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Formed: 1996
From: Halmstad, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active


This melodic death metal band, formed by former Carcass’ guitarist, Michael Amott, started out with Johan Liiva on vocals, but then replaced him with Angela Gossow. Though a female replaced him, the band still has the same death metal vocal style. Gossow, who has only been with the band on the past two albums, has been able to create a strong presence in the band.

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Screaming Tips From Angela Gossow

ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Angela Gossow has posted the following message on her MySpace page:

"This is for everybody who is sending me the 'screaming advice' requests. I hope you find some useful info here..

"My short-cut vocal advice:

"Get some singing teaching/vocal coaching for the basics. i.e. breathing techniques, warm-ups. You have to use diaphragm breathing and rip-cage/back breathing. No chest-breathing and raised shoulders please!

"If you can't afford lessons, go and buy the DVD 'The Zen Of Screaming' from Melissa Cross. It's ram-packed with info, tips, explanations and artist features. You can order it at www.melissacross.com.

"Screaming/growling involves the vocal cords, but also the false cords. Make sure you got good control over them. Do plenty of exercise, which should also include melodic singing.

"Keep you body and your voice healthy. Smoking is not a good idea and so is drinking alcohol in large amounts. It eventually makes your vocal cords more vulnerable. Do sports (great for stamina and lung function) and eat healthy. Very spicy, fried or sugary food irritates the throat, causes acid reflux (number one cause for voice disorders!) and weakens your muscles. And vocal cords are muscles!

"Find out your range. If you are a soprano, don't try to sound like Chris Barnes. If you are an alto, approach those black metal screams with care.

"Get a good P.A. for the rehearsal room. Screaming is loud. Yes, I do not believe in muted screaming! But if you scream too hard you strain your throat unnecessarily and you will likely get sore. Or you start to bleed. Then run to the doctor. You have a hemorrhage on your chords!

"If you are sick, try not to scream. If you have to anyway (playing a show), try to avoid talking during the day and warm up your voice properly. Drink plenty of warm water with honey. It soothes the inflammation. If you get really bad, get a steroid shot to reduce the swelling on the cords and antibiotics to stop the inflammation. This is a last resort though this stuff is really, really bad for your health!

"If you suffer from allergies and asthma (like I do), make sure you are on the right medication. Some asthma sprays make you hoarse and more prone to colds, irritations etc. Try out a few, until you find the right one. Take antihistamines if you suffer from airborne allergies and have to perform outside or in a very dusty environment. Avoid passive smoking.

"Enjoy what you do, scream out your frustration, anger, whatever but always stay controlled. Never push too hard, especially live. I do it plenty though, its so much fun. I try to restrict it to the last shows of a tour, where I am allowed to blow my voice out a little, hehe. But only if I know I have a two-week break after that and plenty of time for voice recovery!

"Go to an ENT once a year and have your vocal cords and larynx checked. If you are constantly hoarse or you suddenly lose your upper range, you are very likely developing nodules. Stop immediately with the screaming and seek professional advice: first a doctor, then a vocal coach. You are doing something wrong. Maybe it's not the way you sing/scream, but more the way you talk!

"Stay metal! Boyish singing in the chorus is for emo kids. I love clean vocals but only the raw metal style. Rob Halford is one of my faves.

"These are just tips and no 'must-dos.' You can do whatever you like, really. These tips are interesting, if you are just starting out or you are experience trouble with your voice."

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Century Media Posts Fourth Podcast

Century Media Records announces the fourth installment of its monthly Podcast is available for download today from iTunes or Century Media's website. The new Podcast features over 60 minutes of music, news, tour updates, and a contest.

Fans can download the free Podcast (available through iTunes) for their exclusive first chance to hear global premiers from international sensations NAPALM DEATH, DIECAST and ARCH ENEMY. The program also features new music from HEAVEN SHALL BURN, CELTIC FROST, TERRORIZER, MERCENARY, POISONBLACK and KRISIUN. In addition to the wealth of music from The Century Media library, the Podcast taps into co-conspiring labels from the Century Family with Nuclear Blast America lending a new ALL SHALL PERISH track, Liquor & Poker Music offer up a CRUCIFIED BARBARA song, and Abacus Recordings presents a tune from CLIFTON. The Century Media Podcast series, furthermore, highlights a title exclusive to CM Distro in each installment. This month, Galy Records recording artist SHAOLIN is featured.

