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Formed: 1998
From: Santiago, Chile
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Thornafire News

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Thornafire Streaming New Video

Chilean death metal horde Thornafire has just released its fourth full-length, "Magnaa," on FDA Rekotz. With "Magnaa," the band presents 11 classically-inspired technical death metal compositions (plus intro, intermezzo and outro).

The album was mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio (Keitzer,Slaughterday), with album artwork for "Magnaa" created by Misanthropic Art. The official music video for track three, "La Esencia Invisible," is streaming below.

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Thornafire Reveals New Album Track List

The Chilean metal band Thornafire inked a deal with FDA Rekotz earlier this year, and just last month the group recruited new vocalist Paul Callahan.

Today Thornafire reveals the track listing for upcoming full-length album "Magnaa," which can be seen below. Full release details are still forthcoming.

01. Intro
02. La Sierpe
03. La Esencia Invisible
04. Corvus Corax
05. La Voluntad de los Autócratas
06. Intermezzo
07. Sacrificial Catábasis
08. Die Unaufhaltsame Strömung
09. Vortex de Sileo
10. Buenos Aires Paraphernalia
11. Scorching Iron Thorns
12. En el Trono de los Ciegos
13. Espiritual Lid Paranoia
14. Outro

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Thornafire Recruits New Vocalist

Chilean metal band Thornafire has issued the following announcement about bringing on a new vocalist:

"We would like to announce that Paul Callahan (Unblessed) is our new bassist-singer in Thornafire! Our last Singer Ch. Argandoña has left the band due to personal reasons after a European tour in 2012 and recording vocals in Exlicpse nox coagula (2012) and Magnaa (2014).

"The rehearsals with Paul have already started and sound brutal! We don't stop working, MAGNAA álbum 2014 with FDA Rekotz is right now in Soundloge Studios, Germany, on mastering and mixing!!!" More...

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Thornafire Signs With FDA Rekotz

Thornafire has inked a deal with FDA Rekotz and recruited a new drummer. The band also posted a video clip online discussing the developments, which can be found below. Thornafire is:

Christian Argandoña: Bass / Vocals
Victor Mac-Namara: Lead Guitar
Nikko Pagani: Drums

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Thornafire Posts New Music Video

Chile's Thornafire has posted a new video online for "Sumision," which was created by Larvasatanica Producciones and can be viewed below. You can also watch the band's previously posted video for "Malefactor Manifiesto" at this location. Both tracks come of the band's latest album "Eclipse Nox Coagula."

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Thornafire Releases "Malefactor Manifiesto" Video

Death metal band Thornafire has release a music video for "Malefactor Manifiesto," which is included on the "Eclipse Nox Coagula" album, released via Ibex Moon Records/Australis Records. Check out the video below. The band comments on the video:

"The album Eclipse Nox Coagula... is all about the individuals that acts like puppets under this destructive system that we living on today, bad government, obsessive ambitions and pure misery. It represents metaphorically in terms of images, Nuclear disasters, where the breeding environment is poison us and we are mutating little by little with a small conscience and almost no own will…." More...

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Thornafire Comments On Slayer Show

On June 2nd, 2011, Chilean death metallers Thornafire have the distinct honor of warming up the stage for the almighty Slayer when the titans bring the World Painted Blood Tour to South America. Guitarist Victor Mac-Namara commented on the occasion:

"We are very happy as musicians and fans to be part in the scenario of a Slayer concert, and opening for them in our city.The truth is that I don't have many words to talk about it, I can only say that we will unleash our fury and vibe on stage with our sharp axes and drums to evoke the somber cry of death. In short, we hope to leave the stage like shit, but leave at least the electrical system working for Slayer to finally crush this masochistic audience with their classic tyranny."

The announcement of the Slayer gig comes as the band is currently working on the follow-up to 2009's "Vorex Deconstrucción."

