"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2001
From: Paris, France
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Monolithe News

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Monolithe To Release New Album

Monolithe & Les Acteurs de l'ombre productions have secured a partnership to launch the band's upcoming seventh full-length album. Recording is underway, and the label and band have agreed on an early 2018 release, with full details forthcoming and a teaser available below.

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Monolithe Releasing New Album

Monolithe continues a fascinating musical journey with new album "Zeta Reticuli," which is part two of the "Epsilon Aurigae" series and is due to drop July 8th via Debemur Morti Productions. The label comments:

"On this new colossal opus, the band - more powerful than ever - transposes the bold, exploratory approach of greats such as Magma or Univers Zero into the mystical universe of cosmic heavy music. 'Zeta Reticuli' is a monster: a stellar explosion of sound and emotion powered by a massive groove and avalanches of overwhelming riffs.

"Simultaneously epic, grandiose, melodic and deadly heavy, 'Zeta Reticuli' expands the definition of doom metal in a sublime refinement and reinvention of Monlithe’s history. Mesmerizing and fascinating from beginning to end, this brilliant new album is undoubtedly the magnum opus of this incredibly unique band." More...

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Monolithe Posts "Synoecist" Video

Autumn is upon us and the wait is over: the cosmic metallers from Monolithe are premiering the splendid video for an edited version of "Synoecist," the first excerpt from their upcoming new opus "Epsilon Aurigae" - a symphony from outer space!

On "Synoecist" this enigmatic French project continues to mesmerize and overwhelm with a colossal sound. ?Not only dooooom, this is progressive dark metal that's grandiose and majestic. "Epsilon Aurigae" will be released on December 11 and will contain the following compositions:

1. Synoecist
2. TMA-0
3. Everlasting Sentry More...

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Monolithe Unveils New Album

Debemur Morti Productions issued the following announcement about releasing a new album from Monolithe:

"The colossal French band Monolithe is about to release surprising and grandiose new album entitled 'Epsilon Aurigae.' One more time, the creation of the front cover was handed to the talented Norwegian Artist Robert Høyem (Evoken, Kampfar, Reverend Bizarre etc.) and can be seen below.

"This epic piece of progressive dark metal will be released by Debemur Morti Productions on December 11 on Digifile CD and digital download. Get ready for one of the most impressive release of the year..."

This massive and cosmic symphony contains the following compositions:

1. Synoecist
2. TMA-0
3. Everlasting Sentry More...

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Monolithe Posts Album Trailer

After a unique cycle of four albums, Monolithe is about to open a new fascinating chapter with the surprising new opus "Epsilon Aurigae." Pending further details about this forthcoming release, the band has revealed a video trailer that can be seen below.

"Epsilon Aurigae" is scheduled for worldwide release this coming December through Debemur Morti Productions. Monolithe's latest album was "Monolithe IV" in late 2013, finishing off a linked quadrilogy of releases.

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Monolithe Posts New Album Trailer

French act Monolithe has posted a teaser trailer online for new album "Monolithe III," which can be found below. Debemur Morti Productions also commented:

"The third full-length from French doomsters Monolithe follows a familiar pattern to its predecessors, comprising one epic song sprawled out over an incredible 52 minutes. There the similarities end: 'Monolithe III' introduces a bigger, bolder and more sophisticated incarnation of this internationally-acclaimed act, which has forged a solid reputation for itself as a genre-defining entity.

"Teeming with powerful, crushing, dark-yet-melodic Doom Metal, 'Monolithe III' ushers the listener on a journey through time and space, introducing a plethora of moods and twists along the way. Following on from the themes explored on previous releases, this new full-length follows the fate of mankind in a distant, remote future, where everything is possibly known and done. Monolithe's trademark sound has been honed and perfected, a seamless union of heavyweight rhythm guitars, twin leads and dark layers of keyboards all contained within a mystic, grandiose atmosphere.

"A landmark release for band and label alike, 'Monolithe III' soars timelessly, forging a unique link between the prehistoric past and an uncertain future. The quintessential listening experience; live it." More...

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Monolithe Finishes Recording New Album

The recording of Monolithe’s third full-length, which the band has stated is a “progression in continuity,” was recently completed at Red Reed Studio. “Monolithe III” will be mixed & mastered this summer by Andrew Guillotin at Hybreed Studio.

