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From: Bayonne , France
Last Known Status: Active

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View Tonight's Headbangers Ball Lineup

Tune into this week's Headbangers Ball, which airs at 11pm EST, Saturday night on MTV2, to watch videos from Machine Head, Trivium, and more captivating interview segments provided by Megadeth's Dave Mustaine. Here's the complete video playlist:

HellYeah - You Wouldn't Know
Pantera - Cemetary Gates
Job For A Cowboy - Embedded
Mastodon - Blood And Thunder
Kamelot - Ghost Opera (debut)
Anthrax - Caught In A Mosh
Black Label Society - In This River (From Dimebag Darrell 2007 Rock Walk Induction)
Alice In Chains - Sea Of Sorrow
Trivium - The Rising
Damageplan - Explode
Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Wanna Stop
Clutch - Electric Worry
Machine Head - Aesthetics of Hate
Black Sabbath - Neon Knights
Diecast - Fade Away
Death Before Dishonor - Break Through It All
Mudvayne - Happy
Alabama Thunderpussy - Words of A Dying Man
Amon Amarth - Cry of The Black Birds
Gojira - To Sirius

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Gojira Post Live Video and MP3 Online

French metallers GOJIRA have added a live video and an MP3 of the song "Remembrance" from the "The Link Alive" DVD to their MySpace page.

GOJIRA is continuing to tour in support of its latest CD, "From Mars To Sirius", which saw an August 2006 release through Prosthetic Records in North America and a September 2005 release in Europe through Listenable. The band is currently preparing for a number of festival appearances that will take them through the end of the summer.

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Apocalyptica Announce Album Details and Guests

In 2007, APOCALYPTICA will perform in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest Final on the May 12 as Special Guests (not in the actual competition). They will bring their trailblazing brand of metal to the show's final entertainment climax, blending old hits and previewing tracks from new album in an 8 minute medley. The 2007 final continues along the direction the 2006 winners Lordi had previously marked out, promising fantasy, fun and rock. Lordi will also naturally participate in the event, opening the whole ceremony themselves with a live performance.

APOCALYPTICA also release the live DVD 'The Life Burns Tour' on May the 14th across the UK, support Metallica on July 15th in Helsinki, and are building up to the release of the Jacob Hellner (Rammstein) produced next record, which is set for release in September (TBC). This much anticipated album will feature a whole host of incredible guest stars who are at the forefront of the hard rock/metal scene including Corey Taylor, Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Tomoyasu Hotei (superstar Japanese composer, whose credits include the Kill Bill soundtrack), Joseph Duplantier (Gojira), Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and MANY more to be announced in the coming weeks.

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Gojira Interviewd By Randy Blythe, Video Available

French metal titans GOJIRA singer/guitarist Joe Duplantier and drummer Mario Duplantier were recently interviewed by Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe for a special segment on Metal Injection, during the two bands' time on tour along with Trivium and Machine Head. Metal Injection has posted the interview here, available in two parts along with a music video and live footage. Some excerpts from the interview:

On the French metal scene:
"There is a huge scene in France. A lot of really great bands. You have a problem when you are a French band, it's to...cross the border. But we have a lot of really good bands, like Trepalium. It's one of my favorites. It's a French band, really powerful. There are a lot of bands, like Scarve. There are too many [bands] to mention. They are all good friends and some of them are very good friends of Gojira, like Trepalium and Manimal...and after that, you have dozens of great, great bands, like Claw, Dagoba...they all have their own personality."

On opening up the recent tour:
"It's very exciting, because you have to play for 25 [minutes] or half an hour, and it's a totally different story because you don't really have time to show the whole thing, like the message and the atmosphere and the pictures on the wall that we use to project the feeling."

On the GOJIRA's focus on whales:
"The music we're playing, we try to sound as big as possible and as heavy as possible. We like when it's big and very, very heavy and a whale is very, very heavy...We like to sound like the whale. And yet, it's so beautiful. When it moves, it's like it's flying. It's a poetic vision...It's poetry. Another thing is that whales are very intelligent, they have a very important brain matter, like us but they don't do wars, they don't build cities or drive cars, they don't go to McDonald's and most of the time, animals have very small brain matter...but the whales, they have this incredible brain matter and they behave sometimes in a way we don't understand. The thing is, I think we have to learn from the whales, and we kill them. The album is kind of a tribute to these Earthlings that are so beautiful."

