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Symphony X

Formed: 1994
From: Middletown, NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Gigantour Running Order, Set Times Revealed

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the Gigantour.com web site:

"A few days ago, while considering what to do for the first week or so of shows until THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN joins Gigantour, and what my options were at the time when my fantastic 'co-headliners' DREAM THEATER were going to have to depart, I mentioned that I may move someone to Stage 1 from Stage 2. Well, I am no longer considering that.

"You see, I had contemplated having six acts on each stage, but at that length of time and with that amount of talent, each band would have had their set-time cut down, and I would just be having bands on for the sake of having bands on.

"I am not a 'second-guesser' kind of guy, and I am going to stick with five acts per stage, and keep the set times as long as I can with respect to each band and their accomplishments so far.

"Of course, there is sure to be some instances where one act is bigger than another in a different city as opposed to their position on the bill, but the 'goings on' behind the scenes on a touring festival like this is quite laborious and once things are in a groove, it is much easier AND better for the crew working in the trenches everyday to keep it in the groove. You must know that the bands make it 'rock', but the crews make it "roll."

"So, here are the set times for Stage 1:

MEGADETH - Co-headline (90 mins)
DREAM THEATER - Co-headline (90 mins) confirmed through 6/21-9/3/2005
FEAR FACTORY - Special Guests (45 mins) confirmed 6/21-9/11/2005
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN - Guests (30 mins) confirmed 8/2-9/11/2005
NEVERMORE - Guests (30 mins) confirmed 6/21-9/11/2005

Stage 2:

LIFE OF AGONY (40 mins) confirmed 6/21-9/11/2005
SYMPHONY X (30 mins) confirmed 6/21-9/11/2005
DRY KILL LOGIC (20 mins) confirmed 6/21-9/11/2005
[last act to be confirmed this week] (20 mins) 6/21-9/11/2005
BOBAFLEX (20 mins) confirmed 6/21-9/11/2005

"Once DREAM THEATER has to leave, I have my short list for the next act to finish out the last week of Gigantour 1 in North America; ANTHRAX, TESTAMENT, and OVERKILL are just to name a few. In fact, I left things with Scott Ian and we both agreed, that it would be a perfect time and position for ANTHRAX, as I am sure it would.

"So, for now, I am pretty much done with all of the selecting talent, excluding the announcement of the "new school who does old school" metal band coming up this week. The holiday took precedence over the tour business and I was unable to wrap this up before the weekend, but it will get finished this week.

"I want to wish a great Memorial Day Weekend to the friends here who celebrate it, and to all of my awesomes guests on the roster for Gigantour 1."

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Life of Agony Confirmed For Gigantour

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"You have spoken, and being a band of the people, by the people, blah, blah, blah. . . it is my privilege to welcome LIFE OF AGONY to Stage 2 of Gigantour.

"Some of you may remember when [MEGADETH] toured with LOA back when Whitfield Crane was subbing for the estranged original singer, but they have reformed, have a new disc coming, and I have a friendship with the boys, and I think will be great to have them around.

"I really like this band and I hope you do too.

"Tomorrow I should be confirming my 'new school band that does old school metal,' and this is prolly going to be the last band on the tour if we don't move a Stage 2 band to Stage 1."

Gigantour is a six-week festival trek co-headlined by MEGADETH and DREAM THEATER. Other main-stage acts include FEAR FACTORY, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and NEVERMORE. Also scheduled to appear on the second stage are DRY KILL LOGIC, SYMPHONY X and BOBAFLEX.

LIFE OF AGONY will be releasing their new album, "Broken Valley", on June 14 via Epic Records.