To coincide with the fifteenth anniversary of Century Media's U.S. operations, the Podcast will showcase music from the label's rich history. This episode boasts remastered tracks from the NEVERMORE and STUCK MOJO reissues. There is a contest tied-in with the Podcast that will test everyone's knowledge of the Century Media catalogue. One, grand prize winner will receive a multitude of autographed materials from Shadows Fall, Arch Enemy and many more. Details and submission info is contained within the episode.

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Mustaine On Gigantour 2

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message on the "Forums" section of the Gigantour web site:

"Welcome to Gigantour 2006! I doubt I will get to meet many of you, but just know that I look forward to those of you that I do meet.

"I am very proud of the bands that I have chosen this year. And although some of us are similar, most of us aren't. One thing is that the guitarists are what makes me the proudest!

"To stand among the next generation of lead guitar heroes is thrilling, and while some may doubt the validity of what I am going to say, I look forward to seeing if I can learn anything from these excellent musicians. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

"I also want to keep an eye on all of the vocalists, especially the dude from THE SMASHUP, he has to sing in at least four or five different charachters when he sings — hella kewl!!! Knowing me, it's prolly all of the band taking turns and I'm just completely fooled.

"So, that's it for now. Come back soon, come back often, come out and see us on Gigantour 2006 North America, unless you are in Australia, then stay there and we'll come to you for Gigantour 2006 Australia, fondly called G.2006.OZ.

"Thank you for being part of my dream, part of this tour, part of our scene, and I will be watching you!"

The second edition of MEGADETH's Gigantour festival trek, which bowed last summer, will begin on September 7 in San Diego, California and feature LAMB OF GOD, OPETH, ARCH ENEMY, OVERKILL, THE SMASHUP, INTO ETERNITY and SANCTITY in addition to the headliner.

MEGADETH will release a new studio album, called "United Abominations", on October 31 via Roadrunner Records.

A CD of the first Gigantour will be out on August 22, while a DVD arrives on September 5.

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Angela Gossow Reports On Festivals

ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Angela Gossow has posted the following message on her MySpace page:

"We had two rather bizarre and chaotic festival weekends. The Arvika festival is a weird mélange between disco, pop, gothic, rock and a pinch of metal. The audience there is mostly dressed in stockings with no panties, big pink or red hair, huge boots (and some huge boobs hanging out too) and silly wedding dresses. I was surprised that so many people were squeezing into the tent when we played I had the gut feeling there wouldnt be any metal fans at all. Definitely the most colorful crossover audience we ever had. I got the impression a lot of people didnt know what to expect. When we kicked into 'Nemesis', I saw plenty of jaws dropping down and eyes popping out. They were obviously anticipation the more operatic vocals and were getting quite the opposite. Very amusing.

"Some cool pictures from Arvika — check it out [here].

"Earthshaker Fest we got what the name promised. A violent thunderstorm turned the scenery into a Hitchcock movie later that evening. Previously we had experienced our own little horror flick on stage. Our gear obviously got severely beaten up on the flight into Munich and wasnt working half the time. The poor kid who was teching for us that day was running back and forth to fix one end whilst the other one was breaking down again. We played 'Burning Angel' with one guitar only (Fredrik). In the meanwhile, Michael was going thru his shattered pedals and throwing them all out in the end. When we were about to tear into 'Ravenous', the stage manager screamed '5 minutes max' at us and we stumbled into 'We Will Rise' instead. This is the first ever show since 2001 where we did not play 'Ravenous'. A dark moment in ARCH ENEMY's history indeed. A good moment was the signing session where we got to meet so many dedicated fans. We were sitting there for over an hour until all the posters were out."

ARCH ENEMY will be making their triumphant return to the U.S. this September as part of the Gigantour, which features the legendary MEGADETH, genre titans such as LAMB OF GOD, OPETH and Century Media labelmates INTO ETERNITY, among others. The month-long trek will be the group's fourth and final U.S. run in support of their highly acclaimed album "Doomsday Machine", which debuted at No. 87 on The Billboard 200 chart. Additionally, on August 8, ARCH ENEMY will release their first DVD, "Live Apocalypse", a stunning double-disc set full of phenomenal live footage, in-depth interviews and promotional video clips.