GOJIRA continues to support the band's latest release, 'From Mars To Sirius,' which saw an August 2006 release through Prosthetic Records in North America and a September 2005 release in Europe through Listenable. The band is currently back at home in France, having just completed a tour of the United Kingdom supporting Trivium.

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Machine Head Frontman Updates From The Road

Guitarist and vocalist Robb Flynn checked in from the road via Machine Head's Tour Diary:

The world loves that “Bay Area Crunch”...GOD DAMN!!!!

I mean, fuckin’ WOW!!!

HOW 'BOUT IT?!?! The Head are the 1st Bay Area "metal" band in the top ANYTHING in probably the last 10 friggin' years, let alone the top 12, 20, 30, 50 of the music charts across the world?!?! Howa-bout-it... The Bay is back on the map!

#54 on the U.S. Billboard charts...?! That’s the highest U.S. charting we've ever had by a long shot, and about 30% more sales than almost every other MH record released in the US including BME, TMTC, SC and TTAOE. Everywhere else in the world, "The Blackening" was hands-down our biggest 1st-week seller EVER... in the HISTORY of the band!!

And to have the biggest 1st-week sales / highest chartings in the history of the friggin' band... in every country throughout the world... with no video being aired... no "single" at radio... on our 6th friggin' album... which opens with a friggin' 10 1/2 minute song?!?! Well, dear Head-Cases, life is pretty fuckin' sweet! And supposedly the record industry is in a slump?! Shiiiiit, all things considered, things in Machine Head-land are goin' pretty fuckin’ good man. Head-Cases, you motherfuckers went out there and made a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE statement to the world... seriously... I’m not gonna get too brainiac on it, whatever it is...WHAT - EVER it is...YOU - KICK - FUCKING - ASS!!!

And don’t stop now!! Keep spreading the word!!

On a different note, for the "collectors" out there, I was recently made aware of a couple of misprints on the 1st pressing of "The Blackening". On the U.S., International, and 'bonus' versions there is a small glitch on the cover, where somehow the 2 "squiggles" on either side of the album title "gained" a white patch under the bottom 'lip' of each squiggle... apparently a fuck-up by the film separator. All other art (stickers, shirts, posters, ads) have the correct art (if you wanna compare) and all future editions will have the correct cover art. In addition, but limited to just the U.S. version, a mastering credit didn't appear because of timing issues / art deadlines before that final mastering happened (done by the king Eddy Schreyer). All other international formats were able to include the correct mastering credit, however, so this will only need to be corrected for future pressings of the U.S. disc. All little shit no doubt, but cool stuff in case any of you are interested in that kinda stuff. As a collector dork myself, I can relate.

Aesthetics video shoot turned out sweet, very "community" heavy in theme, just a real raw, rugged, street video, very stoked to see the final edit.

LOG tour is over... fuckin' crazy... tour went by SO fast, I can't believe it's been 8 weeks!!! It was amazing, we couldn't have asked to have been on a better tour to set up what will no doubt be an incredible run for us. A loud ass "Cheers Fuckers!" to the Lamb Of God camp and crew, the Trivium's and Gojira's for making this one of the best tours we've EVER been a part of.

Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!


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Gojira Frontman Interviewed, Band To Head To UK

Altitude TV's "Metalology 101" has posted an exclusive interview with GOJIRA frontman Joe Duplantier from the band's recent appearance on tour in Los Angeles with Lamb of God, Trivium and Machine Head. Host Possum asks Joe about the French metal scene, how GOJIRA has enjoyed touring North America and some of Joe's favorite aspects and people from America. Check out the entire interview online here.

GOJIRA is playing the final date of the current tour tonight in Cincinatti before heading to the UK for a brief tour of the country with Trivium. The band is continuing to support the band's first proper North American release, From Mars To Sirius, which saw an August 2006 release through Prosthetic Records.