In a previously released statement regarding the forthcoming album, Mac-Namara commented, "Currently we are writing music a little different than what we have done in the past. It's a variation, but still true to our underground Death Metal underground roots. I'm drawing concepts for the album artwork. We hope to have this released by 2012."

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Thornafire Announces New Shows

On Sunday, February 13th, Chilean death metallers Thornafire will share the stage with Pestilence, Vulcano, and nearly 40 others as part of the Macabre Fest II in Concón on the coast of Chile. In preparation for the festival, Thornafire will join Pentagram for a pair of shows in Santiago and the port city of Valparaiso. The details are as follows:

1/21 Rock & Guitarras, Pentagram summer tour, SANTIAGO
1/22, El Huevo, Pentagram summer tour, VALPARAISO
2/13 Chile Macabre Fest II, Con-Con VIÑA DEL MAR

Regarding the follow up to 2009's "Vorex Deconstrucción," Thornafire guitarist Victor Mac-Namara states, "Currently we are writing music a little different than what we have done in the past. It's a variation, but still true to our underground Death Metal underground roots. I'm drawing concepts for the album artwork. We hope to have this released by 2012."

Thornafire also recently posted a new music video online for the song "Deconstruccion," which can be viewed here.

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Thornafire Posts "Deconstruccion" Video

Chilean death metallers Thornafire have posted a video clip online for the song "Deconstruccion," which is off the band's album "Vorex Deconstruccion." The video can be viewed below.

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Thornafire To Film Music Video

Chilean death metallers Thornafire have announced they will step in front of the camera this month to film the first video off of their latest album, "Vorex Deconstruccion." The band has chosen the track "Deconstruccion," a song which bassist / vocalist Alexis Munoz describes as a "futuristic song inspired by the religious and social decline experienced in the current era Eon oh Hourus," for the video.

The video was filmed, produced and edited by Daniel Duarte in Santiago, Chile. Stills from the video shoot can be seen at this location. Further information on the video's online release will be announced as it is made available.

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The Gardnerz Posts New Album Samples Online

Swedish death metal band The Gardnerz are currently working on their upcoming debut album entitled “The System of Nature.” According to the band, "The title is taken from the 18-centery philosopher Baron d'Holbachs book with the same name. The album will consist of twelve songs, ten originals and two cover songs, Volcano – Bloody Vengeance and Winter – Servants of the warsmen."

"The lyrics deal with philosophical ideas and random rants about the strange ways of man. With song titles like Flaw in the axiom, Shift in thought, Your final solution, Born to consume, The art of suffering and so on."

The band has posted two raw mixes of songs from their upcoming album on their MySpace page

The band's current lineup is as follows:

Vocals - Niclas Ankarbranth (Vandöd, d.josef band)
Guitar - Wilhelm Lindh (Ex-Tristitia)
Bass - Francisco Martín (Inner Sanctvm, Bells Fright)
Drums – Juan Pablo Donoso (Sadism, Thornafire)

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Thornafire Reveals New Album Tracklisting

Chilean death metallers Thornafire will release their second album, "Vorex Deconstrucción," later this month via Ibex Moon Records. The cover art for the album can be viewed here.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

1. Hacia La Ruina Del Agartha
2. Sucubación
3. Deconstrucción
4. Otredad
5. Confesión
6. En El Eon De Las Falacias
7. Por El Delirio
8. Conflagracóin Del Monoteismo
9. De La Destrucción Al Trono

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Thornafire Forced To Cancel US Tour w/ Monstrosity

Thornafire recently announced the band's forced cancellation of their planned US tour with Monstrosity and Torn The Fuck Apart in July. Guitarist Victor MacNamara has issued the following statement regarding this unfortunate situation. "Due to delays in the processing of our visa application to enter the USA, Thornafire will unfortunately have to cancel their appearance on the Monstrosity U.S. tour 2009, scheduled to take place this June. We've done everything in our power and have followed every procedure to make this happen, but the process is very expensive and time-consuming. This matter is out of our hands and we are very disappointed as this was to be our first opportunity to show our madness to the US fans. On a happier note, we are releasing our second album Vorex Deconstrucción and it's already sounding very impressive! We are also working with Ibex Moon Records on setting up a new US tour."

