"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Orphaned Land

Formed: 1991
From: Givat Ada, Israel
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Orphaned Land News

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Orphaned Land Streaming New Song

In anticipation of the band's upcoming release, Israel's Orphaned Land has premiered a new track, "Let The Truce Be Known," on Brave Words.com. Check it out here or via the player below.

The track is taken from the band's new 6th studio album, "All Is One," which is due out June 24th in Europe and June 25th in North America via Century Media Records. You can also listen to the previously posted song "Our Own Messiah" at this location.

"All Is One" was mixed by Jens Bogren and was recorded in three different countries: Israel, Turkey. and Sweden. The track listing is:

1. All Is One
2. The Simple Man
3. Brother
4. Let The Truce Be Known
5. Through Fire And Water
6. Fail
7. Freedom
8. Shama'im
9. Ya Benaye
10. Our Own Messiah
11. Children More...

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Orphaned Land Posts Lyric Video

Orphaned Land has posted a lyric video online for "Our Own Messiah," taken from the upcoming album "All Is One." Check out the clip below.

"All Is One" is due out June 24th in Europe and June 25th in North America via Century Media Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. All Is One
2. The Simple Man
3. Brother
4. Let The Truce Be Known
5. Through Fire And Water
6. Fail
7. Freedom
8. Shama'im
9. Ya Benaye
10. Our Own Messiah
11. Children More...

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Orphaned Land Unveils "All Is One" Artwork

Israel's very own Orphaned Land will release new album, "All Is One," on June 24th in Europe and June 25th in North America via Century Media Records.

Today the band has revealed the cover artwork for this 6th full-length, which was created by the French artist Metastazis (Paradise Lost, Watain, etc.) by incorporating the three biggest religious symbols into one piece of art. The track listing is as follows:

1. All Is One
2. The Simple Man
3. Brother
4. Let The Truce Be Known
5. Through Fire And Water
6. Fail
7. Freedom
8. Shama'im
9. Ya Benaye
10. Our Own Messiah
11. Children

From September to November, Orphaned Land will play stages all over Europe in support of All Is One-- but before heading out on this headlining tour, the band will play a few festivals and shows in South America and Europe. See below for all upcoming tour dates. More...

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Orphaned Land Announces New Album

Israel's very own Orphaned Land is in the final stages of recording a 6th full-length album. The name of the new album will be "All Is One," and it will see the light of day on June 24th in Europe and June 25th in North America via Century Media Records.

Vocalist Kobi Farhi comments about the new album and the progressive evolution of the band's music:

"I'll say it plain and simple - 'All Is One' is Orphaned Land's best album so far, I feel that we took all aspects to a new level - the way we write, arrange, play and produce. We recorded the album in 3 countries (Turkey, Sweden & Israel) and it turned out so strong, we can't stop listening to it. The album is very rich with more than 40 people participating (singer choirs, many violins, and many traditional instruments too).

"Our secret in the band was always the fact that unlike many other bands, Orphaned Land doesn't follow ONE master mind that writes everything, we work in a way that All Is One. We create our music in a perfect blend of synergy and harmony and all the band members are a part of this process, we translate the album's title and message exactly in the way we work, and we always hope we could give a bit of an inspiration to the people in the tragic Middle Eastern lands.

"We have fans all over the Middle East, we live in a place where huge amounts of people who consider themselves to be enemies still share one thing in common, they are all fans of Orphaned Land, and in these lands of orphans and bloody holy wars our only weapon is music, and hopefully we will grow to understand that All Is One." More...

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Orphaned Land Issues Recording Update

Israeli act Orphaned Land is currently working on the follow-up to the 2010 album "The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR" (reviewed here). The band has now checked in with the following recording update:

"We are after 3 days of recordings already (1 in Turkey and 2 in Israel) So far we 'naiked' violins, buzuki, cumbus, 12 strings acoustic + classic guitars, flutes and some vocals for 1 song.

"At the upcoming weekend we will rehearse the songs again and again. On Monday next week we will to Sweden to record the heavy machines - drums, bass, guitars & vocals!

"Shabat Shalom & Juma'a Mubarak, happy weekend to all of you."

Photos from the recording sessions can also be found at the band's Facebook profile here.

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Orphaned Land Petitioning For Peace Prize

Century Media has issued the following announcement about a petition circulating online for Orphaned Land to be considered for a Nobel Peace Prize:

"Orphaned Land is one of the most respected and loved musicians over the entire globe, a band that dedicates their existence to the world language of metal music and cross-cultural understanding. While not overtly political, Orphaned Land is nevertheless proud of creating a reality of coexistence that has escaped politicians and peacemakers alike. They often speak of the power of music to turn purported enemies into friends, frequently pay homage and encourage collaborations with Arab and Muslim artists and have made their latest album free to download for anyone in a number of Middle Eastern and North African countries. Over the past years these warriors of light achieved great things for the freedom of art, cultural and religious understanding.

"Now, a petition to the Norwegian Nobel Committee has been submitted to consider Orphaned Land for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize, and we think this is really something to support. Please sign this petition if you feel the same way."

