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Blind Guardian

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Band Photo: Blind Guardian (?)

Formed: 1985
From: Krefeld, Germany
Last Known Status: Active


As one of the most popular power metal bands in the world, Blind Guardian have become known as a musical group who have their music written with vivid imagination has attracted fans of all types. Originally formed as a Helloween like band, they have evolved into a unique sound of power metal.

Incorporating classic fantasy novels, such as the Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien, Blind Guardian have been able to attract the fans of the famous books. Blind Guardian have influenced a wide range of power metal bands. Their newest albums, containing orchestral arrangements along with plenty of vocal harmonies, clearly show express the fantasy and medieval elements in their music.

Blind Guardian Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Blind Guardian.


Hansi Kürsch Talks From "Beyond The Red Mirror"

The following interview with Blind Guardian vocalist Hansi Kürsch was a joint venture between MetalUnderground.com and Black Bird Productions. The guest interviewer is none other than Disforia/Judicator vocalist John Yelland, who worked with Kürsch (who appeared as a guest vocalist) on the Disforia track “The Dying Firmament” (from the band’s latest album “The Age of Ether” - see review here).

A lifelong fan of Blind Guardian, John approached me with the idea of interviewing Kürsch about the band’s upcoming new release “Beyond the Red Mirror” (see our review at this location), and knowing how interesting the interaction would be among musicians and friends, I quickly jumped at the idea. So please sit back, read and watch the interview (video appears at the end) with the legendary Hansi Kürsch presented by one of the best up and coming singers, John Yelland! - CROMCarl

On a chilly winter morning I had the pleasure of interviewing a legend, the master bard himself, mister Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian. I had worked with Hansi before on a song of mine in Disforia, “The Dying Firmament”, and have stayed in touch with him since. Intensely curious about the growing hype around Blind Guardian’s upcoming album ‘Beyond the Red Mirror’, I was fascinated to learn details behind the album’s story, concept, and creation. The interview which follows shines light on the aforementioned subjects, as well as everything from promotion, music videos, and the orchestral project, to beer and The Hobbit movies. Please, enjoy :-) More...

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Hansi Kursch Talks "At The Edge Of Time"

After 25 years of championing fantasy-themed power metal, Blind Guardian has returned with the band's latest journey "At the Edge of Time." Vocalist Hansi Kürsch took some time to explain the creation of the album and the themes behind the songs. Commenting on the influences in the album and how it fits into the Blind Guardian discography, Hansi stated "...there’s a little bit of everything. It makes the album attractive not just for Blind Guardian fans but for heavy metal fans, because it’s a pure, epic, orchestral heavy metal album." He also dropped some hints about the possibility of a new Demons & Wizards album with Jon Schaffer, and discussed the band's upcoming tour schedule. More...

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