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Trivium's Corey Beaulieu Checks In

Trivium guitarist Corey Beaulieu has checked in after returning from touring with Lamb of God. Here's what he had to say:

"Hey everyone!

"We’ve been home for a couple days getting our shit together before heading off to Ireland to start our European and UK headlining The Crusade World Tour 2007 along with very special guests and thrash kings Annihilator with our friends Gojira and Sanctity.

"Would like to thank everyone who came out to see the Lamb of God tour, we had a blast! The guys in LOG treated us great and were super cool guys to tour with , they killed it every night! It was a great pleasure to be back on the road with our good friends in Machine Head we had many nights of drinking with those guys and can’t wait to tour with them again, hopefully very soon! Our last day of the tour was in Ft. Lauderdale and besides an amazing show it was also Phil’s birthday so we went out with a bash!! (happy bday phil). The dudes in Gojira were awesome and looking forward to seeing them again in a few days overseas for another few weeks of metal mayhem.

"We are really stoked to be coming back over and playing for all over fans overseas. Everyone in Ireland and the Uk will be getting our biggest stage show we have done to date so you are in for a treat. If you haven’t picked up a ticket yet def do before they are all gone ‘cause it will def be a killer show.

"We will be playing a lot of songs from all the records so it will be a good mix for everyone to enjoy!

"I would also like give a big shout out to our message board and Myspace regulars admins’s, mod’s we do read as much of your mail as we can and appreciate all the comments, pictures, videos of some of you have created covering our music as a band or just jamming on a Dean, fan art – its all fucking great and keep it coming we love it and thanks to everyone who has came out to the shows and has picked up The Crusade; we appreciate your support and love you for everything! ‘cant wait to bring the metal to your town and have a great night of thrashing out.

"See you soon and Thanks again!! Corey"

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Lamb of God Lead DC Metalheads To The Slaughter

Last week on Monday, March 26, I had the chance to get out to DC's 9:30 Club to see Lamb of God's Sacrament Tour with Trivium, Machine Head and Gojira as support. This year has been chock full of amazing tours and doesn't look to be letting up. This concert was the third sold out show in a row I've seen at the 9:30 Club, which has a capacity of over 1300 people. I was amazed upon my arrival just after 7:15 that the place was already filled to about three quarters capacity and the smell of hot, sweaty bodies already filled the air. More...

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Gojira Frontman Talks About Band, Tour, More

Pure Grain Audio now has a video interview online with French death metallers GOJIRA, from the band's recent stop in Guelph, Ontario in Canada while on tour with Lamb of God, Trivium and Machine Head. The interview is in-depth, covering several subjects including the band's beginnings, touring North America for the second time and the band's recent success. Here are a few excerpts:

On touring North America as an opening act:
"We have a very strong fan base of dedicated fans, it's amazing," frontman Joe Duplantier said. "They write us letters, they come to the show. Some of them have seen us 20 times or me and in France, we're kind of an established band now. When we tour in France we are headliners. We have a big crowd for us, it's even harder to be a headliner like that with dedicated fans, because you have to give the best all the time [rather than] being the opening act. Actually, it's very refreshing to be on this tour playing 30 minutes and being like, 'We have to go in and warm up the place and then go in the bus'."

On GOJIRA's atypical lyrical content:
"It's just spontaneous, like the music" Duplantier said of the band's lyrical direction. "It just goes together. And to me, sometimes people tell me, 'Why do you have a peaceful message and you play metal? It's so violent, it's so dark, it's so nasty.' I want to say, 'No, actually it's not paradoxical at all.' On Earth, we have a problem, we are on the ship and it's sinking and we have to do something about it. So there's an emergency...I feel like it's natural, it's spontaneous to scream. But that's not the only point for the message. I would say the message is more like take care of yourself if you want to take care of your world and the ship. Learn how to respect yourself and know better - if you want to know the world and respect the world."