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Arch Enemy Preps For Gigantour and DVD Release

ARCH ENEMY will be making their triumphant return to the U.S. this September as part of the mighty Gigantour, which features the legendary Megadeth, genre titans such as Lamb of God, Opeth and labelmates INTO ETERNITY, among others. The month long trek will be the group’s fourth and final U.S. run in support of their highly acclaimed album, Doomsday Machine, which debuted at #87 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Additionally, on August 8th, ARCH ENEMY will release their first DVD, Live Apocalypse, a stunning double-disc set full of phenomenal live footage, in-depth interviews and promotional video clips.

Mike Amott (guitars) further describes his thoughts on the upcoming trek: “We are ecstatic about returning to the U.S. for yet another cool tour after two months of European festivals this summer. It’s an honor for us to be a part of Gigantour this year and to share the stage with metal legends Megadeth! We are also looking forward to hanging out with our Swedish friends in Opeth and making lots of new friends along the way. This will most likely be the last time the U.S. fans will see us on tour for the Doomsday Machine album, and we are more than ready to deliver a full on metal assault, ARCH ENEMY style! Let the ‘Symphony of Destruction’ begin.”

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Headline News

Gigantour 2006 Lineup and Dates Revealed

The fast and furious traveling festival that was hailed last year by Revolver magazine as "the mother of all shred fests" will kick off its second year in early September.

Look for the tour--the brainchild of MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine --to launch in the Northeast and to work its way through 25 major markets before wrapping in mid-October, with Xbox's "Gears of War" sponsoring the trek. MEGADETH will return as the festival headliner on a bill that includes fellow heavy-hitters Lamb of God, plus OPETH, ARCH ENEMY, OVERKILL, INTO ETERNITY, SANCTITY, and THE SMASHUP all confirmed for these mostly outdoor shows. Other second stage artists will be announced soon.

Mustaine personally hand-picks all the Gigantour bands, with a sharp eye on true musicianship. He says Gigantour is a great place for like-minded music fans to see a full day of music on two stages without breaking the bank, and he's glad the tour is back in '06. " This is the concert that I, as a heavy metal music fan, would want to see," says Mustaine. "It is going to be something to look forward to each year, to see what kind of tremendous talent we can assemble, for Gigantour festivals in the years to come."

LAMB OF GOD's Mark Morton says, "MEGADETH is one of the main reasons I started playing metal guitar in the first place. To finally tour with them is really exciting and it's a great way to start off our world tour supporting Sacrament. We've been dying to get the new material up and running on the live stage. We've worked so hard on the new record--it's really a great sense of accomplishment to see the new tunes come to life in a live setting. We're really looking forward to this one." The group's Chris Adler says, "Teaming up with Megadeth on GIGANTOUR is a metal dream come true. The lineup represents some of the most proficient metal bands and players from across the world and we are looking forward to joining forces and kicking ass. We're planning on a nice long set, introducing a lot of new and very heavy material from Sacrament as well as keeping the brutal live tracks from our previous albums. We can't wait to take the stage and destroy it."

Last year's inaugural GIGANTOUR was a six-week trek that was hailed by the Miami Herald for featuring "only bands whose musicianship matches their ability to melt faces with sheer volume and power." The Orange County Register agreed, saying, "...it does a heart good to see Mustaine able to buck the chameleon trend of rock and stay firm to his ideals, keeping the music the priority and not the image."

As for joining forces with GIGANTOUR, Craig Davison, Director of Global Games Marketing for Xbox, says, "We're totally jazzed about the partnership between Gigantour 2006 and our forthcoming Xbox 360 blockbuster, Gears of War ! Partnering a music extravaganza like GIGANTOUR with the launch of a mega-hit game like Gears of War captures the excitement around two awesome happenings for fans of music and video games!" Gears of War is a blockbuster video game exclusively for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system that blends tactical action with survival horror. Gears of War thrusts gamers into a harrowing story of humankind's epic battle for survival and is available this holiday.

In other GIGANTOUR news, Image Entertainment will release two-DVD and two-CD sets of GIGANTOUR 2005, which included Megadeth, Dream Theatre, Fear Factory, Anthrax, Nevermore, Life of Agony, Symphony X, Dry Kill Logic and Bobaflex. The CD is out August 22, with the DVD hitting stores September 5--just in time for this year's tour.

Stay tuned for more details, or check out www.GIGANTOUR.com , www.megadeth.com , www.myspace.com/gigantour2006 , and www.myspace.com/megadeth .