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More Gigantour Dates Added

More dates have been added to Megadeth's "Gigantour", which features Megadeth, Dream Theater, Fear Factory, the Dillinger Escape Plan and Nevermore on the main stage, and Dry Kill Logic, Symphony X and Bobaflex on the Second Stage so far. Tour dates:

Jul 21 Fresno, CA - Selland Arena
Jul 22 Las Vegas, NV - Thomas and Mack
Jul 23 Phoenix, AZ - Cricket Amphitheatre
Jul 24 Los Angeles, CA - Verizon Wireless
Jul 26 Sacramento, CA - The Cove @ CalExpo
Jul 28 San Diego, CA - Open Air Theatre
Jul 29 Tucson, AZ - Casino Anselmo
Jul 30 Albuquerque, NM - Journal Amphitheatre
Aug 2 Dallas, TX - Nokia Live
Aug 3 Corpus Christi, TX - Concrete Street Amphitheater
Aug 5 Atlanta, GA - Gwinett
Aug 6 Orlando, FL - Hard Rock Live
Aug 7 West Palm Beach, FL - Sound Advice Amphitheater
Aug 8 Tampa, FL - St. Pete's Times Forum
Aug 10 Detroit, MI - DTE Energy Music Theater
Aug 11 Ft. Wayne, IN - Coliseum Expo
Aug 12 Chicago, IL - Tweeter Center
Aug 13 Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom Complex
Aug 14 Cleveland, OH - Tower City Amphitheatre
Aug 17 Pittsburgh, PA - Chevrolet Amphitheatre
Aug 19 Portland, ME - Civic Center
Aug 20 Manchester, NH - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Aug 21 Poughkeepsie, NY - Mid-Hudson Civic
Aug 23 Wantagh, NY - Jones Beach
Aug 24 Holmdel, NJ - PNC Banks Art Center
Aug 26 Boston, MA - Bank of America Pavilion
Aug 27 Reading, PA - Soverign Center
Aug 28 Atlantic City, NJ - House of Blues
Aug 30 Buffalo, NY - Darien Lakes Amphitheatre
Sep 2 Montreal, QU - Bell Centre
Sep 3 Toronto, ON - Molson Amphitheatre

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More Gigantour Dates Revealed

Numerous dates have now been revealed for the "Gigantour", which features Megadeth, Dream Theater, Fear Factory, the Dillinger Escape Plan and Nevermore on the Main Stage, and Dry Kill Logic and Symphony X on the Second Stage so far. Here's the current schedule:

Jul. 21 Fresno, CA - Selland Arena
Jul. 22 Las Vegas, NV - Thomas And Mack Arena
Jul. 23 Sacramento, CA - The Cove @ Cal Expo
Jul. 24 Concord, CA - Chronical Pavillion
Jul. 30 Tucson, AZ - Casino Anselmo
Aug. 02 Dallas, TX - Nokia Live
Aug. 04 Corpus Christi, TX - Concrete Street Amp.
Aug. 06 Orlando, FL - Hard Rock Live
Aug. 07 West Palm Beach, FL - Sound Advice Amp.
Aug. 10 Detroit, MI - DTE Energy Amphitheatre
Aug. 12 Chicago, IL - Tweeter Center
Aug. 19 Portland, ME - Civic Center
Aug. 20 Manchester, NH - Verizon Wireless Amp.
Aug. 23 Wantagh, NY - Jones Beach Amphitheater
Aug. 24 Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center
Aug. 26 Boston, MA - Bank of American Pavilion

More dates are expected to be announced in the coming days.

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Symphony X Confirmed For Gigantour

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"I am honored to announce that the fantastic group Symphony X has confirmed to join us for Gigantour this summer in the U.S.

"I am triple stoked, and I know you will be too. This is a great opportunity for both Megadeth and Symphony X fans to discover each other. AAnd they come highly recommended by Mike Portnoy [Dream Theater] and the Drover brothers.

"I would like to personally thank the lads in Symphony X for pushing the recording of their new record back in order to support my dreamchild of Gigantour. I look forward to meeting Mike Romeo and his crew and treating them better than they have ever been treated on any tour they have done."