GOJIRA is continuing to support the band's first proper North American release, 'From Mars To Sirius,' which saw an August 2006 release through Prosthetic Records, after being available in only Europe through Listenable Records in September 2005. The video for the song "To Sirius" will be played again this weekend on MTV2's Headbangers Ball - check local listings for time and channel. The video can also be seen online here.

The remaining tour dates featuring Lamb of God, Trivium, Machine Head and Gojira are:

3/28 Norfolk VA - Norva Theatre
3/29 Myrtle Beach, SC - House Of Blues
3/30 Jacksonville, FL - Plush
3/31 St. Petersburg, FL - Jannus Landing
4/01 Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution
4/03 Nashville, TN - City Hall
4/04 Memphis, TN - New Daisy Theatre
4/05 Cincinnati, OH – Bogarts

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Gojira Video Updates From The Road

GOJIRA have posted multiple video clips of the band's live performances on the road with Lamb of God, Trivium and Machine Head while on the band's second-ever North American tour. Select video clips and photos from the road can be found here, including a clip with a cameo from Lamb of God's Randy Blythe, while clips from each night's performance can be found on YouTube.

Currently supporting the North American release of 'From Mars To Sirius' through Prosthetic Records, GOJIRA will stay out on the road with the tour through April 5. Released in North America in August 2006, the record has met with critical acclaim and will be followed by re-releases of GOJIRA's 'The Link' album and 'The Link Alive' DVD through Listenable Records later this spring, previously only available in Europe.

Here are the remaining GOJIRA tour dates: More...

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Gojira, Sanctity To Join Trivium's European Tour

French band Gojira & new Roadrunner signing Sanctity will be joining special guest Annihilator as support on Trivium's upcoming tour, sponsored by Metal Hammer & Total Guitar. The headline tour will see Trivium play 44 shows in two months in 17 countries across Europe.

Please note the following:

* Gojira will appear on all Irish and UK dates (no mainland European dates)
* Sanctity will appear on all UK and mainland European dates (no Irish dates, due to US commitments)

Tickets are on sale now from all usual box offices and ticket agents including www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.livenation.co.uk .With tickets selling like hot cakes, the tour is set to be the band’s third consecutively sold out headline tour here. UK dates are as follows:

Sun 8th Apr – Dublin Ambassador LAST FEW TICKETS
Mon 9th Apr – Dublin Ambassador
Wed 11th Apr – Bradford St Georges Hall
Thu 12th Apr – Manchester Apollo
Fri 13th Apr – Glasgow Academy LAST FEW TICKETS
Sat 14th Apr – Newcastle City Hall
Sun 15th Apr – Liverpool University
Tue 17th Apr – Nottingham Rock City LAST FEW TICKETS
Wed 18th Apr – Cambridge Corn Exchange LAST FEW TICKETS
Thu 19th Apr – Portsmouth Guild Hall LAST FEW TICKETS
Fri 20th Apr – Plymouth Pavilions LAST FEW TICKETS
Sun 22nd Apr – Newport Centre
Mon 23rd Apr – Wolves Civic Hall
Tue 24th Apr – Ipswich Regent
Wed 25th Apr – London Hammersmith Apollo
Trivium shortly embark on a 6-week US tour with Lamb Of God, Machine Head, and Gojira, following their recent headline dates & the Big Day Out tour in Japan & Australia. Next single The Rising is set for digital release on April 2, for which the band are planning to film a video shortly.

New label mates Sanctity release debut album Road To Bloodshed on April 9. The North Carolina metal band have already been featured as a hot band to watch out for this year in Metal Hammer, Rocksound, and Total Guitar magazines. You can check out their video for demo track Zeppo shot in an abandoned 1930’s prison online.

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Machine Head's Dave McClain Checks In

Dave McClain checked in from the band's website.

Hey Ya'll!!

Happy New Year to everybody!! Looking forward to getting back on the road and unleashing the new album on everyone! Everything is finally coming together. Artwork and CD booklet getting finalized, mastering is complete and preparations for the Lamb Of God tour are underway!!

