just come home from Germany. Been very busy lately, first the recording of Terror 2000 and then the recording with Thomen from Blind Guardian and as you probably know we have done festivals in between with Soilwork at Graspop and Furyfest. Both of the festivals were fucking amazing, a lot of people and great respone! A big thanx to all the people who made it a memorable experience! Had the chance to check out some good bands as well, i saw Slayer from stage (man, Mr.Lombardo is in amazing shape, fucking great!!), I saw a few songs with System of a down which was also very cool.. I also had the chance to talk to the guys from Mastodon, really nice guys! Later that evening i got pretty shitfaced and hooked up with the drummer from Mastodon and we sung some falsetto King Diamond hits from the Abigail album, i tell you the drummer has a pretty descent falsetto he he.. Anyways, Ozzfest is around the corner, just ten days until we´re heading off to the states... Can´t wait to start doing the rock n roll circus.. I can assure you that we´ll blow your minds away, we have selected the perfect 20 min set for you guys (it was really hard though..) To me it seems like a perfect mix...I´ll talk to ya soon..take care!!

All my best, Speed

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New Demons & Wizards Audio Sample Available

A one-minute, 45-second sample of a new DEMONS & WIZARDS track, entitled "The Gunslinger", is available for download at this location. "The Gunslinger" comes off the group's upcoming sophomore album, "Touched by the Crimson King", due on June 27 via SPV Records. The follow-up to the group's 2001 self-titled CD, "Touched by the Crimson King" (view cover here) will feature the following track listing: More...

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Blind Guardian Sign With Nuclear Blast Records

Nuclear Blast has announced the addition of a new member to the family — Blind Guardian. One of the most significant and successful international power metal bands who "reinvented classic metal for a younger audience" according to Metal Edge, the trademarked Blind Guardian experience is described as a "larger-than-life sound which incorporates the harmonies and drama of Queen with an aggressive, modern sensibility" by Billboard magazine.

Regarding the long-term signing, Blind Guardian singer Hansi Kürsch happily shares, "Our long search for the perfect record company has ended. We finally were lucky to find the ultimate home — Nuclear Blast! Some things you decide with your head, other things you deal with on a gut level. The decision for Nuclear Blast was both! We placed great emphasis on finding a partner that knows the world of heavy metal and does business in an unconventional manner, if necessary. Nuclear Blast can offer both of these key qualities, and proved so time and time again in the past.

"But this alone would not be enough, if the chemistry wasn't there, but our first meetings could only be described as: 'We came, ate, and laughed…' Our views on music in general and Blind Guardian in particular are almost identical! The whole Nuclear Blast team impressed us a lot with their unity and the huge identification with their mission and the expansion of the metal world. Now we have the unique chance to follow our musical vision in the perfect environment. We expect a lot, and so do Nuclear Blast. Let's roll! The Guardian comes home!"

Nuclear Blast label manager and A&R head Andy Siry is equally thrilled. "We are all very happy about the amount of trust Blind Guardian has put in us. The beginning of this cooperation will surely prove to be very productive and fruitful. Our distribution partners and the whole of Nuclear Blast are ready to kick ass!"

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Kürsch Says There Will Be 'No Delay' On New Album

BLIND GUARDIAN singer Hansi Kürsch has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"First of all I would like to say how much we all appreciate the way you are dealing with the split [with drummer Thomen Stauch]. It is, as some of you have pointed out, not the end of the world but a new beginning. I am really proud about each step we have made in the past but as time moves on we must move on as well.

"The future is wide open...

"And now a couple of short statements in reply to your concerns and questions:

"There will be no delay of the next BLIND GUARDIAN production. As you probably know: a BLIND GUARDIAN album is ready when we feel it is ready. This makes it somewhat difficult to come up with a precise schedule. I can guarantee the release of the next BLIND GUARDIAN album for 2006. If it finally turns out to be spring, summer or fall I don't really dare to say. If you had asked me about the release date for the next DEMONS AND WIZARDS album two months ago I would have said April. Now it will be June. Things like that happen and it doesn't take a lot for a delay to be introduced. The orchestra album is scheduled for 2007. I do not see any reason for delays there.

"Regarding a new drummer we have a few options at the moment which we will check out. I will keep you updated.

