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From: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Unearthing The Metal Underground In Los Angeles

Each week in Unearthing the Metal Underground, we'll be putting a few quality underground bands in the spotlight in an attempt to expose them to the world outside their respective scenes. Although the Los Angeles scene is anything but unified, this apocalyptic city has produced more than a handful of quality bands. This week I’ll be exploring the Los Angeles old school death metal scene.

The L.A. scene is hardly known for authenticity in its death metal, mainly because the current scene is dominated by fad-jumping metalcore and glam throwback acts, but there are other more subtle reasons for its staying underground. For example, there is the fact that while bands in the Florida and New York death metal scenes, for example, were releasing genre-defining full-length albums, LA bands such as the ones below had to make do with short format releases, such as demos and EP’s. Compare Morbid Angel, who, by 1993, had released four full-length albums, to Sadistic Intent, who have yet to release one. Nevertheless, a limited output doesn’t necessarily equate a lack of talent, and so without further ado, here are three of the most talented bands to have graced the LA scene past and present.

Sadistic Intent

Without doubt L.A.’s best underground band, and quite possibly one of the world’s most underrated metal acts of all time, Sadistic Intent plays fierce death metal that borrows from various traditions in the vast heritage of heavy metal. One can discern a range of influences, from Dark Angel and Slayer to Possessed and Morbid Angel, tucked within the unique tapestry that forms the band’s sound. They write long, involved, and esoteric death metal songs with occult lyrics and a truly sinister atmosphere, making them absolutely essential for lovers of morbid, underground metal. Try their EP’s "Resurrection" and "Impending Doom" for obscure and esoteric death metal, or go for "Ancient Black Earth" if fast and blasting percussive madness is more along the lines of what you crave.

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, seeing Sadistic Intent live is a must, and lucky for you they play at least several shows a year. (Also note that the band members, along with vocalist Jeff Becerra, fill out the current lineup of Possessed.) In a live setting, the band is truly professional, and always live up to their moniker (and then some). Check out the video below to see what you’re getting yourself into.


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Rotting Christ Release First Tour Date

The first date has been released for the upcoming North American tour featuring ROTTING CHRIST, IN AETERNUM, and RESUSCITATOR:

June 7 - Toronto, ON @ Fun Haus

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Resuscitator Get New Drummer, More Band News

US-based black/death metallers RESUSCITATOR have issued the following update:

"We apologize for the eternal delay on updating the website. News about the tour, members and recording will be posted very soon. As many of you already know, Resuscitator will be on tour with ROTTING CHRIST and IN AETERNUM during the May/June 2007 throughout the US, Canada and some parts of Mexico.

Dates for all these shows will be posted very soon on nebulaproductions.net any information or/or booking please email them at info@nebulaproductions.net.

Resuscitator is working with a new drummer which will be the one doing the new recording and also be the performing drummer during the tour. The new CD will go by the title, Land Of The Ancient Lords and the name of the label will be posted it soon along with the release date. Keep The Black Flame Burning High!"

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Resuscitator Delays New Album

California-based "dark occult blackened death metal" act Resuscitator will be performing a low-key show in mid-November, according to a posting on the group's web site. "Only to those on the mailing list will know where, when and with whom."

In other news, the release of Resuscitator's new album, "A Warrior's Death," has once again been pushed back, this time to January 28, 2005. The delay is being attributed to "failures done by what we thought was a good, reliable studio," according to a posting on the band's web site. "Time was of the essence and charges will be pressed against them."

"A Warrior's Death" track listing: More...

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