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As a kid, Fieldy spent much of his adolescence "standing around in dirt fields, drinking beer, watching other kids fight." At some point, Fieldy and some friends decided their time would be better spent taking out their frustrations on musical instruments instead. And rock music would never be the same.

So Fieldy, James "Munky" Shaffer, David Silveria, Brian "Head" Wetch, and eventually, an assistant coroner with a troubled past named Jonathan Davis left Bakersfield for Los Angeles and collectively became known as Korn. It helped that they all had common influneces - the angry, urban stylings of hip-hip, the heavy, riff-driven angst of metal. But the sounds emanating from this band's Huntington Beach rehearsal space would soon set an entirely fresh musical precedent and set off a wave of imitators that eventually threatened to engulf the band itself.

After touring for nearly two years, Korn was signed by Immortal and released their now-classic eponymous 1994 debut. Korn opened with the prophetic, gravel-throated challenge "Are you ready?!" before kicking into the heaviest guitar sound yet heard in rock, thanks to the team of Shaffer and Welch, who tuned their already-low 7-string guitars even lower and played with no regard for the traditional harmonic consonance. The sound was metallica sludge, but tempered oddly by bassist Fieldy and drummer Silveria, who added a mix of porn-soundtrack funk and hip-hop rhythms tha was puzzlingly aggressive and chill. Next, nursery rhyme-like melodies were woven into the dark mix, helping make Korn the creepiest, heaviest debut since Black Sabbath. But Davis had no desire to sing about devils and witches; he was busy exorcising real-life demons. Songs such as "Faget" and "Shoots and Ladders" were discomfortingly personal confessions of shattered childhood, and by album's end Davis was literally in tears in the harrowing "Daddy."

And so they began to amass a following that would send their next album, 1996's brutal yet cheekily titled "Life is Peachy," into platinum sales. Years of touring followed again as the band fortified its fan-base to the degree that their next album, 1998's "Follow the Leader," would debut at No. 1 on the Billboard's Top 200, as would "Issues."

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New Korn Single Preview For Download

A radio-broadcast-quality version of KORN's cover of "Word Up", originally recorded by the legendary R&B act CAMEO, has been posted online at this location (courtesy of the KORN fan site KoRnTV.co.uk). "Word Up" is the first single off KORN's forthcoming collection, "Greatest Hits: Volume One", tentatively due on October 12 through Epic Records. CAMEO's version of the tune, released in 1986, reached Number Six on the pop charts. KORN have recorded several other covers for possible inclusion on the disc, including PINK FLOYD's "Another Brick In The Wall", PUBLIC ENEMY's "Fight The Power", FAITH NO MORE's "We Care A Lot", and NINE INCH NAILS' "Head Like A Hole". The latter features a guest appearance from LINKIN PARK vocalist Chester Bennington. A full-length album of cover tunes is tentatively in the works for future release.

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Korn Announce First Single From Greatest Hits

KORN have announced that the first single they will release off of their forthcoming "Greatest Hits-Vol. 1" CD will be the song 'Word Up', a cover tune from the 1980's R&B group CAMEO.

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Headbangers Ball CD Tracklisting

The tracklisting for the forthcoming Headbangers Ball Vol. II, which will be making it's way onto store shelves in late September: More...

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Korn Also Cover Public Enemy's 'Fight The Power'

As previously reported, Korn has covered Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" for their forthcoming best-of set, due this fall. They will also include a cover of Public Enemy's "Fight the Power", however. The Pink Floyd classic was produced collectively by Korn, while "Fight the Power" was helmed by singer Jonathan Davis and Lil Jon, who called their crossbreed "crunk rock".

Four dates, including the first day of the massive four-day Roskilde Festival in Denmark, remain on Korn's itinerary before they join Linkin Park and Snoop Dogg on the Projekt Revolution tour, beginning July 23. In the few weeks before the tour commences, Korn plan to shoot a video for whichever cover is designated to be the first single from the greatest-hits album.

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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Korn "Another Brick In The Wall" Cover Online

A version of KORN's version of PINK FLOYD's 'Another Brick in the Wall', covered live (solo included) on June 23rd has found it's way online. You can download it here (9.6 MB). 'Another Brick in the Wall' will be featured on KORN's upcoming "Greatest Hits" album, which will hit shelves this Fall. The disc will also feature a cover of NINE INCH NAILS' 'Head Like A Hole'.