"And finally for all the drummers who are sending e-mails to our webmasters asking them for information on how to apply for the job: from our side there is no need for auditions at the moment since we have some preferences already. Thanks for asking anyway."

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Blind Guardian Part Ways With Drummer

German power metallers Blind Guardian have parted ways with longtime drummer Thomen Stauch. Frontman Hansi Kürsch's official statement on the matter reads as follows:

"No news is good news. This obviously is bad news. After walking along the same musical paths for about 20 years and after several long, open and honest discussions between the four band members, we have all (including Thomen) come to the same conclusion that it is now best for Thomen to leave the band.

"Since we developed different musical and personal directions for quite a while now, it turned out to be more and more difficult to find acceptable and suitable solutions for everyone in the band. Such circumstances would have eventually caused severe internal problems. Therefore, to avoid any damage to our close relationship this difficult step is essential. In terms of creativity or progression neither one of us would like to hold the other one back. Due to that fact the split seems to be a sad, but reasonable solution. We wish Thomen all the best for the future and hope to come up with more positive news in the near future.

"…and day shall come again"

In a separate statement of his own, Stauch emphasized that the split was amicable and offered his gratitude to his former Blind Guardian colleagues:

"As you may have read in Hansi's statement, I am no longer the drummer of Blind Guardian. From now on we are going our separate ways, at least musically. I must admit it is quite a sad, but necessary decision in order for us to remain friends.

"I stand fully behind Hansi's declaration, so I will keep my statement as short as possible, and wish Blind Guardian all the best for the future, hoping that they find another drummer without any hassle.

"I would also like to use this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who stood by us through all those years, especially our fans. You are the best!!! I hope to see you again soon!

"A big thank you to my old colleagues, Hansi, Andre and Marcus, for all the amazing times we've shared."

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Soilwork List Fave Albums, Seek Side Project Name

Soilwork singer, Speed, has posted the following message on the band's official website:

Hi there peple!

I´m back home in good old Sweden now, the recording down in Germany went great!
There seem to be some worries that this album will be the final bash for Soilwork. HELL NO MAN, you ain´t seen nothing yet... Of course this is just a misunderstanding...

I have a little suggestion for all the postings in this corner... It think we should keep this corner as a frequently updated information source where people can ask questions and get answers. Don´t get me wrong here, i´m very happy to get greetings and compliments, they all make me and the band inspired, but i do think we should keep those to the guestbook.. I promise you i check out the guestbook daily so don´t worry! It´s gonna be a lot easier for me to answer more questions as well..
So let´s keep Speed´s corner as a forum for questions and news..
I hope you understand my point...

A ot of people ask for my favorie bands and inspirations, i´ll here try to give you a list of records that have in any way been inspirational:
1.Metallica-Kill em´all
2.Terrorizer-World Downfall
3. The Who-Who´s next
4.Judas Priest-Klling Machine
5.Strapping young lad-City
6.Dissection-Storm of the light´s bane
7. Seal-S/t
10.Soundtrack of our lives-Welcome to the instant freebase

Hey, stay tune for merchsection and Stabbing-video, we´re working on it...
I´ll talk to you soon... By the way, feel free to post suggestions for name on my sideproject with the B.Guardian drummer Thomen, we´re stucked...

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Orphaned Land to Make First US Apperance

Century Media is proud to announce that Israeli progressive metal band Orphaned Land will be appearing this September at Atlanta’s ProgPower USA VI. This will be the band’s first-ever appearance in the United States. Vocalist Kobi Farhi is thrilled to be a part of this year’s festival and sent this message to fans, “We are happy and excited to announce that we have confirmed our debut show in the U.S.A., and we are coming to bring you a storm from the ORPHANED LAND. Hurricane Ivan was nothing here comes the Flood!! See you all at ProgPower.”

"Orphaned Land was the first band I approached about playing this year’s festival,” says ProgPower USA promoter Glenn Harveston. “I have been listening to the band since their early releases starting with 1994’s Sahara, and 1996’s El Norra Allil. I can say that 2004’s Mabool was one of the year’s most original and exotic albums. I’m honored to be able to bring them to the U.S. to be part of ProgPower USA VI." The prestigious festival has previously hosted labelmates Tad Morose, Into Eternity, Mercenary, Jag Panzer and Blind Guardian.

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