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Band Photo: Arch Enemy (?)

Formed: 1996
From: Halmstad, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active


This melodic death metal band, formed by former Carcass’ guitarist, Michael Amott, started out with Johan Liiva on vocals, but then replaced him with Angela Gossow. Though a female replaced him, the band still has the same death metal vocal style. Gossow, who has only been with the band on the past two albums, has been able to create a strong presence in the band.

Arch Enemy Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Arch Enemy.


Arch Enemy Singer Discusses "War Eternal" Album

Back in March, Century Media Records announced Angela Gassow would be stepping down as Arch Enemy's singer and taking on a management role. The voice of Arch Enemy for 13 years, Gassow lent her seething pitch to 6 albums. In addition her longevity, Gassow is seen as one of the greatest female vocalists in the realm of extreme metal. This being said, finding another female who can crush it like Angela seems a lofty task. She looked to Canada to find a pretty, blue-haired maiden named Alissa White-Gluz.

White-Gluz possesses the attitude, voice and experience the band so desired. She had released three albums with fellow Century Media artists, The Agonist. Her ability to growl certainly raised a few eyebrows including those of Angela Gassow. Gassow called her and asked if she could fill the spot, which White-Gluz obviously accepted. Since then, White-Gluz left Canada for Sweden to record the band's 9th studio album "War Eternal."

With just a month to spare before the album hits American shores, I called Alissa to get her thoughts on the new album. She was on vacation in New York, but still found the time to discuss joining the band and making this album. More...

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Michael Amott Discusses His Future

Michael Amott is by far one of the most influential names in metal, having released some of the most important metal albums of the past 20 years with both Arch Enemy and Carcass. Having spent his entire adult life on the road and still growing Arch Enemy's commercial potential, it's safe to say that Michael Amott has secured his name in metal history.

Metalunderground.com got the chance to meet with the guitar wizard himself to discuss his musical influences, juggling two bands and what it's like to have been in a band with your brother for a decade and a half. More...

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Angela Gossow Dishes On "Khaos Legions" And More

Among the most well known of the heavy metal front women in the scene today, Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow has lent her distinctive growls and screams again to the band's new album "Khaos Legions" (reviewed here).

With "Khaos Legions" now unleashed, Angela took out some time to discuss the new album with Metalunderground.com, delving into the writing and recording process, as well as touching on the lyrical themes. She also opened up about her lack of belief in any gods, stating, "This planet is a wonderful place as it is, we do not need to add fairies and angels to it. Religion is truly about humankind’s vanity." Angela went further into the subject of atheism, making her feelings on the subject clear in no uncertain terms by adding, "I am fine with religion as a purely private choice, just like children are allowed to believe in Santa Claus. Anybody can believe in anything, as long as it does not affect a society so profoundly like it still does to this day. Religion is a powerful tool to govern whole societies with fear, deprive people of their basic human rights and serve as an excuse to wage war and terror. Religion is the true root of all evil."

Below you can find the complete interview, which also includes the Arch Enemy vocalist's explanation of the inspiration behind the new album artwork, and information on the band's upcoming U.S. tour dates. More...

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Chris Amott Discusses His Solo Band Armageddon

Christopher Amott may be most well known for his heavy guitar work in Arch Enemy, but he also spent some time in the more melodic side of metal with his side project Armageddon. The band released three albums during its lifetime, but due to the nature of record contracts they only saw a limited release in Japan. The final two albums "Embrace The Mystery" and "Three" have finally seen an extended release as a double CD set in the U.S. and Europe. Samples of Armageddon's music are available for streaming at this location. Christopher took some time during his current tour with Arch Enemy to talk to me about the Armageddon albums and his upcoming solo release "Follow Your Heart." More...

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Interview With Arch Enemy

I had the chance of talking to Arch Enemy's bass player Sharlee D'Angelo this last Saturday in Worcester, MA. As I've said before, I always have so much fun talking to Scandinavians and this time was no exception to the rule. Special thanks go out to Sharlee for being incredibly nice, their tour manager Notty for arranging the interview and Ragnar, a.k.a. Mannahnin for helping out with the questions. More...

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