The current itinerary is below (note: exact line-up for shows subject to change). More...

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Q & A With Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow

ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Angela Gossow has posted the following message on her official MySpace page:

"I get so many wonderful messages every day it is almost overwhelming. I am sorry, but it is impossible to answer them all.. So I have collected the most frequently asked questions and will answer them here in one go:

Q: What are space cookies?

Angela: "They are my fave bedtime sweets. Their main ingredient is this lovely green plant called cannabis in its dried, processed form. I highly recommend the book 'Cannabis A History' from Martin Booth. It is literally food for thought. Remember though: Everything you consume can turn into a drug if you OVERconsume.. Food, alcohol, cigarettes, whatever — and space cookies too."

Q: Is this the REAL Angela?

Angela: "Yes, it is really ME. It would very scary, if somebody else out there would have my private pictures and could answer all these questions."

Q: What music influences [you], what are [your] fave bands?


"Influences: The music I love. The singers I respect: Chuck Schuldiner, John Tardy, David Vincent, Jeff Walker. They are brutal, yet clearly to understand. They never tried to sound like somebody else. These are my main goals too. People always try to draw comparisons. It's boring me."

Q: Do you play any instruments?

Angela: "I played the flute when I was a kid later on I switched to accordion for about four years Then I got into metal and a Strat plus small Marshall amp at the same time. Today I play ESP custom, left-handed. And I just started with piano lessons."

Q: How do [you] write lyrics / where do [you] find inspiration? Do [you] ever have a writer's block?

Angela: "I read a lot. This is my main source for inspiration. When I have a writer block, I dig deep into movies and poetry books. Fantastic stuff to steal from, hehe.. A thesaurus is very helpful for finding different expressions for one and the same word."

Q: How do [you] get [your] voice to sound like it sounds?

Angela: "I use my vocal cords in conjunction with my false cords. They produce this gargly, raspy sound. I do NOT use a pitchshifter or harmonizer to create my vocal sound. I do not think it is possible to create a good scream by using effects. Controlled, abdominal breathing is a necessity. Strong, flexible vocal chords and frequent training is also required, if you want to sustain your voice over long periods of touring, etc. Acid reflux and smoking are your vocal chords worst enemies. When your throat/your larynx starts to hurt, this is a bad sign. If you are on the road it's usually not possible to stop screaming for a week or two. Try not to speak in between shows to give your damaged voice a rest. Make sure you dont eat late, don't drink any alcohol and avoid spicy food. Be nice to your inflamed larynx. Living a boring life for a while is not as bad as canceling a show. I have learned that the hard way. A good introduction into screaming technique, warm-ups etc is Melissa Cross DVD 'The Zen Of Screaming'. You can order it at www. Melissacross.com."

Q: CARCASS and Michael's gear set-up:

Angela: "About CARCASS: I am afraid this is a question for Michael, really, as well as his gear set up. On www.myspace.com/michaelamott there is a detailed illustration of his effects and gear in the picture section."

Q: What is your favorite song you have done thus far with ARCH ENEMY?

Angela: "'Ravenous'."

Q: I was just wondering besides the fact that death metal in general is awesome. What was the reason for you to start listening to it? Was it a band or just the attitude?

Angela: "It was the sheer energy and aggression. I found a radio station from England that played metal. I was about 15 years old and I didnt even know that this is metal. I just knew: this sound is giving me strength. Soon I discovered there were more people out there who liked SLAYER, TESTAMENT, MORBID ANGEL. They hooked me up with lots of LPs and tapes. And with 17 I joined my first metal band."

Q: About being a vegetarian:

Angela: "I don't have a problem with carnivores as long as they are conscious about what they do and do chose the 'right' meat, which is either self-hunted or bought at an organic farm, where the animals can roam free and at least have a cruelty-free life. The problem is, most people have actually forgotten where their meat comes from. In fact, most kids don't even associate their steak or burger with a once-living creature. If everybody would think a little and act responsible, there wouldn't be a meat industry with all its evil and damage to the ecological system. It is the thoughtlessness and indifference of society that creates such terrible abuse and exploitation of animals."

Q: Your intro music for live shows: Who wrote it?

Angela: "It is from DEAD CAN DANCE 'Summoning Of The Muse'. The album is called 'Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun'."

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Megadeth Shoots Down Gigantour 2 Rumors So Far

MEGADETH drummer Shawn Drover has dismissed the rumored Gigantour 2 lineup which was published in Bass Player magazine as "so not true, it's actually funny."