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Mustaine "Narrows Down List" Of Gigantour Bands

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following Gigantour update in the "Forums" sections of the band's official web site:

OK, now here is some dirt on the first and second stage: I wanted to have the first stage be powerful and the second stage be a glimpse into the future bands that are either influenced, fans, or friends of mine and Megadeth. I did say that I had 'this band' or 'that band' in my sights, but I have seriously narrowed down the list.

I am still interested in Dry Kill Logic, Overkill, Dead New Day, Re:Ignition, Life Of Agony, Children Of Bodom, The Agony Scene, Diecast, Symphony X, Otep, and believe it or not, Anthrax and Testament. There are a lot more bands still trying to get onboard, but I think I will just have to make a list for next year.

My dilemma is this; the West Coast run will not have The Dillinger Escape Plan on for the first several shows. I am still deciding to either fill that slot or just go on as a four band show for the main stage. I would love to have Anthrax or Overkill on the main stage with us all, but I don't want to offend Anthrax by offering them that slot unless they really want to take it, and I don't know if Overkill are available yet.

After that, there will be more shows at the end of the tour where Dream Theater will have finished and I need to fill that slot (If I do) at that time.

This tour will run from mid-July to mid-September and will also include Texas, Georgia, and Florida this time, as well as another stint across Canada at the end of the tour.

We have been made offers to go to Mexico City and Monterey, Mexico on the Gigantour run; and Santiago, Chile; and Sao Paolo, Brazil in October on our own. I will not go down to South America without playing Argentina or Columbia too, so don't worry. We just have to work out the details.

Please stay tuned so that I can give you more of the official news real soon.

Meanwhile, the first two dates have been announced for Gigantour. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

08/23 - Wantagh, NY @ Tommy Hilfiger At Jones Beach Theater
08/24 – Holmdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Arts Center

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Mustaine: Gigantour Bands To Be Announced Shortly

MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the band's official message forum:


On Thursday I went up to LA to meet with my management for some important decisions about this summer.

First up was a friendly visit to ESP Guitars and Allen Steelgrave. We talked about the summer in both tours of Euro/UK and the US Gigantour, and how much fun we had doing meet and greets at music stores and that we would like to do some again while out on the road. I also suggested that Glen and I do some guitar clinics, although I have no idea what a clinic is. ESP is also considering being one of the sponsors for Gigantour and we have a really kewl idea that we are working on and will reveal soon.

Next was a meeting with Kevin Flaherty and Stacey Freeman of EMI about the Greatest Hits record "Back to the Start" and the DVD for the bonus package. I am satisfied with the package and have given my approval on everything involved and we are now headed for an official summer release. There are some really rad surprises on this, like I mentioned before, and I hope you like them! More...

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Symphony X Not On Gigantour, Work On New Music

Symphony X will NOT be part of the Gigantour; finishing the new cd takes precedence over going out on tour.

Any South American festival dates are NOT confirmed as of today; when/if that changes, it will be announced.

Guitarist Michael Romeo has written almost 2 hours worth of music, & is now taking the time to find the right song title and lyrical content for each song. Each song has a certain feel to it, so it's important to make sure the lyrics reflect that feel. The 'darker' tone that they're aiming for which has been mentioned in previous studio reports will apply more to the orchestration and the lyrical content than the vocals, for those who continue to muse over the likelihood of singer Russell Allen doing death metal growls. Much of that dark tone would lend itself to ghostly or horror themes (they're tossing around such ideas as Paradise Lost, and the works of Edgar Allan Poe, for example), but Michael Romeo says nothing is definite as far as lyrics go. He's also working on fine tuning the orchestration for the 'longer song', which also has a darker feel to it; that said, he wants it to be clear that it will not be 'an epic' like The Odyssey. One major aim throughout the writing process is making sure that the cd remains true to the Symphony X style, and kick things up a notch as well, without it sounding just like music they've done before; "I want to be excited about the music, so I know the fans will be excited about it" he said.