Vocalist Kobi Farh comments: "This is my personal request to all my friends from the Middle East, Turkey, and in general from all my Muslim friends! We know for a long time now that we are above politics, we know that if it was in our hands, peace would have prevailed right away. Please enter this link and sign if you find us worthy, please also spread the word and share it on your pages. I send my endless love to all of you and all my love and best greetings for the coming holyday in a few days. Salam/Shalom/Peace."

The online petition can be found at this location.

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Orphaned Land Splits With Guitarist Matti Svatizky

Israeli based folk metal band Orphaned Land announced the departure of guitarist Matti Scatizky for personal and professional reasons. In a post on the band's Facebook page, Schatizky stated:

"To all of Orphaned Land's fans, from this moment on I will no longer be a part of the band. We had great years together, and I think that our achievements were beyond only the musical grounds. However, it is time for me to move on with my life. There are issues both on the personal and the professional levels that made me come to this decision, which has not been an easy one, and which I'm whole with and sure that will bring many positive things in the future.
I wish the band many more fruitful years of creation and joy, and I wish you, the fans, many more years of enjoyment of what Orphaned Land has to offer, and who knows, maybe we'll meet again someday in the future, this way or another. Forever Orphaned…"

The rest of the band commented: "How can you sum up 2 decades with a brother and a partner? the answer is simple: you can't. Matti is deeply immersed in "Orphaned Land" history and his uniqueness will surely be missed. All we can do is respect Matti's decision and wish him the best the future can offer for him. 'Orphaned Land' was always a home for friends and shall remain such a place for Matti. Forever Orphaned, beloved brother!"

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Orphaned Land Posts Tour Diary

?Israeli metal act Orphaned Land has posted a tour diary of the band's most recent visit to Europe with the "Tour To Or Shalem" in November/December 2011.

Check out the video here:

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Orphaned Land Posts Tour Trailer

Orphaned Land has posted a teaser trailer online for the band's "The Tour To OR Shalem" European tour. Check out the trailer below.

The upcoming Orphaned Land tour dates are as follows:

25.11.2011 Arnhem, Willemen - Netherlands
26.11.2011 Nancy, Metal Ride Festival - France
27.11.2011 Rotterdam, Baroeg - Netherlands
29.11.2011 Copenhagen, The Rock - Denmark
01.12.2011 Kiel, Die Pumpe - Germany
03.12.2011 Pforzheim, HDJ - Germany
04.12.2011 Munich, Backstage Club - Germany
05.12.2011 Bratislava, Randal Club - Slovakia
06.12.2011 Vienna, Viper Room - Austria
07.12.2011 Budapest, Club 202 - Hungary
08.12.2011 Cluj Napoca, Irish Music Club - Romania
09.12.2011 Bucharest, Silver Church - Romania

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Orphaned Land Posts DVD Teaser Trailer

Orphaned Land has posted a new teaser trailer online for the upcoming DVD "The Road To Or Shalem." You can check out the clip below. The DVD is set to drop on November 1st in North America (October 24th in Europe), and the previously posted first clip is available here.

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Orphaned Land Posts Live DVD Teaser

Orphaned Land has posted a new teaser trailer online for the band's upcoming live DVD "The Road To OR-Shalem," which can be viewed below. The DVD is set for release on November 1st in North America and October 24th in Europe.

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Entire Orphaned Land Concert Posted Online

DVD quality footage of Orphaned Land's entire Hellfest concert has been posted online, courtesy of Arte Télévision. The footage was captured during the band's June 19th appearance at the Hellfest festival in Clisson, France and can be streamed using the player provided below. Orphaned Land's latest album, "The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR," was released in North America on February 9, 2010 through Century Media Records.

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Orphaned Land Guitarist Plays With Marty Friedman

New live footage has made its way online featuring Orphaned Land guitarist Yossi Sassi joining guitar virtuoso Marty Friedman on stage for the performance of Thunder March. You can check out the footage, which was taken during Friedman's May 31 concert at Reading 3 Club in Tel Aviv, Israel, in the player below.

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More Bands Confirmed For Ragnarok Festival

Catamenia, Graveworm, and Wolfchant have now been confirmed in the lineup of the upcoming 2011 Ragarok Festival. The festival takes place on April 29th - 30th, 2011 at the Stadthalle in Lichtenfels, and additional details are available here.

The currently announced lineup is as follows:

Bran Barr
Ignis Fatuu
Hammer Horde
Negura Bunget
Path Of Golconda
Orphaned Land
Twilight Of The Gods

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Orphaned Land Offering New Album For Free

Israeli prog/metal band Orphaned Land has issued the following announcement about offering the band's new album "The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR" as a free download for fans in certain Middle Eastern nations:

“For years I was educated to hate Arabs and learned how much they hate me and my nation, I was sure both Israelis and Arabs, Jews and Muslims will never live in peace. But then something happened, a small movement - the music that taught me more than any teacher, guru, rabbi, sheikh, was my band’s music – Orphaned Land. I know that a football fan of Barcelona will never cheer up for Real Madrid, so how can it be that Arab people will follow my Israeli band? It's simple - the power of music to bring people together, to break walls, even worst enemies can find a mutual song that they love, and right there - it's a moment where they can find something in common, a door to a dialogue, to understand that we are all one. We consider you, our Arabian fans, to be the most brave metal heads in the world, since you re-defined the word 'underground' into a new level.