As previously reported, new issue of the Bass Player magazine (see scan at this location) has named the following bands as taking part in the second installment of the Gigantour, the festival tour organized by MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine as a tour featuring "only bands whose musicianship matches their ability to melt faces with sheer volume and power":


The official Gigantour 2 lineup is expected to be announced later this month.

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Arch Enemy To Enter Studio In February

Finland's HardcoreSounds.net recently conducted an interview with ARCH ENEMY drummer Daniel Erlandsson. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

HardcoreSounds.net: You have had the chance to tour almost everywhere. Which show has been the most memorable to you so far?

Daniel: "We have done so many shows so it's quite hard but quite recently we visited Mexico and we did two shows for the first time there. Mexico City was the second show and that was one of the best shows I have ever done."

HardcoreSounds.net: Why was it so special? Where there a lot of audience?

Daniel: "We played to a full house. We played for like something in between 2,500-3,000 people and we had an amazing crowd response. The whole place was jumping all the time. I was blown away."

HardcoreSounds.net: And maybe next year we will hear new material from you guys?

Daniel: "Definitely. That's the plan too. We will start recording the new album in February and hopefully we will get it released sometime in the summer or fall of next year. We have already started writing music and we have tons of ideas."

HardcoreSounds.net: Do you have any finished songs yet?

Daniel: "We have a lot of ideas which loosely fit together so we are gonna start making songs really soon instead of just jamming with riffs. Making an album is like a big puzzle where you try to add all the pieces into the puzzle while [rehearsing] songs."

HardcoreSounds.net: Where do you see the band in five years?

Daniel: "That's really a difficult question. If you judge ARCH ENEMY from the last five years from 2001 to this day the band has progressed with every album they have made, became bigger and bigger. If that continues we are going to be pretty big in 2011 and that's what I really wish."

Read the full article at HardcoreSounds.net.

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Angela Gossow's Pre-Arch Enemy Recordings Online

ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Angela Gossow has uploaded samples of her early demo recordings with the pre-ARCH ENEMY outfits ASMODINA and MISTRESS on her official MySpace profile.

"The quality is not the best - we basically recorded it all in one take live in the rehearsal room with my smashed SM 57 mic and no vocal effects," Angela explained. "We had zero cash for studio recording and home recording/ProTools wasnt happening yet back then (at least not for us, none of us even had a PC!). It's underground death metal, nothing original really. I uploaded it simply because so many people asking me for it. And I dont want anybody to spend a lot of cash on some demo he finds on eBay! So save your money and have a little laugh [at my expense]."

In other news, Angela has posted the following message on her MySpace page:

"We played Sweden Rock, Download, Hellfest and Graspop so far - and they all absolutely rocked. So many people, good weather (except Graspop - we had thunder and rainstorm) and lots of beer. The food was tasteless, as always, the showers cold and Hellfest sold backstage tickets to fans for 150 euros each. I HATE THIS. Total rip-off.

"Everybody who wanted an autograph/picture could meet us FOR FREE at the signing session... just like any other band. Those VIP tickets seem to become a big seller since Sharon Osbourne introduced them for Ozzfest.

"Do me a favor: Don't buy these overpriced tickets! At least not for festivals, 'cuz there is usually a good chance to meet the band at a signing session. Buy some good CDs instead and support the bands and not some greedy festival promoter..."

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Blind Guardian Confirmed For Earthshaker Fest

BLIND GUARDIAN, GOREFEST, MENDEED and JUSTICE have been confirmed for the 2006 edition of the Earthshaker Fest, set to take place July 21-22 in Kreuth. The festival billing is shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):


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Just For Fun

'Metalocalypse' Cartoon Featuring Metallica

METALLICA's James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett — along with members of ARCH ENEMY and NEVERMORE — have lent their voices to the cartoon series "Death Clock Metalocalypse". Check out the show teaser at this location.

Brendon Small, known for the series "Home Movies", co-created "Death Clock Metalocalypse" about a Norwegian heavy metal band called DEATHKLOK. Although they rock to the top of the charts with gusto, they are also incredibly stupid and leave a path of destruction and mayhem behind wherever they tour. The new series will premiere in August on on Adult Swim, the adult-oriented television programming block on Cartoon Network.