I started practicing today by myself and getting in "show shape". I practice a lot on my own but today I started playing like I would if we were doing a show, just basically hitting a lot harder and running through a lot of songs back to back. A good day of practicing, I already feel like I'm in "mid tour" form. So, about three songs into playing, I feel some blisters start to form. I was going to put some tape around them just to keep them from popping and ripping open but I kept playing on and two songs later I actually got to see two chunks fly off my hand!!! Yes!! I hardly ever get to see them fly off. My lucky day I guess!

Anyway, back to the tour.

I've never seen Gojira before but heard some of the their stuff and heard that they're a killer live band.

Of course we already know the Trivium guys really well and have crossed paths a few times. Hmmmm, I see booze in our future!!

I can safely say that Lamb Of God are one of my favorite metal bands. Killer riffs, great musicians and after doing some shows with them and coming out to a few on our own and hanging out with them, I can also say that they're cool people as well. Really looking forward to watching Chris play every night. I see more booze in our future!

That's about it. See ya on the road!!


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Gojira's 'FMTS' Ranks High in Top Albums of 2006

Upon conclusion of the band's first trek across North America, France's GOJIRA has netted press coverage across the board, including grabbing a nod from The Los Angeles Times and year-end list appearances in Revolver and Decibel.

REVOLVER MAGAZINE (USA) Top 20 albums of the year 2006
4. Gojira - From Mars To Sirius
DECIBEL MAGAZINE (USA) The top 40 albums of 2006
10.Gojira - From Mars to Sirius

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Children Of Bodom, Amon Amarth Live Report

Nights like this one only confirm that Euro-metal is steadily on the rise in New England. Judging by the number of excited fans attending the Palladium on Dec 16th, you would think that we were graced with not one but two headliners. It was a year ago, almost to the day that the two cohorts of Scandinavian merry men strolled through town and now they brought along France's beloved Gojira. Keeping chronological order, Sanctity took the stage first. They were greeted surprisingly well for an opening act. I haven't seen these guys before but kudos for their fervor on stage. Some of the fans were familiar with their stuff and even managed to form the beginnings of a mosh pit.

Highly acclaimed but alas, largely unknown in US, Gojira were up next. The quality of their music and the level of passion they played with were enchanting. This is a band that effortlessly fuses serene imagery with formidable riffs in an exceedingly refined manner. Grimacing vocalist Joe Deplaned was remarkably dynamic in his performance, interacting on stage and proving that Death metal bands can actually be eye-pleasing to watch. Mario's drum solo was an unexpected but gratifying treat. The set list revolved around their latest album: Ocean Planet, Heaviest Matter, Flying Whales and Backbone. The crowd looked a bit perplexed but displayed support with spontaneous cheers. More...

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Gojira Give Tour Update

GOJIRA has posted a tour update at Prosthetic Records's website. The heavy-hitting French quartet is currently wrapping up its first North American tour, supporting Children of Bodom and Amon Amarth alongside Sanctity and has just been confirmed alongside Lamb of God, Trivium and Machine Head for another North American tour beginning in February and crossing the continent into April. GOJIRA is continuing to support its latest record, 'From Mars To Sirius,' which saw an August release in North American through Prosthetic Records, after initially being released in Europe through Listenable Records in September of 2005.

Here are some updates from the band:

"December 13th: Today we're in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We had a great time in California last week. Nice weather, palm trees, and of course meeting, for the first time, EJ and Bob from Prosthetic. We feel like we're alredy good friends. Nice guys, upright and passionate about what they do. Guys, it's a pleasure to work with you! Then onto Anaheim : Good show. Disney Land was the right place to meet Bob! The day after, San Diego was one of our best shows on this tour."

"December 9th: Los Angeles Wiltern Theater. Amazing venue! We realy look forward to play there again (in February). Then it was an incredibly long and beautiful drive to Denver, Colorado and yesterday Lawrence, Kansas with a very enthusiastic crowd. It's not always easy on the road. It's hard to sleep, sometimes we have to deal with little tensions or problems, but it's nothing compared to the fun we are having doing this tour."