You can watch the music video for Thornafire's "Deflagracion" below. More...

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Thornafire Issues Album Recording Update

Chilean death metal band Thornafire are in the midst of recording their sophomore album for Ibex Moon Records titled "Vorax Deconstruction." Guitarist Victor Mac-Namara had this to say about the recording process:

“We have finished the drums and guitars for our new album. All that is left is the bass, vocals, some arrangements with synths, and some obscure characterizations from an actress to work the concept of the new album. We are very anxious and we hope to get a great album of death metal. The songs that we composed are not in the current way of endless blast beat songs. We do it the old way - memorable music with variety, twisted riffs, and lot of madness!”

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Thornafire Prepares To Record New Album

Ibex Moon Records has issued the following press release about Thornafire working on a new album:

"Chilean death metal warriors Thornafire are preparing to enter the studio on February 2nd to record their sophomore album for Ibex Moon Records, Vorax Deconstruction. Two years in the works, the follow up to the monumentally monolithic Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation is sure to be another Metal of Death tour de force. The act has captured the true spirit of a Southern American death metal style that worships at the altar of the ancient ones and takes it cues from the likes Morbid Angel, Krisiun, (early) Sepultura, and Pentagram (Chile), while putting its own unique spin on the genre.

Following the release of Vorax Deconstrucción, Thornafire will embark on its first ever U.S. tour in July with the legendary Monstrosity and Missouri's Torn the Fuck Apart. The band's storied live performance is not to be missed. Says guitarist Victor Mac-Namara, "We are preparing our axes and will work to annihilate the stage each night. We are very anxious to showcase our death metal coming from the Hell of South America!"

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Thornafire To Tour Argentina and Uruguay

Preceding the release of their debut full-length album "Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation", Chile's death metalers, THORNAFIRE, have been playing various ravaging live shows and writing a new album. Yet after some down time THORNAFIRE and are now preparing to embark on an anticpated tour through Argentina and Uruguay.

"We will be sure to demonstrate our black venomous presence and we hope Argentina is as crazy as they were when we played there in 2003. We can't wait to check out Uruguay's extreme metal scene and devestate there as well! Check our myspace page and our webpage for more news and information and we'll be sure to update them with photos and info from the tour."

Confirmed Thornafire tour dates are as follows:

11 de Octubre - (ARGENTINA) Buenos Aires-Speed king
12 de Octubre - (ARGENTINA) Buenos Aires-Brutal Festival XI
13 de Octubre - (ARGENTINA) Buenos Aires-Under Fest
14 de Octubre - (URUGUAY) Montevideo-Bj bar

Chile’s THORNAFIRE began in 1998 and have become one of the third worlds premiere death metal acts. Sinister death vocals and a bass sound designed to move the very bowels of hell are sure to bring attention to this band's unique brand of blackened death. For fans of Dissection, Immortal, The Chasm and Immolation.

THORNAFIRE’s "Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation" CD was released on April 17, 2007 by Ibex Moon Records.

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Thornafire Sign To Ibex Moon Records

Ibex Moon Records, the label created by Incantation's mastermind John McEntee, has signed their second South American band on Chile´s THORNAFIRE for the release of their debut full length "Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation" on March 2007 through RED Distribution.

THORNAFIRE released the mini album "Mortus Tenebræ Surrectus" on 2001 and the band is now giving it away for free downloading (in full quality) in its entirety here (zip file). It also includes two advance tracks from their forthcoming album.

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Thornafire To Record Debut Album

Thornafire's promotional demo recorded this year, "Sin and Flesh Devotion," got the attention of some labels... but Incantation's leader John McEntee's Ibex Moon Records is the one that picked up these brutal Chileans. The debut album "Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation" is expected to be recorded in December for being released early next year.

"Here we got a band, that simply kick's ass..." - Diabolous Webzine

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