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Dan Deagh Wealcan

From: Ukraine
Last Known Status: Active

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Dan Deagh Wealcan Interview Posted Online

Singer and lyricist Evgen, member of the Ukrainian/Russian industrial metal band Dan Deagh Wealcan, recently spoken to Lord Malignus of the New York podcast AO1TV. In this interview, Evgen talked about the band's second release "Who Cares What Is Playing In My Headphones."

The album "Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones?" differs dramatically from the first album in both composing and overall sound. This is a playlist from the author, arranged at free will and an attempt to embrace different styles and genres.

As before, all instrumental parts were recorded in Moscow, and vocals were recorded in Zaporizhzhya. The album was mastered at TA Production in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Anamorphic Widesound
2. Dogs in a Box
3. Easy Way - Long Way
4. No More Than Usual
5. Neutral Moresnet
6. What Was That?
7. Baseless Hatred
8. I Killed Everything That Was Good in Me
9. Endless Apathy More...

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