"December 4th: Things are doing so good for us in the states so far...We already saw Philadelphia, Rochester, Detroit (my God), Milwaukee, Memphis (day off) and today: Dallas Tex-ass! Nobody's sick, we're having a lot of fun, we eat junk food, we get fat, we love the crowd every night. For the moment it's a warm welcome from American metalheads. In Detroit, the hotel was so nasty that a shower would have been dangerous. In Milwaukee, we were under ten feet of snow, the show in Detroit was amazing...Wild. The stage was ten feet high and from up there we had a beautiful view of a killer circle pit!"

"We just received, a few days ago, the routing for our next tour with LAMB OF GOD, TRIVIUM and MACHINE HEAD next February/March/April. We have no words to describe it..We are so excited to be touring the states like that! It's like a dream come true. Thanx to you all, thanx for your support!"

GOJIRA tour dates follow: More...

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Lamb of God Announce 2007 Headlining Tour

Returning to the U.S. after a sold-out tour of Europe, Australia and Japan, Lamb of God is excited to announce a headlining American tour in 2007 with Bay Area Metal Titans Machine Head, modern day metal traditionalists Trivium and France's heaviest metal export Gojira. Having spent the summer of 2006 on the Unholy Alliance Tour with metal pioneer's Slayer and joining Megadeth for the Gigantour tour in September, LOG will kick-off this tour in Dallas on February 16 as they bring their pummeling live show across the U.S. and Canada.

Band drummer Chris Adler states, "When you are a kid, you dream of playing your music in an arena. Once you've done it, you realize how much you miss the power and energy of a kick ass club show. We've been fortunate to be playing some big places as of late, but when we started talking about a spring 2007 Sacrament tour, we agreed (and had heard it repeatedly over the past 2 years from the fans!!!) that it would be incredibly intense for everyone to bring the machine that is LAMB OF GOD back into the clubs.. There is no comparing the connection and shared energy of a club show. The blood, sweat, and beer flying - that's a proper metal show! This is intense music for intense people - we're sick of the seats, the ushers and the lame security guards telling people to calm down!"

"We probably should have left it at that, but in true LAMB OF GOD form we pushed it further. With a little help from our friends, we put an arena show bill together and told our booking agent to put it into the clubs and theaters - and oh yeah, not just any clubs - lets make sure to hit a lot of cities that normally get overlooked. Let's bring the best show we can to the people that have been left waiting for far too long. This is going to be completely out of hand and we can't fucking wait! You have been warned!!!"

The following tour dates have been confirmed: More...

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Listenable Records Launches YouTube Channel

France's Listenable Records has launched its exclusive YouTube channel at this location. Currently available for viewing on the channel are videos by such artists as IMMOLATION, THE AMENTA, GOJIRA, ABORTED and TEXTURES.

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Gojira's "To Sirius" To Be Aired on HBB

France's GOJIRA's will see the band's “To Sirius” video re-aired this Saturday on MTV2's “Headbangers Ball” at 10pm est. Check local listings for time and channel. Directed and produced by Alain Duplantier of Les Telecreateurs, the video can also be seen on Prosthetic Records’ YouTube page.

GOJIRA has been confirmed as support for Children of Bodom’s upcoming North American, also playing alongside Amon Amarth and Sanctity. The tour will cross the continent from late-November to mid-December and marks the first time GOJIRA will cross the Atlantic to play live to North American audiences.

From Mars To Sirius, released Aug. 22 through Prosthetic Records after seeing a late 2005 European release through Listenable Records, is GOJIRA's first proper domestic release.

GOJIRA on tour with Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, Sanctity: More...

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Kerrang To Issue "New Breed" CD

"Kerrang!" will be releasing a new double CD entitled "Kerrang! New Breed" in the UK on October 16th. The outing will feature a variety of tracks from both established and underground artists with the likes of Gojira, Bullet For My Valentine, Alexisonfire, Panic! At The Disco and more all set to appear. More details can be found here.

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Download Gojira's Cover of Metallica's "Escape"

French Metallica fan site Metal Monster has uploaded GOJIRA's cover version of the classic Metallica song "Escape" here.

GOJIRA are currently on tour with Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, Sanctity: More...

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