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Jag Panzer, Painmuseum Confirmed For Louder Harder

JAG PANZER and PAINMUSEUM have been confirmed for the Louder Harder Faster festival, set to take place June 3-5 at the Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, PA. This will be a unique event for PAINMUSEUM: When drummer Bobby Jarzombek (ICED EARTH, HALFORD) was unable to cancel prior engagements for this particular performance, Paul Bostaph (TESTAMENT, ex-SLAYER, SYSTEMATIC, FORBIDDEN) was called upon to fill in for this one night only. Also performing with PAINMUSEUM will be Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X).

The highlight of the festival will be an extremely rare performance by the classic TESTAMENT lineup of Chuck Billy (vocals), Eric Peterson (guitar), Alex Skolnick (guitar), Greg Christian (bass) and Louie Clemente (drums). The weekend of metal mayhem will also include performances by the full original lineup of New York thrash titans NUCLEAR ASSAULT and SPEED\KILL/HATE, featuring members of OVERKILL.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows: More...

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Mustaine Considers New Additions To Gigantour

Lead shredder and singer Dave Mustaine of Megadeth is considering several new additions for an upcoming North American tour; including Diecast, Dry Kill Logic, Otep, Overkill, Pain of Salvation, Taproot, and Symphony X.

Megadeth's "Gigantour" is set to begin in late July with Dream Theatre, Fear Factory, Dillinger Escape Plan and Nevermore. Dillinger Escape Plan will join the tour late, according to Mustaine's forum announcement, and the slot is as-of-yet still open. "There are still many more bands to review, and now I am waiting for their music to be sent."

The band also reports a possible Australia visit. Mustaine said, "It may not be with any of the current line-up of other bands, but at least we are starting the preliminary footwork."

A website for the tour -- named after a 1960's cartoon "Gigantor" -- will be launched next month. This six-week trek will likely be the band's final tour under the Megadeth name.

The thrash metal band were founded in 1983 by former Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine.

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Symphony X Writing New Material

The web site of New Jersey prog-metallers SYMPHONY X has been updated with the following message:

"They're working at a good pace on writing the new CD, they have parts of songs put together at this point that are equal to about half of the new CD, and have lots of ideas that they're working with. They're being very critical with this CD, wanting to kick it up a notch from 'The Odyssey' and make it the best stuff yet; thus far they're working with material from Michael Romeo [guitar], Michael Pinnella [keyboards] and Michael LePond [bass]. Mike sounded really intent on cranking out some excellent music; he's in 'the writing zone', and only good things come of it when he's in that mindset.

"When informed that some fans feared that Mike's comment in an earlier studio report about the new CD being 'darker' than 'The Odyssey' would result in Russ [Allen] doing death metal growls or the like, Mike said that wasn't going to happen.

"Also, 'the dungeon' (the band's studio) has recently been gutted and totally revamped and is at its best ever acoustically, which should help contribute to some excellent sound on the new CD."

SYMPHONY X's follow-up to 2002's "The Odyssey" is tentatively due later in the year via InsideOut Music.

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Symphony X Singer Finish Mixing Solo Album

Symphony X vocalist, Russell Allen, has just completed mixes on his very first solo effort tentatively titled, "Russell Allen's Atomic Soul." Its more of a stripped down bluesy '70s hard rock vibe in the vein of Bad Company. It was recorded by fellow Symphony X member, Michael Romeo who also lent his talents to some guitar and bass work. Look for its release sometime in April.

Romeo is now going to start working on the much anticipated new Symphony X album.

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Russell Allen And Jorn Lande Working Together

Italy’s Frontiers Records report that vocalists Jorn Lande (Masterplan) and Russell Allen (Symphony X) have teamed up for an album together that will go under the name Lande/Allen.

The album is still in the recording stages, but is backed up by a stunning set of songs provided by Swedish guitar hero Magnus Karlsson (Last Tribe).

More information on this project will be revealed as it becomes available.