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Projekt Revolution Sampler Download

Linkin Park is offering everyone who purchases a ticket to any of the 32 tour dates on this year's Projekt Revolution Tour a free sampler download. The sampler includes audio tracks and enhanced content from 13 different artists, some featured on the tour, some new and upcoming bands, and some offering exclusive live or rare tracks. Bands on the sampler include Linkin Park, Korn, Snoop Dogg, Helmet, Thrice, Ghostface, Less Than Jake, M.O.P. and more.

Projekt Revolution ticket-holders can head over to Prsampler.com or LinkinPark.com and enter a special code printed on their physical tickets to gain access to the download. The sampler downloads in the form of a player, with all of the audio embedded. Enhanced content includes band bios, links, photos, and video content.

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Korn Covers NIN On Greatest Hits

Word has it that both AFI and KORN have recorded a cover version of NINE INCH NAILS' 'Head Like A Hole'. The former has laid down the track for inclusion on an upcoming video game, whilst KORN have recorded the song for use on their upcoming "Greatest Hits" album, which is due out this Fall.

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Korn's "Y'all Want A Single" Remix w/ Howard Stern

KORN have posted a remixed version of their song "Y'All Want a Single", featuring a guest appearance by embattled shock jock Howard Stern, at their official web site. Download it here.

Stern, whose radio show was pulled by Clear Channel off its stations last month because of indecency concerns, has hailed the video to "Y'All Want a Single" as "the most inspirational, the most spectacular understanding of what's going on in this country right now." The song, and especially its video, is an attack on radio conglomerates and the music industry, KORN lead singer Jonathan Davis told the Hollywood Reporter.

"The stuff we said in the video (is the stuff) the music industry doesn't want kids to know about," Davis said. "Everyone is in bed with everyone in the industry. One corporation owns all the video channels, one corporation owns all the radio stations, and all the venues we play at are also the promoters. It's a whole monopoly. They basically deem what kids are going to hear."

Read the full article at Yahoo News.

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Projekt Revolution 2004 Tour Dates Announced

Linkin Park is heading out this summer for their third year of Projekt Revolution. Headlining this US tour with LP will be Korn, Snoop, and just added, The Used. The tour will kick off on July 23rd in Cincinnati, OH but the first round of presales for LP Underground members start next Monday, March 08. LP Underground, Linkin Park's official fan club, will be offering members the opportunity to buy some of the best seats in each of the venues before anyone else. To find out more about the LP Underground and how you can become a member, visit LPunderground.com.

Below is a listing of each stop on Projekt Revolution 2004. For the most up to date information on this tour, including additional cities and bands coming soon, visit LinkinPark.com. More...

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Watch Korn's 'Ya'll Want A Single' Video Online

Launch.com is streaming Korn's new video 'Y'all Want A Single' and it's a pretty good bet you won't be seeing it on MTV/MTV2. Watch it here.

UPDATE: Korn are currently streaming the "dirty" version of their new video "Y'all Want A Single" at their official web site. Check it out here. "It's gonna cause a big stir in the music business, period, because it's basically a video about us destroying a record store, and all this different verbiage comes up talking about how really corrupt the music industry is," frontman Jonathan Davis told MTV.com about the clip. "We're just asking for it with this video, and it's pretty amazing. We're really excited about it."

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Snoop Dog To Tweak Performance For Rock On Tour

While this tour is going being branded as "A Metal Tour" (for obvious reasons), Snoop Dogg will be tweaking his performance a bit for a rock audience.

"I got me a band now, the Snoopadelics, who I've been rollin' with for the past year, and it's makin' me feel like I need to be a little more in that direction," he said. "That's why I jumped on this tour faster than any rap tour that was offered to me. I wanted to do something that was different and big and could change the face of the game, and Projekt Revolution is the next level."

All three acts hope to collaborate onstage throughout the cross-country trek.

Of course we gonna come together," Snoop said. "Why not? We're already out there together. If they're onstage and I'm on the side watching, I want to be onstage. I just love the game like that. And there might be a song of mine that they might like ... and we might just have to say, 'I'll save this song for y'all to play on.' "

The Projekt Revolution tour will run from July 23 to September 6. Exact cities and dates are still being finalized.