METALLICA had previously lent their voices to such animated shows as "The Simpsons" and "Dave the Barbarian".

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Final Lineup For Metal Camp Festival Announced

This year's Metal Camp Festival is set to take place on July 21- 23 in Tolmin, Slovenia. The organizers have announced the addition of SOILWORK and very promissing Swedish newcomers SCAR SYMMETRY. Also appearing on the main stage are German Power metallers MYSTIC PROPHECY.

The Talent Forum Stage is being introduced for the first time this year. Bands set to play there include Blind Petition (AUT), Asterius (GER), Subhuman (ITA), Bleak Origin (CHE) and many others. For more information, visit the Metal Camp official page.

Below is the complete list of confirmed bands: More...

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Arch Enemy To Play Gigantour 2006

MTV.com talked to Arch Enemy's Michael Amott about touring (Ozzfest and their current Jagermeister tour and more) and the shooting of their latest video, upcoming DVD and more. During the conversation Amott revealed that Arch Enemy will be on this year's Gigantour (2006):

"We know we're on ... the main stage, and I know it runs from late August to October," he said, adding that the only other band he knows will be on the bill is Megadeth — sort of a given, since Dave Mustaine organizes the festival. "We're excited about coming back to the U.S. once again. We're happy we can get work, you know? It's going to be a good tour for us. We did Ozzfest last year and we made a lot of new fans and sold a lot of records. It's great to come out on another big package tour, and I think there's probably a more traditional metal audience out there who could pick up on what we do as well through Gigantour."

Arch Enemy recently shot a video for "My Apocalypse" in Sweden with director Roger Johansson (In Flames), and it will debut on MTV2's "Headbangers Ball" this month. It's a performance video "with wind blowing, and we have great hair, and you can kind of see through our bodies, so you can see our skeletons — in red," Amott explained. "When [Johansson] told me, I said, 'That sounds pretty metal.' "

Before Arch Enemy do Gigantour, they'll issue a DVD called "Live Apocalypse" on August 8. The package will feature the band's final live set with Amott's brother, Christopher, which was shot in London in late 2004, before the second guitarist and founding member left. Fans can also expect band interviews, a segment in which Arch Enemy discuss and exhibit the equipment they use when they perform live, and the usual bloopers-on-a-tour-bus clips. "I'm super proud of it," he said of the two-disc set.

"We didn't want to focus too heavy on [behind-the-scenes footage]," he added. "Those things are kind of boring. I mean, how many times can you watch a drunk musician? But the interviews with the band are very good. A lot of people may never really get to know us. They only know us by picture, and they don't get to see you talk or know what kind of person you are — that you have a sense of humor, that you're not only just an iconic metal god."

He also said Arch Enemy have been working on material while on the road, which they've never done before. He says they'd like to start recording the follow-up to Doomsday Machine early next year.

"It's very different for us this time, because we never write on the road at all," he said. "This year, we've been writing a lot on the road. We're just making these little demos, really. But they're not proper songs — just riffs sort of thrown together. We've never been this far ahead of the game before, as far as material [goes], because usually we're scrambling for songs once we hit the studio. This time, we'll be very well prepared."

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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Cannibal Corpse Drummer Nominated For PETA Award?

A posting on the official Cannibal Corpse reads:

"[Drummer] Paul [Mazurkiewicz] is sexy?
That is right, not only is the man sexy in the world of death metal, his scope of sexiness might ooze out into the real world too...Paul has been nominated for PETA's annual World's Sexiest Vegetarian competition. He is competing against Napalm Death's Barney Greenwat and Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow, but also Hollywood celebs such as Alicia Silverstone, Naomi Watts and Woody Harrelson. Even if you are not too supportive of PETA or of the vegetarian lifestyle, think about how ironic it would be to have the drummer from Carnivore Corpse Cannibal Corpse as the world's sexiest vegetarian! That, plus the fact that the man is a lean mean sex machine and deserves to win."