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Beyond Twilight Cancel Plans To Work w/ Symphony X

Danish metallers Beyond Twilight have dismissed widespread rumors that their upcoming album will feature the vocal talents of Symphony X frontman Russell Allen.

"The rumors spreading like wildfire about Russell Allen as new vocalist in Beyond Twilight were true for a while, but have now been cancelled," the group said in a statement. "Because of Russell Allen's busy schedule with Symphony X, his solo project, numerous other projects and features on numerous other albums about to be released, the band has found it hard to work with Russell and have cancelled their plans with him as new vocalist."

Although the band's debut album, 2001's "The Devil's Hall Of Fame", featured Masterplan/ex-Yngwie Malmsteen frontman Jorn Lande, "Beyond Twilight have kept focus on getting a permanent member of the band — not a 'project singer' or a vocalist appearing everywhere, and has found what they were looking for," the group said. "Stay tuned for somewhat of a news bomb, as we'll reveal the dark secrets of the name of the new acclaimed vocalist."

With regards to the upcoming CD, the band write, "Finn Zierler [keyboardist/main composer] went out of his way to create the new masterpiece. The songs came together in three very different stages, which saw Finn isolated from the surroundings. The first stage took place in a dark attic for three days, then Finn was submerged into a cold lake for another couple of days, and finally walking around the streets of London, living in cardboard boxes for four days. No musical instruments were at hand during these sessions, so Finn wrote down all the music on sheet paper, thus creating what is going to become the new Beyond Twilight opus."

Recordings for the new album are taking place at Tommy Hansen's (Helloween, Pretty Maids) Jailhouse Studio in Horsens, Denmark and in Jacob Hansen's (Raunchy, Illdisposed, Ancient, Manticora, Mercenary) Hansen studio in Ribe, Denmark (Keyboards, lead guitar and drums were recorded at Jailhouse, while the rhythm guitar and bass were recorded at Hansen.) Finn Zierler, Tommy Hansen and Jacob Hansen have been acting as engineers and producers on the recordings.

In other news, acclaimed producer and Invocator mainman Jacob Hansen has joined Beyond Twilight as the band's second guitarist. "Jacob is a perfect fit for the band, and the recordings has gone just perfect," Beyond Twilight said. "Jacob has brought his great skills and energy to the recordings. Beyond Twilight are extraordinarily happy with the new reinforcement."

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Symphony X Keyboardist To Release Solo Album

Michael Pinnella, the keyboard player of Symphony X, will release his first solo album through InsideOut on 11.10.2004.

01. The White Room
02. Edge Of Insanity
03. Piano Concerto#1 mvt.1
04. Enter By The 12th Gate
05. Falling From The Sky
06. Welcome To My Daydream
07. Piano concerto #1 mvt.2
08. Piano concerto #1 mvt.3
09. Live for the day
10. *Scriabin Etude OP.42 no5 *
11. Moracan Lullaby
12. Departing for Eternity
13. Cross the Bridge

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Symphony X Confirm Mexican Dates

The New Jersey based Progressive metallers SYMPHONY X have confirmed on their website that they will play México City, Mexico on May 29 at Circo Volador. A second show in México, tentatively scheduled for May 28, will be announced shortly.

As previously reported, Symphony X will be heading back out on tour in April for two weeks worth of dates with QUEENSRYCHE.

The dates are as follows: More...

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Devin Townsend Apologizes To Symphony X Fans

Devin Townsend Band mainman Devin Townsend (also of Strapping Young Lad) has issued the following statement regarding various "incidents" that occurred during the group's North American tour with Symphony X:

"Symphony X fans, I was childish and stupid in the way I treated the symphony x audience. I am sorry for acting so immature, and I can assure you that I have learned a lesson from the experience. Symphony X was wonderful to tour with, and I thank them for the opportunity. I am sorry to anyone I may have offended, it was wrong of me to say much of what I said onstage."

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