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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Linkin Park And Korn Team Up For Tour

Linkin Park, Korn, Snoop Dogg and two other artists to be confirmed at a later date will be teaming up for the third Projekt Revolution tour, according to Billboard.com. Projekt Revolution will play amphitheaters from late July into September.

Linkin Park's album "Meteora" (Warner Bros.) debuted last March at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 and has sold 3.8 million copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. Before Projekt Revolution, Linkin Park will play June 3 at the Glasgow Green Festival, June 5 at the U.K.'s Download Festival in Donington and June 9 at the Super Bock Super Rock Festival in Lisbon, Portugal.

Korn will be touring behind their latest Epic set, "Take a Look in the Mirror", which debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 and has sold 782,000 units, compared to sales of 1.4 million copies for its predecessor, 2002's "Untouchables". The group has 14 European shows on tap prior to Projekt Revolution, including a June 21 date with Metallica and appearances at Germany's Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park festivals.

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Nu/Faux Metal Bands Rocked By Slump

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News is profiling how the hard rock sales for the past few months have been dampened while faux-grunge group Nickelback, '70s-style acts, Jet and The Darkness, and arty act Incubus have enjoyed success. Farber cites P.O.D., who saw their last release, 'Satellite,' move 2.7 million copies in 2002 while its latest 'Payable on Death' CD has fallen to No. 186 on the Billboard charts after just 13 weeks, selling just over 400,000 copies. Meanwhile, Limp Bizkit's 'Results May Vary', is lumbering in the low 80s on the chart after 20 weeks, selling only as many as first week sales of their previous effort, 'Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water', moved in its first week. Korn's dropoff also is cited.

The article title "Metal bands rocked by slump" surely is incorrect as these bands hardly qualify as metal, with Korn being the closest of them, and their sales probably hurt by the lackluster Untouchables anyway.

Read the full article at New York Daily News.

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Listen To Korn's 'Ya'll Want A Single' Online

Korn is back with their latest single 'Ya'll Want a Single', which you can listen to online at Netscape Music.

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Static-X Korean Tour Support Pulled

STATIC-X is the latest band to evidently have their tour support pulled. They were forced to cancel their show in South Korea, in Seoul on January 29 KORN and FEAR FACTORY are still on the bill as well as Korea's own SEOTAIJI.

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Static-X Japanese and Australian Tour Dates

STATIC-X has announced a four date Japanese tour to take place directly after their Austrailian tour with FEAR FACTORY and KORN. Here are all the dates: More...

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Korn's Attempt To Not Write A Single Backfires

VH1 caught up with Korn frontman, Jonathan Davis about their latest single, "Ya'll Want a Single", and how it's been surprisingly popular with fans and more.

We were sitting there just looking at each other and we were like, 'OK we've got to write this single,' and we started laughing," singer Jonathan Davis recalled backstage at KROQ-FM's recent Almost Acoustic Christmas show. "And we came up with this anti-single, which turned out great."

Ironically, their anti-single has struck such a chord with fans that Korn have decided to release it as the next single. The song is strangely catchy, and part of the appeal has to be the honesty behind the lyrics. "Y'all want a single say f--- that," is the oft-repeated chorus, while one verse finds Davis singing, "They think we're all the same/ And always we're to blame/ For sh-- I think is lame/ It's time to stop the game."

The song is even a favorite among the execs at Korn's label and management. "They always laugh," Davis said. "It's just funny, like, 'Oh, dude!' this and that, but nothing really [too offensive]. No hard feelings."

Read the full article at VH1.com.

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'Ya'll Wanna A Single' Is Korn's Next Single

KORN's new single will be "Ya'll Wanna A Single", a follow-up to "Right Now".

The band's official website reads:

"The fans demanded it..KORN's putting it out. Radio does not want this song...KORN says "Fuck That." So we need you to fully support it with calls and requests."

The band has also put up some exclusive clips (windows media required) containing Johnathion explain 5 preview tracks of the new album, the producers, travel plans, and much more.

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Korn Seeks To Regain Momentum

After the somewhat disappointing sales of last year's 'Untouchables', Korn is looking to reestablish itself as one of the biggest bands in rock. "I always hoped, but there's no way to imagine what it would be like," drummer David Silveria tells Geoff Harkness of the Cleveland Scene, remembering Korn's gradual rise to fame in the mid-'90s. "We saw other bands that were big and thought it would be cool. We tried and tried, and it just kind of happened."

Read the full article at Cleveland Scene.

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