Artwork was created by Norwegian artist Robert Høyem and can be viewed below. The album will be available in a 4-panel digipack CD later this year. Further details will be announced as they are made available. More...

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Monolithe To Release "Monolithe III"

Debemur Morti Productions has issued the following announcement about releasing Monolithe's upcoming "Monolithe III" album:

"Initiating a new era of deep darkness, we're honoured to announce a pact in blood with French doom mongers MONOLITHE.

"After two critically-acclaimed albums and two digitally-released EPs, the band is currently working on 'Monolithe III,' a new album heralded as a 'progression in continuity.' In a few months, you'll be invited to sink into MONOLITHE's bleak world of horror and nothingness, where only desolation prevails.

"To whet your appetite for the impending doom, you can listen to the latest EP, 'Interlude Second,' at this location." More...

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Monolithe Delay New Album

"Monolithe III", the third full-length album from the French doom metal band MONOLITHE, which was previously scheduled for a March 2008 release, has been delayed.

Guitarist Sylvain Bégot commented: "I, on behalf of the whole band, would like to apologize and thank the numerous people who showed impatience and anxiety toward the band's current hiatus. But the record we're making is very special and strange, so it makes things complicated to do. Be sure that the album will be released this year and will, of course, keep its promises!"

"Monolithe III" is scheduled to include contributions from the following musicians:

Sylvain Bégot: rhythm, bass & lead guitars, all devices
Benoît Blin (DEVIANZ): bass & lead guitars
Richard Loudin (DESPOND): vocals
Vindsval (BLUT AUS NORD): vocals
Marc Canlers (ANTHEMON): sound carving

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Monolithe Update

After more than one year spent in stand-by mode, Monolithe comes back to the world of the living. The new album 'MONOLITHE III' is currently being composed and will be recorded during 2007. Again, the album will feature one unique, long song.

Finally, the 'Interlude Premier' MCD will not see the light of day due to conflicts between Appease Me and Candlelight Records. However, the 20 minute song 'Monolithic Pillars' supposed to be featured on this release will be used in another way.

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Skepticism Tribute Coming Up Soon

Poland's Foreshadow Productions have released the following update:

A massive project on which we have been working for four years now is taking the final shapes. We have gathered 12 bands from all over the world. They recorded their own versions of some of SKEPTICISM songs, which we will release as a double CD set under the name of "Entering the Levitation: a Tribute to Skepticism". The whole album will be released together with two labels from USA , namely Red Stream and Oak Knoll. The official release date has been set to the 4th June 2007.

Here is the final tracklist: More...

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Monolithe's Second Album Out In April

French doom metal band Monolithe will release the second full-length album entited simply II on April 25th through Appease Me... / Candlelight Records.

In addition to that, in the summer (most probably end of May or beginning of June) another brand-new release featuring Monolithe's music will be out. This will be a split release with Polish doom act Oktor. Both bands are working on their parts and the split will feature one lengthy (approx. 20 minutes) track from each band. Monolithe's track, entitled Monolithic Pillars introduces Laurent Desvignes as a vocalist in the band's line-up. The split will be released via our label Foreshadow Productions.

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Candlelight Signs US Licensing Deal w/ Appease Me

Candlelight Records has announced its newly agreed cooperation with France's Appease Me Records. Under the agreement, Candlelight will handle the stateside release of all new recordings from the growing extreme metal label. The first planned releases include the debuts from MONOLITHE and SPEKTR.

Appease Me is owned and operated by members of the band BLUT AUS NORD. The band signed to Candlelight Records and released their first album through the label in early 2004. "The Work Which Transforms God" is for most U.S. audiences their introduction to the highly-regarded extreme metal band. Band leader/vocalist Vindsal says, "It's a great evolution for us. Candlelight's experience in all the domains - artistic development, production, distribution, promotion, etc - will be very precious for us. We want to present an ellitist vision of extreme music with Appease Me being a label of artistic explorators. All the bands signed are unique in their style and we'll always work in this way. Extreme quality not quantity."

Candlelight's Edward Christie says, "Appease Me is a unique label. Their artists, including BLUT AUS NORD, create music that is both challenging and special. Candlelight appreciates these qualities and hopes to bring their sounds to a wider audience.

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