"We know how hard it is to be a metal head in the middle east and we always want you to know that we as pioneers of the Middle Eastern Metal genre, we are trying our best to be your voice too without getting into politics that divide us for ages. I already know that music can bring people together since I see how many fans we have in the Arab world despite the fact we are Israelis.

"I know that all the wars and bullshit they put in our heads are just a stupid lie, I know it because we succeeded to break it, and we are not politicians, we are just a heavy metal band.

"We are banned in your countries, not to mention the fact that we cannot play a concert there, this will never stop the power of music and friendship that exists between us - I see you, our fans as a miracle, you give us the inspiration to continue as much and as strong as we can. Lately we have decided to make our latest album legally available in your countries - FOR FREE! We hope that you'll enjoy it and spread the word.

"Our countries flags may have different signs and colours but deep in our hearts shines the same flag - the flag of hope, friendship, brotherhood, Don't you ever forget it - it is our duty as disciples of the sacred oath."

The album can be downloaded at this location.

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Kobi Farhi To Guest On New Arkan Album "Salam"

April 18th will see the release of Arkan's sophomore album "Salam." This new oriental metal album will feature the vocal contribution of Orphand Land's mainman Kobi Farhi. Season of Mist has now posted an interview with the Israeli musician about appearing on the album, which can be read below.

SoM: How did you discover ARKAN?

Kobi: I heard about them from our fan club manager, Nathalie Van Aalst.

SoM: How did the 2010 "Tour Against Racism" came to life?

Kobi: Nathalie told me they would fit perfectly on a bill with us, so I had a listen and immediately noticed we are from the same musical tree. Arkan were great on the tour and I think they gained many new fans, including me and my band mates.

SoM: How did you end up participating to the "Salam" album and how do you feel about it?

Kobi: [ARKAN drummer] Foued Moukid contacted me and suggested the idea. I was immediately happy about it so he sent me a detailed letter with the songs and references, and we took it from there. It felt just great and I am honoured. Furthermore I truly loved the lyrics, as it speaks about the Holy Land, the one we like to describe as "Orphaned Land". I am attached to the lyrics in all languages and especially to the highest form of language ever invented - MUSIC. As an artist, I know that ARKAN's album is their child, and I know it meant a lot to them to let me be a part of it. We share the same feelings.

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Inner Sanctum To Support Orphaned Land

Indian death/thrash metal act Inner Sanctum has announced it will be supporting Israel's Orphaned Land an upcoming live show in Bangalore, India. The show is set to take place on February 6th, 2011 at the Kyra Theater with additional support from Degredead and Bevar Sea.

Details on the show can be found at this location. You can also check out sample Inner Sanctum tracks available for streaming through the band's official MySpace profile.

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Orphaned Land Announces Shows In Israel

Israeli progressive metal act Orphaned Land, which recently announced a short run of shows in India, has now issued the following brief update about new tour dates in Israel: "We'll be playing in our home country at the end of January with the first shows for the new year 2011 in Be'er Sheva, Tel-Aviv and Haifa. Tickets are now on sale at this location."

The currently announced dates are as follows:

January 25, 2011 - Be'er Sheva @ Barock
January 26, 2011 - Tel-Aviv @ Riding 3
January 27, 2011 - Haifa @ Beat

You can also hear sample Orphaned Land tracks available for streaming online through the band's MySpace profile.

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Orphaned Land Announces Indian Shows

Orphaned Land has issued the following update about three upcoming live shows in India:

"We are pleased to announce that Orphaned Land will play in India with three exclusive shows in Vellore, Mumbai and Pune.

February 01, 2011 - Vellore (India) @ VIT Grounds
February 04, 2011 - Mumbai (India) @ Blue Frog
February 05, 2011 - Pune (India) @ Elisium Lawns

"It will be the first time Orphaned Land play in this country, so we are really looking forward to see our Indian fans and to play for them! "

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Ozzy And The Scorpions Confirmed For Hellfest 2011

The organisers of France's biggest metal festival, Hellfest, has announced that four huge names have been added to next year's bill. Heavy metal godfather Ozzy Osbourne will be taking the stage, as well as German hard rock legends the Scorpions, who will be retiring after they complete their touring schedule. Also confirmed for the festival are Swedish progressive metal favourites Opeth and Black Label Society, which features former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde. There are also more new confirmations in the form of German thrash legends Kreator and Sodom, Norwegian black metal veterans Mayhem, Anathema, Bolt Thrower and Therion. The festival will take place in Clisson, France from June 17th-19th.

The lineup is now as follows: More...

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