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Arch Enemy Confirm Summer Festival Appearance

ARCH ENEMY have announced the following Summer festival appearances, as well as a new DVD:

June 8-10, 2006 - Sweden Rock Festival (Sölvesborg, Sweden)
June 10, 2006 - Download (Donington Park, Derbyshire, England)
June 23–25, 2006 - Graspop (Belgium)
June 23-25, 2006 - Hellfest (Clisson, France)
June 30-July 2 - 2006, Tuska Metal Festival (Helsinki, Finland)
June 30 – July 2 - 2006, With Full Force (Germany)
July 13 -15, 2006 - Arvika Festivalen (Sweden)
July 21-22, 2006 - Earthshaker Fest (Germany)
July 21-23, 2006 - Metalcamp Festival (Tolmin, Slovenia)
July 28-30, 2006 - MetalWay Festival (Gernika. SPAIN)
August 3-5, 2006 - Wacken Open Air Festival (Germany)
August 8, 2006 - Gothenburg City Fest (Sweden)

Watch out for ARCH ENEMY’s first-ever DVD entitled “Live Apocalypse” and tentatively set for a summer release.

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Century Media Artists Nominated At PETA2.com

Century Media recording artists Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy) and Barney Greenway (Napalm Death) have been nominated for PETA’s (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) sexiest vegetarian of 2006. Interviewed in 2005 for the PETA website, vocalist Barney Greenway and Napalm Death will be the first band to lend their image to PETA’s new anti-vivisection campaign, “Save #99,” more info here. Calling vivisection, “the ultimate act of disrespect” Barney was honored that the band was chosen to pioneer this campaign.

There are actually a fair number of hardcore and metal artists listed, and you can view the list and/or vote here.

Napalm Death, who recently wrapped up their North American co-headlining tour with Kreator, will enter Foel Studios (Wales, England) next month to record the follow up to 2005’s The Code Is Red… Long Live The Code.

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Temple of Brutality Schedule Dates With Chimaira

TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY, the new band featuring former MEGADETH/current F5 bassist David Ellefson, ex-W.A.S.P. drummer Stet Howland, guitarist Peter Scheithauer (BELLADONNA, KILLING MACHINE) and vocalist Todd Barnes (13-A), will be joining the Jägermeister-sponsored CHIMAIRA/ARCH ENEMY/HATE ETERNAL tour between April 30 and May 6. The dates are as follows:

Apr. 30 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
May 02 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
May 03 - Norfolk, VA @ NorVa
May 04 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
May 05 - Winston-Salem, NC @ Ziggy's
May 06 - Millvale, PA @ Mr. Smalls

TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY's debut album, "Lethal Agenda", will be released on May 24 in Europe and Asia and June 27 in North America. More U.S. shows are planned for May-July as is a European tour for August/September. TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY will also perform at the Rock convention in Mexico City on August 19. A U.S. tour in October/November is also in the works.

TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY's music is said to follow a very aggressive direction in the vein of SLAYER and PANTERA.

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Arch Enemy Stream 'My Apocalypse' Video Online

ARCH ENEMY have made the video for the track 'My Apocalypse' is now available online. You can snag it/check it out at this location.

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Trivium, In Flames, Opeth Metal Hammer Nominees

The nominations for the fourth annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards — which this year takes place on Monday, June 12 at Koko in Camden, North London — were recently announced. In keeping with the "Valhalla" theme of this year's awards, Metal Hammer magazine have teamed up with the crew of the "Hammer of the Gods", an authentic full-size replica Viking longboat, to launch both the awards on June 12 and the team's cross channel row, which takes place on the weekend of June 3 to raise money for charity Task Brazil.

Leading the field for nominations are longstanding rock and metal purveyors Roadrunner Records, with a staggering total of 14 nominations for the label that is home to acts as diverse as SLIPKNOT, MACHINE HEAD and award-nominated DRAGONFORCE. Coming in a very close second for overall nominations is major label powerhouse Warner Music with an impressive 11 awards for their roster of breakthrough U.S. rock bands MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and AVENGED SEVENFOLD (a favourite of Radio 1's Jo Whiley), as well as Valley boys FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND and Finnish rockers H.I.M. In a complete whitewash of the category, Warner Music have secured four of the five nominations in the "Best Video" category, with the fifth and final nomination going to Roadrunner.

Going head-to-head with a joint total of four nominations are Sony and Universal, while EMI have secured two nominations for metal stalwarts and British institution IRON MAIDEN. Coming on strong is independent challenger to the rock throne Visible Noise marginally trails Sony and Universal with three nominations including "Best UK Band" and "Album of the Year", both for BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE. U.S. alternative rockers COHEED & CAMBRIA have surprised many with 3 nominations including appearances in the prestigious "Best Album" and "Best International Band" categories.

The full nominations list for the fourth annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2006 is as follows: More...

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