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From: Orange County, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Hirax Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Hirax.


Hirax Spreads The "Immortal Legacy" Of Thrash

Long running California brigade Hirax doesn't show any signs of stopping or even slowing down, as the band's newest offering of old school thrashtastic metal "Immortal Legacy" is due out March 4th in North America and February 24th in Europe via Steamhammer/SPV.

With the album due out shortly and Hirax on the verge of a European invasion, I chatted up vocalist Katon W. De Pena about what the band has been up to lately and what fans can look forward to on this new release.

Check out the full interview below for his thoughts on touring South America, the process of recording "Immortal Legacy," and the album's epic cover artwork. More...

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Hirax at Most Productive, Stable Point of Career

Even though Hirax came out of the same Los Angeles, and San Francisco Bay Area thrash scene as Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica, the group has always flown well below those thrash Titan’s radar. Hirax is an essential part of thrash history. Brian Slagel saw their worth and released the group’s first two records, “Raging Violence” (1985) and “Hate, Fear and Power” (1986) to his budding Metal Blade label.

Hirax never became a household name like their friends in Metallica and Slayer because, in part, their 1986 release would be their last full-length recording until 2004. The group split in the late ‘80s, during the golden years of thrash, and returned in the late nineties. Since 2005, Hirax welcomed its most stable lineup and has spent those last few years inciting pits around the globe. The group is still pushing its 2009 release “El Rostro de la Muerte,” a speedy, Slayer-esque release, but is pushing forward with an upcoming album and record contract.

Original vocalist, Katon W. de Pena spoke with Metal Underground concerning these new developments. After having just unloaded his suitcase from a tour in Poland, the purveyor of true metal opined on playing the group’s first appearance in Texas at The Goregrowler’s Ball and the group’s recent business developments. He also flashed back to the early days of thrash metal. Hirax is at the top of its game. Read on and see why de Pena believes this is so. More...

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Aaron Mendiola Discusses The Goregrowler's Ball

Aaron "Goregrowler" Mendiola owns his own concert promotions and booking company, Goregrowler Entertainment. While Mendiola tirelessly works throughout the year to bring San Antonio the best in the metal underground, no event presents as big of a challenge or elicits as much gratification as his Goregrowler’s Ball Festival. After a year of planning and promoting, Mendiola can finally take a deep breath, step back and admire his accomplishment…then, it’s back to work.

As a proud sponsor of this head banging extravaganza, Metal Underground.com has chronicled the festival’s news as it breaks. We have given the scoop on the festival’s headliners and co-headliners—Suffocation, Exhumed and Hirax, as well as announcements of new additions such as Phobia and Brutal Truth. Now, it is time to give the floor to the man, Aaron Mendiola, who makes The Goregrowler’s Ball possible. More...

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